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SWTOR Yavin Temple Stronghold Guide

SWTOR Yavin Temple Stronghold guide and walkthrough. For a more detailed guide check out Tor-Decorating’s page.


For images/maps/hooks info check out Tor-Decorating’s page on the Yavin Stronghold.

Video Walkthrough

There is a secret cave located in the Temple Grounds. To enter it, look for a big statue head in the back of the Temple Grounds. The cavern is massive and amazing (check the video walkthrough). Also check out the watchtower at the back of the Temple Grounds as well, the top can be decorated!

  • As reader Zemerick pointed out below, you can pull out your macrobinoculars and scan 3 of the temples for Massassi War part 1-3 codex entries


Timestamps of each room

  • Temple Room 1 – 1:26
  • Temple Room 2 – 2:07
  • Lower Staircase – 3:19
  • Basement – 3:57
  • Upper Staircase – 5:15
  • Temple Balcony – 5:41
  • Temple Grounds – 6:27
  • Secret Cave – 9:34
  • Sanctuary 1 – 13:27
  • Sanctuary 2- 15:07
  • Watchtower – 15:49

General Info and Unlocking Costs

  • Default Hooks: 250
  • Max Hooks: 750
  • 16 centerpiece hooks, 2 starship hooks

Personal Stronghold Unlock Prices

Room # Room Name Credits Cartel Coins Decorations Occupancy
0 Initial Purchase 2.5 mil 2500 CC 250 10
1 Temple Room 1 825k 700 CC +50 +5
2 Temple Room 2 975k 800 CC +50 +5
3 Upper Stairwell 450k 400 CC +25 +5
4 Lower Stairwell 450k 400 CC +25 +5
5 Temple Basement 1.5 mil 1200 CC +25 +5
6 Temple Balcony 1.2 mil 1000 CC +25 +5
7 Temple Grounds 2.6 mil 2000 CC +200 +10
8 Sanctuary 1 1.25 mil 1000 CC +50 +5
9 Sanctuary 2 1.25 mil 1000 CC +50 +5
Total 13 mil 11000 CC +750 50

Guild Stronghold Unlock Prices

Room # Room Name Credits Cartel Coins Decorations Occupancy
0 Initial Purchase 15 mil   250 10
1 Temple Room 1 2 mil   +50 +5
2 Temple Room 2 2.4 mil   +50 +5
3 Upper Stairwell 900k   +25 +5
4 Lower Stairwell 900k   +25 +5
5 Temple Basement 3.75 mil   +25 +5
6 Temple Balcony 3 mil   +25 +5
7 Temple Grounds 7.8 mil   +200 +10
8 Sanctuary 1 3.125 mil   +50 +5
9 Sanctuary 2 3.125 mil   +50 +5
Total   42 mil   +750 50

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

150 replies on “SWTOR Yavin Temple Stronghold Guide”

Sadly , thats why I’m not touching it. It’s a bit to pricy for me when I’ve already completed conquest and don’t need a free port to yavin.

I don’t get why you would want to spend real world money on this when you can do it with in game money. Everyone should have a slicer. As soon as I heard this was coming out I went to Yavin and sliced my way to 15 mil (a little extra just incase the datamined number was wrong). Yavin is literally a gold mine.

Yes, to open it. Not the entire thing though. Once the rooms are unlocked you never have to unlock again. Sorry I was more specific.

lel, why you need so much money? You won’t be even able to spend it all before they close the game, even if it happens in 2020 😛

I have a worthy cause for you to spend your credits on… An organization called, “I’m Broke.”
Your donations are greatly appreciated…
Lol! 🙂

The cost on the unlocks is incorrect for their CC costs. most were roughly proportional to their credit cost: 1.25=1.2k cc, ect

Does anyone know if any information has been released about how strongholds will be handled if there is a server merge? I already know what happens on a willing transfer, but not a server merge.

What? No lava pit or body cage to lower my victims, after I take out their hearts?


The live prices are:

— Temple Room 1: 975k / 800CC

— Temple Room 2: 975k / 800CC

— Lower Stairwell: 450k / 400CC

— Upper Stairwell: 450k / 400CC

— Temple Balcony: 1.2m / 1000CC

— Temple Grounds: 2.6m / 2000CC

— Temple Basement: 1.5m / 1200CC

— Temple Sanctuary 1: 1.25m / 1000CC

— Temple Sanctuary 2: 1.25m / 1000CC

Guildmate Kishii had the idea to pull out the Macrobinoculars. 3 of the temples can be scanned to unlock The Massassi War part 1-3 codex entries. Looking to see if anything else can be scanned.

