SWTOR Togruta confirmed to be in Patch 3.3

The new race Togruta will be part of patch 3.3 arriving on Tuesday July 21.

T minus 1 week till Togruta | 07.15.2015, 09:57 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by SupremeLegate

At least, that’s assuming they are actually in 3.3. Sure would be nice to know one way or the other before next Tuesday.

Togruta will be in Game Update 3.3 on Tuesday! We are pretty excited for all of you to get your hands on the new playable species.

One thing that sets Togruta apart from other species is that, due to their Montrals, any item worn in your head slot will be automatically hidden. By introducing a new playable species which hides its head slot, this gives us the potential to introduce other species down the line who have "head things going on."

Let us know what you think of the Togruta in Game Update 3.3!


T minus 1 week till Togruta | 07.16.2015, 03:01 PM

Hey folks,

I have seen a few questions about price. I just confirmed with the team and Togruta will cost exactly the same as Cathar, 600 Cartel Coins.


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“One thing that sets Togruta apart from other species is that, due to their Montrals, any item worn in your head slot will be automatically hidden.”
Well it looks like my main will stay human, i can’t be running around without my purple and gold Naga Sadow chest and Karagga’s lampshade.

Pity they’re skipping out on the head pieces (stuff like the warrior mask thing would have been nice) but glad Togruta are almost here 😀

I think it was pretty obvious they weren’t going to fit all of those montrals and lekku into most head pieces but it seems like they could have preserved certain masks that only attach to the face (some bounty hunter and Jedi guardian masks do this) but I’ll gladly make that concession if it means getting more species in the future (and yes, I would be happy to see Nautolans become playable).

Not that I blame them per se, but if they’re just going to flat out hide all headpieces on Togruta even though their head sizes won’t make a difference for some (like the eyepatches, just for one example), I hope they’re cheaper than Cathar, too, since Cathar don’t have that limitation.

Not that I’m naive enough to think that’ll be the case, but still, paying more to get less ain’t right.

Seriously all head pieces?!!! I can understand most of that cover the full head but what ones like the scanners, the rascal toothpick, and even malak’s jaw casting. Those and others like them should work. And why do twileks still get to wear all helmets then, their lekku should prevent that.

Wish they would make lekku and montral headresses/jewelry helms that we could display. Maybe for CC 😉

I’m hoping they have some head beads as customization options since Twi’leks get headdresses and Sith get facial jewelry.

They do not have Lekku. Those are on Twileks. They come from the back of the head and typically hang back. They are called montrals, both on the side and back.

They actually do. They have montrals (bony horns) and lekku that are connected to them.

“While not all have this feature, white stripes also adorned various parts of their bodies, including their chests, legs, backs, arms, lekku (head-tails), and montrals.”

“Their heads bore two montrals, with three, and on rare occasions, four head-tails, whose stripes were darker than those of the montrals.”

Auto hiding head slots for some species is a great idea and great opportunity for the future. Thumb up Eric!

That would be interesting since females look a lot different. Females are furry like apes, hornless, and they have longer ears.

I’m pretty sure BW would only make new player races if there were distinct genders they formed.

Not surprising it was going to be hide all head slots. It’s that way with ashars. Sorry I know like goggles probably would work but I never expected them to code for every possible year on which head would or would not work.

Goggles have straps that go with ears. Togruta have montrals on the side of their heads (large tubes rather than ears). It would look silly to have straps layered under the montrals.

Just rewatched an episode of The Clone Wars where the Togruta of Kiros are kidnapped. Ashoka wore goggles. Guess this means that the tubes over the ear area must be part of the lekku.

yay another addition to the game bioware completely dropped the ball on because they are lazy… how long have they had to work on this playable race and they cant even manage to get SOME of the headpieces to work… so pathetic… how can they even call themselves game developers/designers when they cant even make helmets work…. smh, some trash devs.

No headslot. Fail I am going to unsub, fire the devs, play world of warcraft something something…..

(sarcasm off)

Fine with me makes sense. If they cant do cowboy hats without earflaps and chinstraps they are going to obviously have trouble with putting anything on a togruta head.
I’ll take what I can get, put your energy into making new ops and fps that are enjoyable.

