cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales Aug 4 – 11

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for the week of August 4 to 11. This includes two brand new items – Galactic Legends Armor pack and Orlean LE-5 speeder.


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Canderous Ordo’s Armor Set
Juhani’s Armor Set
Visas Marr’s Armor Set
Carth Onassi Armor Set

So did I read this right that you get a full armor set from the legends armor pack? Is it a chance that it will be a more common armor set or is it exclusively the ones listed?

That’s definitely worth buying then I think. Been trying to collect at least one of these and this is a lot simpler than trying to find one of the GTN

Thousands upon thousands of Juhani armors for each Revan armor, guaranteed. I like the game, but their idea of RNG is monsterous.

So – an entirely new speeder with no flourish?

Also still wishing they’d dump a few other decoration sets into a sale, if only because it SEEMS like it’d be a good time for them to go on sale at the moment…

It looks exactly like the Orlean Patriot but with a new reskin. Wow talk about lazy. No wonder Bioware wants our help with new ideas for speeders. At least the Orlean Patriot had that slight wobble effect on the front of the fins when you rode. This new speeder doesn’t even have that!!

Are you talking about the bundles, like the Imp Essentials? Because those were on “sale” last week, like 20% off. Not sure if they are always like that.

You know, I never even looked past the front page of the sale to see if they were discounted. I will tonight though, thanks!

That’ll learn me…

Reading the description on the Legends pack, it seems like any armor set from any old cartel packs (and new) can drop. Does it include all the commons? Or just the rare sets?

Looks like its actually restricted to armors that are based on characters from the previous 2 games – kotor and kotor2

Urgh OF COURSE Bioware channeling their money hungry greed into new ways puts the Revanite Champion into a lottery box rather then selling it on it’s own. So does anyone know how rare the armor set is? As rare as rancor wins in the nightlife event?

If only Bioware cared for it’s players (HA!!!!!!!) and put all possible cartel market armors up for sale individually on the cartel market rather then stupid lottery boxes like the way The Secret World lets you buy exactly the armor you want. Then again given all their f2p restrictions (I hear about it all the time from my f2p friend who is limited in a great deal of things), no surprise really Bioware has done this with the Revanite Champ set. :'(

Agreed. I would much rather pay $20 for the set I want, rather than for boxes that consistently give me actual shit, that I can’t use or sell most of the time.

Bioware is a business, and businesses exist to make money. If they put something on the market directly and a thousand people by it, great. If they put something in a random pack and five hundred people buy five each, they sell two thousand five hundred of them.

You can’t ignore that math, and obviously Bioware would be stupid to ignore it.

I’m not saying I’m a fan of this tactic, but that’s business.

Yeah they are so greedy. Why do they money? You do know that you can travel to Cuba now, right? You should go there.

Yeah, and it’s not like you can sell those rare and uncommon sets that you’ll get while buying it!
Oh and it’s completely impossible to buy it off the GTN for in-game credits too!

Those greedy bastards…

So.. Are those armors dropping separately as single pieces or, for example, out of 5 items per pack, you get 5 full boxed sets?

Each pack drops one full armor set in a crate. The Revanite Champion set drops as a rare second crate in a single pack.

Galactic Legends Armor Pack — 750 CC — History of item
Possible drops from the Galactic Legends Armor Pack includes (full
set). If you find a set not on this list please let me know in the
comment section below and I will add it.

The bit in brackets 🙂

(full set)

Congratulations, its a pretty cool looking set. I’d love one, but I just don’t have the “luck” to buy crates until I get what I like, normally I just go the ingame credits route, but considering the possible rarity of this new set, I might not be able too.

If you have enough credits to splash a bit, do what I did.

Set a number.
That’s the maximum boxes you can buy (I set mine at 10).
Then buy one box at a time until you either get the item or reach the number of boxes you set.
Didn’t get it?
Sell the stuff you got and try to buy it with credits off the GTN.

Anyone see Jarael’s armour set in this pack? My friend really wants that, I was hoping it might reappear.

I Sincerely doubt it since she is from Dark Horse comics whereas these all seem to be characters from the previous games

I hope not I’ve been holding on to that set waiting for it to not be on the GTN so I can make a nice chunk of change off it.

Can we get more postings of people telling us how many boxes they bought and what they got? I am trying to decide if it is worth even trying to get this champion armor, or if I should go my usual route and throw credits at it when I see it up, but so far it seems not all that rare, although a sampling of only 6 crates and 2 having the armor in it isn’t a very good sample size.
Plus the internet thing where the only people posting their results are typically the people who have like…demonic pact style luck. I have the opposite, I have like “Used up all my karma already” luck.

Edit: misread that, I thought you were buying packs. I’m still gonna roll the dice and see what comes up when I get home. I’ll post what I get for reference’s sake.

If prices are semi decent (700k or lower) I might buy a few when they come up. I don’t have the Antique Republic Military armor with the funny looking duck helmet, and its worth a few tries…because I have Collectoritis. Definitely open to trades. Also the helmet is hilarious.

Never going to catch me saying no to free stuff. I’m on Ebon Hawk, this name. And now everyone I have ever ticked off here can hunt me when I am flagged 😀

2 Atris, 2 Trium and 1 Mandalore the Preserver. Have them all already, sadly, but with a little luck I’ll at least make some credits from them.

