SWTOR Togruta Character Customizations Guide

A list and gallery of all the possible SWTOR Togruta race customization options.


Body Type

Head (Female)

Eye Color(Female)


Face Pattern (Female)

Montrals (Female)

Montral Pattern Color (Female)

Skin Color(Female)


Body Type

Head (Male)

Eye Color (Male)


Jewelry (Male)

Face Pattern (Male)

Montrals (Male)

Montral Pattern Color (Male)

Skin Color (Male)

Togruta Social Ability – Traditional Storytelling

  • Ghost10

    How do you know what skin the togruta can have?
    Is it related to the skin of the face?

    • michael furious

      This was my question – I’d thought there’d be a few different hues for their skin overall, and not just their for their montrals.

      • Rikor

        There are different skin colors from what I understand. Montrol pattern color, then skin color.

        • michael furious

          Yeah, I was just coming back to mention that, but clearly I’m slow on the draw.

          Doesn’t matter anyway – I wan’t be able to afford this new species or the new stronghold for a long, LONG time. But I got to wait half an hour for a patch that’s useless to me to load. That was meditative, at least.

          • CraigMitchell

            There are still massive reduces to PvP gear cost, so if you’re interested in that… And big changes to all healing classes…

  • LogicLoup

    Starting with the T&A, I see. Good to know our priorities are in the right place. 😀

  • p4v7

    17 heads among which 6 look distinctively different and the rest looks the same 😛

    • pmalleable



    • Random Lightning Spec

      They’re just a selection of 17 of the normal human faces. You can make faces look quite different on humans due to complexion and other nonsense, but after staring at them for a few years, I know instantly when I’m looking at my one character’s nose, whether it on a chiss, a human, a togruta, or a whatever.

  • Yay!

    Played a bit with the options… as expected, not many variations are possible. And the skin colors are just strange. Hard to find one that doest look totally wrong.

    And of course one Montral/Lekku size fits all.

    I’m not disappointed. Because that’s what I expect from this BioWare developer crew. Something that adds something new to the game, but with the bad taste that it could be so much better, if not this lazy bunch of developers would be responsible.

    • p4v7

      I’m a bit disappointed because of only two types of jewelery. It is a bit too few to put it mildly….

      I expected about 6 from Bioware which I thought was a reasonable amount since it’s Bioware.

  • Can you unlock new character slots now or only after Fallen Empire?

    • Unoshi

      Now, for a while now. But if you reach the cap u can’t. Then the one or two.free slots are when fallen empire releases

      • I’ll have to wait for 4.0 to get my 2 Togrutas then. :'(((

        • Unoshi

          Just to make your , 22/25 was the cap forgot which exact numbers. So if you way below 20 at least u can buy more slots. If u already reach the hard cap. Then u have to wait or delete a char :p

          • I have 22 characters already. 🙁
            I didn’t get the glitch that allowed you to have more than 22 characters at the launch, unfortunately. I took too long to buy the unlocks at that time.

            • Unoshi

              Whaat, ugh didn’t knew there was a glitch.. I’m the type in most cases that always know about glitches and what not after they been patched. Lol

          • Darth Ji’inx

            24 will be the new cap

  • Unoshi

    Love it

  • Skidblade

    Lol…..took them how many ages to make a new race that went beyond a reskin of the base model just to add what is essentially a permanent head fixture onto the base model……man….

    • Clinton Richard Rice

      I don’t know. They’ve done a lot of other stuff in the last few years too. Since I don’t know when they started working on the Togruta, go ahead and tell us. How many years did it take? I’m guessing less than one. 😛

      • Skidblade

        Whoa son. Lay down ye sword of the white knight for a sec and take a step back to breathe. Just saying if it’s so easily done why not sooner?

        • Clinton Richard Rice

          I don’t know that it is easy. I just know that it’s a good thing, and I don’t understand why people need to knock them even when they do something good. Saying it should have come sooner isn’t productive. We have it. Let’s enjoy it. They’ve already said this will open up the way to more races with “weird head things” going on in the future, so I think we’ll probably see a couple new ones in the next year. Let’s look to the future and not the past.

          • Skidblade

            K. Let me know how that Kool Aid tastes will ya.

    • Yay!

      Lel! They could make different Montral armor headpieces and add some new colorful skincolors to humans and other species. Would be nearly the same. There you have your Togruta.

    • doncalls

      They have to add them to all the scenes etc.

      • idnewton

        No, they don’t. That’s not how it works. They had to change a few basic models into a fully-customizable species. That’s why it wasn’t just a walk in the park. If they wanted to half-ass it, they would’ve just given us the few base heads that are already in the game and called it a day. Could’ve been done in an hour, tops. They chose to give us something better than that.

