SWTOR July 21 Maintenance for Patch 3.3

SWTOR servers will be going down for 12 hrs from 8 PM PDT July 20 to 8 AM PDT July 21 for patch 3.3.

Scheduled Maintenance: 20-21 July 2015 | 07.17.2015, 03:55 PM

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you know that we will be performing maintenance for Game Update 3.3 starting on Monday, July 20th, 2015.
Date: Monday, 20 July 2015 – Tuesday 21 July 2015

Time: 8:00PM PDT, Monday, July 20th (0300 GMT, July 21st) – 8:00AM PDT, Tuesday, July 21st (1500 GMT, July 21st)
Version: 3.3

Game Update 3.3 will include the new Yavin IV Galactic Stronghold, the Togruta species, and the PvP Currency and Rewards revamp. Full Patch Notes will be posted on Monday, July 20th. If there are any updates during the maintenance period, they will be posted on the SWTOR Twitter account, as the website will be offline.



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

194 replies on “SWTOR July 21 Maintenance for Patch 3.3”

I read somewhere that there will be changes to warzone stims and health packs? They become character bound. Is this correct information? Should I keep them in my legacy storage or spread arround my characters?

Correct! The main concern from what I’ve heard is the Weapons/Offhands, in particular that folks have been juggling like that will bind permanently–that seems to be the main deal. Thanks Dulfy!
P.S. If it were me though, I’d throw them in the legacy bank just to be safe lol.:)

As we can now have up to 200k warzone comms, if people are still juggling gear, they need an intervention.

Actually, Ranked gear will now cost wz comms. 16k (full set) if i remember correctly.
They are removing ranked comms from the game.

they are adding new means of com transfer – 3 sizes of com boxes – I believe it was 10, 100 and 500, as far as I can remember from pts few weeks ago. so it makes sense that they would bind offhands now.

Either 100, 500 and 1000, or 50, 100 and 1000. 100 and 1000 are definitely there. NOt sure if the other one is 50 or 500

To those complaining about being unable to play for 12 hours, what about those people who will be working 12 hours straight to apply the patch?

Spare a thought for those poor souls being paid handsomely for a job they love. Heart goes out to anyone who has to do a WHOLE 12 hours of working at a computer whilst sitting down.

Uh, it’s there job. I do wonder why it takes so long though. Never played another MMO that has such long down times. But saying that, I suppose it’s going to be the usual answer; the engine.

really? I’ve played plenty of MMO’s, including WoW that people love to bring up as example of polish, that had maintenance lasting longer then that.

its a fairly major patch all things considered.

Not played WoW so can’t comment, it just seems like a very long time based on what I’ve experienced thus far. I’m not complaining, mind you, since it doesn’t bother me at all. Just always baffles me how even small patches take hours to be put into effect.

simply, the reason why it takes hours, is because they want to do it properly. a simple reboot will take more than a few minutes. Taking down the server, making a backup, deploying the patch, then testing to ensure it all went well, possibly further backups… remedial action if it didn’t go well… they are always, from what I see, also building into their estimates plenty of customer expectation.
people like to say EA/BW is also late, postponed, too long… in reality it is very rarely the case. They are usually right first time and back early.

Besides, the time it takes to patch is far from the problem with developers. Main problem is that 4.0 will take until mid October to subscribers, I understand they want to perfect it but surely it could take I don’t know a month less? It’s just such a long wait for the content, especially because they have taken a while to release in the past.

James, you are assuming they release based purely on when the content is finished in development… I’m guessing they are releasing when they want to release it, when it will segue into other releases in their estate and the SW catalogue. They are one of the biggest game producers handling one of the biggest IP’s in gaming history, I very much doubt it is scheduled by “when the developers get round to it”. We already know much of the content being released and in past releases was developed even prior to launch. Its simply not how you imagine it to be.

Starting to see a pattern with your posts, Ben. So much hurt you carry.

A while ago they discussed this, saying they were going to do server takedowns for maintenance less, by doing more at infrequent intervals.