To buy the insanely priced Revanite set, no doubt.

Got it on the 9th pack.

But, Dulfy did open like 50 packs without getting it, so just luck of the draw.

One can only hope they offer a future pack with the Darkhorse comic armors, preferably after they add some more though, there are many interesting armors in the comics.

Yes, hence the name “Galactic Legends”, which is why the character who wore said armour sets is ‘dead’. 😉

Too much “junk” to get me trying at that price. It’s cool with the full armor set and all, but some of them will sell for peanuts.

I think if you spent what you would spend on a hypercrate, bought about 6 of these, you would be more likely to see your money back. Most of these sets sell for 1mil+ cept triumvirate, there are too many versions, it was pretty common in all of its iterations, and one version makes electrical flashies, so its officially outdated.

That said, who knows what effect this crate will have on the GTN. Any time I try to predict the GTN using logic, I am reminded logic has no place on there and punished.

Well, I don’t really buy hypercrates anymore.
One of the reasons they sell for 1mil is the limited supply because of retired packs. But let’s see.

I got Calo Nord, Mira, Juhani x2 (yay…), Kreia, the Last Handmaiden, and Vintage Republic Military. No Revanite Champion. I know I’m gonna keep Kreia, but the rest are for sale/trade. I’d like to get the Atris set. Naq, let me know if you’re interested in any of those (apart from Kreia).

Heading home now, might buy a few just to see what I get, whats $20 thrown at a game I like? Would like the Vintage Rep Military armor for comedy helmet alone.

Chances of getting Revanite Champion? Slim to bugger all. LOL! I think out of all the sets that are available thru the Armour pack I’m missing bits of Revan Reborn, Visas Marr, and Vrook Lamar. So glad they didn’t whack in a random one from every set of armour cos that would be a pain… over 300 sets I think now and you’d probly end up getting Covert Energy sets by the dozen. lol! Still, this is a pretty cool thing but I wish they’d keep the Grand Decorations set available for longer.

Well, that was a waste. Opened seven boxes:
2x Last Handmaiden (already owned)
2x Bastila (already owned)
2x Juhani (didn’t own)
1x Darth Sion (already owned)

Look at that list of galactic legends whose armor we players can now wear and ya know what ya don’t see… MALGUS!!!!! it’s not like the player base hasn’t been clamoring for it since before the CM even existed or anything.

<3 the use of clamoring. Like we are wearing powdered wigs and monacles with our cheeks all rosey, excitedly "rubber baby rubbarbing" to each other while we fan ourselves so we don't feint if Malgus armor suddenly appeared. If you have two monacles, are those Bi-nacles, or just broken glasses?

I have all the ones here fully unlocked (BIG KOTOR fan here), save for brand new Revanite Champion one, which sure looks something; but I don’t think I’ll angle for it just yet…

…and although it took only a matter of minutes, I now have the Revanite Champion set, too.

Good luck, everybody, with getting yours!

The only one of these that I had previously collected was Kreia. So guess which one it gave me when I bought one? -_-

Did nobody get the Champion set twice? I’d trade Revan Reborn Armor set and two others + 10 million credits D:

Nope, but we can still trade cross server though. But works best with only cartel market items, if you want the credits aswell, it’ll take a while.

Since the money is another server, i either have to swap servers with that character, or you create one on my server and swap that one. Cartel market items are account bound, so that works on any server. Though the process is simple, everyone creates a char on each others servers, then the two players exchange the items. Of course the issue is, that, although that never happened before, a player could steal the requested item. Though i’m always going through with it, since both get what they want. 🙂

Swapping characters would be the easiest. However, since it’s not free, you can keep 3m out of the 10? That should be enough to finance the transfer back and forth to my server, I think.

I need to make dinner in 45 min, but I should be able to trade later tonight as well. Would that work with you?

Sure. I can let the character stay on the server though. And you can pay that with credits? 😀

Not sure, aren’t there any on the GTN? Or can’t you buy them on GTN?

If not, still keep that 3m. Would make me feel a bit better. And yeah, you can keep it on the Progenitor I guess 🙂

NOOOOOO. Can’t transfer from EU to US servers. So credits are not tradeable that way. And i don’t think you need other armor sets. D:

If you are willing to take the risk, I am more than happy to just swap it. I can live without the credits 🙂

Works for me 🙂 What’s your server? I can create an alt right away. Mine is progenitor, as I said before. Stuff is on the alt “Aabian”.

Will call the alt Aabian on your server as well.

Jar’Kai Sword 😀
My character on your server is named Fatrevan. Will be there asap. 😀

EA’s answer to game development: weekly cartel market sales. Just sell new skins and pass it off as new content. So far it seems to be an effective business model. After all re skinning game content is much more cost effective than actually developing a game.

Opened 13 packs and got no Revanite Champion. 2x Visas Marr. Calo Nord. Canderous Ordo. Restored Triumvirate. 2x Mira. 2x Jolee Bindo. Juhani. Mission Vao. Bastila Shan. Vintage Republic Military. Anyone interested in any on the Progenitor?

Gotta love the new armor set pack to adjust the market. The Calo Nord jacket used to sell for 900k-2m, depending on supply and demand. I got two full sets for around 120k each this weekend.

Is the legend pack going to return at some point? I only just rejoined while it was on the market, assumed it was just another pack, didn’t know it would be limited time only.

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