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GW2 Elementalist Tempest Elite Specialization Info

Some details regarding the upcoming Elementalist Tempest elite specialization have been published on TenTonHammer, here are the details.

Details taken from TenTonhammer article with all the relevant info summarized below. 

General Info

  • Confirmed to use warhorns, warhorn will provide group support and area control.
  • Close to mid range combat, warhorn will synergize well with mainhand dagger.
  • Ability to overload Attunement – after remaining in a single attunement for a short duration, players can channel an ability that will overload the attunement. This ability has an effect during the channel and another effect upon channel completion. It takes about 2.75-5s to finish the channel. Overloading an attunement has a recharge of 15-20s (depends if you are traited or not) and will also put that attunement on cooldown. Interrupting an overload will put everything on cooldown with the exception of Earth attunement where you gain a few stacks of crowd control resistance buffs.
  • Gain shouts as utilities.

Attunement Overloading

  • Overload Fire: Summons a fire tornado that continuously burn nearby enemies while granting allies might. Finishing the channel will leave the fire tornado in the Tempest’s location for a short duration.
  • Overload Water: Builds a large water bubble that regenerate and cleanse nearby allies. The water bubble will pop at end of the channel, granting nearby allies a large heal.
  • Overload Air: Creates a nimbus cloud that continuously strike at nearby enemies. Completing the channel will leave the lightning field at Tempest location to damage nearby enemies.
  • Overload Earth: The Tempest will ride the earth to grant protection to nearby allies and cripple to nearby enemies. Once the Tempest returns to the ground they will deliver a massive immobilizing blast.

Warhorn Skills

  • Grants 8 new abilities over 4 attunements.
  • Example of air attunement skill: Summon a cyclone that will pull enemies to a location and unleash lightning orb projectiles.
  • Example of fire attunement skill: Wildfire skill will summon a continuously growing fire field that will damage and burn nearby enemies.
  • Example of water attunement skill: Summon a regenerative moving water field that you can blast for additional healing.


  • Shouts will be in the form of the healing skill, 4 utilities and the elite skill.
  • Wash the Pain Away! (Heal) – heal allies and remove conditions from them. Heal allies for the same amount you are healed for (outside of the initial heal when activating the skill)
  • Feel the Burn! (Utility) – Cause growing flames to erupt from that location.
  • Eye of the Storm! (Utility) – Call the storm on the Tempest, granting stun break and superspeed for the Tempest and nearby allies.
  • Aftershock! (Utility) – Create a powerful aftershock that will cripple and then immobilize enemies.
  • Freeze! (Utility) – Chill and damage nearby enemies.
  • Rebound! (Elite) – Cause nearby allies to have 25% faster skill recharge.

Minor Traits

  • Singularity – Unlock the ability to overload your attunement
  • Hardy Conduit – Grant you protection when you overload an attunement. Can be affected by a new trait called Earthen Proxy that increase the effect of protection from 33% to 40% damage reduction.
  • Speedy Conduit – Gain 33% movement speed while overloading an attunement. Can be coupled with a new trait called Lucid Singularity, which heal you every second and reduce duration of inhibiting conditions by 100%.



By Dulfy

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85 replies on “GW2 Elementalist Tempest Elite Specialization Info”

I don’t think so, look at the blades edge it doesn’t look like the mistforged dagger also the hilt is different. i think it looks like a katana.

I think you’re confusing the hem of the skirt with a blade. I was confused at first too. The blade is facing up and definitely is that dagger.

Eh… does this really change how they will be played though, kind of seems like the play style will remain the same, ie might stacking dps… not really a complaint though.

Amazing. Even more confusing to play then Baseline elementalist. Does look fun though. Heads up for giving the elementalist the chronomancer exclusive skill-recharge boon, and for being the first elite profession to gain an added effect at without giving up any base class utility. Or did the dragonhunter get the base effect of their virtues as well as getting new aimed effects?

My only regret is that Sylvani elementalists dont seem to be gaining access to a headbut skill. Then they could have claimed they channeled all five elements.

