GW2 Tempest Elementalist Elite Specialization Livestream Notes

GW2 Tempest Elementalist Elite Specialization livestream notes with a list of the new abilities and traits.

Note: See here for the latest tooltips/skills animations from Beta weekend 1


Where is the Trailer?

  • It is a short answer. All of the team is working on Heart of Thorns and they are really busy.

Where is the datamined Elementalist sword?

  • Our development goes through an iterative process, everything is in flux until we officially announce it.

Overload Attunement Skills


  • Skill tooltips were recorded with Crusader/Marauder/Celestial Amulet
  • Cooldown on overload is 15-20s after you finished channeling it (depends if you are traited to decrease the cooldown or not).
  • After you overload an attunement, if you switch to another attunement, you cannot swap back to the overloaded attunement until the cooldown is finished.
  • If you are overloading the Earth Attunement, you will get a break bar. This break bar can absorb a few crowd control abilities. For example the Mesmer Moa morph will consume the break bar but won’t interrupt your overloading.


Warhorn Skills


  • New warhorn sounds will be added for this specialization since the old warhorn sounds are fairly annoying.
  • Heat Sync give you 3x might stacks and then share all your boons with your allies.
  • Wildfire is your area control fire skill. It is a large rectangular carpet that will burn and damage enemies standing in it. It act as a fire combo field so you can combo it with Overload fire since it is a whirl finisher.
  • Tidal Surge heals/regenerate nearby allies and then knocks enemies back in front of you. Act as a crowd control skill in your water attunement.
  • Water Globe is a mobile circular regenerative water field you can blast it for additional heals.Works great with Evasive Arcana trait.
  • Cyclone is a line projectile that will pull enemies towards it and grant swiftness to allies it affects.You can pull enemies in and then combo with Lightning Rod for additional AoE damage.
  • Lightning Orb is another line projectile that basically fire orbs in a single line. Helps if you have singled someone out as it will do massive damage to a single target. Less effective against multiple targets.
  • Sand Squall will apply protection to yourself and allies and then increase the duration of all boons on them by 2 seconds. This will increase your protection to 4s for example.
  • Dust Storm is a pulsating blind field that pulsate every 2 seconds with each little cyclone does their own blind and vulnerability.




  • Wash the Pain Away! – Heal with increasing radius that extends the healing outwards. The closer you are to your allies, the more you will heal them. There is no initial heal anymore, it just heal yourself the same as your allies.
  • Feel the Burn! – Rapidly push out burning to nearby enemies and then give fire aura to allies.
  • Shock and Aftershock! – Will be renamed to just Aftershock. Does two waves, with first wave crippling and then the second wave immobilize enemies. There is a 0.5s delay between the first and second wave. Grant Magnetic aura to allies. You can combo it with Dagger #3 skill Magnetic Grasp and then apply Shock and Aftershock right after with Dust Storm piled on to give blind.
  • Eye of the Storm! – Break stun for you and allies and grant them super speed for 5s.
  • Flash-Freeze! – Create a small area around enemies that they have a very short time to get out of. If they do not escape, they will be chilled. Changed to give Frost Aura for 5s instead of 3s on the tooltip.Hit up to 5 enemies within a 600 radius.
  • Rebound! – Give you and nearby allies 25% reduced cooldown on their next skill (works with weapon skills as well).Will require some coordination with your allies for maximum effect.




  • Gale Song – Give you Eye of the Storm when you are crowd controlled. Break you out of the stun and gain superspeed with a 45s cooldown.
  • Latent Stamina – Apply vigor in a radius when attuning to water, give 10 endurance when you grant vigor as well.
  • Unstable Conduit – Overloading an attunement give you an aura based on your attunement.
  • Tempestuous Aria – Grant might to allies and weakness to enemies while using shouts.
  • Earthen Proxy  – Give you 40% damage reduction on protection (up from 33%).
  • Harmonious Conduit – This will make overloading an attunement have a cooldown of 16s instead of 20s.
  • Imbued Melodies – Will be changed to allies in a radius instead of allies you are facing.
  • Lucid Singularity – Remove and gain massive resistance to movement impeding conditions (immobilize, cripple, chilled) while overloading your attunement.
  • Elemental Bastion – Similar to Altruistic Healing for Guardians. Auras you apply heal allies and apply a Frost Aura to yourself and allies when you are struck below the health threshold. Works pretty well with Unstable Conduit so you are gaining an aura when overloading and the aura heal allies.
  • Raivis Carriedo

    auramancer got crazy

    • Akuni

      Auramancer was already potent before this thanks to the rework. The thing is: It doesn’t help the other playstles a bit. The Spec migth be usable but the WH is not as potent as the dagger or focus in flat out comparison. It also doesn’t help Scepter. And Staff is still tank Fire, ignore Air.
      I’m not really hyped for it.

