SWTOR Season 5 PvP Gladiatorial Weapons Gallery

A gallery of the Season 5 PvP Gladiatorial weapons with video of their sound effects and animations. Special thanks to Fig for the help.

For this season Bioware went and designed two models of Blaster Pistols and Lightsabers to suit different type of players.

Gladiatorial Assault Cannon


Gladiatorial Blaster Pistol


Gladiatorial Heavy Blaster


Gladiatorial Blaster Rifle


Gladiatorial Sniper Rifle


Gladiatorial Lightsaber


Gladiatorial Lightsaber Shoto


Gladiatorial Saberstaff


Gladiatorial Gold Outline Color Crystal

With bloom turned on (left), off (right)


  • Tnx

  • Corvus6

    The regular lightsaber seems like such a disappointment.

  • Gavin

    Can we get some regular shotos in the game? Those are one item I’ve been wanting to see for some time

    • Marquess

      Sure they will be on CM soon.

      • jo

        I would kill a hundred ewoks for a desolator’s starforged shoto saber, or pay like 8 bucks, whichever really.

      • Ben Gimson

        Let’s hope so. They’ve been requested for a while. Pity if they’re restricted to a group that doesn’t really appreciate that kind of stuff.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          What kind of BS comment is that?
          PvP players appreciate that stuff just as much as anyone else.

          • Ben Gimson

            Not BS at all. PvPers are primarily interested in shit that looks cool, not stuff that’s interesting from a mostly lore/RP standpoint. Not sure what kind of PvPers you’re hanging around with, but I don’t know nor have I ever spoken with anyone who cares about the ranked stuff beyond it being ‘cool’ or a sign of prestige.

            Hence why we get plenty of PvPers whining about story being non-content. Because they care about gameplay and fighting other players, not the little nuggets of lore. Guarantee if the shoto was a PvE reward, no PvPer would give a shit about it.

            • Philo

              You know, there are those of us that enjoy to PvP as WELL as enjoy the story, lore, RP aspects right? It’s certainly possible to enjoy both aspects of the game, you don’t give up your PvE story content the moment you step into a warzone.

              • Secundum

                Tell that to the rankfags.

              • Chakra Kusanagi

                What prevents rankfags from enjoying shotos?

              • Secundum

                Nothing, I was responding the comment about giving up PvE content when you step into a warzone.

              • Ben Gimson

                I have no doubt. But the majority don’t fall into the category.

              • AdjeYo

                and you base that on what?

              • Ben Gimson


              • AdjeYo

                Which is a great source to make accurate predictions about a whole group of people, of course…

              • Ben Gimson

                Not predicting anything, just saying what I’ve seen. After all, what’s a more reliable source from which to form an opinion, my own experiences since launch or hearsay and the opinions of others?

                If experience isn’t the best way to form an opinion on what you’ve experienced… well, colour me surprised.

              • AdjeYo

                Well, it’s hardly a source to make sweeping generalizations like: “PvPers are primarily interested in shit that looks cool, not stuff that’s interesting from a mostly lore/RP standpoint.”
                That statement holds about as much ground as saying that all Jews are greedy, absolutely zero.

              • Ben Gimson

                Why isn’t it? I PvP every day and have done since the game launched. I’ve yet to befriend any PvPer who cares about the lore. I’ve yet to see anyone in a PvP thread on the forums bring up their interest in lore-related rewards. Not saying that there aren’t folks whose interests blend like that, but I’ve yet to meet a single one in my SWTOR career thus far.

                And I could turn your logic against you and ask how it is you can claim my ‘sweeping generalisations’ are inaccurate. I’m pretty confident your opinion on stereotypes will stem from experience you’ve had personally. The basis of all opinions, really.

                So if my statements hold zero ground, the same can be said of yours, no?

              • AdjeYo

                The difference is that I can point to plenty of stereotypes are innacturate. But can you really say you met enough pvpers and got to know them all good enough to say that pvpers don’t care about lore?

              • Ben Gimson

                Yeah I’m fairly confident, else it wouldn’t be my opinion. And you can’t really though, can you? Because there’s no accurate, valid method for proving or disproving stereotypes for the most part. Take the Jewish example; can you prove that they’re not all greedy? Can you prove that they are? Who defines what the criteria of ‘greedy’ is? That’s what you’ve been telling me, right? That stereotypes can’t be relied upon because you can’t assess every single person included in within the stereotype? That same logic means you can’t disprove stereotypes, either.

                But this really is a pointless debate. I’m sure we’ve both got better things to do? I’m going to bow out now, at any rate.

            • Chakra Kusanagi

              That’s some nice stereotyping you’re doing there.

              Look, if PvP’ers were only interested in that shit, they wouldn’t be playing SW:TOR, since there are far better PvP cetered games out there.

              That shit may be true in a generic MMO, but not in an MMO with a highly specific setting like this.

              • Ben Gimson

                Stereotypes exist because they’re generally true. Otherwise they wouldn’t become stereotypes, no?

                People play games based on whether or not they enjoy the gameplay. By your logic, nobody would PvP in an MMO because there are online games like CoD that cater to PvP far more than any MMO can. Folks PvPing in SWTOR PvP here because they like the experience; it works for them, whereas a PvP focused game might not suit them from a purely graphical/gameplay perspective.

                I don’t quite understand how you consider SWTOR to be a ‘highly specific setting’ either. It’s hardly some sort of niche game.

                Either way, getting worked up about this doesn’t change anything. You disagree with me; good for you, and you’re entitled to your opinion. Just don’t expect my experience to be overruled because you happy to be one of the few who doesn’t fit with what I posted.

              • AdjeYo

                Not really, stereotypes are very commonly just flat out wrong, but people cling to them because they don’t know any better. Saying stereotypes are generally true is just deluded.

              • Ben Gimson

                lol, not at all.

              • AdjeYo

                yes actually, sometimes stereotypes are true, sometimes they are exaggerated truths, but a lot of the time they’re just flat out wrong.

              • Ben Gimson

                For the older stereotypes, (Jews being greedy is one that springs to mind) sure. But most of the more recent ones hold up. But the nature of stereotypes isn’t really the subject matter; Most PvPers don’t care all that much about the lore. I’m really not interested in arguing out opinions though. I’m not going to change mine, and those who disagree with me aren’t going to change theirs.

                So why bother?

              • Chakra Kusanagi

                stereotypes exist because they’re generally true?

                So in other words, most irish are drunkards, most italians are in the mafia, most asians know kung-fu and most americans are fat, biblethumping gun nuts?


  • Bewon

    what is that bloom turned on and off?

  • Grassr00tz

    what armor is in the first video?

    • Fuzzypaw

      The first picture has the girl wearing the Mandalorian Preserver Armor chest and legs. She is wearing some other type of gloves, boots, belt, and helmet. I want to know what armor the girl is wearing in the Gladiatorial Lightsaber Shoto pictures/video.

  • Fuzzypaw

    how do I get these legacy weapons???

    • Need 1350 rating in season 5 pvp which is no longer available. Do ranked right now and you might get the weapons for season 6 when they get released.

      • Fuzzypaw

        GRRRR. I want those little swords!!!! Thanks for the info.

  • Vladislav

    So does anyone know weapon with the same sound as Gladiatorial Saberstaff?

  • feztonio

    what does it matter that they come out with new weapons. even with cheap reg gear now, there is still infrequent to zero ranked que pops. you might as well make the rewards an actual, functional lightsabre because unless you’re in the win trade guilds who sync up at 3am when no one else is on, you’re not getting a rating anyway

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