Knights of Fallen Empire SWTOR

SWTOR Fallen Empire story chapter length and new content

In a new video published by Lady Insanity, several details of the chapter length, romance choices, and an unspecified new content have been revealed directly from Bioware.

Here are the key points from the video.

  • The free level 60 character that all subscribers get will have sufficient gear to beat enemies in Chapter I but won’t have any credits.
  • Chapter I will act as a tutorial chapter with several of the abilities locked. Abilities will be unlocked and new abilities obtained as you progress from chapter I.
  • Chapters are at least 1 hr long in term of story content (cutscenes/convos/choice wheel) with some chapters longer than others. (Since we are getting 9 chapters we can assume there is at least 9 hrs of story content).
  • Companions/love interests you are involved with now know if you romance another character and there might be potential for permanent breakups
  • There are no specific class missions, just one epic story.
  • There will be new content in Fallen Empire besides the rehashed flashpoints/operations and the story. This new content is different from what we have currently and Bioware is tight lipped about it until closer to the released date. 
  • Togruta is confirmed to be coming with patch 3.3 (July 21)

Video from Lady Insanity.


By Dulfy

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Well… All but one of the 12 characters I made will be thrown out the airlock by my old love interests…. lol

hey your one guy and mine will be last 2 males in the universe then,cuase im pretty sure everyone else did the same thing 😀

Quote: Originally Posted by ImmortalLowlife View Post
the video can be seen here in it she talks about update 3.3, companions in KotFE, the length of chapters, When we’ll see Togrutas, & more!
“Companions that you romanced on your character will KNOW that you cheated on them on either Theron or Lana if you romanced them in Shadow of Revan…” Well… my arse is screwed when Kira realizes I romanced Lana….

“Now Kira, put down the lightsaber….”

*swish swish swzzzt*

“We’re on a bloody starship, Kira! You’ll cause a breach!”

*crackle whoosh whoosh bzzzt*

“KIRA! It was just ONE kiss! It didn’t mean anything!” (T_T)

*Lana overhears him and ignites her lightsaber* (O_O)

“Oh, Come on…!” (-_-)’

oh boy story time, let me add something in, Above the second 2 last message Lana,”Did last night mean nothing to you,” Doc,”Hey I recored the whole thing T7.” T7’s replay ‘”huehuehue ;)”

My trooper is going to be in a world of trouble with Elara for that weird moment where my brain was all “I wonder what it would look to see my body 3 male trooper with the grey beard kiss Theron….”
I am sorry trooper : ( Is my perv brain that got you in trouble.


Luckily, only my Smuggler goes after anything with a skirt. Just realized that my Smuggler’s done pretty much every flirt option ingame with a female NPC. I hope Risha and Akaavi are merciful O.O

Pretty sure Risha already knows about stuff prior to marriage. Also, I get the feeling that Akaavi cares more about continuing her clan (babies) than romance. However, she cares about loyalty. Uh oh… O.O

Luckily, I formally ended it with Jaesa and Kaliyo. Only my Smuggler is a ladies man.

I am sorry I cant control my self ;_; the temptations of the dark side are 2 strong. Confirmed all but one of my character are now in trouble

Is she? I mean, she was disappointed before that you *weren’t* cheating on her, because she was really looking forward to torturing your side ho. You’re just giving her what she wants now.

>Your Companions will know if you cheated on them. Maybe lead to permanent breakup
RIP my Ashara romance.

Hope she still like those companion gifts!

I’m hoping my cheating will finally make her go against her teachings and become full blown sith

So like…. hopefully class specific after 9?
Why be tight lipped about it then? That’s what everyone wants.

Who says that that’s what they’re tight lipped about? BW said the story won’t be class specific and she said it again here.

You know what’d be like…super amazingly cool? Is a store on Nar Shaddaa, where you can buy regular clothes. Like T shirts with Aurabesh company adds on them, and normal pants, not the current unholy trinity of armor/robe/tights. I play a smuggler and a sage healer primarily and neither of them dress up in hyperfantasy clothes, I just tend to dress them simple. It’d be nice to see a shop sell some more generic stuff. At least T-shirts, muscle shirts and tank tops. Maybe even all of those +vests, and then pants, khaki’s that don’t look like tights are a bonus. I bet you the armor guys could whip all that up in a weekend by chopping up current armor frames, and banging out some quick skins.

That’s not gay bashing at all. Sorry who’s the moron – the one who suggest real life civilian clothing in a Star Wars game or the guy who shoots the idea down?