HYPE cant control my happiness WOOOT,the future sith juggernaut togruta is still in tact. Time 2 be fabulous and deadly XD

Seeing Admiral Aygo on the Republic side of Kuat Drive Yard always drives me crazy. I want to play a Bothan!

Well, not all the Bothans… Some had to survive to create descendants so they can steal a few plans in the next few thousand years…

I don’t get why all the fuss over another ‘flesh-hair’, and one that paint their faces like clowns to boot, having such an impressive variety of cooler looking species, but oh well, to each their own I guess. At least I got Cathar 1st. Grtz to you who wanted this new species and may the devs keep adding more along the way. Cheers!

I believe the montrals are bonelike while the lekku are ‘flesh-hair’ like you described. Personally, I think they look more tribal than clown-like, but I get what you are talking about.

Ever since Togruta was announced, I’ve wanted to make my Inquisitor one to better pair with Ashara. However, to do that, I would have to give up his Pureblood lineage. How can he be a Pureblood supremacist (like Darth Ikarol in the Red Reaper Flashpoint or Lord Abaron in the Sith Academy) if he’s not a Pureblood? Also, most of his looks have hoods and masked helmets. Does anyone have any advice?

He can’t, unless as a Togruta he is also a closet Red Sith.

As for outfits, Thana Vesh set?

I don’t want to alter looks. Also, Ashara’s back montral/lekku overlaps with the Thana Vesh hood. It looks good on her otherwise.

Think that is the best you are gonna get. You pretty much said “I have a pureblood that loves being a pureblood and hates non-purebloods who I intend to change into a togruta, but not change his personality….how do I make this work?” The short answer? No. Or, you go with the stretch.

You are correct. I’ve just decided to make a new character so I can keep Ji’inx pure. Although, now I’m conflicted about his Ashara romance :/

So you were asking a rhetorical question in your original post?

Or maybe Naq has it it one…

I’m conflicted between staying Pureblood or choosing Togruta. At the moment I’m choosing to stick with Pureblood. However, I want input to see if there is/are a reason(s) that would convince me to choose Togruta. Essentially, I’ve almost made up my mind, but I’m still looking for more reasons to pick Togruta before I come to a definite decision.

Currents Reasons to Choose Togruta:
-To be same species as Ashara (for romance purposes)
-I like how they look

Reasons Against:
-Pureblood supremacist sentiments (SITH Empire)
-Messing up current and past looks due to headgear being hidden & possible collar and shoulder pad overlap with montrals and lekku

On the RP/character elements alone, stick with Red Sith.

Oh, and please tell me you’re not a dps with Ashara as comp.

What’s wrong with that? I DPS with DPS comps all the time. Burn them down fast and there is no reason for a tank or healer.

Dude just make a new character. It’s not like you can change his species anyway. You can have more then one character.

Appearance Designer 😉
But, that (new character) is what I’m thinking about doing.

You don’t have to stop being a Pureblood supremacist if you change species. It’s not like there isn’t ample historical evidence to persuade someone that the Sith species are destined to rule the galaxy. I am loath to use him as an example here, but Hitler was far from the Aryan ideal, and yet he strongly espoused it as human perfection. And who’s to say your Togruta Sith hasn’t become more than a little unhinged by exposure to Sith alchemy and cruelty?

You make a good point, but I guess I can’t reconcile his views with being a Togruta. Maybe I should just make a Togruta Sorcerer as one of his underlings in the Sith hierarchy.

Although I’m not sure how he views Ashara since she his apprentice and lover. I guess she isn’t technically Sith (faction). I’ve just opened a can of worms for my own personal lore with this debate. :/

Offtopic, but related to your example: I always found it odd that Hitler persecuted the Jews while idealizing the “Aryan” race while he himself looked more like a Jew (and the real Aryan race of the Indus River Valley actually looked completely different than his ideals, as well).

Yeah, new race is cool and stuff but…
New classes would be a lot better…
Sadly we will never see them T_T

If they could implement new classes that work within existing storylines it could maybe work…sorta…like a soldier class that uses vibrostaffs/vibroswords. You’d just do the default trooper storyline. Or a fist punching monk style jedi would piggyback the consular story. Although, with the ability to flush the whole story to this point at start at 60, you could add w/e classes you want really.

