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GW2 Shiro Revenant Legend and Sword Weapon Details

Arenanet has published the full details of this final core legend of the Revenant today.


Welcome, Tyrians! I’m Roy Cronacher, and today I’m here to bring you information about the last core legend and weapon set for the new revenant profession. In the previous blog, I discussed the staff and the Ventari legend. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

We’ve been discussing this legend and weapon set since we first mentioned the revenant profession and how it called upon legends of the past. Currently we offer a defensive set, a condition set, and a support set as legend options. Now, I think there might be one missing. Oh, right, a physical-damage-focused legend! How about a dark and sinister one? Let’s add lots of slashing and mobility into the mix. Let’s also make sure it’s a name worth remembering. I’m happy to announce the infamous assassin Shiro Tagachi as the next revenant legend!

Since you never see Shiro without his iconic blades, we just couldn’t leave them out. Revenants will gain access to dual-wielded swords to match the Shiro playstyle and complete the full image.


Slashing Destruction

Slashing, Mist-manipulating attacks, and pure destruction are what the sword set is all about. We wanted to use rapid, flashy attacks to fit the assassin theme of Shiro Tagachi as a legend.

Rift Slash
“Slash foes, creating a rift on them that explodes for additional damage after a short delay.”

  • The Rift Slash attack will slash at foes in front of your character. Any foe that is struck will have an unstable mist rift sliced into them. After a short delay, this rift will explode, damaging nearby foes. This skill is the third part of the autoattack chain and works great in large groups of foes.

Precision Strike
“Strike nearby foes with precision, sending out blades that damage and chill them.”

  • Quick attacks are a theme you’ll see throughout this weapon set. This skill will throw blades at nearby enemies, damaging and chilling them. It’s a great way to stay on your target, help catch targets, or just cause some extra damage.

Unrelenting Assault
“Unleash a fierce attack on nearby foes, shadowstepping to foes in the vicinity and delivering strikes. Gain might each time you strike a foe.”

  • Do you remember the skill in the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ announcement trailer, where Rytlock Brimstone blinks around through the Mists, slashing at nearby enemies? This is that skill. Your character will unleash a rapid succession of attacks while blinking through the Mists to each foe. It can be used for mobility, damage, or just pure awesomeness.


A Memorable Assassin

Shiro Tagachi is definitely an iconic character in Guild Wars® lore. As with our other legend choices, we wanted to offer a good variety of very notable characters and creatures. For the physical-damage legend, we wanted someone who would make sense for high mobility and have a darker theme. Shiro was the obvious choice. If you enjoy damage, quick attacks, and mobility, I have a feeling Shiro will be a good fit for you.

Enchanted Daggers
“Enchanted daggers will strike your target as you attack, siphoning life from the damaged foe.”

  • We wanted the heal skill for this stance to have an offensive feeling to it to match the aggressive nature of the playstyle. You’ll summon jade daggers that float above your character. Once they’re summoned, they’ll attack any enemy you strike, siphoning life from that foe.

Phase Traversal
“Step through the Mists to your target, and make your next few attacks unblockable.”

  • As one of the revenant’s core themes is using the Mists, we figured we should incorporate it into one of the mobility skills that you will gain access to with this stance. Traveling through the Mists sounds cool, right? Your character will step through the Mists from their current location to their foe. They will also gain stacks of an unblockable effect, allowing you to combo into your other skills to bypass heavy defenses.

Jade Winds
“Call upon the Jade Wind to turn nearby enemies into jade, stunning them for a short duration.”

  • In the Factions® campaign for the original Guild Wars, Shiro released the Jade Wind. This skill is something like that. OK, maybe on a smaller scale—affecting that big of an area might be a bit too strong. You’ll build up power until you release Jade Wind, turning nearby foes to jade for a short duration. We even have a trait that triggers this skill when the player is downed so you can release the Jade Wind when defeated, just like Shiro did.