“Gay as fuck” No longer anti gay rhetoric as of 7/15/15 thanks to Kiri, who redefined the way language works.
I also didn’t suggest real life clothing at all. I suggested options. There are T shirts in a galaxy far far away. Muscle shirts and tank tops as well. And to add extra Star Wars flavor, and to not be called a homosexual terrorist, I also suggested they have ingame company slogans in Aurabesh. That’s the alphabet/language in Star Wars. Is that easier to understand or should I send it to you in crayon?

Naq, you’re oversensitive as fuck, you know that right? Don’t be a big cry baby and shout discrimination over ever little fucking thing. It’s sophmoric. Grown ups call things “gay” homosexuals call things “gay.” It’s a commonly used perjorative for something being sucky. “Gay” and “fagggy” aren’t inherently synonyms, you squealing autistic cunt.

Clearly having different opinions on the meaning of Grown Up and “Shouting discrimination”. Need to calm yourself down a bit, cause that’s a crazy undeserved pile of aggression you got there.

I’m sorry are you five? “Squealing autistic cunt”. Really lol. I bet you’re the 11 yr old who likes to have his own “dank memes” page on FB.

Tbf, ‘gay’ also means ‘bad’ nowadays. Probably originates from homophobia, but I know plenty of people who use it and don’t even associate it with gay people at all.

I agree with everything else you’ve said, though.

“but I know plenty of people who use it and don’t even associate it with gay people at all.” Then maybe they shouldn’t use it…

It originally meant happy, AFAIK, so why shouldn’t they use it? The meaning of words changes over time, you can’t stop it and neither can I.

That’s true, it did mean happy.

We both know that these days it’s only ever meant to smear something by comparing it to gay peeps and hope that people’s irrational dislike of gays is enough to stigmatise whatever it is they’ve called gay.

Call it whatever you want, it’s legalised gay-bashing.

I don’t want to pay real life money for boring regular stuff. We shouldn’t be so conditioned by the Cartel Market that we only look to packs for what we want.

Good luck; you’ve just summed up the mentality of the majority of the playerbase. “please BW, sell us more”

Lot of it can be found for cheaps in GTN. The corporate shirts used to sell for like 5-50 creds each. There have never been jean like items seen in the movies or comics of SW, I think, but I’d honestly love pants with such texture/feel. Ah well.

Oh yes, certainly, just want more. Also those shirts Jane was wearing in Firefly but star warsy would be pretty badass. Imagine like, a Mabari blasters shirt, with an aurabesh infographic. That kinda thing.

So what’s with the companions? Will be up to choose whoever we want? Like id hate having to be stuck with Vette or Broonmark again.
I hope it’s something like: You want a Lord Scourge – go to Korriban, do a mission to get him. You want Khem Val? Go to Dromund Kaas and do a mission to get him, etc…

From what they’ve said, its implied to be a sort of reputation system. Being an ally or enemy of in-game factions would have benefits and repercussions. Example: If you befriend the Hutts, you will be able to recruit a companion that is also a ally of the hutts like Kaliyo. If you make an enemy of the hutts, you will be able to recruit other enemies of the hutts.

That sounds ok but that’s really vague. I hope you can befriend multiple factions. At least I’ll be able to get Khem Val and Jaesa (even tho she’s sounds like a cunt)… meh. If I get Lord Scourge I’m happy – I certainly hope he’s not aligned with the Jedi (doesn’t he say his allegiance will always be with the Sith and that he’s solely against the Emperor?).

Hi Lady Insanity!

you have a very pleasant voice, it sounds like that of Jaesa Wilsaam, maybe my favorite companion ^_^ thank you for the video^^

did i hear that right, conversation locked? they’re assuming as a Jedi we made LS choices? is that just for the fresh 60 or established characters?

that’s what i thought she was referencing, makes sense. my hope for this expansion is that it’s not completely “on rails” don’t deviate from the epic choices we have picked for you kind of thing.

Am I assuming that the locked abilities will be for fresh 60’s if that’s not the case that’s bullhorn, I don’t need my hand holding when doing content

How nice… 9 hours of story content… which everyone will run through the very first weekend this is out.

Its actually quite a lot. Not their fault people burn through content like the game will end tomorrow, and then sit and whine that they have no content to do. Enjoy it, take your time, and play. There is plenty to enjoy if you want to. Or gamers can keep complaining how bored they are. I’m not bored now, I wont be then.

But that is the whole problem. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Do you know why this game almost died right out the gate and became the fastest to F2P MMO ever? BW completely underestimated the how fast people would burn through the content (and it had little to zero endgame at the time). They are doing it again.

Remember how crazy people got at the end of Ziost when it really wasn’t “done”? Now these same people are going to burn through the story and have to wait 30 days for something new to do (since there are no new Ops, FPs, PVP modes, etc).

yeah but STO had a cash shop from launch. and very swiftly all their updates turned into new skins in the cash shop.

Just saying. Worse MMOs than SWTOR have lasted longer.