I would be surprised if any of the others had anything for this long without it being spotted. That’s many months, whereas Yavin it only took a couple hours, and more than 1 person has found it now.

I feel ya. I had found out Taris would be a planet in the game first, but waited to read some more details before I made the post. Someone else ended up beating me to the post by just a couple minutes:)

If you set a stronghold to inactive, will the decorations stay in place if you activate it again down the line?

I don’t think so. I think the point of deactivating them is that it releases stored data within the servers to ease their load… if the decorations were kept, then there’d be no reason to not be able to have five active strongholds. The only exception I can see is that *if* the Devs are savvy enough, it’s possible that deactivating a stronghold moves that stronghold’s data to a separate storage server, and the information is only called when the player reactivates the stronghold. If that’s the case, I would be very impressed. However, it is more likely that your decorations will be reset on that stronghold.

11000 CC for the full unlock. Lawl. The sad part is, there are some idiots out there who will actually pay it.

If they can afford so much money to be spent on digital fluff, they are far from idiots I assure you. Idiots wouldn’t make the money.

funny how they immediately classified as idiots. When probably a lot of a good job with so much money on the side. I think its perfectly normal to spend it on whatever you want after you paid all your bills and other priorities. I mean why else make money

For the record, everyone who has things I want and don’t have, is a jerk, and I hate them. How could someone be so inconsiderate as to not even ask themselves “Does Naq have this yet? And if they do, do hey need two?” Before they themselves aquire said things? Butts and jerks I tell you.

Not knowing me is no excuse either.

I’ll buy you that thing you want Naq. You come first dude. You forgot to call them “fucktards” though.

just makes financial sense if you value your time and earn decent money. A few days grind versus an hour or two of real money earnt. Depends if you want it and how you want to go about paying for it. Don’t knock other people’s priorities, EA/BW have shown time and time again they will continue to invest time and energy in areas that are supported by the players… how they show their support is many and varied, each to their own. Show some respect.

I wasn’t judging anyone, so I’m not sure what you’re sore about.

All I said was intelligence, or its absence, often have no bearing on someone’s social mobility; that’s it.

using the word “fucktard” and you weren’t being judgmental? cmon man, be honest with yourself. And where does “social mobility” come from all of a sudden? this is just economics.

You need to come down off your pedestal, man.

Read what I said, and what I was replying to, and stop doing such a heroic job of inferring things I didn’t imply. You’re getting so righteous you’re losing sight of what’s really being said.

If they got the money they can spend it however they want, I could give a shit. I’m just saying having money doesn’t mean you’re necessarily smart. Or competent.

yeah, and I’m just saying that if you have the money and it’s disposable, then it’s the economic thing to do… there’s no righteousness, just common sense. I am reading what you said, its why I take issue with it and how you say it… ie: my last post, you seem to be the one having that issue :/

You’d wish, but in reality this world is made by the privileged, for the privileged. Some are able to make it regardless, but that’s not the rule.

dude, anyone playing this game is the privileged. It’s an online computer game, not a hot meal or dry clothing.

you are still the privileged, it doesn’t matter… you’ve won already, ok you might not think you are in the lead in whatever race you might think you are in, but there are far more behind you than ahead.

Dude, I never said the opposite. This whole discussion was about how a lot of people are idiots and can easily reach a pretty high economic and social “recognition” status. To which someone said that “yeah you know what, but you still gotta make the effort”. And I’m sorry but I somewhat disagree to that.

Am I able to comfortably be a subscriber to this game because of the fact that I was born and raised in a middle class family of a devoloping/advanced country? Yes. Have I done a lot of effort to get where I am? Uhm… I’m not sure. I have done some effort for sure, but I can’t say I wasn’t given more chances to advance with my life than a lot of people in other countries or in poorer families.

So saying that whoever can afford to buy Cartel Coins because they were hard working and succesful, I say bullshit.

Sadly some people who have trouble paying for their own meals get the government to pay for those meals and waste their money on things like cell phones, games, and the Internet. America is the privileged.i don’t know what John K is going on about.

The average ticket price for a Broadway play crossed the $100 mark in 2014. The average price for a seat at a pro football game (US) was $85 (also 2014), One night stay in a resort hotel is probably >$200, could be $500 or more. What people spend their money on is their business.

However, I said it when people advocate for F2P games. Games will invest their money in areas that give them returns, and if cosmetic and the like sell well, it’s not surprising they do more of it. BTW, I’m not saying F2P is bad, and sub is good either. Subs have their own, but different problems. As so does B2P…

42m? Screw that. Had a hard enough time paying for the others.