I would agree that additional Advanced Classes are more likely than a whole new class. But one can dream, no?

They could work them into existing story lines. Look at the Agent and Trooper that use pistols in the cut scenes.


However, I think the headdress should be a priority since it is part of their culture. I believe that there is a chance that it might be a customization option.

You’d think so. Hopefully, it’ll be like the head dresses they have for the Rattataki toons, when you create the character.

SWTOR_Potata datamined this info a few weeks ago:

“Togruta heads based off of the human ones.

2 Togruta Complexion Options (one male, one female)

9 Togruta Eye colours

3 “Facial hair” options for Togruta but this might be for facial decorations.

12 Togruta Facepaint options.

2 Hair options (probably the lekku like ear things. (I don’t know the real names)

31 Togruta Hair colours.

31 Togruta Skin colour options.”

(More options could have been added since this was mined)

I’m guessing “hair” is the montrals/lekku. Maybe the “facial hair” options are headdresses? I’m just a bit worried because none of the NPCs wear them. Even some Twi’lek NPCs wear them. Personally, I don’t plan on using headdresses, but it would be nice to at least to have the option if headgear equipment is unavailable for them.

Why no you think there will not be similar options at creation? Have you never played a Sith, Twilek, or Zabrak before?

I have, that’s why I’ve said in other comments that there might be some options in customization.

Dropped by the Casino event, saw female Nikto, possibly the only place and time they exist in game. I wish they had made these playable instead. They look so good. Baron Deathmark speaks straight up basic too, so theres really no excuse. Maybe next? Instead of more furries and tentacle heads?

I’m happy they put in new species, but if they don’t do helmets, why did it take so long? I thought fixing helmets for them was what made this take so long.

Hope at least they added some makeup and some skin colour variants for variety.

I mean, they could just add Nautolans, Calamari, Rodians, Khaleesh, Deshade and all the races they got models for if all they do is just put the already existing npc model into the game.

Which is exactly what they are saying at the end. When they first talked about the Togruta they said that currently there was a clipping issue with a lot of the gear and unlike the twileks whose lekku just kinda fall back and are loose, the Togruta’s appendages are rigid and wouldn’t make sense for them to wear a helmet that covered their whole head. So instead of focusing on all the different ways they can make helmets work they most likely decided in the end it was more easy to just release them like this, which is ok because i’ve never seen a Togruta wear an entire head mask.

Honestly, hairstyle unlocks in general should be cross species. I can see an argument for some hairstyles not going well with Cathar head features (pointy ears and whatnot) but It’s kinda dumb that Miralians and Chiss don’t get access to the human hairstyle unlocks, and it’s exceptionally dumb that cyborgs don’t, since cyborgs are basically humans with extreme piercings.

Yeah always baffled me that cyborgs can’t have beards either, though I suppose some of the cybernetics would clip. But then, that’s up to a player if they use it or not.

Also hate how Cathar males don’t get the full beard option Human males get, the closest being short the mustache. It’d be an easy fix as well, I should imagine, so it’s kinda sad they don’t bulk out the neglected species a bit more.

Eh, I can understand to some extent, wanting to keep certain species visually and culturally distinct . Personally, I think rather than facial hair options, the Cathar should have like, big luxurious mane options or something. ;p but that would require time they don’t seem to want to spend.

I’d be happy with anything tbh, just to bulk up the options more. From what I’ve read though Togruta will have a decent array of options, so I think it’s a safe buy this time round 😀

Well, it’ll be interesting to see what we CAN do with them when they arrive. It’s entirely possible that the Togruta will have head decorations for us to select ‘built in’ during creation, like the Twi’lek do.

They never said they wouldn’t – just that regular head gear won’t work.

I’m hoping for some character generation head-decoration options. That said, I’ve been waiting since launch for the ‘decorated barbel’ face option for Pureblood Sith, so I’m not holding my breath.

Well, we’ve all been waiting for them to give us more options to customize our toons.

More headdresses for Twi’lek, more hair styles/fur patterns for Cathar, more tattoos for Mirialan, more eye covers for Miraluka – all that.

