Knights of Fallen Empire SWTOR

SWTOR EA Gamescom Livestream Coverage

Coverage of the EA Gamescom Livestream which will show off a gameplay trailer of the upcoming Fallen Empire expansion.

When: 1 am PDT/4am EDT/10 am CET

Where: Watch live at

  • 10:01- EA presentation has started with CEO Andrew Wilson
  • 10:04 – EA Need for Speed Presentation
  • 10:11 –Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Presentation
  • 10: 18 SWTOR Presentation with James Ohlen
    • If you sub during Gamescom, you can still get Nico Karr as companion (Extended to August 10)
    • Ingame trailer look at the Outlander

Presentation (includes gameplay trailer)


Better Quality Gameplay trailer


Some static images taken from massively

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or wait 1h to see 1 min of SWTOR footage xD I hope we get SWTOR as soon as possible. I can already see the outrage in the comments on FB and Twitter “whaaa you forced me to wait hours just to see so little booo hoo”

yeah proably, I’m watching it cause I got nothing better going on and need to be awake anyway but if I have to wait through 30 minutes of madden I’ll just read the cliff notes

lel, what did you expect? People always set their expectations high. When you will learn that company conferences have plenty of games that need to be presented and each game doesn’t have more than 5 minutes? And of course SWTOR won’t have 5 mins on stage since it’s not the title that EA see belonging to the their most significant games like Battlefront, Need for Speed or FIFA.

We expected something, not alot, but this really didnt tell us anything new. I was hoping for a little information other than “you’re the hero” and “come play swtor”

Wait for tomorrow for the cantina meeting. Don’t expect to get details on the conference that is supposed to attract the general public in 3 minutes of the time given by EA.

This was fail, half time was stupid companion (for subscribers….naturally), zero presentation of the game

“Presentation of the game”? But you know how SWTOR looks and play. Why you are so eager to see something that’s already known? Obviously the gameplay mechanics will stay nearly the same. One new skill + a bit more mobility as they said. I don’t know what you want to see.

Valkorion is just another host body, hence the fact that he speaks with his own voice instead of the “real” Vitiate voice. Go play Ziost again, everytime he speaks through host bodies, he uses the hosts’ voices like the various 6th Line Jedi.

Which means that it’s sad that he has not his “real” voice like in Ziost ending speech, but it’s completely understandable.

And you’re an asshole, but that’s not pertinent to the discussion.
He thought he heard Valkorion was speaking with Vitiates voice in the trailer.
He wasn’t.
Doesn’t matter if he does in leaked files or not, he wasn’t speaking with Vitiates voice in the trailer.

Well, that was underwhelming.
Sure, it was technically “in-game” footage… but it was a cut-together promo video with extremely short clips and very aggressive cutting.

So… underwhelming.

Wow, that was sure as heck underwhelming and not at all what was advertised and hyped up so very much. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

And – no surprise again – they’ll keep giving Nico away as an “exclusive” offer, time after time, after time… Until he lands in the CM and absolutely everyone will have him. No, I’m not an elitist, Nico for everyone for all I care, but they did shamelessly urge people to buy a sub on the 31st as the only chance to get this companion.

gona be quite sad if Nico is given to anyone, but if they put it on CM they better make it over priced 😛

The only thing that I had time to notice is that Lana looks like she’s put on a little weight. I hope it isn’t child-bearing fat considering our feelings for each other.

is it just me or does Lana look worse than she did in SoR? I was hoping they would fix her in game model but they actually made it worse…

My friend says her hair looks like a helmet and it’s still fake as hell but I have a completely different impression. I like her new look and doesn’t look fake (at least from SWTOR graphics perspective).

Hearing the (my) Jedi Knights Voice speaking in the trailer definitely made me feel enmeshed in it. I wonder how many others felt the same when they heard their Jedi speaking to them within the new storyline?

I don’t play JK. One female toon that finished the story and got forgotten. I wish Bioware would release a trailer with a male Sith Warrior ^^.

It becomes a lot more awesome if you read the Revan book.

Also, Knight story truly shines in the fall to the Dark Side, I think. Light Side is quite boring for me.

But yeah, it isn’t the best story out there.