Revenant Recap

Now that we’ve talked about dual swords and the last legend, we have a complete set of core weapons and legends for the revenant profession. Let’s take a second to recap:

Core Weapons

  • Mace (Main-Hand)
  • Axe (Off-Hand)
  • Sword (Main-Hand)
  • Sword (Off-Hand)
  • Hammer
  • Staff

Core Legends

  • Jalis Ironhammer
  • Mallyx the Unyielding
  • Ventari
  • Shiro Tagachi

There is one last piece of the puzzle for the revenant in the expansion—the elite specialization for the revenant hasn’t been announced yet, but that will have to wait a bit longer. Make sure to keep an eye out for it in a future blog post, along with the other elite specializations that we still have left to announce.

Anyone who has pre-purchased the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion will be able to try out the full core revenant experience in our upcoming beta weekend events. I’ll definitely be online playing one, and I hope to see you all trying out the revenant as well. I’ll be patiently awaiting your thoughts and feedback.

See you all on the battlefield!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

65 replies on “GW2 Shiro Revenant Legend and Sword Weapon Details”

Unless what he meant is, you can pre select the weapon sets for each legend yourself, so when you switch legend it also switches to the weapon set you assigned to that legend… which would be an improvement… a significant one at that for this class.

So, each legendary stance has their own weapon theme: Shiro with dual swords, Mallyx with mace/axe, Jalis with hammer, and Ventari with staff… Anet should consider to change character’s weapon on swaps :S

remember you get alot here, you get to swap all you heals, utility, AND elite. that means 2 back-to-back heal skills, utility swap on the fly for different situations (like swap from shiro to jalis to give protection and rite of the great dwarf {thats right!! they stack!!!!} in a boss or in pvp). giving wep swap on top of all that is very OP. Honestly i was surprised they let the whole 2 heals fly that in itself is pretty OP…

So the most dysfunctional Revenant will be Mace/Sword or Sword/Axe Shiro and Ventari?

how so? 1st off how do you know what skills are ties to what hand and the axe does have condis attached, but the #4 deals good dmg and can be an interrupt AND moves targets in a bundle for an axe #4 and the rift slash mentioned above. Im not seeing the logic in your comment, but i am seeing synergies with the wep you mention which goes against your point…

They really should add variation utility skills. When I’m building my Revenant it would be much more interesting to be able to choose from 1 of 2 (or 3) shiro themed heals, utilities, and elites. It would be cool to be able to choose which skills from Shiro’s arsenal of power I want to use. It would allow for much more Revenant customization, and allow me to be different from every other Revenant.

That is assuming each weapon is thematically tied to a Legend and trait line, making a staff Shiro/Mallyx Revenant not viable. If Shiro/Jalis were to become meta, I would be forced into 1 or 2 weapon sets and the same 10 utilities forever. Variation on “meta” would be very small, since maybe everyone will want to run Shiro, everyone has the same exact 5 Utility skills and similar traits, so every Revenant is the same, I can’t feel unique. Although it could be very fun, I find it short sighted in long term design. Maybe Elite Specializations could fix that problem, but I don’t see them releasing new ones too frequently.

Of course, I’m very open to being proven wrong. I’m now finally excited for a HoT beta.

you kinda do….. you can switch from 6 utility 2 heals and 2 elites. and i dont see the weps “tied” to a line, there no reason you cant take shiro’s line and use the axe (which have ALOT of dmg especially for the axe #4 skill) or use staff (which has good auto dmg and utility skill built in to the wep).

I reallllllly hope that they don’t release revenant with only 5 weapons + elite spec weapon. The class already has the least amount of skills out of any other class, and then on top of it they don’t allow weapon swapping in combat. Seems to me like they really want this expansion to tank, because so far everything hinges on this new class they are releasing. (the only information we seem to know about it)

I really had this kind of logic. Why can’t people see that rev’s having less choice gives them more skills in combat? name a class that can pick 6 utility skills for a fight? two elites, two heals? yea thought not. If you don’t understand things learn. Don’t cry first.

That and the traits further customize everything. All the traits ive seen dont specify weapons, so this means if shiro’s line is dmg based then all you need is shiro’s line and it may make the other weps viable in a dps enviroment. That and the invocation line gives fury on heal and make fury give 50% instead of just 20%, thats alot of crit…. so if theres the crit and shiro is the dmg then most weps can be massive powerhouses. just saying look at all the possibilities elle not just the weapons.