I’m honestly wondering just how robust and varied the Togruta bases will be in other respects, too.

They should really add facial hair to the Chiss and Mirialan; they are basically just blue and green humans :/

I don’t know why they don’t make playable voss (or at least a companion) but i do know that they’re taller than the original height of our characters… Bodytype 3 Voss guy right next to a Bt 1 human girl would be so funny 🙂 And if they make them the same height it would be so weird to go to Voss as a tiny Voss 😛 these were facts.

emotional breakout: i want a Voss as well!!

no lore issues. play the empire planet story. and all the voss I see in the game are no taller than our characters currently, so no problem there either.

Aside from a few offworlders (3 in cantinas & 1 in the Battle of Ilum FP), they stay isolated on their planet. Also, visit Voss and stand next to any of the Voss Commandos.

And talking about the “Montrals”, how will address the huge clipping problems with the big majority of the BH chest pieces?

I’ve been saying that since the start. People would run in terror from a Hutt force leaping at them.

Playable Sarlacc or GTFO!

No, seriously… Looking forward to Togruta, would love Jawa though. Never gonna happen, sadly…

>”Let us know what you think of the Togruta in Game Update 3.3″

Uhm, will “Yay” suffice?

Not really — some have had pink skin; some have purple skin; and some have blue skin.

I suppose it would take a side-by-side comparison collage for you to notice?

The faces are all the same. 1 male face, 1 female face. Only the colors and the patterns are different.

I suppose it would take a side-by-side comparison collage for you to notice?

Let us know what you think of the Togruta in Game Update 3.3!

What can I think about something I havent seen!? Nice that we get them… but how about some Twitch stream to show them to us before the release. What the hell ist the team doing the whole day!? Failing on keeping anything uptodate, no matter if Facebook, Twitter or the Website. Communication? Doesn’t happen much! Advertising the game online? Eh, show me where they are doing that. If there is a team for marketing, communication, advertising, fan communication the game, it must be the most incompetent and lazy bunch of people you can find at EA.

1-2 forum posts by eric per week aren’t enough.

I see a ton of ads on and around Youtube. I’m sure they are elsewhere as well, but that is where I spend the majority of my time if I am not in game. I guess you just don’t look hard enough.

“Let us know what you think of the Togruta IN game update 3.3” do you not comperhend what that sentence says? Maybe you should read what the one before it says so that you understand the context.

They want feed back AFTER 3.3 comes out. It’s really not that complicated.

You have seen Togruta NPC’s around many planets, I’m sure. There are two on Tython; some on Coruscant; some on Taris; and others.

Class Specific Encounters:
Inquisitor: Kalatosh Zavros & Ashara Zavros
Smuggler: a couple that Risha knows (forgot their names)

Guys, before you consider owning a Torguta, make sure to read the small-font text on the contracts! It goes like this:

“Citizens of the Empire,
Please make sure your Torgutas are:
1. Well restrained and are wearing their shock-collars at all times.
2. Fully clothed while on any public Imperial territory.
3. Never left without supervision.
Violation of any of the above conditions is considered a Crime. The Galactic Empire and it’s authoritis are NOT to be held responsible for any acts against the violators and/or their respective owners.
The Empire reminds you WE does NOT tolerate transgressors. Imminent punishment, including death, will be enforced.”

…You are welcome!

I’m really looking forward to creating my Togruta but it better have tons of customization options that are free, specially since they delayed the Togruta for 3 months and are charging for it. Also hope it’s not gonna cost more then the Cathar, which was 800cc.

They never delayed Togruta. They never actually gave a date of its release. The first official date was the patch 3.3, so everything went as planned.

Overal that’s awesome, but I am a tiny bit disappointed I won’t be able to use my toothpick.

Love how they try to manipulate it to make it sound that the automatic headslot hide is a good thing.

What? This isn’t good! It’s a RESTRICTION. If you didn’t want people to see your helmet you’d use the hide headslot button. Also, if you don’t think bioware are capable of making some adjustments in order to stop clipping, maybe they shouldn’t be making Togruta and should go for simpler options.

Some people will defend bioware to their deaths.

It’s not their fault that Togruta have montrals. I would hate for a species to be unavailable simply because it can’t where helmets. Basically, Togruta without helms is better than no Togruta at all.