Too many of these updates are focused on the uber player who has 12 hours a day to dump on the game. What about those of us who are a little older and have careers?

I think you are confused, the 42 million is for the guild stronghold version of the Yavin 4 stronghold. The player owned verion is only 13 million for the total unlock, which is inline with previous projections and is about the same as the Tatooine stronhold.

13 million is pretty cheap actually. Poor methods of getting credits will still net you 500k an hour. If you play an hour a day, that’s only 4 weeks to get it completely maxed out. Less than 1 month.

You can also have a career and easily manage 40+ hours a week ( largely thanks to the weekend. ) That would mean well under 1 week to again max it out.

Me and a guildie just unlocked our flagship by ourselves, without really farming hard, and taking about 2 weeks off due to a GTN crash in the items we were selling. We managed it in about 1 month, and that’s 50 million. ( I burn out easily repeating stuff, so we had to quite often do different things. None of it was entirely mindless like say killing the same room of mobs over and over, or farming chests. )

If you do just the dailies, you will get over 1 million a day.

I would definitely say that qualifies as an “only” 13 million, especially since you get the place at only 2.5 million. The rest is to open it up more.

Oh, and don’t forget the cartel coins. Security key is 100 a month, and subscription is at least 500 a month.

So, just a few days after buying our guild flagship, I bought the mats ( 5 dark projects, and 5 universal prefab 3s ) for a ship decoration as well as purchasing my yavin stronghold, unlocked half of the place, have 1 million in the bank, and around 3-5 million in items that still haven’t sold. Oh, and bought a 192 barrel for my main hand. And 1.5 million that went to the guild towards the next flagship unlock.

To each his own…. I personally think that Strongholds are a minor detail of the game, which does not really make me want to devote a lot of time on decorating them (since the decoration process is probably the worst way they could have ever thought in my opinion) and I would rather spend my money on pretty much almost every other aspect of the game. And no, I will NEVER spend cartel coins to purchase a stronghold unlock, that’s just a waste of money to me. I do have 20 million credits across all my toons, but I just think that 13 million is way too much for a house on Yavin.

That’s certainly fair enough. I know I will spend hours and hours in there getting the place right for me. It’s a thing, but certainly not everybody’s thing. It’s only worth it to me because I know it brings me a lot of fun for many hours, otherwise I wouldn’t spend a dime on it either.

I use them as RP playsets. I RP with a bunch of Onderonian Beastlords, and they are turning our groups Yavin 4 into a temple for training etc. I bought 50 of the new plants, 25 crumbley ruins, 25 corner pieces, 50 hangy vines, 30 hangy mosses, some statues and stuff, and went to town last night setting it up to “Find” it. Even set up some enemy camps for some table top style rp combat. Revanites with similar intentions for the place near the front, and massassi toward the back. Its going to be a blast.

Ebon Hawk, I should probably be off and on tonight, I’ll leave it unlocked if anything as “Naq’s Smuggler Haven” if you want to take a peek. Bare in mind I don’t get home till after 8pm EST. I need to buy some more Massassi warriors tonight, I have 2, but I think 8-10 would be better.

You wasted your money on 50 of the hanging vines for that place. I think there are 18? I NEED MORE CEILING HOOKS!!

Just to make sure, you do realize that is guild stronghold cost right? which people should all together pitch in, assuming you are talking about one for your self. then the cost is 13 M

I am older and have a career….I also had just over 30 million credits on my main and because I work I can also afford some CC. And hey, it’s not like you have to unlock it all in one go.

42 mil is for guilds only…and even 13 mil is pocket change to most people-a casual player can get that in a couple of weeks.

Man I opened the while thing before work today and never even saw the cave or watchtower! Now I can’t wait to go home, crack open an IPA and go nuts decorating.

Well, let me throw some numbers out. When I was raising credits to buy the guild ship I would average anywhere between 2-6 million credits per week. I did all the dailies, an op like TFB, and hardcore GTN selling. So it’s really not too out of reach. I managed to get ~45-46 million credits in 2 months/8 weeks for the guild ship.

Slicing on Yavin I was able to average 1mil in 1 1/2 hours. I totally financed it that way. Now I will say that was on Jung Ma with a low population and 1 instance so most of the time I didn’t have an issue with other farmers. I did run into gank mobs on occasion though. Now on Harvinger it’s a little different there are more people but no gank mobs and multiple instances. So it’s not really that hard to make money in this game.

Oh I agree it’s easy to make money. I’ve typically avoided the slicing route because my server is evil, TONS of gankers, and of course my slicer guy isn’t stealth. But I also didn’t know you could get so many credits from Yavin, so I may do some investigating.

