GW2 Revenant Shiro Legend and Sword Skills Livestream Notes

GW2 Revenant Shiro Legend and sword skills livestream notes from Points of Interest with images of the new skills.



  • Underwater weapons still in development, a bit behind. We are converting some of the legends to work underwater as well. You will see them in future tests.
  • Mallyx conditions a bit too low. We are thinking of adding torment to mace 3 and upping the torment on axe 5. Also planning to improve burning duration on mace 2.
  • Revenant skills felt a bit too slow in its current form. We reduced a bunch of cast times and made swapping legends instant.
  • Skill queue was broken for Revenant in the beta this added more to the sluggishness people felt playing Revenant.
  • Added weapon swapping for Revenant.
  • A list of changes for Revenant will be posted on the official forums after the livestream.
  • Shiro Lore: Main villain in Factions in GW1, also showed up in Nightfall. He was Emperor’s bodyguard and lost his mind. He killed the Emperor and when he was killed he released a dying howl that unleashed a Jade Wind.

Sword Skills


  • Autoattack – First hit is a basic attack that applies vulnerability. Second hit is a boomerang that also applies vulnerability. Third hit is Rift Slash where you cut a rift into the enemy and after a delay it will explode dealing AoE damage.  The auto attack can stack a lot of vulnerability (~15 stacks shown in the video in a short time).
  • Precision Slash- #2 skill –  Medium ranged attack 450 range) that can hit up to three enemies. It will throw out a maximum of 3 daggers and can hit a max of 3 targets. If there are less than 3 targets, it will only throw out less daggers (i.e. 2 daggers for two enemies, 1 for one enemy). Allow you to catch up with your enemies since it chill your targets.
  • Unrelenting Assault  – #3 skill – Will attack random targets in the area but will always teleport you back to your first target.
  • Duelist’s Preparation/Shackling Wave – #4 skill – Duelist’s Preparation is a blocking skill and if you get attack while using this skill you can use the Shackling Wave skill which is basically an immobilize.
  • Grasping Shadows – #5 skill can be combed with #3 skill to pull someone out of a group and then use #3 skill so all the hits land on them.

Shiro Legend Skills


  • Enchanted Daggers: Your heal skill, Enchanted Daggers have a 1200 range so they will work with hammers. It is designed as an offensive heal and can proc things like sigils.
  • Riposting Shadows – Stun breaker that will evade you backwards to remove impairing conditions and grant you endurance.
  • Phase Traversal – You basically blink to your enemy and your next two attacks cannot be unblocked. Works well with Riposting Shadows to evade large attacks and then blink back in.
  • Impossible Odds – Upkeep skill (drains 10 energy every second), will be active until you run out of energy. Give you pulsating quickness and super speed. Drains energy pretty fast so save it for burst scenarios.
  • Jade Winds – The stun lasts for 3 seconds. Costs 50 energy but doesn’t appear to have a cooldown.

Devastation Trait Line


  • This trait line is designed to compliment sword skills and the Shiro legend.
  • The minor traits really fit the sword skills well since it allow you to stack more vulnerability, deal more damage to vulnerable targets and steal health from them.
  • Rabid Lacerations from adept trait works with a sword in either main hand/offhand to give you 10% attack speed.
  • Jade Wind from the Jade Echo master trait has a 90s cooldown.
  • Nefarious Momentum can give you lots of might stacks, especially when used with sword #3 skill.
  • Dismantle Fortification – Most CC right now just remove one stack of stability currently but with this trait you can make your CC go through a single stack of stability or remove 2 stacks of stability.

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