And a Togruta that can use a helmet would be better than both of them. It’s not like it would be unavailable if it could show headslots, but it would be delayed. I’d say it’d be worth it.

I’d actually rather see how it’d clip, first…

Some of the helmets that clip with lekku actually look pretty good that way.

Yeah tbf clipping should be up to the player. There’s plenty of helmets that work fine on Twi’leks and would work just as fine on Togruta. A pity they’re so hung up on clipping, like it’s not been a big part of the game since launch 😛

I dunno, there’s the toothpick, the warrior mouth-mask thing, Ajunta’s Palls mask. Some things would work with no trouble at all.

are very limited and exceptions in most cases; but clipping is still an issues with masks, warrior breathers, etc., as they wrap around your head and neck. it’s sort of an all or nothing situation so I can see why they did it this way.

Clipping on Togruta must have looked very bad. I don’t want to come to a
flashpoint and see someone with a mask that looks like a buffalo just took a diarrhea dump on his or her face.

If they had made a simpler race with a human-like head, people would have complained that Bioware is lazy and there is no diversity in races. People complain all the time, no matter what Bioware does.

Some pussies will complain even if Bioware makes a very reasonable decision. People complain all the fucking time. They complain about the lack of a new race. Complain that a new race is too humanoid like Cathar. Complain that there is no variety in race. Complain that we don’t have a highly demanded and popular race like Togruta,or Nautolan. And when Bioware finally creates Togruta, people complain that they can’t show helmets.

If you plan to play Togruta or Twi’lek you certainly want to play them because of their unique looks, so hiding the whole head under a helmet completely contradicts the purpose of these races.

You want a toothpick or googles? I understand but that’s the only downside and it’s only a MINOR downside. Bioware is probably not capable of restricting the head slot to a particular type of helmets, so they decided to block all of them. Better to restrict all than to hear constant whining how someone thought it would be a great idea to wear a particular helmet but it’s riddled with holes like a piece of Swiss cheese and Bioware is once again a shitty company that can’t do shit.

I am just hoping this means that they are going to come out with a “hood down” option for all other characters, since this means they would have had to script such a thing for this race!

I think it was more just to tease that they plan to release other species which were considered more difficult to deal with in the past due to the head clipping issues…..i.e,, Nautolans.

Personally the auto hide head slot doesn’t bother me. I always hide head slot no matter what I’m using anyway lol

for a person who isn’t very knowledgeable of the names of each race in Star Wars, I took it upon myself to Image Search what a “Togruta” was, and I have to say the images were…… interesting… =/

Now…what are those horns they have called…better google that too.
“Did you mean Togruta Porns?”
No Google…thats disgusting. Woops, I clicked it anyway…. O.O

If you Google Image Search anything with tentacle-like appendages, you are just asking for trouble O.O

Yeah, for star wars it’s pretty risky to google Twi’lek (or any other spelling of that species) and Togruta.
The other tentacle-thingy aliens are not that bad to google though. (In SW, I mean)

What’s more worrying is that a lot of the questionable content one finds regarding Ahsoka is from when she was in TCW. In which she was a kid…

A female Togruta on a female Twi’lek is the best thing you can find on the internet. I don’t know why you complain 🙂

I for one hope we get some,if we do i’ll be spending the next 2hours after patch in customization

… so basically, if you were paying $180 a year for this game, this is what your money went to, and they now want you to basically buy it again….

Well, good news is you can spend tons of money to hopefully get a skin pattern or color in a cartel pack and then get to spend cartel coins to apply it. Should be a gas.

Where do you get that idea? Granted, it’s not a bad idea. But where did you hear such a thing? Or did you make it up?

having more options available is a good thing. Having it made available like all other added character content, purchasable with currency allotted to subscribers monthly, is better than buying and not far from ‘free’. what more would you reasonably expect?

Having yet more content that you have to gamble for is not a good thing. I don’t mind paying for stuff (if we, for a moment, ignore my sub fee) but we have more than enough gambling already.

You obviously get it. I wish everyone did, so EA/Bioware could not get away with this garbage and be forced to introduce a much better, exciting loot system.