I’m pretty sure that Dragonhunter version of Virtues over write baseline Guardian Virtues. I wonder if “Rebound!” will compare to Chronomancer Alacrity. Right now, it seems like a lack luster elite.

Depends on how the 25% cooldown reduction is applied. Alacrity speeds up cooldown by a second every three seconds (I think). It sounds like rebound instantly reduced a cooldown by 25% of it’s maximum. Considering this assumption is correct, while 6 seconds of alacrity will shave 2 seconds off a cooldown, rebound could potentially shave 10-60 seconds off utility skills on use – for an entire party.

Not great for solo work, but in situations like speed dungeons (or efficient event-chain doers), everyone may be able to proc their ult every single fight (instead of every 3).

One does wonder about having 4 rebounds though? If they reduce each other, can the 5th player (warrior say), litter the battlefield with countless banners?

useless ulti, even if it is going to last for 10 seconds, it is only taking 2.5 seconds off cooldowns… hope major traits will make it a worthy pick

Not necessarily. It could also be that all skills launched during the next X seconds have 25% faster skill recharge.

I think it is going to work opposite to chill, for duration of (de)buff skills recharge faster/slower

Answer was in the original post :

“Rebound! – As the only arcane skill available to the tempest, this shout affects all allies around you and causes their next ability to have a 25% reduced recharge.”

that elite is very sexy iIMO, as most of the utilities I take are IMO some of the best utilities in the game but they have pretty long cds and my friend plays a survival ranger, and he constantly comment on how long his cds are. I”m just imagining this in application. many of the shouts are not my style, I’m not a fan of them when I feel I already have the three best utilies I could of asked for, If ya are wondering, I play d/d or d/f

well, even if it got 10 hours cooldown, if it recharges 25% faster for 10 seconds, it’s still 2.5 seconds off recharge (opposite to chill). It’s making skill recharge 1.25 seconds per second for buff duration

oh, hope you are glad to hear this but you misunderstood the ability, it direct effects the next spell you cast. so. the next spell you cast within the next gets its cooldown reduced by 25%, would be awesome if it was all abilities.

that elite, those minors, im very happy. well played, love the synergy with melee-mid range. This is truly what I was hoping for. thank you

So an Elite Spec that turn a high DPS profession into a mediocre support class…what’s so Elite about this?

Your moms pussy and your superior pessimism is Elite about this. Go play hello kitty if you’re so sour about this, scrub.

And now go back and look what bullshit you wrote. What does it add to the discussion? Nothing. You’re even less valuable than pessimistic feedback.

Grow up kiddo.

Oh, the classic “you’re a kid” retort. Typical of a 30 year old POS with the mental capabilities of a 12 year old.

Oh the classic you are mentally disabled strawman argument – Ah the joy of talkign to a 5 year old kiddo who got father issues. If you start being a dick on the internet because no one can see your frugly face you should prepare to get it back twicefold at least.

Pretty sure thaose both accounts are you btw. Sad how you have to hide behind multiple acronyms. Or are you actually shyzopreniac? 😉

High DPS Elementalist is all about swapping attunements while this “Elite” encourages you to stay in one element for the Overload. If you don’t see how counterintuitive it is, then that is not my problem. Thank you for your feedback.

Your foresight capabilities (lack thereof) mean jack shit. Seeing as critical thinking skills flew out the window for the majority of you years ago.

“I didn’t invent ad hominem, but that sure as hell isn’t gonna stop me from attacking people over the Internet!” – Rick the Dick

Cool. Can’t wait for the live stream so I can start theory crafting. The Earth overload alone sounds like some Beifong style bending. Hope they balance all the values to make it worthwhile!

i love the idea of overload. As Staff Ele, i never use air attunement in PVE unless i need to air field for swiftness stack. I would always over load air attunement since my main rotation is fire 2 -> earth 2 -> arcana evasion + any extra blast finisher -> earth 2 -> water 2 -> fire 2 and spam fire skill till might stack falls off.
But why do i have to use lame dagger and scepter to use warhorn…..

