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SWTOR SDCC Cantina Tour Q&A and Mount code Sharing

SWTOR SDCC San Diego Cantina Tour Q&A taken from @Wookguild and @Heather_Pls. Mount codes are below in the comments. Please share your link after you have used one.


Source: @Wookguild’s livestream and Heather’s Tweets. Special thanks for their livestream/live tweet.

There is apparently no Cantina Tour flashdrive for this cantina tour. However if you have a code for the Cantina Tour mount and would like to share it feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Q: Any plan for new ops?

  • A: They want to have new ops but at the same time they want to ensure they have a solid operation foundation. Revamping current ops/fps first and then after they will have new content. They said operation cadence is very important and once Fallen Empire drops they will start working on new ops.

Q: Any new pvp content coming?

  • A: Look for the change to PvP meta in Fallen Empire

Q: Revamps to Conquest?

  • A: Conquest will be revamped to match the current content.

Q: Any of the old planets getting love? (i.e. Tatooine etc)

  • A: Some will be revisited in Fallen Empire.

Q: Gear sets for quick swap? (big cheer in audience for asking this question)

  • A: Couldn’t hear.

Q: Any plan for novel to expand current story?

  • A: No plans

Q: Can you go back to play the original story with your new autoleveled level 60?

  • A: Short answer is no.

Q: Will companions care more about player decisions?

  • A: Yes huge part of Fallen Empire

Q: Will the Shroud in macrobinocular missions be back?

  • A: Guaranteed to be back, but can’t guarantee when. The Shroud is always there.

Q: Any plan to upgrade GSF?

  • A: Have every intention of adding, but it depends on what the game needs. Will upgrade some day.

San Diego Cantina Code Speeder (Prinawe Junction)


What does the cantina tour code give?

  • The code will give you a crate on every character in the mail (you need to exit the game and relogin after claiming the code).
  • This crate contains the Prinawe Junction speeder and a random item. This random item could be (all character bound)

How do I share my code?

  • After obtaining a code from the comment section below, you will be given a link in the Community events section of your account page in Use that link to share with up to 5 players.


How many times can the code I shared be used?

Post your Codes from San Diego Community Cantina Tour Here | 07.13.2015, 03:23 PM

Hey folks!

As a quick heads up, after the event I realized that the cards we were handing out had a typo in regards to a change we made. During Celebration, the links that you share could be clicked 5 times. For the SDCC cards, the links that you are sharing can be used up to fifty times.

We scaled it up quite a bit! Just wanted to pop in to this thread and let you all know. Share, share to your hearts content. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and enjoy the new Prinawe vehicle

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Was there any big reveals like at Anaheim or was that it? (Bam’s periscope has been wonky, so I didn’t see much after the giveaways.)

I want more class story.. I liked the idea of playing different character.. like Smuggler had a different story from the Jedi..and even the trooper had a different story.. does that mean that from now on.. we will only get one story arch type.. then why have us level up four different classes when at the end ..everyone’s story is the same.. I am not sure, I am excited about the new expansion, but a little it disappointed, that is the same thing we got with Makeb and Revan..

” Look for the change to PvP meta in Fallen Empire” wonder what that means. I mean the meta changes every time an expansion hits but…

Some of the worst questions ever… Where are important ones like:

Are you planning on updating the graphics/character models?
Are you planning on updating the engine?
Are you planning on addressing optimization issues?

^– Where are those questions?

Are you planning on adding a new class, given the Lightsaber Pike and Shield in the “Sacrifice” trailer?

Even that one is good. Where are these questions? They addressed FPs Ops days ago… Why the heck did they even answer it? They shoulda just skipped that.

I wish I had the kind of optimism to think any MMO dev can spare the time/money to overhaul the game engine.

Why do people still bring up an “Engine Update”? Do you have any idea what it entails? IF its even possible how incredibly time and money intensive it is? Even if they did do a significant update to the engine it could take years to do and any number of millions of dollars.

I don’t love the engine they have and I think they made a huge mistake with it from the very beginning, but the only way we are going to see a real engine update is with a SWTOR 2 so you might as well start asking for that.