There’s a reason this game didn’t make it a year to F2P. I love it, but, it’s flawed.

F2P = bad. Every MMO other than WoW is bad. It doesn’t matter if F2P generates more revenue than P2P. Content doesn’t matter either. F2P = bad.

Really, the problem is all the vocal haters giving companies the impression that P2P is still viable in the modern gaming market, thereby having games conceptualized and created with a P2P foundation and requiring an overhaul when they inevitably realize that F2P is more profitable. Then those same vocal haters saying that every game is a failure, keeping some people from even trying the game in the first place, which actually does hurt the game.

Judging by your second paragraph I’m assuming your first one was satire.

I’m not suggesting the game is bad because of how fast it went F2P, but it’s lack of content to keep people around in a purely p2p model was easily one of the leading cause of going f2p.

Now we’re going back to those ages with no new raid at launch for this expansion. We have an engine that is pretty terrible and doesn’t take advantage of high end systems at all.

I love Swtor. I’ve been playing it since beta to now with no breaks on my subscription. But I’m not blind to its flaws and going on its fourth year, some of it is getting just unacceptable for a game running on a supposedly higher profit model than it was before.

Accually STO did NOT have a cash shop from launch I was there on day one when it was P2P. The Cash shop came later once PWI took over and muddied up the game with the 30-100$ items

eh they had a cash shop pretty damned early. these days it’s gotten really bad, pretty much P2W IIRC

Eh, people are still playing and never quit playing. For BW to please some gamers they would have to work on content 24/7 and release a new Ops or storyline every week. Not gonna happen.

They have also mentioned a couple times now that they do plan on including new Ops and such, but they arent releasing info till closer to launch.

BW employees did say there wouldn’t be any new ops or fp’s with the release of the expac. they said they were focusing on just story initially.

that’s down the line and certainly not this year…unless they’ve changed their tune very recently after getting negative feedback from the progression community.

rememebr by time this is introduced it’ll nearly be november. it might be BW is concerned about another SOR situation if they get TOO ambitious

They aren’t releasing any ops at launch. They made that very clear. My guess is we won’t see any new ops until summer 2016.

You are assuming you are gonna burn through the content once than spacebar through your other stories which means you don’t really care about the story, so you shouldn’t play the game.

i see 16 listed “chapters” on their website. that’s 18 hours (give or take) of story content. normally, i’d expect at least 20+hours with an mmo expansion, so it’s actually a little lite imo.

keep in mind she says at LEAST an hour (this will proably vary. obviously someone who space bars through everything will take less time) so chapter 1 might take an hour, but chapter 5 could take 3

They are only doing 9 to start… which as stated, people will blow through in one weekend and then you get one chapter (1 hour) around 30 days later. They are staggering the releases to make it seem like it is more content than it actually is.

Lol, what? Name a single MMO expansion that offer 20+ hours of story CUTSCENES. Most offline RPGs don’t even come close.

Keep in mind, that for example whole Makeb cut-scenes took around 1:20h. So 1h per chapter does not sound bad. And we have no idea how long actual game-play will be.

So this feels like the last 4 years, and then the 3+ years this game was being developed was for nothing since the first 60 levels didn’t really mean shit apparently. Also, the canon from Mass effect 2…. To me that’s playing Mass Effect 3 without a save file, which means
1) You didn’t recruit half of your squad
2) Most of them didn’t get their loyalty missions done so as a result some died
3) Never got Legion
4) Since you didn’t get Legion you have to choose between Quarians or Geth and not both
5) Assumes zero romance happened
6) Automatically pre determines whether or not Ashley or Kaidan survived
This wasn’t fun when I played it like that
1 hour of story per chapter… and some are smaller than others she said… WTF

Dont get me wrong I’m excited but this sounded dissapointing to me

True, but even if it is 9 hrs thats still a lot. Most people just think the story will be shit because frankly the current stories aren’t all that great tbh. Most people are like alright I can go through the first story and then spacebar the other 10 characters through the story, when really it doesn’t feel like you can.

Thankfully you’re not forced to roll a new toon to play the content so I wouldn’t be disappointed about it unless you don’t want to put the effort into maxing out a toon. And as far as the 1hr of story per chapter…not really sure how that’ll play out but I’m just glad they’re putting more effort into it than Hutt Cartel.

