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SWTOR SDCC Story Panel shows the fate Darth Malgus

If you are wondering what happened to Darth Malgus, this clip from the San Diego Cantina Tour may have some answers. Clip taken from @iamwillgriggs and @Heather_Pls.

Important Update. SWTOR Lead Writer Charles Boyd just commented on twitter the Malgus part was cut from the trailer and he may not be returning after all (fate uncertain).

Video Clip taken from @iamwillgriggs

Concept Art taken from @Heather_Pls.

Here are some pics of the rest of the story panel presentation, taken from the twitter accounts of @Heather_PLS, @UnholyAlliances, @iamwillgriggs and @Zoro4Me3 and compiled by Jerba/Theho.

By Dulfy

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233 replies on “SWTOR SDCC Story Panel shows the fate Darth Malgus”

Technically there isn’t any proof that he died. He was a powerful sith and the flashpoint (originally) forced you to push him off a platform into his doom but we all know how falling from great heights as a sith or jedi doesn’t always lead to their deaths…they just end up grabbing on to something or landing safely on the ground.

indeed, was kind of disappointing when they removed the mechanic (or rather not made it the only was to defeat him). anywho, AWESOOOMMME, i loved him while vling when i made my 1st sith &was kind of sad when i defeated him. wonder what role he’ll play in the new empire

The Mechanic is still there, they just added the option to kill him outright now but you can still throw him off the platform. But yeah to me out of all the characters I like Malgus the most, the novels help build his character out a bit more connecting the trailer and games together and his point of view wasn’t so bad (kind of wish I could join him) where all races are accepted into the Empire and to truly destroy the Republic and not to be held back by politics.

Like snake said the mechanics are still there, they just made it allowable to kill him without pushing him off, reasons, bugs, bugs, bugs. So instead of countless wipes with pushing him off that didnt work correctly, they made it so, you could kill him without.

I’m actually really happy about this, Republic got to keep their flagship character (Shan) but ours we had to kill and replace with Marr. Maybe he’ll be a companion? Or lead a new age of the Empire after the story? Either way.

oh another person who died but didn’t…yawn. Please BW try something different for a change instead of just ressurrecting everyone.

But then they might have to create NEW characters and be creative or something. We wouldn’t want that.

bringing bk revan was a poor idea for an expansion since he was clearly defeated &he already had his time in kotors &swtor fps. also poor script &voice acting. but… i did like malgus, he was such a powerful character &the empire felt so empty after he got shafted. anyway, i don’t mind…

i agree lol revan in this game is lame…… still hoping we get more of his force ghost later…. until vitiate is completly dealt with i dont want force revan to dissapear for good

though malgus coming back is exciting me cause im thinking he might be a companion :]
hopefully not a enemy working for the new empire

Idd, might see Vitiate and Force ghost Revan pop up at a later stage.

Malgus might be an enemy at first, but guessing depending on our choices, it will determined if he will stay an enemy or ally in the long run

Blame the fans who keep demanding it loudly as much as BioWare. Before they were brought back if you said they were dead on the forums the fans would take out a fatwa on you.

Oh come on… did bioware fired every competent writer they had? Who will we get resurected next time?
The more information i have about the new expansion the less i like it:-/

well, they are introducing quite a few new characters, they probably wanted to play a bit safe as well, since malgus was beloved by many; hollywood does it all the time &it works for them (on the cash side anyway)

They are and they should stick to them. I just hope they will have some depth in them and they will not be just shallow archetypal characters. I personaly like Malgus. I alwyas wanted to join him in fp:-). But dead charaters or charcters implied as dead just should stay dead.
Well if it works for hollywood… good for it i guess. I honestly can not say last time when i saw something produced in hollywood. They usualy produce films i have no interest in.