Who gives a damn about more skills in combat when 90% are trash and have no use. And “pick 6 utility skills for a fight”? You must have meant pick TWO presets for a fight, you don’t get to “pick” six of anything in this class, apart from maybe 6 runes for armour. So I suggest you take your own advise and learn things rather then cry about people who bring up valid criticism about this class.

you may pick them in threes, but you still picked six. The skills being trash is irrelevant. They are not out yet or completed so that is just your jaded opinion. You white knighting is getting in your way of making reasonable just like Ellle

Yeah cause everyone with criticism is a white knight, very amusing, by same definition you are white knighting anet’s bad design decision. Again, the point stands you pick 2 pre sets of 3, that’s not the same as picking 6, that’s picking 2 and hoping the other 4 are useful. The fact that you even have to switch legends to get access to your SECOND utility that you picked doesn’t help this class in anyway either. And Don’t get me started on the fact that you can’t pick your heals or elites, this class as it stands is just lazy beyond comprehension on anet’s part. They were lazy to balance so they released it with presets and tried to sell it as a “unique class feature” since all the “unique class features” of this class are aimed at minimizing the options you have when playing it.

I HOPE I am wrong when this class comes out fully, or that they reverse their lazy design decisions for it, because with the way things are now, it’s only use will be in camping chests at the end of jumping puzzles or opening bags for linen.

Look up white knight on urban dic and realise it doesn’t mean what you think it does. I went through this and told you you pick a set of 3 utilitys. My wording was poor yet you rather go back to that and cry over a great prof. Well then i guess this prof is for people who like the presets you can swap into in combat. this includes me.

“They were lazy to balance so they released it with presets and tried to sell it as a “unique class feature” since all the “unique class features” of this class are aimed at minimizing the options you have when playing it.”

You are being stupid now. I won’t bother replying. So have your obvious last word and comfort your maiden who clearly doesn’t give a fuck about this convo.

Yeah, cause the urban dictionary isn’t written by random people like us right? Furthermore “white knighting” has nothing to do with gender most of time and is a loose term that covers your white knighting of the bad design decision, so again take your own advice if you are ignorant and learn (anet wont give a fuck about your white knighting either ^_~). I can clearly see you were severely butthurt when more than one person began to disagree with your precious fanboism (if that’s even a word). But hey look, they now added weapon swap to this class so what I said wasn’t hot air after all, don’t you feel stupid now ^_~.

I’m glad that anet decided to take valid criticism into consideration rather then indulging a white knight/brown nose like you.

not going to read that much. clearly our definitions are white knight are different. I happen to think mine is correct and isn’t so broad as to mean pretty much anything when it comes to fighting on someone elses behalf. Switching is a bonus. u guys havent played revenant in it’s finished form so quit being cunt about it and see

We are more then entitled to being anything we want in regard to the unfinished profession. Criticism is what it is, criticism. It was released with flaws, those flaws were fixed somewhat after people bitched about them for valid reasons. If we only had people like you, we would still be grave yard zerging dungeons, having temporary game content every few months and revenant would have been the unplayable junk that it was during that beta.

Also last I recalled you were done with replying? Fancy seeing you here again, welcome back!

Sw/Sw Ventari/Jalis — I really wonder if ArenaNet really thought this through? It seems to me that they thought of the idea that sounds good in paper, then realized it wasn’t a good idea after all, but they are now in too deep to scrap the profession — so they just go on and hope for the best. If this is Blizzard, this shit would have been scrapped long time ago.

Underwater content is slowly being phased out, aside from what is already there..they’ll probably get a spear and trident with some basic attacks to work with any of the legends, which will likely use the same skills with tweaked animations and mechanics to work underwater.

I stand corrected. They’ve been making stuff up since 2006.

Assasins use daggers not swords.

And why Shiro and not Nika? And why Ventari and not Kunavaang? And Why Malyx and not Gwen? No female legendary is lame.