      • Raven

        The questions is: What content will you get in HoT?

        All players, or most of them, speculate with content yet in the game, where zerker is meta.
        But what when we get content that NEED hardly support? Or dungeons totaly different to existing one? Or enemies with better AI, running out of aoe’s or corners?

        Well, would be funny. 🙂

        Funny in many ways. To read mimimis in the mapchat, that all the content is to hard… 😀
        And for better dynamics. Well, there will ever be a “meta”. But maybe not only the zerker meta.

        The main problem is: Time.
        Most of all players will do dungeons only for money and fast as possible.
        Why? To get fast money…
        The rediculous math is… when you go to work one hour and you buy gems and then gold… you get more gold for it then in any dungeon you can go in one hour… or farm…

        Yes, there are players with fun on this speedruns.
        But most of them do this because of the gold wins at the end.

        Thats the problem. Not the “fun”… only the gold and the time.
        Yes, the dungeons are… not as good as in other mmos… ok.
        But i will wait for HoT.


        • Akuni

          Oh don’t worry I’d LOVE to have hard content with supporters and taks needed. But that was actually intended when GW2 launched aswell. Now look what content we have since 3 years.

          The thing is, content is hard in the beginning when you don’t know what to do exactly. As time goes on you’ll learn to evade every tell and basically run it in zerk again. As long as there’s no variance to their content in the form of RNG than they can’t counter that stuff. And we all know how bad Anet is with good RNG which still feels fair (precursors being at the point where they said fuck it you get a reliable way because we dunno how to RNG).

          I’m not really holding much hope in Anet. But I’d be glad if they could show me otherwise.

          • lore

            I would also like to see some better dungeons with supporters and tanks needed. I haven’t seen any mention of new dungeons or any of the dungeons being reworked for HOT though, so I am skeptical.

            I don’t see why you would use this elite spec outside of group content.

            I agree with raven on dungeons. The speed run for gold has kind of killed the dungeons (at least i think that is what raven said). I am not sure how you would fix that (I don’t think they should nerf the gold drops). The whole group finder needs a rework really.

          • Josef Tauser

            I bet you’d love “hard content”

      • TheFantasticG

        If on a Staff Ele you’re tanking fire and not switching attunements you’re doing it seriously wrong.

  • Zenahk

    Auramancer or ignore. At least this spec won’t be completely and utterly useless.

  • Saihah

    The entire spec looks like it’s pure groupfight stuff. Isn’t that a niche that Elementalists already fill, though? I don’t know if it’s different enough from standard staff play to really make a good impact on the game.

    • Akuni

      Exactly. This Elite spec doesn’t bring anything new. It’s auramancer on steroids which is basically the only real playstyle you have left in PvE anyway. This is a letdown… Well would be – I never expected much from a WH spec anyway.

  • Joshua Selvan

    Too much complex. So much stuff. To be done simultaneously. All over the place.

    I think I’ll just stick to enjoying the sporadic appearances of its more elaborate skills – whenever other people decide to play it in proximity to me.

  • Valento

    This is the kind of complexity I LOVE. Thank you, ArenaNet. Looking forward to it!

  • Sarigar

    This is the only elite spec so far that doesn’t have me enthused. I can see how it might have some use in PVP, but for PVE? As far as I see, there’s no existing content where this would improve Elementalist play, or even offer substantially different play.

    • Eternum

      It’s all about “add free might stacks to everything and make might share easier”. Ele is just Ele again. Necro is now Reaper, Guard is now Dragonhunter… Ele is just Ele again.

    • Joshua Selvan

      I’m thinking of actually writing a text wall about this in the GW2 forums. The tempest seems to provide extremely diverse support – more effects from one player then I’ve noticed anywhere else. The problem is that in game group content is not diverse enough to benefit from such a jack-of-all-trades supporter. For speed-dungeons you want 25 might, fury and the occasional super-speed. For silverwastes your zerg needs might, fury and possibly protection.

      I’m very interested to see if group content zones are provided in HoT which benefit from such a diverse support player (over a dedicated might or healing stacker).

      I do feel that each of these elite specs almost equate to playing a new class (as their playstyles are so different). But increasing your class count from 8 to 18 is pretty meaningless if you don’t drastically increase the amount (and diversity) of the end game content to use these classes on.

  • Ghostt


  • Josef Tauser

    3:19 umm eles have the highest survivability of any class in the game; they are immune to critical hits ! and heal whenever they cast anything ! seriously, has the dude with the ponytail never queued for PvP ?