Interrupting an overload will put everything on cooldown with the
exception of Earth attunement where you gain a few stacks of crowd
control resistance buffs.

I wouldn’t risk…

just gotta make sure you get stability or blocks while overloading.
it’s not a risk if you set up the combo properly.
Earth Armor/ Arcane Shield is your fried.

I liked Chronomancer, I liked Reaper, I LOVED Dragonhunter (cuz Guardian is my main), I even liked the idea of the Druid even though we know next to nothing about it yet, but I can honestly say that I am the least excited about the Tempest. I won’t say that I hate it, because I believe I might actually like it when I see it in action, but overall it’s really underwhelming. Maybe it’s just the disappointment from not getting a sword that’s tainting my view of getting Ele’s a warhorn…

Not sure where you saw that “bunch of numbers”. The rest is just a matter of opinion and one could say the exact same things about the other elite specializations. Anyway, to have a proper opinion on the specialization, we need to play it.

It does sound sort of lackluster, and not as big a gameplay jump as Reaper and Dragonhunter, that’s for sure.

I play elementalist a lot, but whether I use Tempest or not will probably depend on what all of its traits are, since nothing said here so far is really making me super excited about it.

I just love how black and white the community is about this one. Everyone either loves the idea or loathes it with a passion. I don’t think i’ve seen a single person say “Looks alright. I might try it out…” Personally, I think that even though the style of play isn’t as dramatically different as the other specs revealed so far, this can be very fun and unique, and those who truly love ele will understand that. Even if a person isn’t fond of this one, there’s still a positive to some of this. It plays similarly to other ele styles so a person doesn’t have to necessarily overhaul their build to try it out, so there is not any real reason to be so pessimistic about Tempest. This is not going to kill ele, its not even going to change it if you don’t want it to. Not to mention its not even the last elite spec we’re getting, so sword will most likely be in the next one, in a spec that fits that weapon better.

Only those who want to see bigger numbers and don’t care about the fun part, are happy with this.

Welcome to the world of Warriors then where 1 button can give you big numbers.

Sarcasm aside that’s NOT what Ele is about.

Ele is about stacking might and doing big dps… which is incidentally the same as what the war does. The ele just has a slightly more complex rotation to achieve this.

Plus Ele has frostbow.

Seems like most people are scared because it appears tempest would actually require more thought and strategy to get the ‘big bangs’ off without a hitch.

More difficulty? GASP! But I wanna faceroll!

looks alright. i might try it out…

nah realy, im fine with most changes at first. the idea of knowing how game mechanics will work out before testing it seems strange to me. the game and its mechanics are not rocket science but not sooo simple neither.

“It plays similarly to other ele styles so a person doesn’t have to necessarily overhaul their build to try it out”

Yeah because everyone plays Staff, camping fire because it’s so much fun… /sarcasm

I prefer the quick in and out playstyle of the daggers which builds upon quick attunement switches. For me the whole class mechanic is bs because it tries to force me into staying at an att for the max effect. Meanwhile the WH will most likely not top Focus or Dagger, we’ll see – That would mean it’s useless. Again, Staff is the best at tanking an att and with that you won’t use WH anyway.

The shouts are okay even though we HAVE plenty of AoE, supp and CC already. I’d prefer other utilities which give you a possibility to utilize a new playstyle Shadowsteps, rolls whatever even Stances.

That said the radius (Which I assume is still 180) makes using a Scepter on Tempest a bad Idea and even Dagger occupies the spaces between 200 and 300 units more. There’s only Staff again which benefits in a lower flight time… And that’s no WH again…

Overall the Spec seems disconnected and doesn’t fill a unique fantasy. That’s mostly the reason why many hate it. That and the horrible WH skins/no animation other than wailing.

Nothing like bitching about something that you’ve never seen.

That’s mostly the reason why many hate it. Bitch bitch bitch…

Also…is there some rule that all Elite Specializations are supposed to be better than any current builds? That would be completely destroy the so called ‘diversity’ that everyone bitches for.