Thinking back on it, it makes sense for them to do it like this. I can’t create a fresh 60 right now because I plan on making all my current toons the opposite side that is not considered canon aka Im making a sniper LS and a vanguard and scoundrel DS. So then these characters will get a very cool story with romances and what not. However the fresh 60 will not which means it might be an incentive for people to go back and do their own stories than see what can be done differently, or at least I hope so…

We just better not get a Blue ending means we kill the emperor and control the fallen empire, or red ending means we destroy the fallen empire however in the process all force sensitives in the current generation are killed, or a green ending where everyone is #loveislove XP

I agree. If BW were to pump us all up about story story story story story so much and then just dump us with two cut and dry endings I’d be piiiisssssed. That’s one thing I like about SWTOR as it is; they’ve been pretty good with giving your characters plenty of choices to make to alter the story, the Jadus thing jumps to mind immediately. Granted, not everything makes huge changes to the storyline, but since they’re really pushing the “create your own fanon” aspect, I’ll play along.

Hmmm so my “wife” Risha might be upset with me if I keep romancing Theron and Lana. What is a Smuggler to do?

All shipdroids must die! I’m waiting to brutaly destroy them since 2012!
It’s the most important thing in the game on my wishlist.

I didn’t watch the video but when bioware announced that they would be adding new slots a few weeks ago for subs. I took it as just increasing the base lvl cap of 12 to 14, not the actual server cap above 22

Speaking of, I wonder how that system will work? And how many CCs paid-for new 60s will work?

They’ve said that some abilities will be blocked for chapter 1, I wonder if they mean abilities already in existence?

I still think you guys are getting your hopes up. It says increase the server slots of SUBSCRIBERS by 2 not just increases sever slots. Which I still take that to mean the base 12 that all subs get before buying unlock slots to 14. If you already got 22 then you are just outta luck. Just my opinion, I hope I’m wrong but won’t get my hopes up till I see it lol

22 character slots is the current max amount per server. And what the team had said a while back was that they’d up it to 24.

Although, it would be nice if they’d add 8 more to that even (making it go up to a 4th page of character list per server – so up to 32).

I have 66 characters (22 for each server I’m on), and I’ve already made previews of the other 6 I want to make for said servers. I just hope I get to put them on those servers…

Students in this country don’t have to, but being that means some of my chars go inactive for 30 days and then some.

I seem to remember them saying they looked into raising it to 24 but the servers couldn’t take it. Same time the said they couldn’t increase speeder speeds beyond 110%

They would definitely make this a LOT more fun by actually letting us affect things as well with oh, I dunno… the Legacy Family Tree in game?

I feel like there should be an achievement w/ title, mount, and deco rewards for just having opened the Family Tree tab.

That tab really has no real purpose. Other people can’t even see it. I only use it when I forget how I spelled alt # 20s name and need to send cash of legacy gear : /

My guess is they are probably going to have to announce which of the Class Mision companions are sticking around for the expansion, before they get to listingng much about the new ones.

What were they referring to about the UI and abilities? Are they changing them up again or is that for if you make a new “instant 60” toon? Curious, because I loathe having to re-do all my key binds and skill trees.

I’m curious to see if cross faction companion recruitment will be possible and how they will be handling current earned crew skill advancement. Will we be forced to choose between 2 companions via the faction alignment system. For instance doing a mission involving the hutts and a rival and your choice determining the outcome is tied to two or 3 specific companions. #1 for me on my “new companion” wish list is for Tanno Vik to join my Bounty Hunter.

I have a sneaking suspicion they are going to be doing away with the companion crafting bonuses and finding a different way to implement them, with all the companion chaos coming.

Otherwise I will have doc and vector teaming up for my ultimate biochem toon, jaeasa and kira on my ultimate synthweaving toon, etc.

They probably want you to choose companion based on story/role play value and those darn crafting bonuses are too tempting.

And you know what that means (doing away with companion crafting bonuses and rehauling the system)… it will be broken Day 1… and for who knows how long.

Hope my agent doesn’t lose Kaliyo. Only “romanced” Lana to keep tabs on the Dark Council and the other Sith.

We don’t actually know that for sure. I suspect that the whole 9 chapter expansion (if we can call it like that) will be even shorter than SoR.

I also very much doubt that. What would be the point to going through a time warp into a completely different world for only a shorter adventure than Revan. They want a new player base and veterans coming back so this will be a much longer and very different experience than what we’ve played so far.

That’s how it SHOULD be, indeed. But so many “shoulds” have been lost so far that nothing makes me think that this time will be different.

It will be more like 1h or cutscenes and whole questing thing that cutscenes alone. Tbh you can speed run Makeb in 2h or so. SoR is around 5ish.
Doing full ziost with cutscenes and every quest and bonuses took me less than 2h. Whereas speedrunning it less than 30min.

It’s longer than I expected, but not by much. People are gonna burn through the ‘expansion’ in a day.

You’ll never satisfy those that power-level. They are chasing the illusion of immersive end game content that no game has ever provided. I’ll just slowly enjoy the game.

I don’t know – this all sounds pretty good to me. Not entirely sure about the ‘locked’ abilities bit at first, but if it helps new people learn to play, fine. But new content every month will be a refreshing change.

