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GW2 New Heart of Thorn images from Gamescom

A number of new images of Heart of Thorns have been released to the press today. These images are mostly of some glider skins and monsters players can expect in Heart of Thorns.

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28 replies on “GW2 New Heart of Thorn images from Gamescom”

…to show that your an attention seeking moron by saying “First.” Then again this is probably the highlight of your week. It’s all downhill from here.

i dunno if ‘unrelated’ is the right term. they wont be evil, since well be working with them or whatever, but they fit the description of mursaat way too closely to be anything else.

Rules for owning a mogwai. 1) No bright light. 2) No feeding it after midnight even if it begs. 3) No getting it wet. Rules have been broken!

Seeing as the glider looks the same other than color I wonder if it will be dyeable or if it will be choosing from a handful.

Sorta hoping there will be a guild glider with you logo on the wings

Judging by experience they won’t be dyable but there will be tons of variations on a weekly basis in the gem store.

Gliders and mushrooms – toally exptected.

They keep hyping these features (that’ll get boring after 3 days) as they were the main content of HoT… or maybe they are?

Yeah I’m still on the fence about HoT. Lack of real content information is hurting. The news about Fractal retweaking surprised me a little because that gives me hope that they are working on retweaking other things to help the QoL of the game. However, there’s also retweaking of things in vanilla GW2 that sounds too much like “Hey, we are giving you that and HoT! Give us your money anyways!” There needs to be something that have the players state, “Now that’s a heck of an expansion!”

We are only getting Three Legendary Weapons, thats all. If your gonna give us new legendaries, at least complete the lineup. Beggers can’t be choosers I guess.

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