MANY of us wouldn’t even mind if they just set a dag on price on the stupid things, BUT with the apologist and lovers of unregulated gambling, EA makes way too much money to set a price on an item or actually introduce it into the game.

Welcome to modern gaming. Folks lap up anything, regardless of how morally questionable it is. I’ve been a sub since launch, and since F2P I’ve spent more per month than I used to spend in 3 months pre-F2P.

It’s pathetic. And then they think everything else is ruining gaming.

No. Gamers are ruining gaming, at a rapid rate.

“morally questionable”

Yes, we have been dragged into a subreddit, from which there is little chance of return.

Just prior experience with the game with some predictions tossed in. Hair styles you had to win in a gambling pack and then pay to actually equip them.

Said race has different skin colors and patterns throughout the game, so experience tells me that gambling packs and unlocks will be on the way.

God I hope not. The last thing swtor needs is yet more gambling. Sub worth has been watered down enough as it is :/

I agree. The cartel packs have ruined the game for me. Cartel this, and cartel that. Their is no loot system. You want something good, you go buy a gambling pack. Want a cool mount?…..gambling pack.

At least a few of the rep vendors sell some decent cosmetics. Gree and Oricon. Most of it is terrible though.

So you would rather all this gear not be in the game? Some of the coolest mounts drop as loot. CyberRancor (whatever it’s called) Wings of the Arcitect, Hypepod. The point of the cartel packs (other then to create revenue) is to allow you to customize your character the way you want. There is no way all the gear could be loot in the game unless it all dropped from trash mobs on every planet.

Some of the coolest mounts drop as loot?………in NiM mode, which very few people play. That’s just absurd to say, and you are reaching extremely far.

The loot could easily be added to the game. Stop being a cartel market junkie.

Yeah they should just make all the gear free. Let everyone have all the same stuff because that is fair. I see you over there you Lib.

I very rarely buy packs. That said, I rarely feel the need because you can find virtually everything you need through the gtn, often at reasonable price. if you’re having a hard time, you might want to consider a server change.

Not having a hard time. I have 24 characters over 2 servers and have been playing since launch. I don’t feel the need to grind 24 million credits for a jetpack. Doable, yes. Ridiculous, yes.

There is no justification for these gambling packs. None at all. Not to mention when they are unregulated and people can spend and have spent, HUNDREDS of dollars trying to get an item and never gotten it. It’s nothing more than EA at it’s finest with microtransactions.

“gambling packs” has not been the model for selling character customization. individual hair or hair packs, eyes, patterns, etc., have always been made available through the cartel market as such, for quite cheap, and certainly affordable with the monthly CC we receive as subscribers. Certainly wouldn’t mind more options in general, but what you’re saying doesn’t make sense because it’s simply untrue. Comes off as “complaining for the sake of”.

the only skins from hypercrates or “gambling packs” have been for companions, at least for the past 2 years. And honestly, whatever is available in hypercrates or the CM, end up on the GTN.

This is not completely true. Hair models come through gambling packs.

In case you came in late to the game, this is how it goes. You buy a gambling pack.
Get a hair style.
Go to the stylist thing, and WHAT……I have to pay to use it!!!!

Yeah, that’s pretty much word for word what you see in gen chat.

Wow. No. That’s not how it works. And anyone who is a current player can easily identify that you’re simply making things up. You have to pay to unlock a hairstyle,which you can do by either acquiring the hairstyle through the appearance modification station, or buying it from the cartel market. You can open that up and view Them all right now. There’s no random hair out there, not at least for the past 2 years, or that I’ve ever known of heard of.

Name me a cartel “gambling” pack that has an exclusive hairstyle; please do. Also, you’re clearly demented. You buy the hairstyle, and you pay to switch your current hairstyle to a new hairstyle. That’s logical sense. You obviously won’t have a second charge if you create a new character and select it as your original choice; but what game doesn’t charge reasonably for players to alter their original appearance? Let’s also remember that everthing we are talking about is easily covered through the complimentary CC You receive as a sub along with the extra 100 for having a security key.

honestly, if you fools are so butthurt because you didn’t get a jet pack, then please stop playing.

