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SWTOR EA Fallen Empire Preview with Jesse Sky

EA posted a snippet of a preview with SWTOR Creative Director Jesse Sky regarding the upcoming Fallen Empire expansion.

BioWare goes back to its roots for: Knights of the Fallen Empire

What goes into crafting the new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire?

Creative director Jesse Sky takes things back to the beginning.

Back to basics

Last year, I decided to re-watch The Empire Strikes Back® and write down everything that shocked the audience back in its original theatrical run. It’s a very long list.

That film packs a real emotional punch—it’s full of twists, betrayals and revelations the entire way through. I’ve wanted to tell a Star Wars™ story like that ever since the first time I saw it.

When we began conceptualizing Knights of the Fallen Empire, the story was our first priority.

We decided very early on that we wanted to get back to our roots as a BioWare roleplaying game. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the game that made me want to work for BioWare. It showed me just how immersive cinematic storytelling can be.

In its best moments, Star Wars: The Old Republic captures the same magic, but we want the whole experience to feel that way. That’s why we’re revisiting the early gameplay experience to focus entirely on the story, in addition to crafting a brand new epic storyline.

Choices and consequences

People want choices that matter, and they want companions to play a bigger part in the story.

The hard part is recreating the magic. A huge element of successful storytelling is mystery, and that often means straying away from what the audience knows or expects.

In Knights of the Fallen Empire you are the main character, and it’s really an origin story. As the Outlander, you have a chance to take control of your destiny and reshape who you are.

The villains in this story aren’t just out to conquer the galaxy—they’re after you, personally. You’ll be tempted by the Dark Side and that’s going to have a huge impact on what you eventually become.

Your companions also now have minds of their own. If they don’t like what you’re doing, they may leave. The choices matter. This is an ongoing story, and your choices may have surprising consequences down the road.

Keep your friends close

Companions are one of the things that set Star Wars: The Old Republic apart. We have a new cast of characters joining you for the main storyline, and we’ll be bringing back many fan favorite companions as major characters in post-release story chapters.

You’ll have a chance to recruit even more companions once you complete the story chapters at launch. We’re also overhauling the companion system so that they’re more useful and more fun to use in general.

You’ll see older companions returning as major characters, more shocks and twists, and the consequences of your choices will really start coming into play. We’ll be building towards a season finale late next year.

Whether you start at Level 1 or Level 60, the game is going to feel a lot more like a traditional BioWare title. You won’t need any knowledge of the game to play the new story, and we aren’t going to pollute your story with needless grinding or travel. You can just focus on the parts of the game you like.

If you tried the game at launch and enjoyed the story, now is a great time to come back.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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“If they don’t like what you’re doing, they may leave” She frowns on darkside choices so she will leave of her own accord.

from what ive seen so long as your play dark side with honor she’ll like your decisions. Like when your are doing the shroud stuff and you have the decision to either enslave the ex-shroud agent or help her regain her memories. If you choose to help the ex-shroud agent regain her memories ashara will complain and youll get -150 affection,however if you enslave the agent into your personal army you’ll get +100. So dark side is fine,just don’t be a butt and slaughter everyone 😀

Yeah, exactly. What may appear as a dark choice, isnt so dark for certain companions you thought it would be.

oooh or like the end of Alien ressurection where he gets vaccuum sucked out of a bullet-hole in the side of the ship. muahaha

“If they don’t like what you’re doing, they may leave.”

Definitely sounding more like an older Bioware game where you would have to pick and choose your companions with a little care.

One of my favorite memories from Baldur’s Gate was when I made the mistake of putting together a party with two neutral, low-key type companions and two maniacally evil types.

Needless to say they didn’t get along and ended up trying to kill one another. By the end of it my party of six was down to a party of three.

Fan favorites huh? Implying some won’t come back. That bites. Especially since every single companion has a fandom and a hatedom behind them, and there’s no real consensus there. No matter who gets axed, I’ll probably mourn.

My guess is that most of the companions will return at least until you piss them off. I’m going to guess these ones at least: Elara, Bowdarr, Risha, Doc, Kira, Irresso, Nadia, Mako, Blizz, Vette, Quinn,Jaesa, Broonmark, Khem, Talos, Ashara, Kaylio, Vector, Lokin, Temple, Scorpio, Treek.