If you have nothing seen yet you must be living in a cave under a big rock. HA! Look around, the spec skills are mined already, the shouts are given to you in many posts AND mining posts (You can find a lot of skills there y’know).
I’ve never seen anyone more uninformed~

You playing it out in your head is about as dependable to me as a wet paper sack. You know shit until you play it with all the tools available.

Because you, who has not even the datamined information is actually more trustworthy than someone who has been theorycrafting for over a good 5 years with pretty awsome accuracy (Cele meta which came up, warri nerf, changes and bugs introduced with updates).
I guess you never got further than actually playing stuff by hitting your head on the keyboard. I guess as a warrior or a fire staff ele.


lol, go try to blow that crap up someone’s ass who cares. I win 60% of my ranked, solo queue games simply by playing with what I feel is fun. You can ‘theorycraft’ your way to shit all day for all I care. I play a lot of online games, and in every single one of those online games, the ‘theorycrafters’ are the worst f’n players involved.

Like I said, no thinking involved when it comes to you~

Here you are, slinging insults left and right. I, however, started actually elaborating my feelings and explaining why It would probably not work.
You should really start working on your self-reflection skills my boy.

I mean what have you actually brought to the discussion, hmm? Nothing, that’s how much value you hold here. And that’s why I’ll forget you in an instant after I blocked you on Disqus now. Woop di doop, sure is hard to be a real life Cartman, boy~

I think while I do. You think without doing…and you’re very poor at it. So, block away useless boy.

Overloading will be useless in PvP, WvW and any new zones where enemies might use crowd control. Great. A couple of the shouts look okay, but I think I’ll be sticking to d/d.

or you could just use stability or mistform even prob…I don’t main ele but having a cast time isnt a big deal…

I’m a little confused by “Overloading an attunement has a recharge of 15-20s (depends if you are
traited or not) and will also put that attunement on cooldown”.
I understand the overcharge going on recharge (I would expect that)… but what does it mean by “will also put that attunement on cooldown”, since you can only overcharge the attunement you’re currently in?

im guessing it means you cant switch to that attunement. i havent played ele in a while but i cant imagine it working any different. perhaps it shifts you to another automatically, or locks out the skills until you switch yourself?

That would seem sort of strange to me. I like the idea of being able to re-click the same attunement to use an “overcharge” skill, but not if it’s going to auto-switch me into some other random attunement or lock out any of my other skills by doing so.

I think that they will give you the option to change attunement while casting, so that you can actually choose it…I mean, even with ele now if you cast something channeled you can actually change attunement without interrupting it.

Simply what was stated: it will put it on CD even if not swapped out.
Sso if you go out while is on CD you cannot get back into it.
If you stay in, like this new spec wants you to do, no problem 😉

As I understand it, it puts the passive effect of the attunement on cooldown, you wouldn’t basically have an attunement for 15-20s.
I might be wrong though, I don’t play Ele that much, but in regards of the mechanics in other MMOs, it seems right to me.

Basically you can change attunement every 9 seconds normally…with this the attunement will actually have two separate cooldowns, one for the attunement and one for the overcharge…9 for the first as before, and 15-20 for the overcharge, plus after using it you’re probably forced out of the attunement, putting it in cooldown.

We all just have to wait and see instead of jumping ahead of ourselves.
I do find it odd though that they give another profession Shouts for their elite specialization in the same expansion.

I’ll try it out, like all the elite specs, but from what they’ve said I doubt it’s going to replace D/F for me. I like how Fire/Air/Arcane plays too much to give up any of those specs for what they’re offering with the Tempest.

I’m intrigued by the possibilities of the Overload system, although I agree with some others here that it’ll essentially be useless in WvW and PvP. I don’t think I’m going to give up my Staff, but fortunately my playstyle already largely consists of running up to my enemy and making them sit in my AoE’s, so the Overloads will just give me that much more combat synergy.

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