    • Zenahk

      Crit immunity is reliant on Earth Magic, which is usually neglected in favor of water magic and damage focused trait lines in PvE and WvW. ‘Heal whenever they case anything’ is a lazy excuse that doesn’t really say anything. If you want to prove a point, at least write down logical and reasoned sentences, with a minimum of lazy grammar.

      • Josef Tauser

        you can’t even quote me properly you fucking retard. well done. you’ve proved your point. the internet knows your value now.

        But if I ruined your masturbatory fantasies about the gentleman in the above video, I’m sorry.

        • Ma Tes

          Seems more like you are talking about yourself.

          • Josef Tauser

            Betcha 50 gold you didn’t read either post but noticed the word “retard” and felt you had to comment since it discriminates against people like you who were born that way. I’m sorry dude, I apologize. I’m insensitive sometimes.

            Post your player tag so I can send you 50 gold in game.

            • Akuni

              >> State their opinion
              >> Someone else disagrees
              >> omg you retatd

              Never seen someone so self-entitled. You should really reflect on your attitude.

              • Josef Tauser

                Sure thing Dr Phil 🙂 And you should reflect on why you’re such a busy body who attempts to police online forums. Make your own site, with your own forums and ban whoever you want. This American attitude of telling others how to act is just pathetic.

                And scrolling through your comment history I see at least a dozen “grow up kiddo” comments over the past month. How insecure are you ? Maybe you need Dr Phil more than me.

              • Akuni

                Dude, you should just read through your comment and wonder what’s wrong with it. Because seeing “I scrolled through your comments” is a bit more ‘murica if not UdSSR…

                Back to the original point I just said that you should work on accepting other opinions because frankly you’re not very good at it. If you’re already arguing with someone it’s normal to get heated. Starting the argument just because someone disagrees… Not very social. You should call your friend Dr. Phil there.

                Btw I am not american. I know when to use your and you’re.

              • Josef Tauser

                Took you 19 days to come up with this nonsense reply ? Wow. Sorry for sending you to a psychiatrist. By the way, what’s the “UdSSR” ? or a “retatd” for that matter ? You probably shouldn’t have skipped out on elementary school.

    • Crusic Webster

      when I hear people talk about survivability, I think of the amount of meta and non meta builds that I can survive against, now, that is my perspective of survivability, lets talk about professions that are more survivable. Guardians, warriors, engineers, rangers( loads of keep away, immobilize, healing and IMO the same amount of stuns as an ele), necromancers(life-drains, two life bars, tons of cc) and mesmers( have many ways to completely avoid damage). and ele have the smallest health pool in the game.
      So based off of all the classes I play and fight and based off this information I personally do not agree with your concept that elementalist have the most survivability, I would agree that they have more utilities. but all are pretty easily counter played more so than other classes mostly because of the smallest health pool and long cooldowns on the utility options. I know cuz my theif/necro/engineer/ranger/warrior roll over 95% of elementalist in PvP. I do love my elementalist and am very excited for everything they have projected minus the flash freeze and rebound utility

    • Benjamin Harrison

      Yeah, eles always camp Earth…

      • Josef Tauser

        You’ve never queued for PvP …

        • Zhaife

          Why would anybody camp earth?????? do they hate doing damage or healing

          • Josef Tauser

            You’ve never queued for PvP …

  • commentor

    Looks like aura build(s) got some serious buff. I doubt I would rely on it though. Auras’ nature are reactive, and elementalists generally avoid getting hit to survive, and also given that mobs attack slowly, it’s sort of counter-productive. I really will have to double-guess alot to switch from D-D/F with cantrip sfor this. At best, auras are probly only for the traited benefits rather than the aura’s own benefit itself.

  • Crusic Webster

    -Wildfire is a firefield that pulses burn and strips boons every second. Cyclone pulls nearby enemies into the center of it’s path, we have so many immobilizes now, a overload and a new shout utility included. im seeing a lot of synergy

    -Shouts on top of the shout effect apply some pretty powerful aura’s that used to be exclusive to specific weapon sets. which opens so many doors in terms of set ups. “Shock, and After-Shock” shout gives 5 seconds of reflect. which is what I have wanted for a long long time

    -Getting overloads that are interruptible but have many forms of stability/reflect now as well. immobilize an enemy get behind them, force them to burn a Condi cleanse. the healing potential from the warhorn/overload is pretty ridiculous

    – this can even be a great addition to scepter, with the overloads be a great way to kite though some insane crap that you can throw all over the ground and in the local area.