Why do they always have to do the jedi knight perspective, gets very old and stupid aswell as it being one of the worst classes, thats when u know the goodguys always win in impossible circumstances with fool devs

It’s THE iconic class and easily one of the most popular ones, as well. Those are facts.
It being one of the worst classes isn’t a fact, but just your personal opinion which has absolutely no meaning here.

Am I the only one who is going “OMG, Marr”? I mean, he’s standing right next to the “Outlander” when he walks to Valkorion. Maybe he will be a companion after all?

Awesome! That’s a trailer for once unlike spoilers we’re used to from movie trailers. People from below expect the story to be laid out to them on a silver platter? What’s the fun in that?! We see the possibilities in the trailer and I’m psyched. Glad to see that there’s been some graphic overhaul by the looks of things. Excited!

technically the republic fell with the return of the sith empire as major organs were no longer operative. the empire fell due to inner complications and fighting on too many fronts as seen with the makeb story line. so nothing new really.

What people do need to realize is that everything from start till end of SoR only happend in span of 3 years. More precise class mission took a span of 3 years. Everything after that, ilum. Makeb, Dread Masters, Kuat, Revenites, SoR. All happend in one year. Could imagine the dammage, the resources, the cost, the casualties, repairs and so on. It just doesnt happen in one day to replace and fix all that. And on top of that the Rise of the Emperor, we all tool some heavy dammage here. Plus the Repblic vs the Empire as usual we will keep losing a lot of resources.

It’s not that unbelievable that both fell.
And on the whole topic, what don’t you like about them falling to this new threat. I think it fits perfectly. It shows us the Empire and Republic aren’t the big boys anymore.

Not on the same level as they use to be, possibly an eye opener as well to the fact like hey after this, we need to step our game up.

The Empire wouldn’t have fallen if Malgus had been at the helm. False Emperors ending never sat right with me. Hopefully the expansion will give us an option to correct that.

Ah my bad, somehow I had never seen those even though I check this website on a regular basis. Don’t understand why people are disappointed by the trailer. What did they expect? Looks great to me.

No worries, can happen.

Well as usual they get their hopes up exspecting to spectacular. With that said the trailer did raise some question as was that Darth Marr, is he companion etc…

But what I really really wanna know is, if the black hooded gold ish armor chick will be a companion or at least have the choice to do so.

I like both gone, aslong as you allow the player to join the eternal empire or emperor or something and be evil as hell cause thats honestly why we all bought the game, we had enough space games where good guys are invincible and always important but we see vitiate and we like way to go man! you rock!

so darth marr companion anyone? the empire has fallen maybe we team up with him. as agent we did have productive cooperations and he doesnt strike me as one of the sith whose ego is too big to not be the biggest person in the room. he even held a summit with satele.

Can already imagine it:

Darth Marr:
Likes: Victory, whatever is necessary to achieve victory, careful planning.
Dislikes: Defeat, sacrificing the greater good, not trying to avoid defeat.

I think these “hero” companions will be more like an equal. That will be awesome. I get tired of being “the one” in my group.

just plain bad
jk… oh why?! answer for your crimes…. I’m sure 2 year olds could have written a better dialogue

Easy –

“I have fought against the Dark Side for most of my life. Have seen its ravages, the dead and crippled in its wake, the devastation left behind by power-hungry warlords bent on domination and destruction.

How are you any different? What sets your Empire apart from the hordes that have challenged this galaxy for the past thirty-odd millenia?

In the end, you are just another foe. In the end, I am but a Jedi. We are keepers of the peace, but you and your ilk seek to tear this peace asunder wherever you tread. And thus it is our duty, that of me and of my comrades, my brothers in the Force, to fight you in every system, on every planet, at every gathering of your forces.

The Force is our ally, and the Light of the Jedi shall not leave this galaxy for many years to come, no matter how hard the forces of darkness might try to eradicate us.

Hear me, Valkarion! Your rule is at an end! So swear I, Battlemaster of the Jedi Order.

You shall be hunted, no matter what dark hole you slink back to!

You shall be routed, no matter the odds!

And at the end, you shall be bested!

For the Republic!

Wow brilliant can u write a lightside sorc dialogue or imperial agent? Anyway this is good good stuff this is what the epic dialogue should be . Outlander doesn’t instantly mean u no longer have loyalty faction and I could so see my Jedi say this!