        • Ben Gimson

          Pretty sure the heads are the same. Haven’t paid attention on the females, but the males definitely use a lot of the same faces.

      • Skidblade

        That’s not how the game works son it’s not a movie.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    They overcharged me! I went to the Appearance Designer Kiosk and it charged me the 600 CC PLUS an additional 792 CC! So I 1392 CC to unlock Togruta! Complete BS!

    • Sarigar

      You paid to unlock Togruta species, as well as for a Species Change. The Species Change cost is not rolled into the unlock for Togruta, or any other species.

    • Unoshi

      What sarigar said. U were better of with a new char really.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        I was saving a name :/

        • Unoshi

          ah, in that case. ouch

          • Darth Ji’inx

            I’d never bought a Species Unlock and changed Species at the same time before :/

            • Unoshi

              Aah, well incase we get more species. Now you know.

        • King Thane

          hate to point this out,any name you have once that character is deleted the name is saved for 24hours

          • Darth Ji’inx


      • Darth Ji’inx

        Hindsight :/

    • Ben Gimson

      600 for the initial purchase to unlock it, 792 for the act of changing species. Sounds right to me, unless you’d already bought it prior to using the ADK?

    • Dazzblitz

      No, thay charged you right. If you dont already have it unlocked, if you changed a toon to that race, they charge you for the race unlock and the regular changes.

  • Erin

    Wuah… you outdid yourself this time Dulfy !:)

    Thanks !:)

  • Ashara

    Wow! I love it!

  • mort

    The Males look retarded.

    • Ew

      That’s YOUR opinion, maNAYUS.

  • Holyfrog

    When are they going to add things like body tattoos or body fur patterns?

    • Unoshi

      Was thinking the same, we need some difference between body from different species.

      • Holyfrog

        I would think Twilek’s would have some kind of markings to match their headsails

    • agreed

      would be cool if zabraks had full body tattoo like darth maul in the comics

    • michael furious

      I’ve been waiting for that too. I mean, why have a shirtless option otherwise?

      I’d love some Zabrak body tattoos, and full body Cathar fur patterns.

  • shitpost commander

    I blame my high expectations for this but…they look awful. Inb4 ppl start hating :< anyway ty for the shots dulfy

    • Alek

      Not sure what else were you expecting? I personally don’t like the race generally, but it’s depicted just fine. Or you haven’t seen Togruta before?

  • JRP

    Dulfy, will the skin colors and Montral/Headtail colors be added to the guide soon?

    • Is all there now 🙂

  • JRP

    Anyone else have a tough time getting the update to finish on their computers?

  • Kodar

    Maybe I’ll go full blown “Skin Color 18” and call him Beta-Ray!!

    • Meta Ray Mek

      I understood that reference! */Cap*

  • Toxis

    The male looks like he is stuck in Dark II or something. He has the permanent orange eyes and some of the skin tones look really faded compared to the female. Most noticeably, there isn’t that nice deep red color….

    • You are right I forgot to turn off dark side corruptions on the male one. That would explain why the eyes are bugged. Let me redo the skin tones as well 🙂

    • Meta Ray Mek

      I was wondering what was going on with the skin tones for the male Togruta, considering I just rolled one and the skin tones were totally different from what Dulfy had earlier, haha/.

  • Dulfy you forget about Darkside (I,II,III,IV,V)

  • Netris

    Why all of them (especially male) have such short lekku? NPC’s lekku length to the waist.

    • michael furious

      Because clipping apocalypse, that’s why.

  • Japie

    so why is everybody so hyped with this species, its just a twilek with horns not?

    • yep

      I dont care for them but what others races they could add I would play I dunno.

      I would play a wookie and if I could have a jawa I would have at least three (bounty hunter, sith lord and gunslinger, damn that would be great).

      • yo

        oh I’d play a zabrak too. Coolness.

        • They already have Zabraks…

        • duh

          all species have to speak basic &have humanoid features so a big no to both wookies &jawas :p

          • Decimal

            There are wookies in star wars lore that speak basic.

            • Ben Gimson

              There are? I’ve read they physically can’t speak it.

              • Naq

                Ith conthidered a Thpeech impediment though…like a lithp.

              • Ben Gimson

                I know there was one with a speech impediment that made him easier for Leia to understand, but he still spoke his own language. Will have to search Wookieepedia :’)

      • michael furious

        I’d make a Devaronian (like Gault) if they put them in the game.

        Which is slightly more likely now, maybe.