It all depends on the server. There are pros and cons from both types. You also need to take into account mobs. I avoid them chest where you pull mobs because it takes time to kill them. The training grounds is the better area to do it in as the chests aren’t mixed in with the Massasi like at the temple. Also the time of day has an effect with other people being there.

If I ever run into someone else slicing on Yavin, it’s a guy from the sister guild of the guild I’m in, lol.

It’s nice for those who like it but not my thing. I can’t see any of my characters living in a cave, i’m afraid. Here’s hoping for a luxury resort on Rishi or an industrial loft in a Corellia skyscraper.

To be fair though, it’s a “Stronghold”, not a “home”. In my case, my Sith Inquisitor uses it as his hidden research facility.

Seeing as Rishi is a pirate planet, I don’t think Luxury Resort would fit too well. I would like a sort of “Pirate King Palace” place there, and Corellia Penthouse is also high up the list. I want it all, hehe. Give me a place on ALL THE PLANETS!

Fair enough. I didn’t say it’s a dumb idea or anything. On the contrary it adds a good amount of variety in the sh list so far. It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s nice to see that you found a a good use for one of your characters though.

Indeed. It’s certainly not a one size fits all place. I think that’s part of what makes it great though. A Lamborghini Aventador isn’t perfect for everyone…but it is still an amazing car I dream of owning some day! When you try to make something for the masses, it ends up being very bland.

Batman does have a cave so we can too.
Its a nice and relaxing place to be.
Caves is the future new home trend

Yes, and as stated above hardly any of it is in the cave. There are like maybe 15 hooks in the cave. It is a very small portion of the SH. To judge it by the cave is stupid.

none of the buildings make good living quarters. all of them are open to the elements and much of it is crumbling. the entire place would be like living in an abandoned building that is falling down around you

i have yavin, but the best i could do with it was make it a museum/cantina spot, none of it makes for suitable living quarters unless you put up a tent for camping

I find these giant super houses to be more realistic if you divide them up for multiple characters in your legacy, or friends. Tatooine for instance has the main home, but down the elevator is this big area for a market, and then there is 3-4 decent small homes, and the big tents could be nice outdoorsy living. This is all RP stuff…but…aren’t SH’s RP stuff anyway?

Eg, I have a friend that owns Tatooine, and its set up like a small town, sort of like I described, I have a tiny house there, sort of a safehouse I guess, with supplies, some personal effects etc. I paid for the building to be unlocked, and I provided the furniture. This obviously only works with friends though. Nice bonus, the marketplace has a shared GTN/banks/amenities, and one of the buildings is a cozy cantina. Its my favorite SH so far.

A guildie set his Tatooine up as literally a “Smuggler’s haven” – Both ships are XS Stock. Hangar is filled with supplies, boxes and weapon racks. Area outside hangar is sort of “summer garden” with the pergola seen on Makeb. Area above that is themed as a Jungle with Rishi/Yavin stuff. The rooms are divided into 2 bedrooms, a room with contraband “that would get me executed in both the Republic AND the Empire”, a commando central of his underworld empire, a medcenter and such.

An Alderaan stronghold would be cool. I’m with Redalert539. I think this stronghold is very nice, but it isn’t for me. It does not suit any of my characters. Plus I have spent so much time and credits on the other four strongholds so, eh..

The stronghold is very nice, but it’s frustrating that we can’t have more than 4 strongholds. Apparently deactivating it picks up all the decorations (which I have spent hours decorating). Now my question is, if you deactivate a stronghold, are all the unlocked rooms gone as well?

Indeed. I miss the “save decoration layout” feature of SWG so much.

I just deactivated my Nar Shaddaa Stronghold that had 5/9 expansions unlocked and reactivated it. It still has 5/9 expansions unlocked. Note, however, that all these expansions were granted from the pre-order reward of the Strongholds expansion, so I’m not sure if it works the same for strongholds purchased with cartel coins or credits.
I believe I read somewhere at launch of Strongholds that there was a difference at reactivation if you purchased your stronghold by credits or cartel coins, too, but not sure if that has to do with rooms or just the re-activation cost.

Good to know. My Nar Shaada has 7/9 expansion and I purchased everything with in-game credit. So I am a little scared of deactivating it.

I transferred servers and had to pay to unlock again all the rooms were still open. So I can confirm that it’s just the initial price you have to pay.

If you bought the initial unlock cost with credits you have to re-pay that amount as an activation fee when you re-activate a stronghold. If you used cartel coins for initial purchase you can re-activate for free.

Any additional rooms you unlock with credits, however, are permanently unlocked on your legacy, no matter how many times you re-de activate a stronghold.