The mystery of Malgus’ fate has been unresolved for a while now. The original mechanics was to push him down the shaft Episode 6 style, which as we have seen with Maul and Sidious, doesn’t work so well 🙂

I know the original mechanics. I have been playing for a few years. The mechanic on itself was interesting but copying something a find lazy.
And do not even start with Maul and Sidious with me. Resurecting clearly dead villain because you can not invent new and interesting villain i consider not just lazy but a crime against a reader. The reason for resurecting him usualy is not because the author has a new interesting tale to tell, but because he run out of ideas and he still wants to milk the cash cow. I just find it abhorent and if some author do that, he is as good as dead to me. I will never support him by buying his follow up work.
sorry for the rant:-)

I’m happy to see him return, however do we know he is back for sure and not just a slab of frozen meat just for us to fight a evil unknown boss dude to get as a trophy to put up on our stronghold wall.

If he does return I wouldn’t mind to be honest, I liked his character and was rather disappointed he became a enemy and a flashpoint boss (rather have him as a operation boss). I just hope he returns as a quest giver/ally instead of a enemy because having to face him again would be rather annoying then a plus side to these events. I wouldn’t be angry over characters being resurrected as long as the reason/proof is somewhat believable, there is so many star wars characters in novels (no longer canon) that were suppose to be dead but came back and then you had Darth Maul return in clone wars cartoon (which wasn’t so bad as they gave the proof of his survival) and now they are talking about Mace Windu coming back to join one of the movies…so yeah it’s not a BW thing…it’s starwars.

There are so many loose ends in this game… Malgus was NOT one of them. *groan*

Marr > Malgus any day.

So… That’s cool and all, not like we didn’t see it coming though. What bugs me, however, is that so far Bioware’s approach to this supposedly great new story that’s coming our way has been limited to virtually EVERYONE (all the player characters and apparently now key NPCs as well) in the game being suddenly carbonited. Do we even have that much carbonite in the galaxy? Is this new “Eternal Empire’s” claim to fame a new blaster setting kill/stun/CARBONITE? lol

I guess my point is: so far I am not very impressed. They seem to either not be revealing the good parts yet or if this is the extend of it then I must say they clearly lack creativity.

Malgus, the 8 heroes, and I *think* Nico Okarr. But most likely the 8 heroes and Malgus. I’m only like 35% sure Okarr was said to be in carbonite

When Solo got carbonized in TESB they weren’t sure it would work, that it was safe to do with people. It was more or less an experiment. Yet in TOR it’s the most common way to capture someone apparently.

My guess is, that this cult used the false Revan and his ’empire’ to make connections that were key to displacing the major powers in play at that time – a sort of cult hiding in a cult.

When the time was right, i.e. the battle between the Revanites and the Empire/Republic had done it’s most damage, they strike, and capture/kill as many key figures as possible. This is why your characters and major NPC’s will start off frozen in carbonite. Which is a pretty generous conceit for this new enemy to make for us, frankly.

First Darth Maul, then Darth Sidious, then Rahm Kota, now Malgus too? People in the Star Wars universe need to stop trying to kill force wielders with long-distance falls. It *clearly* doesn’t work LOL

What if we tried to kill a non-force wielder with a long-distance fall?

…Would they then become force sensitive and then make a return?

Seriously though, did our player characters ever actually kill ANYONE in a flashpoint?

Is Kilran also coming back?

Well the original mechanics for Malgus fight was to push him off the platform, they changed it to allow players to kill him directly due to some really weird glitches, even one that lead to him not moving or getting stuck which prevent him getting pushed off but the mechanic is still there just most prefer to kill him outright (a lot faster).

Beside Malgus, everyone we face we had to directly attack them which should mean they are truly dead. I can’t think of any other bosses we had to push off a platform of crush with a object to beat them…

But yes, his push of bridge reminded me of Maul, who appeared in the animated show, so guess we should not be surprised

I had suspicions that Malgus did not really die when I first went through that Flashpoint. My thought was “They can’t seriously be getting rid of the Face of swtor so early” Now after these years, it is confirmed. Malgus is alive. Long Live The Emperor.