I like that the list is a couple people from various classes, and then everyone from the Agent, because the Agent is awesome.

On the one hand, I don’t want to use my older companions much anymore as the newer ones have novelty, but I do want access to a lot of the older ones. I mean if my character was in a relationship with one of them, or if I bought a CM custumoization for them and so forth, then it would suck for them to just immediatly vanish when I hit level 60.

yeah was thinking that…
hopefully companions that leave at least send a “screw you” titled email that returns all their gear you gave them in it….

I wonder are all the old companions returning as companions, or only some of them? Because I could see them bringing back just the popular ones like Kira, Khem, Grell, Blizz. Poor Skadge would probably be the first to be cut.

Khem’s my most loyal servant. Also, I’m pretty sure Dashades make good body guards against force users 😉

At first I didn’t like Khem that much but lorewise he is pretty deadly, probably the deadliest dashade ever. Also he can end being loyal so he is a terrific companion and bodyguard for the inquisitor.

I can simply not see playing Miriah without her Corso… end of story. I may have to create a new main character

I’d like you to meet my friend, Mako. character-wise she’s basically a miniature Corso. I’ll trade you for the Wookiee.

I dunno…Mako keeps trying to make “fetch” happen, no matter how many times you tell her it’s not going to happen.

My dream is being able to recruit companions from other stories. Like, assemble a party of your favourite companions from every story. Or even just let me recruit a trooper type who can wear a helmet. I’m looking at you Rusk.

If this is the case, I’m going to build a droid army with HK-51, 2R-v8, M1-4X, SCORPIO, and T7-01

This all sounds really great, and in no small way. But I just hope end game gets great treatment as well.

The question remains…
Do we keep our starting comps, treek and hk or do we lose some or all?
Is it possible that your choices leave you with no companions?
Is it possible that you have all tank companions?
These are important questions that I’d like to get answered.

I’m guessing that at least 1 new companion of each type and alignment will be added as possible companions and your access to them will be based on which companions you lose.

I’d like to know does having max affection matter with your character? What will happen to the old HK, will he be replaced or upgraded? And can we choose from what companions we want from the other classes? And does doing the macrobino and seeker missions matter any?

I’m hoping that, for the starting companions, that they, and yourself, don’t lose the gear you’ve given them, namely the hard to get items (e.g., black green crystals from the rakghoul resurgence, and the gray helix weapons from the relics of the gree).

I think its pretty safe to say that Treek and HK-51 are probably immune to these changes due to the time and real money thats involved in getting them.

its not real money for the others though. Treek is a cartel market purchase. Hk is too in a way. you have to buy section X unlock or subscribe.

You don’t aquire either of these companions at a set time in the storyline, there is no reason at all why you couldn’t have obtained them after your return….unless Belsavis is destroyed and Mercenary Contracts are outlawed.

Either way I have no fear they will be the companions we are sure to be able to keep.

That isn’t true though, they are available then, but you can aquire them at 60, they have no connection to your story while leveling, their own stories exist entirely separate from any planet stories or class stories, and thus, its a safe bet it could even make sense aquiring these companions after the time gap.

I currently have Malavai as infected with the Rakghoul plague. I am really hoping they leave it on him. Imagine that traitor suffering for 5 years.

haha i love the things people do to Quinn, liked the robotic hands and this sounds like a good punischment to 🙂

More companion non-quest conversations, Dragon Age style. I’m sure that my companion knows more than just, “Yes master”, “Whatever you say master” — they need to put life on my companions, even if it’s something trivial or banters.

From my experience that’s Xalek, and pretty much all he ever says, a piece of toast has more personality.

oh I don’t know. he’s pretty much planning on murdering you once he has learned everything he needs from you. he kinda even hints as much. I wouldn’t grow to complacent around that guy.

He is a sure kill to me. As you said he is way too dangerous to stay around. Its the only guy in the inquisitor ship that makes me uneasy.

Xalek will be the first to die… I hate that guy, dont trust him at ALL. To me he is the most dangerous guy in the inquisitor’s ship. Khem would be as well but he is mostly loyal what Xalek will never be.

