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GW2 Exclusive Mini Mystical Dragon for using 2 step verification

With the account page update today, you can now get the previously exclusive Mini Mystical Dragon for using 2 step verification in your account security.

To set it up, first log on to Go to Security tab and click on 2-step verification. You can download a mobile program or use the desktop program. The settings are pretty simple to set it up.

  • Note: If you are currently already using 2 step verification, you will need to unlink and relink your authenticator to get the mini.

There appears to be more rewards for using 2 step verification, with the whole system finished up by tomorrow.


Once everything is linked up, you will receive the new mini in the mail.


Mini Mystical Dragon


Special thanks to Eearslya on reddit for the info

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57 replies on “GW2 Exclusive Mini Mystical Dragon for using 2 step verification”

If you lose your phone, you can always contact customer support to change your account settings.

Thats what it says in the last picture. 🙂

Wow great. I set up the 2-step system about a month ago and now I cannot unlink it due to some bug.

seems to be a browser thing. with internet explorer i can manage to get one step further but still not enough to complete the unlink. frustrating

can i revert back to the old system if i set up the 2-step system?
i dont know how useful the system will be as i use my account on different pc’s and networks

I’m also dubious about that. Receive an illustrious (not so mini) mini in exchange for having to press 3 buttons every time I want to play. That dragon comes with an oddly steep upkeep cost.

Probably a good idea. Just seems like work -.-

you only have to enter the code once for each computer that you play on, not every time you log on. As long as you only play from home you just enter the code once and you should be good to go.

Once per computer or once per ip address? Blackouts seem to change my ip and South African blackouts hit with the consistency of a German train schedule.

In Canada its typical not to have a fixed IP address, so it changes every time you unplug and plug back in your ethernet cable.

A lot of providers give you a different ip each time you reconnect your modem (in all countries). Only business customers have 100% static ip

after contacting support they said to me that you can revert back to the email authentication whenever you want (until they support the system) and if i had any difficulty doing so, they could do it for me

that is the point i dont always play from home, i play on 2-3 different networks. if i have to enter a code at home and then enter a code at work but when i go home i have to enter another code because the previous was overridden… this will be a pain.

i just want the mini nothing else i am ok with the mail authentication system

I know right. I made that mistake when I linked an authenticator for my SWTOR account so I needed my phone with me every single time I needed to play. The GW2 desktop version is nice but it probably uses up system resources needlessly. Someone should scan it for cryptocurrency miners too just to be on the safe side.

I did that already, but I can’t test it as I’m not playing on a totally different ip anytime soon~

The Game remembers you network’s IP range, not the PC IP. so even your ISP assign you a different IP, It is likely still in the same IP pool. The good side is you will not be asked the code again and again. The bad side is hacker can goto your city , join your ISP to get the same IP pool(In theory, but who will do that kind of thing unless he hate you very much) . Same idea, you sill can let the game remeber you publc PC’s IP, why you let the hacker know about that (just like a password)? For the 2 -step part. I may go back to email way. Linking the game verify to a fix machine/IP isn’t that good to me. My phone may not always beside me, and if My ISP changes the IP range, nothing can help me except the Anet CS which may take hours. Just make sure the email’s password and the game’s password do not have any hints of relationship.

under second step on my account says email verification, is that it? I did it couple years ago I remember right

….Could it be? The mystical dragon… finally released?
I told myself I wouldn’t cry…

Really, you cry about minis ? o.0 What would happen if someone got you a Southsun Kasmeer mini ?

wield a frost fang, rogort, wear dragon mask, and show this mini.. yo dawg, I heard you like dragons.

I tried to set up the 2-step but it keeps giving me a “Code invalid. Please check to make sure the time and date on your computer and mobile device are accurate.” error even though the time on both my devices are synchronized.

Well, I have finished the 2-step process, but haven’t gotten the mini. Went in and unlinked, relinked several times, nothing. Logged out of the game and tried again. Nothing. Any help? 🙂

in order to get the pet you need to UNlink the authenticator first ( and that doesn’t work ,keeps saying first code is invalid ) …so no joy

Setup the authenticator in home, and then try to login in my office.Use remote desktop to my home to get code but only get invalid code error when I fill the code in my office’PC. Don’t want that happen in my home PC, so I reset the 2-step back to email way ASAP.

it should have be saved in you wardrobe, part miniature
Check it , if it is not unlocked, make a ticket to arenanet.

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