I just hope my sentinel can get Lana as a companion…

I can understand it’s value in the case of a new species being released. For me though, I’m paying to have access to create 12 characters on a server and play through several classes twice to experience the story differently.

I can also see new subs not wanting to plow through 60 levels of content to be able to play the newly release content too.

In which case, the plan to lock a few abilites and ‘train’ people up is a REALLY good idea. Besides, we’ve supposedly been frozen in carbonite, right? It took Han days to just SEE again after that – so it kind of makes sense even just story-wise.

#There are no specific class missions, just one epic story.#

AKA: we are not going to write down 8 different stories, but just a short one because we lazy. Oh, ofc a Sith Warrior will behave and have the same opportunities and points of view of an high level Covert Operative, or a rogue Bounty Hunter hungry for credits. appaK

soo…let me understand: no new ops. No mechanics revamp. 9hrs long story. You call that an expansion? Ever looked at, for example, The Burning Crusade? Go there, have a look, see the world, stop screwing up this game. Plz.

Yup pretty much how I feel. After years of being an apologist for the game I think I’m officially done. I might come back if they decide whether they want to turn this into a single player RPG or keep it an MMO. I’m tired of them trying to appeal to both and failing to please either. For the record, I’m fine with either path, but I want them to pick one and do that well rather than being a jack of all trades master of none game.

Try FFXIV ARR. I just completed the expansion story line and it took me weeks to clear (granted I play casual). However, the story is much longer, more content, and so on. Only thing that is lacking is PvP.

I understand the frustration regarding no new ops. Whether part of an expansion or not, no mmo should sit without new endgame content for more than a year…

However, do you really want mechanics revamps less than once per year? If you mean class revamps, that was done last December. If you mean revamping operations with new mechanics, you’d still be complaining ‘no new ops’ even if they did that. And 99% of people don’t know the current mechanics of ev/kp/ec/tfb, heck people don’t even follow mechanics in several current sm fights. People just faceroll through old content because they have the hp/dps to ignore mechanics. By re-tuning these mechanics to max level, it is essentially new mechanics for 99% of the player base.

And make apples to oranges comparisons all you want. WoW is on a ~2 year cadence for expansions {26 months for BC, 22 months for WotLK, 25 months for Cata, 22 months for MoP, 26 months for WoD}. Swtor is on a quicker timeframe. {16 months for Rothc, 20 months for SoR, 10 months for Kotfe}. If you want to make a comparison to BC, take the 26 months prior to Kotfe release: this gives you Kotfe, SoR, Strongholds, GSF. I think most people would agree that is better than BC.

If you expect a smaller team to do every 10 months what a larger team does every 26 months, I’m sorry to say that you’ll be continually disappointed.

“AKA: we are not going to write down 8 different stories, but just a short one because we lazy. Oh, ofc a Sith Warrior will behave and have the same opportunities and points of view of an high level Covert Operative, or a rogue Bounty Hunter hungry for credits. appaK”

You’re a few years late on that gripe. It has been nearly 4 years since new class story content was added (unless you count the 30 seconds per class in SoR). But in case you hadn’t noticed, there are ‘choices’ during cut-scenes. You probably missed them amid all of your spacebaring. You don’t have to select ‘1’ for every choice with every character; if you want, you can select something different with your operative than you did with your warrior. And more often than not there is slight variation in dialogue even with the same choice. If you want infinitely endless dialogue choices, I’m sure there are some people LARPing at a park near you.

sooo…let me understand: more end-game content, more story, revamped story/companion mechanics, new playable races. How is this screwing up the game?

Hope the “This new content is different from what we have currently” is new classes and or specs. It would certainly be time for it, and would explain the tight lips. But hell…it’ll probably just be a new gsf game mode or some other stupid bullshit.

“it’ll probably just be a new gsf game mode or some other stupid bullshit.”

From Dulfy’s SDCC Cantina notes I present this:

Q: Any plan to upgrade GSF?

A: Have every intention of adding, but it depends on what the game needs. Will upgrade some day.

In other words: No new GSF content for at least a year, so you don’t have to worry about it taking development time away from your precious, still-unplanned “stupid bullshit” ops.
GSF has been without a content update for 15 months. GSF has been without a bug fix patch for 15 months. Don’t you dare complain about something you’ve probably never touched.

GSF is bullshit. When it was announced, fans were hoping for something along the line of x-wing vs tie fighter or at least something like the space combat system from SWG….instead we got the worst space combat simulator ever made. At best, GSF is worthy of phone or tablet gaming.

Yeah, GFS is a bad game. The controls are the worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t see how you can really successfully have a space simulator without a control pad or joy stick.

those were for the companions back then now but say you romanced Lana or Theron. the comp you romanced will know that you did. atleast that what i get from that sentence.