I feel for ya man. If that skamp Mako won’t stick around, just forget her and go for Lana. I’m pretty sure Lana will get an asian customization option, so it’ll be practically no change.

Mako would only leave you if you are an ass. So are you saying you are an ass? You deserved to have been left.

what would be great is if any one regardless of race or gender can romance ANY companion, and cheat on them if they so desire. Then they all kill each other out of jealousy and such… >:D

No. No. No. Blizz and Treek should never be dateable. Never, never, never. Same for the astromech actually. And a few of the others too. They can add a few new romantic interests and a modicum of degeneracy.

really? Treek and Blizz are the two you are worried about? not Khem Val or Skadge? Oil up boys.

Blizz and Treek are tiny and childlike, so it’s more taboo. Khem would be gross in so many different ways, but at least he’s a big ol lamprey and can look after himself.

Treek is a murder machine who single handedly repaired a starship, has killed things bigger than you, and is pretty much their race’s ONLY representation in the galaxy. She can handle herself just fine.

Treek has a missle launcher….nobody is gonna touch anything the lil guy doesn’t want touched. Plus under those robes is just a living pile of scabs and dry skin, so if anyone wants to have at it they should feel free.

You’re argument is sillier than mine, and pretty much disempowers the short.

Wake up from wet dream about Darth Zash. Khem Val standing over you sans loincloth saying something in German….

Khem might finally make that phrase “Little Sith” considerably more terrifying…or enticing, if you’re into Dashades (take a walk on the wild side) Can’t be any worse than romancing Quinn……don’t mind him as a comp, but date night would be boring as hell.

I would love to have an argument with Akavi Sparr on the verge of leaving because of my light side options 🙂

Loving it, makes me more exiting for whats to come, with companions and the choices we have to make. what wonders and curses awaits us.

Well, time to pump my main’s companion affections up so high they swear eternal service to me. Especially HK-51, don’t want to risk his ‘mutiny’.

what if during the five year absence, no one gives hk or the other droids their routine memory wipes and they all become fully self aware/force sensitive and hostile towards organics… :O

I personally think that the HK-55 is actually your HK-51. Few lines of dialogue will change depending on whether you acquired HK-51 or not.

My list of companions I hope return. *Spoilers below*

Knight: T7,Kira,Doc,Scourge

Consular:Qyzen,Zenith,maybe a slightly older Nadia. 😛



Warrior,Vette,Jaesa,maybe Pierce

Inquisitor: Khem, Ashara, Andronikos

Agent: Kaliyo, Doctor Lokin, Scorpio

Bounty Hunter: Torian, Blizz.

Just my thoughts.

Largely agree with your list save that Gus, Risha, and Doc could take a hike. Also, Quinn could only return if it means I can execute him.

Khem is life, and I’d love to see Pierce finally make good on his desire to execute Quinn. Also, I could personally do without Kaliyo returning simply because I felt she was too simply written and executed, particularly for a storyline such as the Agent. I’d tend to think that a character like Vette would’ve gone off on her own and return as a major character in her own right, unless they have some sort of system that accounts for any marriages/relationships you have, which would be nice. Somehow don’t see Jaesa taking your absence for 5 years very well…she’d ramp that psycho up to 11 and kill everything, heh.

The part of me that hates change worries about losing companions but has hope I can replace them from other class companions and if that’s the case PLUS new companions then the motherfudgers who don’t follow my lead can take the short trip to the airlock after I strip them of all my gear, or kill them and take my gear. Either way is fine with me.

“You’ll see older companions as major characters.” Man I hate this phrasing. I’ve got a bad feeling that your old companions are old companions and after their chapter is over they will be done and you and SWTOR can concentrate on the new universal companions.

One thing I would like to see is for characters that can live or die based on your decisions to remain relevant after that decision. So far in swtor, you are put in a few situations where you decide the fate of another person, but live or die, they pretty much disappear forever afterwards, sort of invalidating the “choice”. I know its hard to accommodate otherwise, but one option is to have a placeholder npc to replace them in later storyline. Like if the person that died had a rank, if they were to come in later on while alive, someone who killed them would just meet the drone who was promoted to fill their rank.