      • aformerchampion

        Sith lord jawa would be hilarious if they re-did the conversations. Can you imagine flirting with Rylee Dray and having her be like, “Be sure come see me again soon, my Lord?”

    • Sarigar

      Well, twi’lek is just human with head peckers.

      • michael furious

        Your estimation of what constitutes a pecker is … daunting.

        • Sarigar

          Gives new meaning to “hanging brain”.

  • Ezra Khan

    What’s the special race emote/skill thingy?

  • 3h3h3

    So for a Ashoka Tano styled Togruta… I have to choose a male?

    Obviously, more than one Montra choice is too much work for LazyGameDevelopersWare at EA.

    New species took for ever, and didn’t get any love. Why don’t they try to hire some people who are capable of making a game?

    • Calicco

      Such originality, very imagination, wow

      • Fox Cox

        She is Young, on the lore about the race on the Internet you wil find the montra grows with age. But males are always shorter

  • General Stone Star Gaming

    To all of you who want to look like Ahsoka Tano, I made a video showing how to look like her.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      While the thought of an army of Ahsokas still terrifies me, I can still give some advice.

      I’d recommend having a red & white dye for the leggings (she wears white tights).

  • The Earl Fleabag of Turdshire

    I assume this will be available when the auto-level 60s are up and running in October? i already have one of each basic class, but am thinking of a Sith Sorcerer for Oct if I save up for gear.

  • Ben Gimson

    Anybody else think they should add Zeltron as an easy filler species between now and the next proper species addition? Would add a bit of variety and be very easy to do, I imagine.

    • Clinton Richard Rice

      I think they get a lot more mileage out of movie races over comic book races. A lot of people have no idea what Zeltron is and can’t name a Zeltron character. It’s a niche following. Zeltrons are j ust hedonistic humans with red skin. Not much meat on the bone. Personally, I’d rather see them working toward races like nautolans, kel dor, mon calamari, duros, devaronians…

      • Ben Gimson

        Oh yeah, sure, but I meant as filler while they’re working on the next race (likely, and hopefully, Nautolan). Zeltrons are essentially recoloured humans, so I figure it’d be something easy (literally just Humans with a different skin tone palette) that they could throw together while they work on a more complicated alien race.

        Luxa was a Zeltron in Kotor 2, so I imagine more folks would know what they are at least vaguely. Though I agree they’re not so well known.

        • Guinec

          I personally would be interested in an entire race, likely for 600 cartel coins, that’s just a human model with red skin..

  • King Thane

    So why can’t males have longer Montral?

    • Fox Cox

      Same reason many species around our word are have dif between males and females?

      • King Thane

        true,just wondering from the few lore I know and the pictures ive seen from comics and other places there are males with same length or longer motrals.

        • infamous

          The males had the same length in-game. Not sure what the tiny tails is about. Looks stupid, like they are undeveloped.

          • Darth Ji’inx

            Probably to look like the males in The Clone Wars

            • infamous

              Still hate it. Even looking at their back seems the worse, like someone hacked it off.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                At least it works with hood down armors. If the back lekku was longer, it wouldn’t fit in the downed hood like a sheath.

              • infamous

                Meh, I’d rather have it and clip and pick something else. People are too obsessed with clipping issues, as if they are not in-game already.

    • ddd

      The female Montrals are nailed to the boobs, I think tu prevent clipping into the body/armor/everything.

      They talked about problems with male Togrutas. And if I watch them moving, yes there is a big problem with clipping! I think they didn’t manage to get it done and did it the BioWare (lazy) way. Cut the Montrals off. And they are still clipping like hell…

      • Darth_Ziltoid

        Is it laziness? Or is it cost to value ratio being considered, since they need a payoff for the work they do. Also, who’s to say its an easy issue to deal with in the engine that is being used, perhaps its actually impossible to make it work properly? Just saying, a lot of people make these claims, but then don’t actually know anything about making video games so its hard to take what they say seriously.

  • Stefan Hurst

    So the pain around the eyes is always going to be white? That is disappointing

    • Adam Haynes

      Especially since they are supposed to have all black eyes (no whites to the eyes) and sharp pointed teeth. I rarely criticize TOR but they clearly went with clone wars togruta instead of the classic EU version. Too bad.

      • Emprah

        Classic Eu is gone. Clone Wars is canon. Of course they went with that.

    • aformerchampion

      And is anyone else bothered by fact that some patterns would have to have been done by mechanical means? Face Pattern 5 could not be natural.

      • AdjeYo

        So what, there’s nothing wrong with artificially changed face patterns, is there?