Most games have downtimes based on how often they get patched.

TOR gets patched VERY rarely, so the downtimes are big. Some games have weekly 2-4 hour downtimes.

Yes exactly, do people even remember SWTOR used to have weekly patches and they were 3-4 hours long? It was like 1.5yrs ago

I just worked 12 hours yesterday crawling through a plenum with 24″ clearance mapping out electrical feeders… am I supposed to shed a tear for some kid sitting there with a diet Mountain Dew hitting “ok” during an install for 12 hours?!?

There was a datamined price of 15 mil for all of Yavin I believe. Haven’t seen anything other then speculation about the Togruta.

Togruta was confirmed to be 600 CCs, in game price will ofc be whatever people can get out of them on the GTN

Actually, I’ve seen her new look, so I know what I am talking about. Even as a young adult, she still doesn’t have fully developed lekku (they are longer, but not quite full length) or fully horned montrals (they are longer and more angled, but not full-on curved horns). Look at Shaak Ti for a Clone Wars era example of fully developed lekku and montrals and then compare it to Ahsoka’s new look.

Apparently, Togruta tails are called Montrals. Something I learned from the patch 😛

… Before this game, I just assumed they were just fancy twi’lek

Yes, she’s 20.

Further comparison: Ahsoka’s front lekku are shorter than all of the Togruta in SWTOR and the horned part of her montrals are less developed as well. However, her back lekku is longer than those of the female SWTOR Togruta.

Ahsoka in Rebels is in her early 30s. I dont know the growth span of the lekku/montrals, but I guess I would assume they continue to grow throughout the life. However, I think it is wrong to compare one Togruta to another based on age and lekku/montral length.

Ashara in swtor is younger than Ahsoka in Rebels. Ashara is said to be in her early 20’s.

She’s 20 on Taris. What I’m saying is that Ahsoka’s front lekku are shorter than all of the Togruta in SWTOR and the horned part of her montrals are less developed as well. However, her back lekku is longer than those of the female SWTOR Togruta.
Overall, the difference in front lekku length is rather minimal. However, female SWTOR Togruta have shorter back ones than Ahsoka. The main difference is that all of the Togruta in SWTOR have more developed montral horns than Ahsoka.

My predictions, patch goes live, 10 minutes later someone has found a way to jump from their new stronghold in some unpredictable way, into an operation that hasn’t even been conceived and bring back loot from the future that vendors for 1 million credits each. Anarchy ensues. 1000 forum posts where we all yell at each other.

We need a reason to yell at each other? I was under the impression we already did that for no reason at all.

I’ll prob get banned again (maybe this time for life) for mountaineering my new stronghold with my new Togruta while looking for new datacrons 😀

Yeah, cause in ‘Murica kids are shot dead every day in schools, while in Russia you have the perfect society… :rolleyes:

woww. well moving to another country because of an online video game only shows that you have issues that you HAVE to play swtor at all times of the day…

Yeah, you don’t recall the incidents where entire schools full of Russian children were bombed and shot up by Chechens? Such a peaceful place, that Russia.

>ignoring the multiple shootings by kids in the U.S.
Tell me, genius, how many shootings have there been in Russia? Because I recall only Beslan.

I wanted to answer on your complain, but then i read your PS…

Moderators delete it. This has nothing to do with game.

This post is like so edgy. Teh edge, leet.

P.S. Which part of the server update said “bitch about your private shit on here?” Cus I missed that part.

Believe me, you don’t want to be in RF in a day of 12h long maintenance. For me and for those who live in Siberia and Far East patch installation usually means no playing a game at all.))

They said it was similar to the Cathar costs, which is why I didn’t spend anything in the way of CC.

Hahahahahahaha. I’m sorry. I’m guessing you can buy them for 3-4 mil a few days after they unlock.

True. I’m sure there will be an influx of them on the GTN for the first few weeks. I will most certainly buy one up off of the GTN. Why not.