JK storyline on Corellia with a certain military official, or Lord Cytharat on Makeb

KotFE SPOILER: There is a part where you tell Lana to either kill or spare an enemy. The choice affects whether or not his partner keeps hunting you.

Cytharat fades into complete obscurity. So does a character that I wont spoil on Ziost. A good friend of the troopers. Possibly one of the hardest light side dark side choices in the game, hands down, save a ton of POW’s, or jeopardize the whole mission to save a friend. Maybe one of the few dark side choices I ever made, and you never see them again anyway….what a damned waste. I’ve heard the spoiler already, but I will reserve my praise until I see it for myself.

Still nothing about PVP content which why half of their community stopped playing in the first place. New story cool but that will get boring after the first 2 months. Same shit different year for Bioware

Silly you don’t need pvp in the new single player expansion. They do still want your money though.

I haven’t logged in since I heard about this junk.

Rather than improve the substance of the game – which they can’t do because it imperils the item shop – they are going to sell the story instead. SWTOR, the world’s first episodic item shop: Please enjoy 15 minutes of story while your credit card is in the slot. More next month! but in the interim, and since you are already here, perhaps you would like to try your luck on the cartel store slot machine. Win great prizes!

Yeeeah… no. Obvious con is obvious.

To quote Junior: “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again!”

He knows what he’s about. Even if he can’t quite say it.

It’s fortunate that raw, unadulterated corporate cynicism doesn’t have it’s own gravity. A singularity would have formed inside EA HQ long ago and sucked us all in to our deaths.

Actually as far as i am aware that title of episodic item shop belongs to GW2. Their living story comes in pieces and if you werent around when they first came out then you have to buy each episode separately.

Fair enough. It still neatly avoids the need to make an mmo worth playing for it’s own sake by locking the story behind ongoing payments. Tor might as well have a handwritten IOU in place of a worthwhile endgame. Maybe GW2 is the same. Not being a fan of fantasy games, I’m unlikely to find out.

PR people repeating PR stuff?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Never.

I’m actually really looking forward to this. Assuming that they deliver on their promise to return to their amazing style of storytelling, I’ll love this expansion. Also, I’m looking forward to them putting our character AND our companions into the story in a bigger way.

Well, amidst the doubt of what’s happening with companions, I just sold off all my companion gifts I was saving from underworld trading missions. About $3 million credits. I figured now was the time incase they become worthless with the expansion. Worst case is $3 million extra credits.

What’s up with all the Quinn hate? He’s already been punished with a good enough force choke to knock him out (cutscene) and his hands were smashed and replaced with droid hands (my personal lore XP). I believe after the way his first offense was handled, he has an even greater incentive to avoid any further disloyalty. On top of that, he’s actually good at his job. Quinn’s more of a pragmatist and a patriot than a scumbag. As long as he remains loyal (and afraid ;)) and keeps doing his job, then he can stay by my side.

I figure that the tables have turned between him and Vette. Vette now has free reign to annoy him all she wants and he can’t retaliate. I figure that Jaesa and I can trip him and make things difficult for him while we dare him to do something. He may not be completely broken in body, but he is still suffering from the weight of guilt, fear of bodily harm, and added stress from Vette.

“and his hands were smashed and replaced with droid hands (my personal lore XP)” which for the rest of us is meaningless

I mentioned that, because many people will say that they made him a cyborg or infected him with the Rakghoul plague etc.

Don’t know. Had no problem with Quinn. Maybe because my first char was an agent. I don’t expect loyal people around me. I can apreciate more complex relations like a Sith lord can.

i’ll kill him the first chance i’ll get. Unless what he has to offer in the new xpac is much bigger then the joy i could get seeing him suffer before death comes.

I feel that with the stunt he pulled, 2 things were gained. One, he knows that trying something like that again is futile, meaning less motivation to do so. He also knows that his punishment was just a taste of what will befall him should he try again. And, going back to what Vel’Rathis said in reply to me, he is being watched very closely, meaning he will probably work even harder than before to please you in the tasks you assign him. Overall, I think it’s a waste to discard a skilled, hardworking minion over a single incident, especially when you’ve made sure that he knows his place.

