GW2 World Population to be based on WvW Data

GW2 will be making some changes to the world population to use WvW data exclusively.This will come into effect on Tuesday July 28.

Fellow Warriors of the Mists,

World population is visible on the labels on the World Selection and Transfer screen. It determines whether you can transfer to a world and, if you can, how much the transfer will cost. These measures historically have been set based on aggregate population levels around all game modes. But because World versus World is the only game mode to which worlds apply these days, we have developed a better model that exclusively uses WvW data to determine population levels and transfer costs.

We will be rolling out the new model soon and some shifts in the population levels should be expected. We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and we’ll make all adjustments we deem necessary to improve the WvW experience. As always, your feedback is very welcome.

See you in the Mists,
— Samuel

This should be rolled out tomorrow.

To answer a bunch of questions that I’ve seen on this thread:

  • The price to move to a server of a given population level isn’t changing. What’s changing is the way population levels are attributed to the servers.
  • I won’t detail the way the new algorithm works, because I want to minimize the risk of people trying to game it. That being said, I am confident it is robust against such attempts. It’s not looking at a short period of time, and it’s looking at many aspects of the ways players are interacting with WvW to determine a server population.
  • It will continue to be impossible to join or transfer to Full servers. It is possible that some servers are going to be marked as Full for a long time. While I understand this can be annoying for some, this is necessary to create a better experience for everyone.
  • I agree that asking new players to chose a World before doing anything in the game is odd, now that Worlds are a WvW concept. This isn’t something we can change easily, however, but I’ll keep it in mind if an occasion arises.
  • Please keep in mind that this won’t have an immediate, instantaneous effect on your WvW experience. The effect of the change will take some time to be observable from a player perspective – it should however be visible pretty quickly on my side, and I’ll make sure it’s going in the right direction.

Once this change has been deployed, I’d like to hear what you think about the population level your server now has. Specifically, I’m interested in hearing about feelings of mismatch (like “my server is marked as full, but feels really empty even at peak time”).

Thanks for the feedbacks so far! I’m glad most of you are liking this change.
— Samuel


  • Asdf2

    If this happened 6 months ago.. Dragonbrand would still have been tier 3. Lol

    • Bearodactyl

      I’m on Dragonbrand. We are dropping so fast its not even funny anymore.

      • nadrian3k

        No wvw for what? It’s a repetitive bullshit..with the same maps..same servers..same teams..same zergs..same strategies all in all…same everything..over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

        People who quit this game don’t usually come back or they do after very long periods of time.

        People who just got the game don’t know what the fk is happening (because the game is literally all over the place). When they do get in wvw, the expectations oldschool players have for them are so high they quickly jump back to pve.

        Everything in this game + the lack of updates that keep the game fresh (wvw got just a few from the begining) + the casual level of this game, all are the main ingredients for failure.

        It’s not the players fault it’s the game’s fault. We haven’t even got some extra wvw seasons to AT LEAST give the impression you do something worth while. You have no’s just repetitive bullshit atm.

        • colton0117

          WvW is probably the most competitive thing to do in the game. If you consider staying alive as a high expectation to not get one pushed then yes. This game is way too casual on the pve side with zerk gear it’s not even a challenge. Sure WvW is repetitive but sometimes you wipe and learn and get revenge. Working together to take a good guild group down competitvely is probably the best experience in game. This being said from a semi hardcore player/guild who fights outnumbered 85% of the time.

          • nadrian3k

            That doesn’t excuse the failure in any way lol. Yes it’s the most competitive..and that says a lot about the game considering how dull it is atm from almost every point of view.

          • Your absolutely right that the actual gameplay requires skill, but on a server versus server perspective the scores are not competitive at all. If you don’t have enough people, you lose. Period. I really wished they implemented a “catch-up” system where servers which are behind on points gain large sums of points for catching objectives from servers they are behind. I only say this because the “unfairness” of this suggestion sounds nice because close match-ups happen in what, never?

        • Bearodactyl

          Interesting perspective. Doesn’t really describe the main reason almost every wvw guys in DB left… for HoD.

          People that want to WvW could not transfer to DB because its always full, yet even in peak hours we do not have a solid queue, maybe a 3-5 person wait, yet our servers are full… now they all left to the HoD and yup. They decide to change the way population is checked.

          People aren’t quitting because of a boring WvW, they are jumping ships because they cannot get a large enough presence in WvW.

  • QQ

    I’m on Darkhaven, wvw is barely ran by any guilds. Even during peak time, there is only handful of people trying to capture castles and it’s usually done by same guild same people same number…. i haven’t seen Zerg for ages. Except for enemy server, where i see zerg 24/7….

    • chilipalm

      Your server is ranked 13th out of 24. How is it possible you don’t see zergs on your server unless you’re playing in time zones outside of North America?

      • Acium

        It’s mostly true. We only have like 2 decently sized NA guilds now that most left when we hit full status. We only stay this high because we have a great SEA guild that carries us. The people in our EU and NA do what they can but were just outmatched at the moment during that time frame. (unless the other servers don’t wvw that week/day)

  • Misty

    “We will be rolling out the new model soon and some shifts in the
    population levels should be expected. We’ll continue to monitor the

    Does this mean we could potentially have to move servers if our server ends up being a full one? I’ve been on YB since Day 1…so hoping this wont force a move. And don’t really wvw much myself, but we got an influx from JQ/BG/TC transfers recently.

    • Tsar CUBE

      No, this will only effect new transfers, ie people who want to roll their account on your server etc.

      • Misty

        Was pretty sure it would be. Though sometimes anet has implemented things before that turned out to be a really bad the NPE lol.

    • colton0117

      Don’t you worry bb the BG guilds got this we’ve been putting massive work in since our transfer 🙂

    • The fact that only “SOME shifts in population should be expected” means that the new system will do absolutely nothing to organize some relatively equal WvW populations. Only time will tell though.

  • Noisrevbus

    It’s funny that they do all this shuffling instead of fixing the glaring issues with the system: such as how it’s a full coverage system even though we have localized servers, how offense-defense balance (taking stuff, defending stuff) scales poorly with different sizes, how WvW has no credible reward or progression systems and how they managed to upset on-screen balance by screwing around with perfectly functional mechanics (such as stability).

    But hey, that’s just me acting a little surprised.

  • I wonder if that means any server that is sorely losing in their match-ups each week, like Fort Aspenwood and Sea of Sorrows, will be allowed transfers and new players, but Yak’s Bend won’t until the point the WvW populations are very similar. If it doesn’t work like that ArenaNet just wasted their time implementing this

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