….I hate the Emperor…he tried to eat me…Long Live the Empire but not the Emperor..he can stay dead

Not Emperor Vitiate. But Malgus who proclaimed his self the new Emperor of the New Empire. That last a day or so. well, kind of made its transition into ours.

unless something something.. then i said nothing

A few seconds later there was some clapping and cheering but the initial reaction doesn’t sound positive to me.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! and i just kept saying no to a friend, Malgus is not alive…. Well i’m guessing with all those “Dead” Swtor characters, that remade their appearances.. nothing should be a surprise any more….

Conflicted feelings really..

but yes, i thought his death was too soon. Welcome back old scrub… time to join my army! But one person that will make his appearance, definitely will.. Darth Jadus, has to.

note to self: If character doesn’t explode into pieces, he is not death!

in a ball of light, which was to most speculation that he vanished with some new force ability. Well later confirmed he did died, sort of.

Occasionally the invulnerability would (still will?) bug out and he’d actually fall over as any regular corpse if killed before the ability finished channeling.

Woah… That was… unexpected. I guess they have his lightsaber, I don’t know what I expected.

Not a fan of milking old characters, but I do like Malgus so will be interested to see how they fit him in.

You know guys, this is not a confirmation that Darth Malgus IS alive. We “slew” Malgus but his body was left on the ground. Did he die there or did he recover? For all we know, this could’ve been Malgus’ dead corpse preserved in Carbonite so this new Emperor can revive him and make him a powerful pawn, likely able to sway the former imperial masses to willingly follow Valkorian.

that’s not how the original encounter mechanic worked, you had to push him into the shaft to complete the fight, so no body afterwards. they only changed it cause it bugged at times

BW, just don’t try to make me kill him again… just don’t… cause i won’t :p
i’d be delighted to be able to make a companion out of him

Lol at this point, I have to wonder… Is there anyone we did actually kill? Maybe the guy at Hammer Station. Pretty sure I did kill him, but now I have to wonder…

You should have realized that if an emperor falls down a bottomless pit in a space station, he’s damn well coming back.

“My time has come. For 3000 days, I prepared, grew stronger… While you rested in your cradle of power – believing your people were safe, and protected. You were trusted to finish me, but you didn’t succeed. As my powers of the dark side have blinded you, you assumed no force could challenge you… And now… finally! I HAVE RETURNED.”

+ infinite .. he is a marvelous character, amazing. Hope same VA will be used for Malgus. Interesting to see how it will play out

Fan-fucking-tastic character. He rapes Satele. Would be orgasmic if we could have him as a companion, but I doubt it.

hehe, but that dialogue they used as a trailer before swtor launches was amazing, but then they changed it…

If they make him a companion I’m so down with that…as long as he doesn’t get any funny ideas with my twi’lek companion…yeah I’m watching you maybe my most favorite character in TOR but no way your getting my Vette

all this concept art and we only get one load screen, I wish it was a random generated load screen showing a different concept art. It’s more refreshing that way.

So, a recycled plot for KotFE (yet another 3rd faction appearing from nowhere) and now recycling villains

Ugh. I like the idea story focus of KotFE, but I would have preferred something original.

“Now recycling villains” uh hello? Revan? Emperor? They’ve been recycling villains for longer than I’ve had my PC

revan is not a villain, not really anyway

all he wanted was to stop the emperor from doing what he did on ziost… everywhere
not like he was taking shit over to be the new emperor or anything

that makes revan a hero

a tragic one. :]

i only hope ghost revan will appear again later ONE LAST TIME as we get ready to strike down vitiate once and for all…

inquis could not eat revan force ghost if he/she tried!

revan> over 9000 times compared to anyone inquis has absorbed

Does not mean they would not be tempted to try.
Heck, depending situation at the time, they might well think that absorbing that ghost would be a necessity. Even if it means another trip to Belsavis and Voss…

No, God no. They need to stop butchering everything that made Revan great. I hope we never see him ever again or hear any references to him whatsoever.

