SWTOR Questions for Story Panel at SDCC

SWTOR will be having a story panel at SDCC as part of the San Diego Cantina Tour. If you have questions for the panels you can ask them on the forums.

The Story Panel at SDCC | 07.06.2015, 09:26 PM

Hey folks!
As many of you saw, last week we announced our schedule for San Diego Comic-con. As part of that, we are going to be hosting a Story panel featuring Lead Writer Charles Boyd along with the Producers of the amazing “Sacrifice” trailer. What they would like to know is what questions do you have for the panel? The panel will be focusing on the story around Knights of the Fallen Empire along with the making of and the story behind the “Sacrifice” trailer. So let us know what questions we can relay to these fine folks.

Keep in mind, these questions should focus around the “Sacrifice” trailer and the story leading into Knights of the Fallen Empire. Although, we will be careful in avoiding any spoilers! And of course, if you will be at Comic-con, be sure to stop by and say hello!


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I’d love to know if there will be any story updates between now and the big update in October. Now is about the time to start shaping roleplay to accommodate this new update and a few hints at what to expect between now and then, would be handy. Obviously everyone roleplaying now isn’t going to be carbonited, just like everyone in rp isn’t the barsenthor or the grand champion of the great hunt. The game for the most part facilitates RP, hopefully it is considered as the game moves forward so people can plan character retirement, disappearances, etc. I know not everyone roleplays, but some of us do.

I must have missed something. Why do people keep talking about being frozen in carbonite? Where was this posted?

I would genuinely pay hard cash for the devs to say “ok, this latest story update takes place X months after the last one and the year is XX ATC”. It’d really help to know how long has passed between each major story update.

Yeah. It would be nice to get some more info on the specifics for that reason. Personally looking forward to a clean slate on some toons and maybe bringing back my old made who faded into obscurity. Still, it’s hard to do that with almost no real info about what the current state is…

If it’s not too much of a spoiler, how many worlds to freely explore will the expansion offer (if can’t reveal any names, then at least an approximate number)? Will there be any existing ones that we’ll get to revisit?

From the concept art officially released, we know Bothawui and a new planet Zakuul will be introduced. Also the “Sacrifice” trailer featured what looked like Korriban and possibly Hoth.

Zakuul or Jakuul? The latter would seem more likely to me as it’s also a location in the upcoming Episode 7

I second thus question. I wanna no how many companions aswell.

I assume we automatically keep treek an hk. And then there will be nico for subs. So that’s 3 right of the bat. Surely another 7 would be the number as lana seems to have been confirmed also so I hope they don’t screw us by actually giving us less companions.

Right no we have I think 5 from story. Treek and hk make 7. So with expansion we have treek hk nico and lana so would be insulting if we were only allowed to recuit 3 more companions

Even just as cosmetic fluff, that’d be great. I’d love to hear the comments from various comps as I play, but some I just don’t use.

all companions that were previous exclusive for certain classes can now be obtained by all classes of both factions, So Lord Scourge can be recruited by all Empire characters and even by None Jedi Knight class for the Republic side. Same go’s for all other Companions.

The only qeustion i have so far, besides Treek, HK, Niko (if you were part of the sub date requirement) is how many Companions will we get besides the 5 new ones.

Assuming we could recruit all 5 old companions or 5 companions that were exclusive, then it would assume 10 for the story in total and a few more bonus one like Treek and such. Guess we will get to see that at the panel assuming other people have been wondering too.

Most of the questions I have like the use of current comps, crafting changes and new comps have been previously called “spoilers.” I am hoping that they will slowly release information rather than letting us enjoy all the “surprises.”

Will the sound of the new blasters sck too? That’s my question (the prize for subs). I need to know now. In other words: Will its sound be like in the movies? Meaning like in the movies == awesome? Thanks

It will be the only way to get him-any and all sub-only things like that have never been rereleased.

Exactly how far into the future is this new story? When does it take place in relation to the end of our character storylines?