From the previous post they made It seem romances with old companions But what i tried saying is that since some companion were open to love triangle, then we possibly can exspect that in the new xpac as well. Although love triangle didn’t actually happend but more the suggestion, I’m curious of the options we will have.

After the first playthrough of 15(?) hours with the main char, what’s the point of repeating 90% of the common dialogue choices with an alt? Playing alts through the KotFE story will take 15 minutes to complete at the very most.

Unless the choices really have an impact which would make for a greatly new diversity in Stroh per class and faction with how people would react to you, behave, treat, etc… Then none. I usually do it just for doen rewards.

But like I said, if they really stick to the choices really matter, and it really does. Then in looking forward to it with alts.

A weekend worth of content doesnt make up for the lack of new pve and pvp endgame. It is true that it is free for subs, but how does it convince you to keep subbing afterwards? Doing the same places we have been doing the past four years.

mmos are no longer run needing your sub anymore. cartel and short burst of sub money will keep this game afloat

I’m in a guild that is 10/10 on Harbinger, and I have one elite warlord. Do I want to see new operations and warzones, yes, but outside of my main toons I’ve leveled up six other toons since the game came out. The fact that I can run Maelstrom Prison/Boarding Party by myself without having people telling me to skip dialogue or wait till I’m ten lvs above the flashpoint to enjoy the content is nice. I think that’s what Bioware/EA was going for, not everyone has guildies or friends to run stuff with a lot of people play alone or are casually players at best. Sorry if this doesn’t appeal to the Hardcore players, but I think for once Bioware/EA is catering to everyone and not just a select audience.

“The KotOR 3 we never had.” Agreed! Don’t get me wrong, I L-O-V-E SWTOR and its raiding, enduring wife aggro to deal with boss aggro. Some might say they are one and the same! But I’m very excited about this new update. The 1hr of play time can really mean anything. The video says that it depends on your play style. I’m the type of gamer that likes to read every choice, think of each outcome, take my time cutting NPCs down! Oct can’t get here fast enough! And replay value? Kriff, i bought KotOR on my iOS device so I can play it with each class type. I’m not worry about replay value.

From what I’ve read that’s the impression given, but not actually confirmed. BW isn’t always honest, you know.

According to Lady Insanity (who I asked on Tumblr) this was also the impression she got. That it was the cut-scenes/dialogue wheel that was at least one hour of content not the gameplay.

Mind you that was just how she was interpreting what they said, not that they were clear

Aye that was my point, BW tend to word things to give the impression they want to give rather than telling us accurate information. As with everything they say- I’ll trust it when I can see it for myself.

This all sounds very exciting! Previously for Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan expansions, I tried to rush through the story to get to 55 and 60 as I could because the story was not interesting enough. It made no impact on my character and didn’t really ‘grow’ my character in any way.

Now I might actually slow down a bit and play through the story properly to really enjoy it and make sure my character develops the way I want it to. The added bonus of companion interaction will be huge!

I doubt it since they said there will be no class specific missions, just one same story for everyone.

They also said the missions will have class flavor so their will by some variety, so here is to hoping that it does indeed work out like that and not just title announcements

Chance is that could mean we might just be given class specific dialogues in convos as usual which hardly make any difference in the story line.

Don’t get me wrong. I too want this xpac to do great. Though I wouldn’t get my hopes up with their cryptic words anymore since it would seem they haven’t been completely honest and have disappointed a whole LOT of their loyal swtor fans for too many times of late.

I get that much, sure, but just it being different per faction isn’t, imho, too much to ask of the company that so proudly claims it’s big on story. SoR’s one story fits all plot (ignoring that terrible plot itself) was really disappointing. Compare that to Makeb, which had two totally different and very good stories, it’ll be disappointed if SoR was the start of a trend.

You’re probably right though, sadly :/

does any1 now if pref players can pay access to the falen story line with CC or if it’s for subs only?

Subs only, though if you stop your sub at some point you will keep the story content you gained while subbed

we don’t know yet. A lot is still unknown about what will happen. Mostly though, aside from the new story content, it’s going to be a complete overhaul of the current game, so I am sure it will also affect pvp. If I remember right they did say so already.

They’ve said for the longest time that cross server queues are impossible with their current hardware and that upgrading isn’t feasible. Decide on your own to believe them, but that’s their comments on the matter

If anything the extra level 60 will finally get me a sage…even with 12x I still asleep during that storyline.

The Prologe was surely terribad, chapter 1 was mostly a borefest, but chapter 2-3 made the class worthy to play with. + Nadia is one of the most interesting companions.