Have you ever heard of a “plot twist”? Malgus isn’t being recycled, don’t whine.

And how is a thought-to-be-dead, Emperor’s-throne-usurping Sith Lord (who is an excellent character) being revealed to have been frozen in carbonite for 10 years by/being acquired by a third party that basically annihilated the Empire and the Republic, who’s leader is now going to unfreeze said Sith Lord, NOT ORIGINAL?! Tell me, I’d love to hear you whine some more.

Because Malgus was an amazing character and all, but he died. They used him out, there is no way Malgus survived the fall into the reactor core pit, or just simply being killed by players without pushing him down, that would be hella stupid. I get Malgus was very resilient, but no one could survive that.

The bottom of that pit was a series of spring boards and elevators that brought you back to the door. All Malgus did was hide until we all left. I mean the same thing happens when you fall down there.

And if you decide not to leave right away you can stay for hours without the ship blowing up… omg you’re right. He survived all along, he was just holding on waiting for you to leave.

Am I the only one who finds the gunship in one of the first pictures look a lot like a Clone War era LAAT/i gunship?

Yeah was noticing that as well, it’s a concept art so might not be in the game or looks completely different ingame then what is shown in the image.

But either way if it is in the game it doesn’t really hurt anything because some designs never change, hell some manufactures just take their basic design and enhance it just like some aircrafts and ships may look the same as their older counter part but perform completely different in terms of power, crew and design…Just have to wait and see..

It’s just what they used as concept basis for the ship that actually was in the trailer. You can see the progression.

So… they basically showed the concept art for a finished trailer we already know?

I’m frozen in carbonite. Malgus is frozen in carbonite. Everyone is frozen in c…

Well if they are twins like you claim, where’s the other twin of the actor? I sense much hate on this actor who played the Twins. I betcha these twins didn’t really enjoy playing with a mean actor like you.

Would be new in game but not new to star wars. Pretty sure those were in force unleashed.

lightsaber pike.

Same weapon employed by Palpatines Imperial Guard. Pretty sure the Jedi used forms of this weapon for Temple Guardians.

Week you could use a gree saber or the outbreak one as a mainhand the. A regular one as an offhand, then your offhand would be “shorter” then the main.

Important Update, Charles Boyd just mentioned that the Malgus part was cut from the trailer, so he might not be returning. Malgus fate is once again uncertain.

They wouldn’t waste money on making that part of the cinematic if he wasn’t already in the game again.

I think he just trying to sound interresting. He did it during SoR as well. Guess we just have to wait and see.

You know what they say; if there’s no body, they’re not dead.
I like to think Malgus will return.

Pretty much the two rules of Warcraft storytelling.
1. If you have a good guy who doesn’t listen to another good guys sagely advise….yeah they are gonna be the bad guy.
2. If anyone dies offscreen, or in any way where you do not have a body (and that body isn’t under constant supervision)….that guy is coming back.

They wouldn’t show a malgus carbonite unless something was up. I’m calling BS on the “oh we are just showing concepts”

Malgus is going to be back somehow this explains “Fallen Empire”
The Empire isn’t Zakuul, its the ONLY fallen empire that has happened in this game, Malgus’. Malgus will get his chance again because of the twins finding him and taking him before Valkorion. Players will find Malgus and have a choice of unfreezing him or not. He gets unfrozen anyways to keep the story going, but he finds out you chose not to. This sets him up to be another villain in the game, but he works both aways again. Helping the Empire, with Marr, to stop the Zakuul invasion. In the end he kills Marr before the player and he is the final boss. The death of Marr and Malgus allows Vitiate to be complete and then shit hits the fan.

Yeah, if they had an idea of Malgus returning and they scrapped it, that decision would be in the pre-production. Because if such a huge character comes back, you need to have a plot that resolves around him. So the explanation that it is only cut content is BS. They wouldn’t make a CGI with Malgus at this stage of development. Because making a CGI, then removing Malgus from the story would left a huge whole in the plot.

