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GW2 Revenant and Stronghold Testing Weekend

GW2 will be having a test weekend from July 10 to July 13 available for all pre-purchasers of Heart of Thorns.

Hello, Tyrians!

We’re busy preparing for the first Beta Weekend Event, but in the meantime, we’d like to get in some extra testing of the new revenant profession. We’re inviting all pre-purchasers to join us for a special revenant test weekend starting Friday, July 10, at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) and running until noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Monday, July 13. During this test weekend, you can create and play a revenant beta character anywhere in the existing game: PvE, PvP, and WvW! We’ll also be opening up our new Player vs. Player game mode, Stronghold, to all players who play in the queue for Unranked PvP over the course of the weekend.

These testing events are an exciting opportunity for you, our players, to help shape the development process and the experience you’ll have when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ is completed. Though the trend these days is often more to treat beta events as simply marketing sneak peeks, we very much believe in having beta events that mean much more. We want to let you experience vertical slices of the final game experience; we’re going to listen to your thoughts and suggestions, we’re going to iterate on the experience, and only when we love it will we ship the expansion. These are real beta tests, and you have the real opportunity to help shapeGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns with your feedback.

Revenant and Stronghold Test Weekend Feedback

For this test, we’re looking for your thoughts on balance and how fun it is to play as our new profession, the revenant—along with its newly announced Ventari legend and the staff weapon—in the existing Guild Wars 2 game world with (and against!) existing professions.

As a result of feedback, Stronghold has had a number of changes since the last time it had an open test. One of the big comments we heard from the most recent open test was a request for queue preferences between Conquest and Stronghold game modes, so we’ve added one that you’ll be able to test out for the first time during this bonus event.

We’ve also added our new Mist Champions, which will give all players access to Turai Ossa, and players who pre-purchased will have access to two additional Mist Champions for the bonus weekend. We’ve also made changes to the balance of NPCs’ abilities, added an overtime mechanic that keeps a game going as long as a lord is still in combat when time runs out, and more! We’re looking to see how well these solutions addressed the feedback we saw from the last public event, and we’ll be gathering any additional thoughts on your experience with the game mode.

Beta Weekend Events—Coming Soon!

Though this bonus weekend event will help us get more feedback on the revenant profession and Stronghold experience, full Beta Weekend Events will be starting soon to test larger components of the expansion. We’ll come back with more details on our first Beta Weekend Event shortly.

We’ll see you in game!


You’ll be pre-geared, level 80, with full hero points earned and your inventory will have a bunch of different gear options available you can swap to if you like.

Just like any other beta event – all progress on beta characters is not saved, so items you earn won’t be kept, etc. when playing with a beta character slot.


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47 replies on “GW2 Revenant and Stronghold Testing Weekend”

so.. i can play my revenant world wide!??! does that mean i will see a zerg of revenants trying to… oh wait no one prepurchased. jkjk

haha had the same thought, my main idea beware of trolls.Im hoping revenant get some more weapons besides mainhand:mace,offhand:axe,2hand:hammer,staff. Underwater:?

just wondering if it will be instant 80ies revenants. and if they come equiped (celestial again?). noone knows. im hopeing for some “suuuuurpriiiise, you are lvl1, go out and level, little padawan” by anet.

i didnt prepurchase yet 🙂

I’m not seeing a “bunch of gear” options. I have the same set of celestial gear from previous betas and that’s it.

“You’ll be pre-geared, level 80, with full hero points earned and your inventory will have a bunch of different gear options available you can swap to if you like.

Just like any other beta event – all progress on beta characters is not saved, so items you earn won’t be kept, etc. when playing with a beta character slot.”

So I know you won’t have any progress saved (like money earned) but what happens with items in your bank / transmutations used on Revenant, etc? I’d hate to use 4 transmutation charges playing with the look of my weps if they’re going to wipe those changes & I loose transmutation charges or money spent on the beta character…

You won’t lose anything. Your actual account is actually copied, including everything in your bank, to use on your revenant. When you take stuff out of your bank you are actually taking stuff off the mirror acount’s bank. If that makes sense.

There won’t be, having the beta is reward enough. Besides people will complain about them being unfair achievements.

im pretty sure this will be on a separate Beta-only map, so no, you wont see a flood of revenants unless youre in the beta.

Sorry, they said at forum that this beta test will not have the new maps, only the current maps. We will see a huge army of revenants invading Tyria. It is time for you and Scooby run for your lives…

no you misunderstand. do you know what the ‘megaserver’ concept is? instead of having separate servers in a region, players are automatically shuffled around to maps to distribute them more evenly. its why sometimes you and a friend meet somewhere, but you cant see each other.
my bet is theyll set aside a special instance of the server only accessible to beta testers.

nono. “in the existing Guild Wars 2 game world with (and against!) existing professions.” ok, this is still not 100% proof for you, for me its enough. where do “existing professions” come from when not from existing accounts? which maniac is creating a standart class with his beta slot? right. “nothing is off the table” i guess. nah, it will all be mixed together, betas and normalos. better get your not so flexible brains used to it.

nah i just missed that bit somehow. i figured it would make more sense to have dedicated beta testing, but whatever.

If the Beta is going to be on maps that non-Beta players can access, then I know which game I’m going to avoid this weekend. Don’t want to be a victim of the revenant swarm.

Currently revenant is WAY too underpowered in at laest the raw damage front. the strongest being hammer maxing out at 2k auto CRITS in orr…

That’s because the only legends we have so far are condi/sustain, defense, and healing. We’re supposed to be getting 2 more legends (and probably weapons too) which will likely be more DPS oriented

even the condi is under powered. the dmg scaling on the skills themselves are super low (ex: the burning for the mace #2 fire field only give 1 burning per pulse and that burning is only 402 per tick). they need to rescale the dmg of the condis the that the skills give and give more stacks per skill. Even the auto attack only gave a MAX of 8 torment and 3 poison stacks ( with the torment giving 492 per tick at 80 and 356 on poison). and dont get me started on the mallyx functionality……

As Range Attack 2k isn’t that bad, 3K already is ranger’s Long Bow level.
Dps should come from melee. Try Staff 5, most mob can be killed just by it.

Supposed to be support. Not a basher.
Of course…. if everyone is a rev, who do you support.
Keep us posted. ( I’m putting in a new water heater)

anyone else notice revenant has no real range attacks? The hammer seems to be the only one that has range,being the #1 skill with 1200range and the are just melee ,rest of the attacks being melee,and im not counting the different jump to targets are being range.

how do i even activate the ventari legend? currently by pressing f1 i can only switch between mallyx and jalis. I have seen ventari revenants ingame already but how to swap to it?

i read somewhere that it’s f1+6 which makes no sense.

When you are out of combat, you will notice there is a small arrow above the legend icon in the F1 position. Click it on to switch to ventari. So you can click on the small arrow either above jalis or mallyx and change it to ventari (legendary centuar stance)

i see, yes i just went ingame and saw it after reading your reply. Thanks!

i hope the legends will be bound to f keys because right now it is very awkward to switch out legends

DULFY: A personal THANK YOU for all your help. I see your personal responses to legit difficult questions thru out these boards.
I hope (and many others also, I’m sure) would love to hear your take on the new Rev! I’m a longtime, though not an expert player. Lately, I’ve been working with my Necro, full sinister gear, and condition damage (primarily bleeding) and I love it!
With a little patience, I can take whole forts, most champions in Silverwastes by myself. I love it!
Using staff and sceptor/knife right now, with no food. Still working with it.
Again thank you!

Oh, forget to use the copy of my gold coin in the beta to test out the drop rate of those gamble games.

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