Well. I’ll kill em anywayonv at least one sw, just for the fact, I never liked him from the moment I saw him

My sith warrior does not forgive, Quick has Ben cyborg ed and given a slave collar but I’m still watching him like a hawk. To be able to kill him would be amazing.

I feel that with the stunt he pulled, 2 things were gained. One, he knows that trying something like that again is futile, meaning less motivation to do so. He also knows that his punishment was just a taste of what will befall him should he try again. And, going back to what you said, he is being watched very closely, meaning he will probably work even harder than before to please you in the tasks you assign him. Overall, I think it’s a waste to discard a skilled, hardworking minion over a single incident, especially when you’ve made sure that he knows his place.

I find myself concerned not only by Mr Sky’s happy-happy joy-joy visions of the futures past, but the lack of explanations for a pleura of game play including (but not limited too) space combat, legacy, crafting, etc. I got a bad feeling about where my money is going to…

In all fairness, if you ever played the old school starfox games, the swtor space combat is a really fun minigame…till you’ve done them all about 20 times each. I find alot of the people who don’t like them, also suck at them.

Wait… Now we have to keep our +5 Crafting/Mission Crit companions Happy?…… Really hope I don’t come out of this expansion with all my useful crafting companions gone. oh dear

you’re assuming that doesn’t get a revamp. I could see BW making all companions work a bit like treek and HK

That would be terrible, all of a sudden strategic choosing of crew skills would be pointless. As it is I find HK & Treek to be almost worthless as I choose crew skills based upon which toons get the bonus, eg Biochem on Knight for Doc’s +5 crit. Armormech on Trooper for +5 crit on Tano etc.

If they made that change what would be the point of labeling the bonuses? If they all give you the same wouldn’t it be pointless labeling them? I already suspect Nico Okarr will be like HK & Treek but I really hope they don’t do it for everyone.

I also have a bad feeling the non returning companions will be ones with voice actors who want to be payed a reasonable amount for their work, because EA

eh they’ll presumably all return in one capacity shadow. I suspect Bioware has all of these voice actors on retainer.

I’m pretty sure the crew skill bonuses are just there for flavor, and the devs never bothered thinking about what it means for one class to arbitrarily have an extra 5% chance of getting double the items when they’re crafting endgame purple mods.

Too much to hope Marr would become a comp. Guy is a legit badass, and actually pretty wise and grounded for someone so steeped in the dark side and combat. That’d be a steamroller through the galaxy.

OH MAN would I love to have Khem Val and/or Lord Scourge on my warrior….

Lana Beniko
Lord Scourge
Malavai Quinn
Lieutenant Pierce
Jaesa Wilsam
Khem Val

It feels a bit like they’re making the story transition like they did from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2. There are characters you’ll meet and know, having traveled with them. Some will join you and others won’t. And there will be a host of new characters that do join you on your adventure. I may hate some of the characters, but at least it feels like BioWare is actually playing to it’s strengths, which is a good story.

P.S. I don’t care if you hate the Mass Effect series, it has a GREAT story. That’s a fact. Saying otherwise is like saying The Beatles didn’t have a huge impact on music. You don’t have to like them for the statement to be true.

love mass effect, just hated the ending at 3 since every choice that supposedly matter and would change your story, but it did not do a damn thing for the ending, except some minor things that still didn’t do a lot.

Saying it has a great story is an opinion but i do agree it has a great story, Beatles did have a huge impact on music, but that is still different to saying Beatles music was the best or wasn’t the best music, that is an opinion and personal taste.

back on topic, BW did stated they wanted to give it that ME feel, so you stand correct if it throws in some nostalgia towards ME or makes you think of ME at all, i had the same feeling, + looking forward with what they will be doing with the new ME, although i’ll be missing Shepard

personally i only completed three class stoories since day one. life and other games. but i completed trooper,si,bounty hunter. trooper i could see yuun and vik not returning vik cause of his va. yuun was useless after the gauntlet. ill vik although he and my trooper didnt see eye to eye on everything he was cool. yuun well i have personal of his species after kotor 2. and he sucked in combat . si xalek i pretty sure khem is hungry. would killed him on korriban. ashara is my apprentice and a good friend. bounty hunter would glad stuff skadge out the airlock he at -350 could careless. jmy male sw is getting to the quinn but even before i heard of that i already wanted gut just cause i hate baras. agent well you sell me out you earn a painful death. jc tharan get over your mind trick freak out or go home. funny thing my femtrooper is in love lana but mostly side although sided with her on ziost. as i put to someone im a soldiier not paid to play nurse maid to someone guilt.