First we saw the trailer at E3, then we saw what we thought was the rest of the trailer a few, what minutes latter. Now we see more? how much more is there to this? Is it secretly a full length movie and bioware is just not telling us?

Hold on… So the scene where the twins present the lightsabers to Valkorion are really saying that they captured those dead Sith and Jedi?!?! They attacked a Republic world and then attacked Korriban all to retrieve relics like carbonized Malgus and his lightsaber?!

And why 4 of them? Is Valkorion like Apocalypse and those 4 Sith and Jedi are his “Horsemen”? lol

eh, i look on dulfy, and in hopes they’ll do something that will make me come back. Still not intrigued. By all these trailers, and forums post, really just makes it seem that’ll be another disappointment. My heart can not take any further abuse </3

Did you all see that post about a Bank draft above this post? Weird. Banks are normally pretty air tight.

More likely they’re going to make him a deco. This was mentioned to Eric and Chares both last night, whether something comes of it is anyone’s guess. But I The Malthus companion idea came up. I asked them both during the informal phase, and got a definitive no for 4.0, but in seperate instances they left it open that some daaaay he might come, back somehow. That’s the story as I understood it from thrm. It was certainly incindiery to have a malgus prop cut scene.

BW: Masters of rehashing. Malgus is dead, lets leave it that way like you should have with Revan. Come up with something new people.

Lol. Oh I know. Let’s see, Malgus’ rebellion, the Dread Masters, the Hutt Cartel, Revan, and the Emporer himself. We also have to a lesser extent Czerka and the Rakghoul plague. Oh and arguably the Star Cabal. All third parties both sides either ally against or at least focus on.

This was clearly always planned. That’s why they had you do that stupid buggy push him over mechanic. I called that he survived 3 years ago. Too bad they cut it. I’d rather see his story continue then whatever this new 3rd faction crap is.

yea but they took out the push over mechanic because it was “too hard” the new version of the fight you just kill him and leave him dead on the floor, been that way a couple of years now

That color scheme on the ships…I knew it was only a matter of time before Cerberus would expand to the swtor universe. Mass Effects universe just isn’t big enough for their ego

So I was there for both story panels and they very clearly said this was an idea that was cut early on because it took away from the fight of the twins in the trailer. They wanted to show the struggle of Arcann’s need of approval from his father, hitting that emotional impact when he cuts down his brother. If they left Malgus in there everyone would just be talking about that no longer paying attention to what was happening on screen. The story team also said that Malgus was ditched because it looked like The Fallen Empire was just taking out Empire targets, made it too pro-republic. This scene was rendered out AFTER the trailer was finished. So little bit of click bait I think there in the original post 🙂 It was never mentioned this was actually an idea they ran with. And since they were only talking about story, they had to give us something more than a few random slides.

I’m pretty sure he’ll be alive. I mean, that was cut, and? If they created that it is because it is planned that he will return. Would make no sense otherwise. Yo dawg, I heard you like Malgus, so I spent some thousands of dollars to create a part of a trailer that will be cut later on just to tease you about Malgus, yo. Cmon.

Could be and could be not. If it was cut it means that scene has nothing to do with their KOTFE script anymore, we might see him later as a cameo (still on carbonite) or end up as a special decoration. But I doubt he’ll return as a character in the story.
If theres a minimal possibility for his return its most possible to be post KOTFE since the current story arc is about Valkorion and his children. Having Malgus return mid story with his own revenge/revolution/campaign/etc. would take the players totally away from the current story focus.

Nice he’s still alive, that means he has a new place in my home. Right next to my carbonize hutt 🙂

Perhaps Malgus was a plant by this Eternal Empire group to begin with. Would explain why he was so willing to double cross even the Sith Empire, under the assumption the Emperor wasn’t alive, he probably didn’t fear the Sith Empire’s wrath that very much.

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