SWTOR Upcoming Season 5 PvP Weapons Animated Gifs

SWTOR official site has updated the season 5 reward post with gifs of the various weapons players can expect next week. These weapons require 1350 solo or team rating to obtain.

Assault Cannon

Double Bladed Lightsaber

Assault Rifle

Sniper Rifle

Blaster Pistol



By Dulfy

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136 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Season 5 PvP Weapons Animated Gifs”

Damn. I really want that assault cannon, but I absolutely despise pvp. will there be any other way to obtain these weapon styles?

That makes me so happy you won’t get one then, because I despise when PvErs like you try to PvP….lol

then you should want me to be able to get one another way, because otherwise the only way for a PVEer to get one of these is to disrupt your precious PVP

I’ll get one already….you’re the one who is butt hurt. They are ugly anyway, so now you don’t have to stop your precious repetitive PvE….lmao

Even tough A.Merriwx was a bit harsh in is response, if you are a pve’er and you don’t pvp or are a casual pvp’er, it will be next to impossible for you to get the necessary wins to reach the required rating.

Even if you are halfway decent, ranked can be a misery grind. If you are queueing solo you will watch 3 people you have little to no control over do the silliest things over and over as you watch your own rating crumple and die, your own numbers at the end of the matches don’t seem to make a difference either, I outhealed the other teams healers over and over but you just can’t force the wins to happen before eventually losing interest. Might be worth it in later seasons though, when the reward system is updated.

I think you mean RP-ers, fuck outta here with that shit faggot, I’m willing to put down 75 mil that you’re absolute garbage in pvp. Some of the best pvpers I know are also some of the best PvE’rs.

Yea….listen to Naq, and you need to read. He was the ass commenting on PvP gear, but saying how much he despised it. Never said all PvE’rs either….you know what they say when people ASSume. Better be glad you don’t have a million to lose too. LOL

No, OP wasn’t being an ass at all. He said he likes the weapon, but hates PvP.

You’re the one who turned things hostile.

Yea….hate is not associated with hostile….it’s associated with pink flowers, the republic, or anything else that is associated with good…..lmao. He had a right to say he hated (actually despised ) PvP, and I had the right to be happy he will never get one. LOL

lol u know normal warzone pvp is for people who stil need to get gear and ranked is for pvpers 🙂 who already have gear so dont complain on pvers who try to earn gear

Can you get these weapons from regular WZs? Didn’t think so….so again….don’t get on a soapbox, and try to make this an “WE” or “All PvE” thing. It was meant for clowns like him. Lol

Let’s hope they are based on the crystal. But everything is possible with BioWare. 50% chance they are not based on the color crystal and fixed to the weapon.

Do you like them? If yes, why does it matter if anybody calls them bowcasters or not? Would they look any different if nobody calls them bowcaster? Whould they look different if everybody calls them bowcaster?

My point is two-fold. Firstly, bowcasters have a distinct look, and BW is messing with that look, which is just irritating. How would you like a brand to keep changing their product just enough that you don’t even know if its the same thing anymore. Secondly, this is not the first time Bioware has done this sort of things. So I find it annoying that they don’t learn their lesson.

But we already have bowcasters in the game. Want a bowcaster? Go and get one!

This is something different. So where is the problem?

I understand that bowcasters are already in the game, and I can see that this is possibly not a bowcaster, but theres a chance that it could be; and that is the problem. Bioware continues to ignore typical Star Wars designs and produces all kinds of combinations and mixes. I get the need to be creative, but those weapons are either a future-tech bowcaster with not enough distinction or a unrealistic, non-Star Wars-looking blaster that doesn’t fit in the universe. Again, this is not the first time Bioware has pulled this stunt and it’s getting annoying. I have seen many, many posts form players asking why we can’t have Star Wars-looking weapons.

I would play for them if the game wouldn’t ruin my playtime all the time. For the last couple of days I barely played due to the game believing I have no internet, yet I have internet at full strength. Everything except SWTOR works. Unbelievable, do they want us to unsub?

Has ranked PvP been active at all on TRE? I stopped playing myself but the Mercenary leaderboard barely changed at all since the first week of season 5. The swtor website is down right now but I think there’s like 2 mercs with 1350 rating…. :p

More people will be playing when they change the terrible system they have for rewards atm. Should be 3.3, I think.

You can find the full article on this site.

Basically, you will win tokens for each game, and when season ends, you will be able to use the tokens to buy whatever prize you want (assuming you have enough tokens).

The really good players with highest ratings still get some unique feature, but a lot of the rewards will be available to even common folk who play RWZ, even though they may not be great at them.