        • Darth_Ziltoid

          Any excuse to complain is the name of the game when it comes to SWTOR. Seriously, can we expect anything else when it comes to MMO’s?

  • Adam Haynes

    I never noticed the race social ability thing before… What are they for each and how do you use em?

    • aformerchampion

      Type “p” to open up skills panel. Look for race ability there. Drag to quickbar.

    • AdjeYo

      Most don’t have uses, some can be used to replenish health and energy pool, like the basic regen ability every class gets. They’re mainly there to give every species something unique.

    • CraigMitchell

      Human – rally allies – clapping hands above head animation that spreads to nearby players
      Cyborg – weakspot – scans target for his weak spots
      Miraluka – Check alignment – checks the target’s alignment in the Force (Light/Dark)
      Mirialan – meditation – Regen
      Zabrak – inspire loyalty – tries to inspire loyalty in the target, can end in “inspired” or “not feeling it”
      Rattataki – Shadow box – Regen. BUT does NOT replenish energy, thus useful only on Warriors/Knights
      Twi’lek – Parlor dance – channeled dance with 999 seconds channel
      Cathar – Pride of the Cathar – roar scaring neaby players
      Sith – Punishment – Slap your companion for his/her continued disappointment. Results in the companion crying for 1-2 seconds. Some comps like Khem Val or Broonmark or HK have HILARIOUS crying sounds
      Chiss – Review mission – Regen. Checks datapad and makes your companion kneel next to you.
      Togruta – see above.
      P.S. The names and descriptions are most likely not named properly here, just trying to explain. Hope I could help 🙂

      • Adam Haynes

        Dude, that was awesome! I found nothing online with even a weak rundown but that was complete and exactly what I was looking for. You rock! Thanks!

        • CraigMitchell

          I rock indeed. And roll as well. 😀
          P.S. Not trying to be arrogant, just wanted to say that. Thanks for the praise.

  • aformerchampion

    Why do non-mammalian species have boobs in swtor?

    • Emprah

      I agree with the sentiment for species like Ithorians, rodians and such, but aren’t togruta mammals?

    • GLucas

      Its a fucking video game. Its cute you have basic biological knowledge, but take that shit elsewhere. The females are going to have tits get used to it.

    • ddd

      Why have most mamals just nipples and no boobs?

      The fat of human boobs isn’t necessary to feed the offspring. It’s just to attract the males.

    • Adam Haynes

      Duhhhh, because they’re hot! Most human women are too vain to use theirs to feed their baby after the first 24 hours anyway so evolutions only reason for keeping em around is for fun.

  • abaddonsmummy

    After many months to prepare for this (and 1 delayed update) you think they woulda zoomed out the character customisation screen further to see the full montrals.
    Not by much, just a little to see the full effect of the horns.

  • Togru

    Togrutas Power !
    Lets go guys !!!

  • Admary

    The togruta are so hot right now!

    • Darth_Ziltoid

      Lol, Zoolander!

  • infamous

    That’s a joke of a excuse. They already disabled the entire head gear. Least they could do was make them long enough, now they look ridiculous.

    Just like the Cathar they screwed them up as usual. They said they were not going to release until they fixed the males? How is this fixed BW?! You dirty lazy liars. Sad excuse for a model artists and they are getting paid to do their job.

    • Josh Hamano

      Gah, I would have KILLED for Montrails like that. Irks me so bad. Was really looking forward to playing a male togruta, too.

    • ddd

      Short montraled Togruta will never find a girl. Longer, bigger, more Montrals are obviously a thing that makes them more attractive to the opposite gender.

      • infamous

        How I lost my mate to a twi’lek, because he had longer headtails. Q_Q

  • ddd

    Why is a campfire the social ability? I don’t get it!

    • DrOph

      It’s traditional storytelling. Telling story around a campfire.

  • Caveman

    Can anybody tell me what Togrutan skin color 1 (male) is? Some say it’s dark blue, some say it’s violet/purple. What is it?

  • Grassr00tz

    So tired of the humanoid races. Its obvious they only choose those because it requires the least work on their part. Where’s my ewok and wookie?

    • Darth_Ziltoid

      Simple, obvious answer is that Wookies, Jawas, and Ewoks do not speak basic. Since paying an actor to do all of the cut scenes in a Wookie voice would cost ridiculous amounts of money for very little return means it will never happen. Claiming its lazy is yet another example of armchair developers commenting on things way out of their depth, and maybe they should just stick to being Dorito experts instead. *Hint, hint*

      • Grassr00tz

        No need to be rude. It’s Star Wars and with such a rich universe with so many aliens it’s only natural for fans/players to want more than another human. You say Wookies and Ewoks don’t speak basic yet our characters have conversations with them and we understand them and they understand us. I can look past that and just let me read the dialogue in subtitles and play some random noise like they already have in the game for their voice.