If they are smart they’ll replace individual affection with overall morale and have the amount required to be 100% increase with level like XP. This would enable you to build it through one or multiple companions and means the leave/stay mechanic is based on decisions on stroy not how many gifts you can unload.

Nice. I enjoy the MMO aspects of this game, but good story interests me more. That said, it would be comforting to know there’ll be at least one new operation at level 65.

The Star Wars Holiday Special was on TV in 1978 I believe. It Was the story of Chewie going home to celebrate Life Day. It had the original cast and some new additions. It was a fantastic, song filled piece of crap. So much so that Lucas tried to bury it. I’m sure Ford would say that it does not exist. On the flip side there was a cartoon in the middle of it that introduced the world to Boba Fett. Not that it was much better.

Wouldn’t this have a big impact on crafting/gathering if we can lose companions? Are they overhauling the gathering/crafting design? I hope not because I like how that works.

From what has been released you have a chance to lose both because its bioware who doesn’t give a tought about how much in game currency you have to waste for crap. As example look at when 3.0 came out early access players had to pay close to 1 million to train all their skills from 56-60 and then they made it free and never gave those players back their credits so yeah there goes two companions who cost a million each.

it went free because players requested it, and why complain bout free skill? yes they previously paid for it, but that is custom in any mmo, so instead of complaining bout that, why not just be like hey, thank you, future level up or even alts wont need to grind money to learn skills. we can save that money up for better use, so i’d say there’s your close to 1 Mill you spend on a char to level up the skills from 56-60.

as for Treek and HK, i assume you don’t lose them since they are part of your legacy, i also assume you would get to meet them when you get a ship or some sort.

Not necessarily. Getting seperated from and reuniting with your companions is part of the content. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t also have the chance to lose and reunite with HK and Treek.

“Whether you start at Level 1 or Level 60, the game is going to feel a lot more like a traditional BioWare title. ” In what way? I thought these changes were all post 60?

There was a blurb in one of the other interviews that indicated they were streamlining the 1-50 story / leveling process. Whether that just means they will keep the 12xp for story missions or they will make it so you don’t have to bounce back and forth from quest giver to mission objective, we don’t know specifics yet.

I hope they keep the 12x XP boost. It makes the game so much fun. It was good before, but easily became tedious. Now it’s just right!

Here’s hoping they go back to the alpha where companions were defined only by personality and non combat skill and you got to buy kits for them that gave them DPS/Heal/Tank powers.

My wishlist of companions in Kotfe from the current npc pool is:

Evie Bo from the Shroud storyline
Thana Vesh from the empire Taris storyline
Seh-run from the Korriban Questline

What about those of us who do not care that much for story and want more raid content. Is there any word of new raid content for this expansion?

Thanks! I am not into PvE that much (besides the lore and story!) but it was nice of you for sharing the info.

I hope Bioware get it done that all classes are able to perform nearly the same dmg/heal/aggro. Its a shame that Sages and Sorcs are so fucked up right now and good for nothing ( ok pvp. and only pvp ) while everybody plays vanguard or gunslinger now.

Thats boring. Give all classes a quality of life rotation and enough performance that the raid content is achievable in hc mode by a big percentage of the player base and not like this 3.0 fail that was only achievable by 170 persons worldwide.

That is really really a waste of ressources and i hope bioware will stop making such superhard bosses like monolith hc or revan.

Monolith hm is hard because it drops the best possible MH in the game, so the fact they made it harder is good so only geared and well cordinated groups who put in the grind time can get it. The two current lv 60 HM are difficult because they’re more or less NiM. Bioware said they have no plan to release a NiM for them which is why as stated above they’re extermely difficult for people to down.

and isnt that a failure in construction ? i mean why do you need to be geared out to maximum to have a chance to get a good mainhand that youve better needed to get the bosses down to get gear ?

