SWTOR 30 days sub and cartel coin for San Diego Cantina Tour Goers

If you are attending the San Diego cantina tour during the daytime event, you can get 30 days sub and some cartel coins.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in San Diego, California! | 07.09.2015, 07:32 PM

Hey folks!

I wanted to let you know about a promotion we will be running during our San Diego Cantina. If you stop by anytime during the day, log into one of the laptops we have there, and show us that you have an account and are opted in to receive emails we will claim a code for you on the spot which will add 30 days of sub time and some Cartel Coins.

Just a little something extra for those of you come to visit us during Comic-Con. Note that you will need to log into your account (so if you have a security key, make sure to bring it along), we will only have this during the day, and it will not be available during the nighttime event.

Thanks everyone, see you in San Diego!


By Dulfy

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80 replies on “SWTOR 30 days sub and cartel coin for San Diego Cantina Tour Goers”

That’s pretty sweet for those going : ).

Wonder who will have something negative to say about this lol.

Yes… Because they can’t do something to generate goodwill and good publicity. No no no, they’re all whales! Everyone is a whale – Except for you! You are hardcore sir! HARDCORE!!! …

I fortunately, live close enough to the event that I can grab the key generator on my way over. But what about the people that came from out of state for all 4-5 days of comic con? They are already there. Its too late of a declaration for them to bring their key generator.

Are we still doing shareable space rides though? Cause those were so cool. Having something neat to share with your friends and strangers, everyone coming together to share codes was such a great idea. Hope they don’t nix it.

Grats though to folks who get free time. Little jealous, but I can afford to pay for my own time so I’m ok.

Do you mean the codes for the pink mount and the crate that could have the Mandalore Statue? If so, then the answer is yes. Devs said these new codes will be shareable.

My understanding was that each cantina event this year would be the same mount but a different color. and the keys for each one are only good for like a month after the event.

New color. Don’t know which one. Collections might list the source (before you click the button that switches to item view).

Its a different one. Each cantina event will have an exclusive color (can view them in collections, I’d assume all the Prinawe speeders are the Cantina mounts)

Yes, they are still doing the shareable code for the cantina pack. Not sure if this one will also have a bonus item with it, but I’d assume it would since the last one did.

Damn it! I couldn’t make it out this year. I needed to get in shape first, you bastards! Why do you taunt me?!

You couldn’t go because you needed to get in shape first? What kind of shape are you in? Are you one of those people that physically can’t get out the door? Because that seems like the only reason you couldn’t go. Unless you are SUPER vain.

I’m sorry you aren’t in a better mood Holyfrog, but this post is kinda mean. Might be a post best deleted, or replaced with an appology, hopefully before they see it. There are alot of reasons someone might have to be in shape. Vanity or obesity could be it, sure, but how is a response like this going to help either of those? You are normally pretty relaxed, but I think what happened is you posted the thing above about immigration, and were still in a mode when you got down here. Ghoooos-fraba.

It’s cool, it’s not like I give a damn about his false assumptions. There will always be idiots on the internet, what’s one more?

I made a comment, you overreacted. I simply didn’t want to deal with it, since you were being a complete prick. Just fuck off.

You assume a lot, don’t you? I’m overweight, so I decided to use this summer to start getting back into shape. What’s wrong with that? When I say I couldn’t make it out, I don’t mean that literally. It just means that I took the time to do something else.

In addition to that, I couldn’t afford the trip to San Diego this year. You want to assume that I’m an unemployed homeless man too?

It was a joke. I was taunting you because it’s just a weird reason not to go. What, you can’t skip working out a couple days to go to San Diego? Those kind of people really need help. Then you go and say you can’t afford to go. That seems like a real excuse compaired to “I have to work out.” I didn’t assume you couldn’t literally get out of the house. Are you’re the only one that can say things that you don’t literally mean?

There will probably be a Cantina Event in London next year – The huge Star Wars convention of the year is taking place there, so tagging along is an obvious step.

e_______________________________________________________________e great so once again only muricans can get the rewards for cantina ours V_V

We do not have room. Quit encourageing people to come here! We can’t keep the current population employed as it is. And don’t say @ they do the jobs Americans won’t do” because if they weren’t here to do them then Americans would have to do them. Maybe those lazy street begets would finally got a J O B.

Well, they need to give out 30 day subs if they expect us to keep playing with the news of no new endgame content.

Nice of them to announce this pretty much after everyone has already traveled to San Diego. Why would I bring my physical security key with me?

Well tbh, yes they should have announced it a lot sooner but in all fairness, it isn’t the firstime they did rewards that required you to log in. Meaning if you have securety key you need to have it with you.

Glad I have it on mobile but yes it will ve sore for the ones that dont. Maybe they will compensate, but at least in the near future for future cantinas, let it be a lesson, attending any bw swtor cantinas bring your security key withyou

Could just borrow someone else’s right? I mean it’s just a randomly generated number, not actually tied to an account or am I totally wrong on that?

Free drinks too at the Cantina !
I’m so there then !!!!!!!!
Lets drink the Universe out……………….

1 step at the time guys. First England needs to leave the United Kingdom so they can create a new country 😉

Why would England need to leave the UK to create a new country when England is it’s own country

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