        • DrOph

          I’ve said this before, and the developers have said similar things: do you want to run Black Talon or echeless with a wookie character? Can you imagine going through cut scenes and listening to wookie or ewok gibberish? Just think for a moment what a wookie sounds like.

          They will never make non humanoid, non basic speaking humanoid characters.

          From the developers side, there is a more complicated process to get things started in the first place: a big one is the fact that there is no gear that would display for these types of characters, in most cases. Hey would have to generate whole packs worth of skins and customization garbage to justify making such races unique character species. Again, they would have to code them and their stupid gibberish language for every cut scene in the game. But well before sizing and clipping issues they have to submit the idea for evaluation, including running it by Lucas arts, who would reject the idea outright, cause it’s a bad idea, plain and simple.

          If you want to be a furry, that’s your business, butt here are very practical reasons why it will never happen in this game.

          The next playable race is almost certain to be nautalons, with large black eyes and dread-lock tendrils in their heads – a very popular basic speaking race.

          And also: Wookies are humanoid. It’s literally a guy in a fur suit. But they speak furry: his race will never work for such a fully voiced Game.

          And the final reason there will never be a wookie playable character: The frivken Star Wars holiday special, for Christ’s sake

      • ddd

        Subtitles are already in the game.

        And differnet Wookie roars also. they could be used ransomly while displaying the subtitles.

        It would be possible. But I don’t need Wookies ans playable species.

    • Adam Haynes

      Yeah and what about my Hutt… I want to be a Hutt commando!

  • Josef Tauser

    Dat ass

  • Adam Haynes

    Ok, time for my completely off topic question of the week: IYO what makes the better healer for ops… Commando or scoundrel?

  • Crynort Argentus’Flare

    hi how did get pink skin on the male togruta

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Dark Side?

      • Crynort Argentus’Flare

        iv not made one yet but im going to make one dark side and one light side , i was just wandering how they screenshoted pink skin

      • Crynort Argentus’Flare

        i will be making one light side and one dark side. im just a little confused on how they got pink skin on male togruta

        • Darth Ji’inx

          “Dark Side?” = Dark Side Corruption

          • Crynort Argentus’Flare

            so if i turn on Dark Side Corruption my male togruta will go pink?

            • Darth Ji’inx

              I assume so. Zabraks and Purebloods turn pale pink like that.

              • Crynort Argentus’Flare

                time to raise an army of dark sided jedi & sith togruta

  • Sarigar

    After finally getting to look at the Togruta species in character creation, I am both pleased and disappointed. They did a good job of providing a lot of variety in montral and skin colour, and a much larger selection of faces than most alien races get… but I think they still came up short in areas that could really serve to distinguish one Togruta from another.

    I would have liked to have seen at least four different montral shape options (not the tails, the upright horn parts) for both sexes. More significantly, there should have been more facial design options for each sex, and there should have been some facial designs unique to each sex. I would have liked a complexion slider as well, if not scars (between the two, I’d prefer complexion).

    Still, it’s a good addition to the species roster, I look forward to seeing many new colourful togruta running around!

    • infamous

      I think they also forgot to makeup options for lips and eyebrows. Ashara has them and different color of lips.

  • JRP

    I noticed that in the skin colors for female Togruta, numbers 8 and 9 are switched from how they really are in game.

  • Nick Green

    I was always disappointed with the race offerings. They were all the most human looking possibilities (BORING!) from the Star Wars universe, with Twi’lek being the most exotic. So it’s great they’ve added this new race.

    The male ones definitely look wrong though. I’ve googled around and seen they’re canon but it still looks ill proportioned. I think would I pay for that? I’m not sure I could play a male one. The females look great but I prefer to play males so…. all in all I’d probably rather just stick with my Twi’leks.

  • Jake Nolan

    What a total disappointment. (Yes, I just found this page) So the reason they cut male montrals off is because they were worried about clipping, yet they still clip through everything… AND they refuse to go into the code and add physics to their frame so they DON’T clip? wow…

  • Herman Avalos

    this is excellent but lacks the more detailed description of the ways, It is that I and others We make stories .of, fanfiction ,to describe the characters we create, and we need help ,physical descriptions please for those who need help

  • Varak’sas

    I would make a Togruta character, but the male’s top prongs tip forward instead of backwards, and that bothers me.

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