I’ll give you that. Got a shadow through the story and Chapter 3 was the most interesting. Nadia was meh to me but hey (cool design however), to each their own 🙂

having played all of the classes completely through at least once now, I have to agree that Jedi Consular is definately the hardest to sit through. At first its bad, then its slow, then its bad again. I’m a big fan of the sorc/sage play style so its sad.

Consular isn’t that bad, depending on how you look at the story. It’s closer to being a Jedi than the Knight ever was to me. The story isn’t about being a hero, but about sacrifice and servitude. You go from a student to a teacher. Which is what most Jedi’s are. It doesn’t beat the heroicness of the Knight’s story, since it is not about being a hero. So I like the story because of that.

Unless you go Dark Side. Then it’ll probably be very underwhelming.

Personally I have to disagree with you. I found the Conular to be my 2nd favorite story. Best to worst for me is…
1). Imperial Agent: full of twists, great characters, and divergent endings.
2) Jedi Consular: decent characters and a story that really makes me feel like a jedi. Also, that fact that you are rescuing people and engaging in diplomacy places this above most other classes.
3) Sith warrior: great story that shows a aspect of Star Wars lore that hasn’t seen a lot of elaboration. Great characters.
4) Jedi knight: The entire story screams MAIN CHARACTER! Which is both a strength and weakness.
5) Bounty hunter: Awesome first chapter but has a boring final act.
6) Sith Sorcerer: Spends half the story getting curb stomped by every main enemy only to be rescued by a companion or convieint plot device. Only beats out smuggler because it has a bad ass ending.
7) Smuggler: Chapter 1, fetch quests. Chapter 2 & 3, your enemies making you look like a moron.

Keep it up.

My biggest dislike with the class stories is the Imperial Agent’s Chapter 2, and why should become immediately apparent if you readily remember what happened in that chapter.

Completely agree about the Agent. They should’ve allowed the Agent to make a choice about…SPOILERS BELOW………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

the serum, and then have the story end differently depending on that choice.

Also, I never have understood people’s hostility toward the Consular storyline; clearly, many players could give a shit about diplomacy, unlike myself, I find it makes the whole story worthwhile.

I enjoyed the consular as well. The trooper is the story I just cannot stand to work on. Zzzzz

I agree with your comments (although not the exact ordering). What i think really separates the stories are that half of them are coherent through all acts while half of them are a new story each act. The first 4 on your list, you can remember during the final quest exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, relative to the first quest. It degrades all the way down to trooper, where each transition to a new act follows the script “Good job on completing that assignment! But now, something else unrelated has happened and is now your new assignment.” That being said, each individual act of trooper seemed to go pretty well to me. Although the lack of continuity makes me rank it #8. However, there is 1 particular quest where you actually get to fight with your entire team that you’ve assembled.. which is pretty badass (and one of the coolest class quests out of all of them imo).

I think the “new assignment” thing kinda works a little with trooper as you increase in your rank in the military.

I definitely agree with you on the trooper mission where your entire Team gets used and all are needed to complete the quest. Aric Jordan getting injured and non-usable for a couple missions due to that quest was awesome as well.

“It degrades all the way down to trooper, where each transition to a new act follows the script ‘Good job on completing that assignment! But now, something else unrelated has happened and is now your new assignment.'” Umm, that is exactly what the life of a special forces soldier is like lol. So, in fact, the Trooper’s arc is very well done.

After some though I don’t mind getting more gear I do NOT want them to make MK-12 slots and augments. I JUST got everything augmented to purples.

I took my time too. It’s easy to augment your main 4 characters in 2 days but it really take some time to augment all 22 characters and 1 of another sv. I just wish they’d stop increasing the aug kits level. Not gonna happen… but a man can dream.

If the level cap goes up and they add new tiers of gear, they’re gonna add new augments. You can count on that.

No kidding. Although, I think they should stop releasing new tiers of aug kits (new augs themselves are fine, its adding the aug slots that is stupid). It is pure and simple just a mindless credit sink that just requires an awful lot of clicking (if you’re trying to aug a lot of alts). I think there are many many more creative ways to add credit sinks aside from saying ‘each item you want to wear will cost you X credits’.

That’s a good point. I want new augments to go with the new gear, but it would be really nice if they would just keep the slots at mk-10.

Yeah the whole haveing to upgrade the slot is rediculous. It’s the reason most people don’t do it before they max out. It’s a waste of money to keep doing it. When I see people in genchat talking about augmenting with like MK-2 I try to steer them away from it.

If you can’t finish FPs in GF because “people are too mean” then hands down you are a filthy casual who probably spams one ability the entire time while running ahead of the entire group, you probably have shield/absorption gear pieces on a Sentinel, and you sit through every cut scene…not because you’ve never seen them after 3 f’ing years but because you’re too stupid to even know spacebar will skip them.