Honestly if yout attempting HM monolith and barely have progressin in ravangers and tos HM’s theres no possible way to down him. You need to get the gear from those bosses and have a cordinated and high parsing team to even have a chance at downing the boss.
I saw this boss as a emergency add in from bioware as an attempt to keep 10/10 HM teams around after the break up of Zorz brcause there was nothing for them to do in the game.

ok they failed with that attempt. zorz is gone. and nearly nobody left that could kill monolith hc now – i think on t3m4 there are only 8 people that could kill mono. what a waste of ressources to create this boss.
hope they learned that it makes no sense to focus on those few people. you only increase the frustration of the average player.

Sorry what are you talking about? Monolith is hard to kill but my guild is not big and we do it 2-3 times a week. Advice for you who struggle with it get a sentinel for speed and you can do it with 1 tank 4 dps 3 heal

Sages or sorcs aren’t messed up they’re actually a favorite on my HM raid team. Yes they’re effective healing is terrible, but if you play the class right the effective healing plus the sheilding done are equal if not greater to other classes. Bubbles are key when healing with the class since the more damage absorbed the less damage there needs to be healed.
They reason for the upcoming changes were actually because people like you were complaining about the low heals of the class which you had no clue how to properly play.

dont now much about healing, i was talking about dmg sages. and jes – they are the shittiest class right now. only very very few people are able to pull out good numbers and thats mainly because the send over gear they achieved with another class.

thats so sad that it turns me into sadsage. i loved madness & balance and now im only good for “entertaining” the raid group or support with my raidbuff or bubble them. or crossheal because the other healer has to log on another char ( vanguard ) because we dont have enough damage :((

If the comp giftd do become useless that is a kick in the nuts. People pay actual money for hypercrates and every crate has 24 gifts. Is it 5 items per pack? So that would be 20% of what you bought now absolutely worthless. That could really cause major backlash. I don’t think they will do that.

Caaaaan we get some kind of class quest bonus XP or something then? When 12xp goes away again, leveling to 60 will once again be a clusterfuck.

If the game didn’t “succeed” at launch because it had such low MMO/end game content what makes them think that making the same mistake will work this time.

People will not pay for a subscription bases single player MMO, at least not continually.

Whoever is in charge of SWTOR is either purposely trying to kill it off or has no experience with MMO’s.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” -George Santayana

The lack of regular story content is what’s been killing this game off. A mistake they seem to be correcting now, thankfully.

You both are both wrong, the game was not nearly the success it should have been if they would of had end game content on launch.

You can think story will save the game, but you will see in 3 months after 4.0, good by SWTOR.

No, we’ll see that the game is carrying on as usual with a happier playerbase, thankful that they’re finally getting more of what they’ve been asking for since launch.

This game was always going to be about story. That’s how they sold the game to people, by driving the point home about story being important. If you don’t want story, you’re in the wrong game.

I know, it SUCKS that a Reddit thread still currently lists SWtOR as one of the top 6 non-Asian MMO’s by population. And that it has been around number 14 out of Raptr’s top 20 massively multiplayer computer games by population for over a year. WoW is usually between 3 and 5. That is multiplayer computer games in general, including games like CoD, not MMORPG’s specifically. Obviously, they should close the servers down now.

Anyone who expected a plethora of endgame content upon the release of a new MMORPG and was disappointed by lack of same has obviously not played many MMO’s from launch. I was distressed by the retardedly low restrictions on server population and the idiotically huge number of servers at launch that made the game feel barren, endgame pretty much met expectations for a brand new release. There is never enough endgame content at launch. And for raiders, there never will be, as they consume content like locusts, then depart for the greener grass of the next hypothetically big, awesome MMO. And then return for every endgame content addition until a game they like is totally obsolete, rinse and repeat.

This is not a new dynamic, I would guess the devs and management team are WELL aware of it, and catering to any one minority group is a losing proposition for any business. BW can look at metrics as easily as we can and they have way more numbers to play with. If story content is receiving some love it’s because more paying subs are focusing on it than are doing raids. They aren’t in the business of creating content that will not earn money one way or another.