Also, 3.3 will reduce prices of PvP gear, making it more open to regular people.

The saber design looks lazy as fuck. Why can’t the sabers be as gaudy as the wanna be bowcasters? Or did the team run out of funding/coffee/time/caring?

Same as season 4 for the sabers. The blasters/rifles/pistols look kinda cool, tbh, but not nearly as awesome as season 3. Debating on whether or not to go through the misery of solo ranked to get 1350 for these…

LOL… all the blaster designs (besides the cannon) are exactly the same. Just different sizes and colors. Same thing with the sabers.

And Dyson’s going to come after Bioware for stealing their vacuum vortex generator designs for their assault cannon again, I see…

I’m not really a fan of these ones, to be perfectly honest. I don’t usually like weapons that have weird attachments or expanding parts like those.

I support the new movie, so long as they can go the whole 1.5-2 hours without ever bringing up the all female cast tropes. Like someone in the crowd being like “what are a bunch of girls gonna do” or “I can’t believe I was saved by a bunch of ladies”. Nobody ever brought up that all the ghostbusters were guys when I was a kid, it shouldn’t come up now. Genderswap as a gimmick is a huge mistake, but, if its a good story, good effects and most importantly good comedy, it shouldn’t matter.

Fingers crossed.

Lol that double lightsaber tough xD
>.< thats BS what is animated on it eccept for super fast take it out of u pants xd

Season 3 had some of the best looking weapons in the game. Especially the lightsabers.

These on the other hand, are probably some of the worst.

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P.S. Upvoting yourself? Not surprised 3rd time.

They have high second hand value because there’s always some gullible fool ready in waiting to try out they’re products only to be disappointed and then sell on the second hand product again and round and round it goes..
more apple crap on second hand sites than android gear.

I can afford one but I think it’s a waste of money because I think they aren’t worth the money you have to pay for them and I mostly disagree with the Apple philosophy as a whole. You are clearly bragging here and it’s just childish really. If you’re happy with it that’s great but if would get an Apple for free I’d sell it and do something useful with that money really.

What’s it like being Spruce Cycle? Nobody seems to ever agree with or like you, and your only way of relating to people is by pretending to be rich while running your computer on the kitchen table in your visibly tiny apartment, listening to music that even the people who made it, hate.
I’m sorry for your life Spruce, but I hope you enjoy your new computer. Its just a shame you don’t have friends to tell about it, only us. : (

That computer sitting on a weird oval table in an empty room makes me feel kinda sad. Doesn’t look like any kind of home, looks like a cell. If trolling Dulfy’s chats make him happy, I guess that’s good, because it doesn’t look like there’s anything else in his existence.

So your personality and life, the person you are, is based on the crap you buy? Or why else do you tell us what computer you own? And why should I care?

More important: Will the blaster weapon sound suck as usual?

Pffffff pffffff pffffft. Pffffff pffffff pffffft. Pffffff pffffff pffffft.

Why do all PvP rewards look like plastic guns from a chinese bazaar? I mean, have you seen taht? Somebody call Robocop.

I can’t tell but will the saber lengths be the same as the ones from season 3? Would be really awesome if they were long like the gray helix. That would make it worth while. I really love the look of the gray helix because of how long they are but I really can’t tell the length from the pic. =/

Did some comparing and I think they are longer than normal sabers. Still not sure though. What do you guys think?

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Kirito … Kirito … where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah, that was the name of the player getting smack talked more than I’ve ever seen anyone get dressed down in gen chat EVER. Multiple times.

But I guess today it’s your turn to get that here, eh, Sprucie?

You two should kiss or something.

Hahahah I realize you’re just being a troll. However, I’ll play along. Why would I pay labor costs when I can do the labor for free? In addition to that, I am actually in fact paying less money for a higher-quality system. Any sensible upper class person knows where and how to save money.

Labor costs? Dude, them mugs r jumping out of windows in Shenzhen cuz of the terrible pay. As for the rest of ur argument, “Blah, blah Ima a poor person blah blah blah”.

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I would try to get these for the assault cannon and rifle, but I really don’t like those things that pop out of the barrel. If those weren’t there, or if they stayed in their retracted state, I’d go for those in a heartbeat.

I absolutely do but u dont know what a hilt is. Guns, blasters dont have hilts and those cross bars were on the blaster BARRELS. U r dumb.

why does pve get all the good mounts?

(dread rancor>girrada’s rancor, WoA>most other mounts, EC tank>pirate ship, Helix Hyperpod> Nexu, Titan 6 Containment Unit> Girrada’s walker)

Dulfy, will you be updating the gifs now that the actual weapons have been released? or will that be in Torfashion?

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