We’re in carbonite for 5 years. I’m assuming that there’s probably at least a few months between Ziost and being frozen in carbonite.

I really want to know if they’ll give us timeline dates for recent events and new events going forwards. I have no idea what happened when regarding most content in game, all I know is (I think) that the year changes somewhere in the middle of the class stories. Aside from that, it’s hard to grasp how many months/years since each major event.

Hmm…My question would be ‘are you going to change the Sharp Dresser achievement so it is actually obtainable by those who didn’t see a need to get the armour sets from the original rakghoul event’.

I hear that! I was hoping they would at least have added these outfits back into the game with all the new Rakghoul stuff. I didn’t even have a Republic toon during the first Outbreak, so only got the Imp version. Kind of hosed on getting the Rep version unless they add it back in.

Will game engine finally be upgraded to match the awesome looks of this new trailer? I mean, it’s 2015…

The Game engine is not the issue, look at Elder Scrolls Online, currently I am playing both swtor and ESO and to be honest you would never guess that they both run off of HeroEngine. Originally I blamed the engine for everything, now I know better, it’s either EAware’s sad, sad grasp of the engine resulting in all these issues or it’s how they decided to implement it. I’m guessing a bit of both

also I find it amusing and also a bi sad that I can run ESO at much higher graphics settings and rendering at 4k in a 12man dungeon and still get better framerate than swtor in an 8m raid with everything turned off, just saying

IDK what drug you are on, but, the engine has been a huge problem since alpha/beta/launch. It’s too late to fix, and graphics like the CGI trailer won’t be for MMOs for still years, yet, swtor’s “hero engine” is basically garbage.

ESO has later version of the Hero engine. To upgrade the current SWTOR engine they will have to pump in a lot of credits! Probably not going to happen, sadly. To be honest I would happily pay 60 bucks to get an upgraded version simular as ESO engine! Same with cross-server I guess. So the cow will be milked till it’s going to the butcher..

ESO does not use Hero Engine – it was used in early development. If you Google it a bit, you’ll find more on it – especially on ESO forums. You don’t need a top of the line CPU to have playable frames in ESO. In SWTOR, you need to do sooooo many things to it to get decent frames. I know people that have decent frames but they have the 3690k I7/I5 overclocked with ram running at like 2200 MHZ. And probably other expensive components, too. And I’m not even sure they get stable 60 fps in PvP 😛 it’s just so badly optimised and is so CPU dependent.
In ESO, alliance wars can be unplayable. But that’s because it can be 1000vs1000 or something stupid. Imagine SWTOR trying to run that, when it struggles to run 8v8.
So yeah, there’s a big problem and unfortunately it’s not easy to fix and the developers don’t reply to 80+ posts demanding answers to their questions about fixing the engine, whereas they reply to threads above and below that thread with maybe 10 posts. And at cantina tours, they just avoid the question. So don’t be surprised when they do.

Maybe they are working on it already, but it’s a HUGE job and will take years. Maybe they plan to do it further down the line if KOTFE is very successful. Or maybe they just don’t care and are trying to milk as much money from the game.

The reason you can play eso at higher graphics level than u can in swtor is because eso graphics are crap. I played both but eso felt like an mmo from the 90s I’m terms of graphics

Since when does any game look like it’s cinematic trailer? Have we only been playing next gen consoles for the past year and a half?

I wonder if we’ll get to chose which of the old companions we keep, assuming we lose them after the carbonite. Some variety of modable techblades and staves would be nice, or they could just cut them from the game and uses vibroswords and electrostaves instead,

BW should introduce cartel market item KOTOR weaponry (or some variation on design if necessary), especially the melee kind; I’ve been really hard-pressed to find a non-Final Fantasy type of blade to use.

For me, the swords (double-bladed as well as single) were really simple and elegant in design, the blasters, too; as a collection, it is quite simply the specific dream rabbit.