Go play Game of War while writing Kate Upton love letters in crayon and leave the real gamers alone.

Leaving the real gamers alone is cool, but Minecraft trolls such as yourself really bring the community down. GG ranting about FPs and casuals in a thread about Story content and its length.

I bet your one of those a-holes that doesn’t say anything to help out those “casuals” learn the game. You probably just bail on the FP. I’ll also bet that your main is a tank.

Whoa low blow man lol. I agree with you that this guy’s a jerks, but not all of us tanks are like that. I enjoy helping new players through FPs, and if they’re so bad that the group can’t finish, I let them know as politely as possible and they usually leave on their own before we have to kick them.

I know not all tanks are A-holes. There are exceptions to every rule. I has been my experience that most people that tank are. I think it’s a personality thing. The tank is generally the leader which draws the people who need to be in control.

Have to remember that the free 60’s will be released simultaneously with level cap and gear tier increases. 190 will be likely as useless as 178, and will probably be easily replaced while questing to 65. So whether it is 190 or 178, people won’t be ‘relying’ on the free 60’s for gear.

likely blue 190s, same as you got from Ziost. as that’d be what the casual non raider players are using

I agree with you about it being 190 since that is what you gat from the last update. I think it will be some type of unmodable basic looking gear. It is after all a basic free no frills way for noobs to start the game at the expansion.

I wish Bioware would implement a feature that would allow you to unsubscribe (maybe even uninstall?) and go play another game since this one is clearly terrible. But, glancing over the comments here, it appears that this is not the case. I see comment after comment from people who clearly hate this terrible, terrible game, yet are forced to keep on playing. Combine that with the patch that upgrades everyone to a marketing expert, and not only do you not have a choice but to keep paying and playing, month after month, but to add salt to the wound, you know EXACTLY what it would take to make this game perfect, and you know how easy it would be.

When will someone develop a computer game, offer it to the public, and simply give you the choice of playing the game or not???

Shame, Bioware. Shame.

Lady Insanity is faker than SuperShadow. Probably trying to ruin SWTOR because it isn’t edgy.

so cool no new operatins or fp just one.. one story line. for sp… so is this still an mmo? oh yeah they want to cater more to casual and pvpers i see how this MMO theme is going to go #rektswtor R.i.P. will see you space cowboys in the next decent star wars mmo

“There will be new content in Fallen Empire besides the rehashed flashpoints/operations and the story. This new content is different from what we have currently and Bioware is tight lipped about it until closer to the released date.”

Learn to read

They’re gonna work on new operations as soon as KotFE drops, so after October.
Flashpoints may very well be in because they haven’t said they won’t be in yet (and since they did say Ops won’t, it stands to reason that they would have said that about FP’s too if it was true).

Have they said will we have more Ziost/Vitiate story before the expansion? I thought I read that we would, but a guy was going postal in chat the other day that there will be NOTHING new for the game until October and that we will just poof and forget about Vitiate.

Greatly doubt they will forget about him. But we don’t know anything about new story parts. I’d assume that Vitate plays a major role in Fallen Empire

Well, we don’t get frozen until the end of chapter 2 and thawed out in chapter 3, so there’s chapter 1 and 2 to deal with Vitiate if they don’t deal with him before then.

Hm, so they’re pulling a Talltale Games strategy when it comes to episodic content. Well it was only a matter of time really. I have my doubts so lets see how long Bioware keeps this up for.

So,another 5-6 Hours of same Content on multiple Classes -.- just to hit that last level (needed). This is Awesome , I love repeating same M(s) over and over and over again until the next Expansion.

And here I thought,BW finally pulled their Finger out their …. and deliever a decent (YET UNIQUE!) Story for their Customers. But it’s one of the Orgy-Stories once again ….. this indeed,is very Epic. ^.-

Seriously? You’re joking right? You are demanding that Bioware write 80 hours worth of content as an expansion to an existing game? Think about the fact that the entire original Dragon Age took about 80 hours to play. Writing that much content would take an entire team years to write, design, develop, test, and have voice actors read lines. All of this would need to happen at the same time as they continued to develop new content for the existing game, so they don’t lose players who are waiting for new content. In addition, this is the first few chapters of many announced so far, and this expansion is probably the first of many. On a final note, please tell me what game, much less MMO, you have played that released a DLC/Expansion with new content for each possible class choice. Last I checked my play through of Trespasser was exactly the same on my elf mage, human warrior, and dwarf rogue.

I am so lost! I am on Ziost. The planet has been destroyed, done the dailies (cant do the weekly [monolith]). Where do we go from here? Do we just go on to the next chapter? Was there a chance for a new companion? There is no help as to what is next as far as story line content.

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