    -there are so many set up that can ensure overloads wreck face, great forms of support and the setups for combos are on par with if not greater than d/d IMO. I say this mostly due to the idea that warhorn’s abilities all have a similar pathing/cascade like motion. that mostly work with the concept of motion/flow of a combat scene. and some of these shouts synergize very well with the idea of constantly moving

    I am already seeing to clear zoning potential that you can set up that is similar output to staff, but with a better kit IMO

    This is the first specialization that emphasizes a professions preexisting meta and making it stronger with more variables to add flavor/strength’s. I’m very happy with this elite spec. but their are two things im not sure of being added

    Rebound Elite skill, as this stands it is pretty bad, the next ability used gets 25% knocked off the cooldown every …what was it? 90 seconds. If this was to be competitive with other professions elites. I know they say they are still tweaking numbers. it sucks, there I said it. even with 10 people around you, they would would have to all wait to use their Elites just to use their elites with yours so they can get the best overall effect, and …yeah you get it, pretty meh

    Constantly discovering comboes with dagger and scepter.

    traits need some love as most of them feel very underwhelming. but overall im pretty happy with these skills/traits. Hope you all enjoy them as well

  • Majmo Mendez

    Chronomancer, Reaper and Dragon Hunter felt unique. Tempest just feels like elementalist on steroids.

    • dont eat the beacon

      I feel the Tempest to be just as unique (and awsome) as the rest. Considering we will be able to ride the earth, levitate inside a waterbubble and circulate within a fiery tornado! 😀

      • Crusic Webster

        The animations are unique. The play styles already exist. The tools we are getting we already have in live. The other elites are more than what they were and offer new play styles. We already have auramancers and support builds and condi/power builds. We already have massive amounts of aoe and all this jazz.

        I’m happy that not all elite specs are something new but instead make the lesser used specs stronger.

        The unique feel is not there.(For me) And I’m okay with that. Mostly because this gives me exactly what I wanted the entire time. A way to strip boons. Get reflect and apply massive conditions.

        • do eat the bacon

          I get what you mean, perhaps it is rather difficult to add something new to the role because Elementalist is already pretty much capable of everything?
          At least this is the reason for me to not expect any big playstyle differences but an enhanced kind of feeling to the class (which was done pretty well as I think).

          And further, the Raper still has his shroud, the Chronotrigger still has her shatters and the Dragon Pimp still got his virtues going.

          The Tempest still got her attunements but with a new twist to them (besides the whole new utility set which seems to work pretty well with the new warhorn skills and gives you a few things you could not do as an Elementalist (at least not to this extend)).
          Guess this is the reason I find the Tempest as unique as the other revealed Elites.

  • Benjamin Harrison

    Traits and Elite are horrible.

    • Savannah Heat

      Gotta say. There are a ton of bad elites in the game but this one takes the cake hands down. It’s so clumsy and situational that it can only rival the old engi Mortar in awfulness. Did the creators of the elite skills in GW1 all leave Anet?

  • Epouvante

    This elite is logic, according to gw1, the Rurick prince won against Charrs in the ruin of Magi school noalis with a tempest by using a warhorn;) this elite was front of our eyes!

  • thatdamnrat

    Is it just me or are the grandmaster traits for this kind of lame?

    • Zenahk

      It isn’t just you.

      • Aruthawolf

        Okay guys:
        1. Stun break every 10 seconds
        2. Guaranteed retreats and
        3. Party wide sustain at 10 times the guardians level for altruistic healing
        Please explain how these are bad traits, I’m pretty sick of blanket statements that everyone has about tempest.

        • AH

          I find it bizarre that no one (including the dev) knows what Altruistic Healing does. It’s doesn’t support your allies. Like at all.

          • thatdamnrat

            That has bugged me for a while, someone really needs to send Anet a dictionary so they can look up what Altruistic means because the trait is anything but, it’s completely driven by self interest.

        • thatdamnrat

          1. At the time I hadn’t noticed the modifier below that that makes it a radius not an arc in front of you, though it is still contingent on using warhorn, which would require me not to be using staff.

          2. Guaranteed retreats while triggering while triggering your big nuke, when you don’t want to move away from your target. I suppose I can see applications in PvP if someone tries to use immobilise/slow to get away from the overchannel effect, but it seems pretty niche.

          3. Actually, I’ll have to give you this one, I’ve never really used an auramentalist build, so it didn’t on first glance occur to me how useful that would be. Though 552 health every 30seconds is perhaps not as exciting as you’re making it out to be, assuming this screenshot is from a build with no healing power, the guardian master trait Pure of Heart has the potential to outstrip this by stacking sources of Aegis..

  • Bearodactyl

    those traits and skills are amazing!

  • Hawaii

    They got ride the earth skill wrong. It should have been a water skill where the ele rides a wave and instead of a warhorn he uses a surf board.

    • Tsar CUBE

      I approve of surfboards as weapons!! *w*

  • Rick

    They shoulda called this class “Siren” and saved the Tempest title for a sword based Elite Spec.

    • Crusic Webster

      spell sword?

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