Then how did World of Warcraft update their stuff in only a few months? Please explain to me oh amazing know-it-all man? They said they’ve been working on this expansion for 2 YEARS. So yes, that’s a legitimate question.

I’m going to guess that it took them a lot longer then “a few months” for any of the MOSTLY GRAPHICAL UPDATES they did. I’m going to guess their process took at the absolute minimum close to a year and probably cost them quite a bit of money (money from one of the most successful MMOs in history, compared to the sub count and revenue of SWTOR). The other thing you have to remember is that WOW was created with a fully functioning and supported engine that was completely developed by internal teams at blizzard (a modified version of the Warcraft 3 engine). This means that blizzard had teams working with an engine that was mostly likely documented from almost the ground up. SWTOR on the other hand uses an engine that was purchased from a third party outside of Bioware, on top of this it was a beta version never meant to be used for full production. Take those two facts and combine them with the fact that Bioware went on to heavily modify the engine to try and get it work with what they needed. There is a major difference in the ease with which Blizzard teams and Bioware teams could make stable and useful changes to each engine.

Salty? Not really. My use of caps was meant as emphasis in place of italics, but if you want to believe you got me all riled up so you feel superior, you go right ahead. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m right.

A crate with an unique mount and a random item. The random item could be an xp boost, a dye, or statue of the Mandalore. I will write up a more detailed list above.

thank you,after opening them on 16 characters, noticed a lot of them are dyes. best loot was a powered droid(the trash can looking droids) that was legacy bound and a pink & white dye

No, but this is the second cantina event that has a code Sharing. The first one being Anaheim cantina, with the same rewards as this one. Minor difference is that the mount was pink-white ish

I feel like im opening hyper crates again, so what the average number of boxes need to open to get the statue? Anyone got a mathematical number? IVe gone through 45 boxes and nothing. ao ty fr the code 🙂

Might be better if you stick this with your original CE posted link and point out which one is which to the uninformed. Thanks. 😉

They are not all account bound. Out of the ones i have claimed so far, the only one that is not bound to character is the droid. Everything else is bound to person that opened the crate.

Click one of the links people have posted (in these comments) then sign into your swotor account to redeem.

Not sure, they should be valid for 5 uses each. So, unless people are using them and not posting their codes I don’t know what you could be doing wrong. The first one I tried did work though.

Nope, it simply means, others have clicked the code already and you were too late.
It could also mean, like it happend with me on the Anaheim code. Which it did not tell me my code was accepted.

So log into your account ans log a character to check your mail just in case.. other then that, is stay hog the comment section and click a code as soon as it pops up

I assume if you usedthe code from the previous event that will not affect it right? So you now get two lockboxes in in game mail

It looks like referral codes are the ones, whereas the legitimate links are

Real Jar Jar Abrams here, guy above is just an impostor who tries to sell you his stinky referral. Beware!

Already got mine. Plus I’m not stupid that’s a referal link. Get your referal elsewhere not interested

Unfortunately most of the links on here are people trying to scam for referrals. But my comment below is the real link.

Never used referral and never will why would I pocket someone a couple hundred cartel coins lol

Actually that’s a referral code, not a cantina speeder code. What “works” is him getting rewarded for you using that link.

As a reminder: Legitimate codes start with Referral codes pasted by desperate losers with no money and fewer prospects start

Sadly I fell for his link the previous time. Never do these things while tired. And of course customer support has no way of contacting them short of an international phone call. *sigh*

The only speeder thus far I like from the Cantina events, because it reminds me of the Normandy from Mass effect. XD

On cummunity links when I redeem it always tells “This Community Event code is not valid”. I am too slow to redeem the codes? 🙁

I keep having the same thing. Either folks are spamming F5, we’re slower, or something’s wrong.

I posted my codes earlier and wanted to show my appreciation by using referal links for those who “offer a choice”, but it turned out that it’s mostly just one guy posting from different accounts. Not cool mate.

I’m guessing it’s because 5 people got there before me even though I’m refreshing constantly.