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GW2 Stronghold Map Changes for July 10

A list of the new changes for Stronghold PvP map in preparation for the Revenant/Stronghold PvP weekend.

Hi all,
Below you can find a list of changes that have been implemented since the last Stronghold Beta. We’re especially interested in feedback on the new Mist Champion and the new overtime mechanic. Check out Stronghold during this weekend’s “Revenant and Stronghold Beta” and let us know what you think!

-Hugh and the PvP team

  • Supply
    • The way that players gather supply at the depot in the center of the map has changed.
    • Each supply pile only has a maximum of 2 supply in it at any given time.
    • Supply piles will replenish their stores after 15 seconds.
    • NOTE: There is a known issue where if player A finishes a channel while player B finishes channeling, it will cancel player B’s channel and not give them supply.
  • Stronghold trebuchet changes
    • Trebuchets will now do increased damage to Door Breakers and Archers
    • Trebuchets shots will now remove up to 25 stacks of stability from any targets they hit prior to knocking them down.
  • NPC/Champion Changes
    • Mist Champions
      • The Mist Champion system is now available in the PvP Build Menu.
      • More information on the Mist Champion system can be found in our recent blog, found here.
    • Archers
      • Archers prioritize guards
      • Archers also do increased damage to guards
      • Archers move faster
    • Guards
      • Guards prioritize Door Breakers
    • Door Breakers
      • Door Breakers prioritize doors
  • “Behind Enemy Lines”
    • Enemies inside your stronghold now have a buff on them “Behind Enemy Lines”
    • Behind Enemy Lines – Dying while in the enemy stronghold will cause you to drop 2 supply even if you don’t currently have supply
  • Overtime
    • If a game goes to time (0:00) and a lord is engaged, the game will not end. It will continue on until one of the following conditions has been met:
      • A lord is stomped
      • Both lords are out of combat
      • Overtime lasts longer than 6 (-6:00) minutes


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