Well Glint is speculated as the elite spec, but as far as shiro using swords; you can buy “Shiro’s Blades,” a pair of daggers from the post-game vendor in factions that are long enough to be swords. But yes i agree that female legends would be pretty cool, but the legends they picked are much more well known as well as they match the play-style envisioned from the start. No offense to Gwen, but i think Malyx makes a better condition option. not to mention that they are using a theme for the core specs: one from each campaign/expansion from GW1. Ventari from prophecies, Shiro from factions, Malyx from Nightfall, and Jalis from Eye of the North. And while we’re being technical, i think Anet has “made up” everything in the entirety of the Guild Wars lore, so what’s the difference?

King Adelbern is more legendary than Ventari if they are going to take a hero from Prophesies — which is also more epic and more insane than Shiro. Anyway, I digress.

King Adelbern’s soul isnt in the mists. its still haunting AC. Eventhough you kill a ghost it will com back so Adelbern is unavailable to the revs. Lore wise any who….

Hi, I should have say “Jalis from GW1 and Ventari from Eye of the North (even if we see Ventari first in Ventari’s refuge in Ettin’s Back)”
Just because we often see and help Jalis in GW1 (Northern Shiverpeaks, Southern Shiverpeaks), and because Ventari Legend uses Ventari Tablets, which only appear at the end of Eye of the North, to introduce the coming of GW2, and the Sylvari.

If Glint turns out to be the elite spec. then there will be a female. Shiro is more powerful than Nika, Kuunavang isn’t a defensive character and is way less significant lore-wise, and again, if Glint turns out to be the elite spec. then we don’t need 2 dragon legends. Guardians may start to mistake Revs. as actual dragons and try hunting them, and Gwen is a mesmer, and while she is awesome, she isn’t so great to justify being a legend. Also she hates Charr with a passion.

There were a number of duel sword ‘daggers’ connected to the dagger mastery attribute in GW1. Shrio’s blades being one of them.

Gwen was cute but useless so I don’t see how she would fit to be the “legend” revenant condition build… wait… nvm I see what you did there xD

That and shes a mesmer…. that would give the rev mesmer abilities… if not that the what did she do that wasnt mesmer? cause thats all she was really…..

You could change her secondary profession to anything though! Though personally I only used her for eyecandy in my party >_>

Shiro assassinated the Emperor, therefor he is an assassin. Now the profession from GW1 used daggers, but that hardly matters,

Glint is female and is likely to be the Elite Legend, so tada.

Uhm, he was. He looks like a Samurai, but his title was an Assassin. Assassins are treated like Samurai, in Cantha.

Yes. Shiro is an assassin. With no Assassin abilities. With a backstory that portrays him as a stalwart guardian and defender. Who attacks head on..Who used warrior animations.

Ok so you admit that he’s an assassin but youre still trying to prove your point with some bullshit technicality? He was called an assassin, only assassin’s could use his weapons, etc etc. Stop being a fuckin’ troll, youre wrong. There is no doubt.

Canonically, they were meant to be shadowy figures who didn’t strike head on. Canonically, Shiro has a great deal more in common with the warrior class. If anything he was a W/A. But no, keep going with the bone headed assumption that double swords = assassin. Hell, plenty of builds in GW1 had you using weapons not typical of your class. Assassin included.

Actually, all of Shiro’s abilities in GW1 were uber-assassin. So assassin that no other character (i.e. player) could come close to his Uber-mega-assassin abilities. By design. Ever.
*cough* kind of like Caithe in LS2 (uber-thief w/ abilities that the player could only wet-dream about)

Also although the wiki lists him as an assassin, I think that was more of the role he played in the Imperial court… bodyguard/assassin.

Did YOU play gw1? lol Shiro was an assassin that got manipulated by the fallen god abaddon and turned him evil. He wielded dual daggers (very long ones) like assassins in gw1

Nope, chances are fantastically great that Thieves will out DPS the Rev by a long shot. Oh, supposed to be DPS legend, huh? Well, the healing, condi, and def legends are shit so I don’t see the DPS legend being any better.

Well the skills look alright on paper, but so did the one for the other legends and we all know how well that went… Hopefully the numbers will be correct on this one and the numbers on the other three will be fixed so they actually do the roles they were designed for.

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