Lets say you paid 2.5 milliion credits to purchase tattoine stronghold. Then spend an additional 7 million unlocking the remaining 8 rooms. Then you de-activate it. Upon re-activating it you pay 2.5 million to re-activate, and all 9 rooms will be unlocked.

The same holds true for a server transfer. Lets say you transfer a character to a server you dont have any toons on, you will pay an initial re-activation fee to open up a stronghold (if you bought with credits) but any rooms you had unlocked on your legacy on the previous server will be permanently unlocked on the new server.

I’m planning on having at least one toon on 5 different servers, so I paid initial unlock cost of yavin in cartel coins so I can unlock it for free on other 4 servers, saving me 10 million. Since i was subbed for nar shadaa, and costs for dk and coruscant are only 5k each, I can have 4 completely unlocked strongholds upon tranferrring to a new server for only 10k total.

“If you bought the initial unlock cost with credits you have to re-pay that amount as an activation fee when you re-activate a stronghold” I swear, I hate BioWare/EA just a little bit more, everyday..

Didnt they get rid of the NPC limit previously or was I mistaken about that? I ran into NPC limit on Tat and Yavin when decorating. Which was disappointing as I wanted to set up an epic companion cross-faction battle royale on the bridge of my yaving stronghold.

Yeah I saw some people saying they had hit the NPC limit. I think Ji’nx may be right but also I think I kinda remember animal mounts and possibly pets may count.

There is still an NPC limit, but the limit is only for NPCs you can interact with. The test of whether or not an NPC counts towards the limit is if you can select them as a target. For the most part, this is vendors and companions, but I think the Life Day Reveler and the little droid with the gold coins from the Nightlife event also count.

It would be nice if they let us set where the start point was in each stronghold. Yavin is one hell of a long way to walk to the two back temple areas if you have your banks there. 😐 Of course, that would be BW giving us far too much control…

Limiting in your options of placement, but if you keep them by the entrance, you can wander around your stronghold at will then use the /stuck to get right back to where you have your storage/GTN.

I still feel like the Cartel Coin cost is a bit to high for the larger strongholds. Basically pushing you toward buying the 14k coin package ($100) in the event that you are not sitting on a stockpile of credits.

True but I would suggest using cartel coins for opening the initial area of any stronghold simply because then you never have to pay reactivation costs.

Well I did it. Like I said last night after watching this video of the Yavin 4 Temple stronghold. I’m now the proud owner of this awesome stronghold. Still need a few other rooms, but what I’ve got is breath taking. Just need to unlock the basement then it’s the sanctuary’s and the temple grounds. I’ve got two characters at level 65 so it won’t take long to get the credits, with doing the dailies and flashpoints. At the end of the day, I play the game and are given the credits for completing objectives. So the whole stronghold stands me at nothing. Sounds like a win win situation.

It’s a beautiful stronghold but it’s a right pain in the rear end to decorate properly. Hope you have a better experience.

I think the worst part of the Yavin stronghold is the entrance. It dumps a ways from anything decoratable so you have to make a big hike to go check your mail or use the GTN or whatever you put in there. Tatooine has the reverse problem, where the elevator out is too far away. : /

Dont know if this is old news – for those who Deactivate/Reactivate Yavin Stronghold – and had purchased it with ingame curency – the cost is 2.5 mil ( as it was to unlock it first ).
so reactivating it costs….the same ammount. ( not dumb at all )

If at least one stronghold would be something to be called a STRONGHOLD … walls, towers, gates, barracks, machine halls, and lots of hocks at the right place for an insane amount of small weapon emplacements, larger turrets, concrete bunkers, trenches, at the back artillerie turrets and AA turrets at the front and LEGIONS of cheap to aquire troopers with weapons ready … not the simple guard from the pvp vendor but battle ready troopesr with assault rifles, close combat weapons, laser rifles etc.

I tried this with tatooine, building it this so-called stronghold up as a stronghold, a military garrison but even then there’s only the big hock mass beside the forward landing zone and no chance to put turrets, weapons, etc. in something that could be called a perimeter …. still nicely and almost finised … but it could be so much , so much more.

So sad visiting other so-called housings and standing arround in some kind of holiday whatsoever.
This is Star WARS …. WAR not peace and certainly no so-called-strongholds-turned-holiday-and-spa-resorts.

I have made up my Nar Shada palace as a real stronghold. Front balcony has 5 large turrets, four imp bomber, 2 heavy artillery and giant missile. Solarium has 5 more large turrets, Zaku turret control, lots of smaller turrets and broken turrets and damage, and a burning Pub walker on the landing pad, where all of the guns are pointing.

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