What history are they repeating?They didn’t make another game that failed and then make this one, doing the same things they did with the first one. To say that this game didn’t succeed at launch is false, it is still around. If you are going to use a quote make it accurate.

My favorite thing at launch was the story, though. They have metrics and data that shows them what players spend the most time doing, and what types of content players repeat the most, etc. It’s watching trends, and they’ve seen what people enjoy vs what they tend to not enjoy as much. Plus, they haven’t said they’re ditching the MMO/End-Game content altogether with the expansion and it’s post-launch chapters. But this is a renewed focus on the area of the game that was the most innovative addition to the genre, and the most popular & positively received. I actually think they’re doing the right thing with this. When the stories basically ended at max level, at launch, players were really sad about it, eventually got bored without the strong narrative, and left. Each digital expansion, and update that they’ve released with story has been very well received, and turned their game into an extremely profitable and popular title again, so there’s something to be said for that.

On the one hand I do like opersations and pvp, but really there are other games like that. I enjoy swtor because it’s an mmo which had those qualities too, but has a real story as well. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a flashpoint and everyone except one person wants to see the cinamatics again, and that one person hust whines about how we’re wasting his time and we need to spacebar through it. It’s not even HM flashpoints either. I love the story, and so do a lot of other people. I admit I’d like more pvp and new operations, but I also like being able to play through story and not have to worry so much about my gear and finding a bunch of other people to play with.

The guy in this article talks about the return of focus to storytelling and rpg elements of the game and many comments below talking about mmo stuff(class balance, pvp, xp boosts, heals, aggro, rotations etc.) And that right there is the game’s main problem imo. There’s a clash of interests going on and Bioware has to decide what they want to do with the title: keep it a MMO core game or make it a KOTOR 3 with a few multiplayer features? It seems to me they’re leaning to the latter, which is fine by me as a Bioware sprpg enthusiast, but i know that at the same time lots of ppl will be alienated and leave.

“You’ll be tempted by the Dark Side.” Well I’ve got Dark V on two of my characters, and most of the others are Dark II-IV, so I think I’m covered in that regard.

The story is great and it is nice that they are going in that direction, but SWTOR is a MMO. The story ends. That can’t be all your game has. The endgame in SWTOR is extremely poor.

With so much focus on a single player experience I wish they’d just gone and made Kotor3. As an MMO all I see is them repeating their mistakes when the game first released, compelling story without the endgame to back it up.

PS. I really hate this games engine, for any of the above screenshots to be authentic there should be some clipping.

I am one of the pve players, i dont care for pvp or ops, from my point of view this is the ultimate reinvention of the game. i cant ask for more.

I enjoy the single player stories of the game, but like I said, if that’s going to be the main focus it would be so much more enjoyable as a single player game; one that doesn’t have to worry about MMO constrictions such as gear/character balancing and its god forsaken engine.

What I’m getting at is, I really want a Kotor 3, and Bioware wants one too given the direction they seem to be going in.

I haven’t seen anyone bring this up yet, but it strikes me as odd and abrupt that Bioware is introducing this new storyline, when the Return of the Emperor storyline is left with a cliffhanger after Ziost.

3.3 is around the corner. I’ll admit they Havent said anything about whether 3.3 will bring a new chapter related to ziost or if we will possibly get 3.4 but I’d like to think that either one of those, if we get 3.4 that they might end the big ? After ziost and possibly a liltle prologue where we get to do something or go somewhere that will get us carbonized by the fallen empire. And that’s when we get sucked into KoFE 5 years later.

It sounds like story choices will have huge consequences for all your followers. In example, playing the dark side choices as a Jedi Knight might make Kira fight and leave you. While if you make a lot of light side choices, perhaps Lord Scourge will make clear your cooperation is over instead of sticking around because he sees potential in you.

I wonder if the notion that old characters will return might mean that minor characters can turn into followers. In example, befriending Thana Vesh or sparing Bengel Morr could lead towards them becoming a follower. If that is true, then it will feel more like a personal adventure.

Imagine the Inquisitor having members of the Dark Council (or what’s left of them – Marr, Ravage, Mortis, Jadus?) as comps.

I don’t want to lose companions though, and if I do they better give a proper replacement for it. Especially if it was a crafter.

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