Oh yeah I liked them all, I’m just part of the ‘always a lightsaber instead of a sword crowd’. Pity there’s not a sword-toting spec for Vanguard/PT. Agree completely though, would love to see them all added. Swords in this game are… weird.

Weird, and incongruous.

And yes, it’s a real shame that non-FSs can’t make better use of melee weapons.

Closest vibroblade models for me are the Deft Champion, DX-2 Resonating, and Grandmaster Military Legend ones, even if they do look like a parking attendant’s weapon.

Taken from their website: “Build a team of hand-picked allies to join your alliance; meet new
companions and reunite with existing companions ready to offer you their
So you pretty much get to keep who you want.

More or less, they also stated the companions you come across will be determined by the choices you make. Now this could mean for all old companions or totall companions overall or it could mean for companions that weren’t included for your current class at that time

Using a new engine requires rebuilding the game (with existing elements) but updating the engine doesn’t require that. Neither option requires ‘redoing’ the entire game because the assets (character models, audio files, etc) don’t have to be recreated.

Not entirely true. They can update existing engine. They just can’t switch to a new and better engine

Some time ago: “We don’t tell you anything… because of story spoilers!”
Now: “We’ll have a panel, what do you want to know about story? Ask your questions!”

Just because they’re asking for questions, doesn’t mean those questions will actually be answered. From the sound of it, they’re still going to be “not yet”-ing anyway questions about the actual in-game part of the story.

They plan on releasing information at this event. By telling us ahead of time to ask questions, they will now have a big pool of people to relay what they were already going to tell us anyway through. This makes them seem like they are answering questions when in reality they are just telling us what they want, while attributing it to the people lucky enough to ask a question related to the info they intended to release. This is better for them than answering live questions, because then it would just be an hour+ of them denying us answers to real questions.

This is pretty much standard practice.

Okay, seriously… Are we excited by the story telling path they have taken?! Hurray for old content being recycled and scaled up to level 65! This game is dying, I give it to the, for trying to capitalize on RP garbage. I mean it’s a business after all..

Lol this dude.. recycling old content. Uh, right. If it’s a dying game why you still sticking around.

For your information this story telling you refer to as “recycled” has been reqeusted since launch end game

Lol! RP garbage?
Let me guess: You are disappointed because BW didn’t do a complete overhaul of the game and turn it into a FPS, right? Right? 😛

One thing I’m worried about involving the expansion is,…, since it says we have to relocate our companions, whether they, as well as our characters, will keep their gear, for some of them have gear that took a while to get, and doesn’t come often (e.g., the black green crystals from the rakghoul resurgence, and even more so the gray helix weapons from the relics of the gree). If possible, will we have to worry about that?

Good question. I don’t know, but you could always bank their gear before starting the expansion.

Laugh if they rock up again in the xpac wearing whatever you left them in. For a few people I imagine that would be nothing more than underwear 😛

Comp appearances seem to be handled differently. They have a default costume, as seen on their holostatues. I am actually curious as to how they will handle comp customizations. Since it is only 5 years they would not physically need to change, although I am curious if my Malavai and Skadge will still be suffering from the Rakghoul plague for 5 years(catharsis).

I always assumed that was a bug, and I’m hoping they fix it. Comps defaulting to their starter gear is a massive ‘ughh’ feature for me, both in story missions and GSH’s.

The “bug” runs deeper than that. I used dye packs on the gear that I gave Kira, Elara and the other trooper comps(I used Star Trek uni colors based on their roles). However, when they were shown in the SWToR SoR intro video the dyes were not present.

Dyes don’t work during companion affection coversations either. Sucks big time :/

Or their gear will get automailed to you and they get their basic outfit back. Or they simply stick with what you left them with.

one thing im curious and i was discussing the xpac with my guild and me and someone brought up the question of if the comps will get a new appearance since were stuck in carbonite for 5 years. me i dont mind how they are but im just curious.

I really want to know what my current characters have to complete story wise before they can start the new story in October. I’d hate to find out afterwards that I first have to do current content before I can jump in the new story.

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