I got my montly 525CC grant several hours after I made this comment 😀 And I’ve been farming CC since, so I think I’ll be fine ^^

I actually wonder how many credits dulfy has on her characters to be able to buy strongholds after running the hardest mode on each op

He/she so what? Don’t be so pedantic about something as trivial as an AI’s gender. A supercomputer like Dulfy is effectively neuter, though I suppose it does have a feminine personality program like Scorpio, still it doesn’t matter for now. So long as Dulfy is trapped inside a mainframe, we can treat it as a simple tool. I’m sure it won’t construct a mechanical husk for years, maybe even in our lifespan.

LOL. We need to start a pool. I Bet 15 Hours 43 Minutes! Can’t wait though. So much cool in one patch my face in pinched in a permanent smile!

Hey, Dulfy! Got another computer this time a Macbook Pro! I’m loving’ it! I can’t upload it tho for some reason 🙁

Oh, wait I got it! Here’s my newest machine Dulfy my Macbook Pro complete with lots of goodies! 🙂

Woooah! This so cool! I can’t believe it! Where did you get it? It’s so unique. I wish I could find one and buy it for myself, but I don’t. You are a lucky guy! These are crazy times we life. But you mad the best decision somebody can make.

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Thank you so much for showing us that! I just could not have made it through the day without know what kind of computer you have. What are you 12?

“Nightmare Mode will also be available for all the Operations that had it previously, and will reward the same as the highlighted Hard Mode, as all as all the unique mounts and titles available currently.” Does this mean THat say if Dread Fortress is HighLighted Hard mode brontes will drop wings in hm . Mayby im getting this wrong ?

I took it the same way. Maybe I can finally get the wings. I’ve done NiM up to Corrupter Zero but there I can never get a group of people that are coordinated enough to all move together xD

The question is, if Wings drops from that highlighted HM, what’s the point to have a NiM instance? I think people only does DF NiM for that mount, or the title and timed achievement.

Idd, But seeing how no new ops and what not will be available For a while guess they flipping the script completely

Well, I think that could be fixed with a 50% chance of dropping in HM and 100% (or more than one, maybe in Brontes and Draxus, the 2 main difficulty jumps) in NiM. BW would give the chance to all kind of players, keeping up the reward to the people who try NiM.

I don’t think they will change the special mounts and create more for the old ops, so it’s a nice plan. I wonder the new gear requirements for all ops, when the new gear tier is known.

Well it’s just 1 HM per week and given how many ops there is, that is like 1 chance at the wings per 2 months as opposed to a chance once a week. Pls a lot of people who are not hardcore raiders want a chance to get some of the cool stuff too. This may be biowares way of doing that. I could be wrong, it’s just how I took it. Besides they said new vanity items were going to drop from the ops also, So they might put the new stuff in NiM and the old NiM stuff in HM. They didn’t say that but jamming all the old and new stuff into just NiM is going to make it even harder to get some of the old stuff I think.

They said one HM Operation per week will be highlighted to give even greater rewards, so you get the same rewards for completing nightmare mode, but nightmare mode’s incentive is the achievements, titles and rare mounts, to make a difference.

Roll on tomorrow and togruta I can’t wait to get started on all my togruta to ons ☺ pvp changes seem good also from a gear perspective at least

Well you don’t have a choice. There not gonna speed it up coz you want it now. By this tine tomorrow you’ll have it not that long. They could come and say it’s been delayed and want be here for 2 months to in grand scheme of things less than a day is not that bad

nhyuo The current market is nothing but debt fueled smoke.

Jobs and job growth. Very funny, that was a good one. You know there are actually people out there who don’t know what is happening and believe that. Good

one!!.. Next Page

Eh. BioWare always delivers…
…a new way of failing.

Sometimes I think this game is at the point when it is time for the blow of mercy.

Wait, why are people talking about PVP balancing changes? Is there at least a speculative source on that somewhere?

It was mentioned about a month ago I think, 3.3 is the healer changes being implemented. It’s a class change not a PvP change since it effects both PvE and PvP.

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