The only thing that is ruining this game are the man children, gassing up the community with their shitty, shitty, personalities. Straight up xD

Completely false information. You used to get hair style unlocks from gambling packs, and then had to pay to use them.

You seem very angry. Perhaps it’s because you support this form of wallet rape called a cartel market.

Don’t put up your fedora yet, neck-beard. Again, what pack? When? Certainly not in 2 years or more. Are you even current with the game? If you’re going to troll, you should at least be a little less obvious.

Again, your “experience” which you draw from, is simply mistaken, if not just a silly lie.

Complaining about non-existent issues and calling it “constructive criticism. What is this, reddit? You should focus your energy in more useful areas. Maybe you should be more constructively critical of say, Economic policy, and a little more “ah, well” for a freakin video game.

Fedora……… are mistaken about that as well. Neck-beards think they are wearing Fedoras but they are actually wearing a Trilby.

However, since you obviously are keeping with your apologist stick of “derp, derp, derp, worry about stuff that means something, derp, derp, derp”, I am often in arguments on this here internet with government apologist who refuse to see the corruption and the often misdirection of the media to cover up what the US government is doing. The latest being the TPP and of course no one batting an eye about the NDB and BRICS nations, knowing full well the current leaders will continue to provoke China and Russia until they attack us.

You are very uptight about this game. The gambling packs are extremely crooked and need to be regulated. Once again, people can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and not get the item they are after and they can blame it on RNG instead of being crooks.

Let’s not forget the slot machine issue, shall we. Sold a ton of them, said they were working fine, and then nerf. Shall I continue? The gambling packs are a scam, nothing more and most people can see it, minus a few apologist.

I have been playing since launch, and I have NEVER seen where you got hairstyles or anything like that in cartel packs. Ever. So, just stop. It’s obvious you hate the cartel market and are looking for any excuse to badmouth it, which is fine that you don’t like it, but quit spreading misinformation.

NOW as to everyone else… as to the hairstyles and such, here is a TRICK you can do. If you have not yet purchased a hairstyle via the GTN and it’s not on sale on the market, do not buy it. Go directly to the appearance designer. Using that hairstyle will be more expensive that hairstyles you do not own, however you will note it matches the cost to buy that hairstyle.

So, for example… the undercut is 100cc. Changing to the undercut style is 20cc. However, if you do not own it, then it’s 100cc to change to it because you don’t own it yet. You get a ‘free switch’ if you buy it via the appearance designer itself. I’ve done this for all of the hair and eye colors since I found out about this trick (other than the few I bought on the GTN)

Also, as most apologist do, you are singling on one mount… News flash! It’s not just jet packs.

I’m assuming you just started playing. The 12 x xp got you a few toons and now you feel like you know the ins and out of the game? I can tell you don’t and you try to cover it up by using big girl curse words.

I’m sorry for you.

I’m anxious to know (1) if they will have a face that is not Ashara’s, (2) what colors they come in. I was VERY annoyed that the only preview character we saw had an Ashara-face. Every female Togruta in the game right now has the Ashara face (just with a handful of different skin colors and patterns pasted over it), and all the guys have… the guy face (with a handful of different colors and patterns pasted over it). I can’t think of a named male Togruta in the game (there are many, but most are forgettable) or I’d say they had what’s-his-name’s face.

So then, we currently have Ashara’s face for all lady Togruta, and another Zavros’s face for all dude Togruta.

So. Much. Variety.

Not that other races have it any better. Before Cathar were playable, there was only the male model and female model, as seen on the many mooks you kill on Imperial Taris, and that Jedi master who eats I mean takes in the flesh raider baby, and that one spoiler from the bounty hunter storyline.

So I wouldn’t be worried at all… if not for that horrible livestream preview, lol.

Not sure what you’re getting all complain-y about, other than to be “that guy”. The best way to be certain is to use a appearance mod station and preview your options before you buy. By the facial structure, I wouldn’t assume a face would be any different than for twi’lek and the other basic races. If there were limitations, it makes sense they would have mentioned that with the helmet limitation.

well that and the expansion due out, ohh and the new housing option out with the same patch. ohh and all the other things added to the game in a years time!

I want you to tell me, with a straight face, that 2 operations, 6 hard mode flashpoints, 16 hours of single player story, a new housing option, two world bosses, and a world boss op, and a couple purple crystals are all worth $140 (preorder plus all the months subbed)

Off topic as usual, but are ranked coms and gear being eliminated with 3.3 or in October with the expansion?

I might roll a Togruta toon, but the thing I’m still waiting for is a Joiner eyes customization.

Out of those, Bothan might work. Trandoshans and Rodians don’t speak Basic. Also, they don’t have human-like faces, meaning the talking animations would have to be different than all of the other playable species. On the other hand, Bothans can speak Basic and their lip movements are similar. So, Bothans might have a chance.

Well, at least one thing that’s in their favour is that their head shape still is at least close enough to make it seem plausible in having them wear slightly enlarged variants of the head peaces. A lot more similar than some of the other species at least.

They would still have to come up with a new set of mouth movements to match character dialogue and have to reshape all headgear for 8 (4 male & 4 female) separate heads just for a single species. I seriously doubt they would do that.
Also, Trandoshans can’t visually wear gloves or boots, meaning 3 out of 7 gear slots would be hidden. That’s alright for some companions, but I don’t think that people would like that for their characters.

He probably means species that don’t have human heads with small changes like fangs, pointy ears, or extensions.

Yoda’s species would be nice as well…it makes me laugh just to think about a habbits-like toon fighting huge boss 🙂

Wouldn’t work tbh. All the gear is set to work on the 8 or so body types. They’d have to rework every single piece of gear. Whereas with togruta it’s just a human with a togruta head per say.

The “Treek conversion” what is that? Where all the gear is hidden? Just like Blizz. Bowdarr, And Scorpio. Those comps were out before Treek but go ahead name it after her.

Aww, I’m sorry I didn’t name it after the character that you preferred I name it after. I am so sorry that it wounded you so deeply. What could I ever do to make it up to you? I can’t believe that I would make such a horrible mistake. I actually named it after a character that came after the other characters in the story line. What kind of person makes such a miscarriage of justice in naming it after Treek instead of Blizz, Bowdarr or even Scorpio. Did such a massive mistake call the wrath of some vengeful deity down on us or are you a unjustifiably condescending douche bag?
That’s rhetorical, you are obviously a douche bag.

Yoda’s species is off the table, sans Disney outright saying “F**** you, Lucas.” as George Lucas said that Yoda’s species is extremely rare and nobody knows even what they are or where they come from.

Furry quota is filled. We have a serious lack of scales though. Gonna need to get some Trandoshans, Rodians or Nikto first.

There is only one species that should be the next one:

But they wont (I know BioWares requirements, don’t tell me!).

I have a feeling that Sith Lord Togruta, who currently aren’t ingame (aside from Kalatosh), probably would wear boots.Also, Togruta who aren’t wearing tribal clothes probably would cover their feet. This seems to be the case ingame and for the Togruta of Kiros (SW: The Clone Wars). Civilians might wear sandals, but combatants would probably wear boots.

Just so, my Togruta sentinel will have the Jedi Battlelord set, which absolutely features boots.

That’s a nice choice. With shoulder pads like that, it looks like there will be plenty of room for lekku, especially if it’s a male Togruta (more space between neck and shoulder pads).

Based on lack of Togruta Sith ingame (exception: Kalatosh Zavros) and the fact that most Togruta tend to be peaceful and group-oriented rather than violent or individualistic, I would say that Togruta are way more likely to side with the Jedi over the Sith. Even Kalatosh started as a Jedi. Even though I’m making a Togruta Sith Lord, it’s going to be somewhat strange seeing so many self-centered Togruta ingame XP

I expect to see a lot of Togruta sith in game on tuesday. I admit, im probably gonna make one myself.

I am making a Sith Inquisitor (not sure if I want him to be sorcerer or assassin yet) and i’m going to not go light or dark, just kinda do what seems right (though probably will be more light than dark). Of course, he will date Ashara. Hehe.

Originally, I was going to switch my Sorcerer to Togruta for Ashara, but he wears headgear and that would taint his Pureblood.

Sadly update has been pushed back due to “technical difficulties”, Namely the Yavin Stronghold is bugged.

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