One not be a jedi main character talking super bad and biast, also darth marr companion ftw, Dislikes would defently be defeat, charity, betrayal, (goodness or non empire stuff), likes victory, careful planning, whatever is to achieve victory, like ya said with editing, aswell as sure cruelty he loves cruelty in the lore like shit thanaton bent over for the guys plessure, and and and, not just that but maybe have a face reveal of mar aswell malgus as companion anyone? he is alive in carbonite, but no marr would be a good one especially since satale was more of a bitch at the summit then him, he was actually more into it than her and more like yo lets work together! she was sturborn and if you guys notice the girl with the yellow lightsaber in the black red hood looks awfullly like twisted satele shan

My guess is Lana and Marr are mutually excluding companions. So basically if you save Marr from execution or sth, Lana will be outcasted and probably hunt you in the future. On the other hands, if you accept Lana as your companion, Marr will be sentenced to death or be killed and wont coming back

I hope you sort of get to compose your own team from a pool of available companions. Partly new ones, partly that class’s original companions. That way I wouldn’t be stuck with 4 guys I couldn’t care less about, like I usually am now.

To see how the conversations differ when the knight and warrior are asked to kneel better be there.

Differ? LOL, have you been under a cyberrock?

No more class stories in SWTOR, no more faction stories – only 1 story. So, yeah, even your Force-insensitive fail of a smuggler can become this all-powerful apprentice of Valkarion. GJ BW, GFYS.

I suppose you must been under cyberrock yourself Ey? Where does he refer to class story. And you forgot SoR was just one joined story and yet responses have been different for each class and dialogue as well.
So pretty sure we won’t all be screaming you will answer for your crime

And what not at kneel part

swtor_potato posted on reddit the refusal responses – ALL FORCE USERS say “I’ve seen you be evil, you are evil, I won’t join you” while non-sensitives say “Screw you, I don’t think you’re the sharing type” (I am paraphrasing.)

That being said, SoR was touted as “meaningful to the class story” whereas it has been confirmed for KOTFE that no, no more class stories, they don’t even differ by faction.

Not sure which confirm you are talking about cause i also heard them talk about class flavors in the story, if nothing else it will just be like previous xpac

also on the offer part, if u accept i dont think it will make you an apprentice, that ship is long gone. It be more of another soldier to his army, a partner or someone in league with valkorian, hence the reason they carbonited you, feared your power but respected it enough to hope you might side with them.

offtopic, its also one of the reasons i believe valkorian cannot be vitiate since the whole plan , time frame an attitude doesnt fit. but then again, BW can screw up and back track and change anything so we will have to see.

Again, potato’s work, but I heard Valkarion “semi dies” either you kill him, or Arcann does, but he goes bak to haunt you, so you can’t really join him.

Yeah figured that much at the end you will have to stay with your faction but there will be some major twist

Also, people, do remember that this was the Gamescom presentation. They can’t get into depth with it, since they only have a few moments to do stuff. In addition, most of the people watching don’t play this game. So they need to make those people want to play the game, instead of giving all those new in-depth details that the current players want.

Now, if they don’t show anything new and good at the Cantina Event, I will be disappointed.

[–]The_KwertyThe Harbinger 1 ponto an hour ago
So, since the devs have stated they want more mobility, i’m gonna make a stab in the dark (with the exceptions of the ones you’ve blatantly said)
WARRIORS/KNIGHTS: Force Flight. Since the devs specifically stated that “In 4.0, Guardians will fly” (Disciplines Live Stream pre-3.0)
SINS/SHADOWS: Shadow Step (obviously not called that but whatever)
MERCS/MANDOS: A disengage where you do a backflip (based off your above post)
OPERATIVE/SCOUNDREL: No idea what they’re calling it, but you did say they get a leap
SNIPER/GUNSLINGER: Another roll, this time a disengage. Probably wrong but whatever.
[–]swtor_potato 4 pontos an hour ago
SINS/SHADOWS: Yes but you don’t appear behind your target. Also works on friendlies
OPERATIVE/SCOUNDREL: Same as sins. But 45 sec cd instead of 30 seconds.
SNIPER/GUNSLINGER: Nope, only non-movement based one.

I could swear that me watching a cutscene and replying with one of several options was me playing this game. Hence, gameplay. Gameplay is not only combat. Visiting the station, crafting, cutscenes, flying across a landscape and more things are all part of ‘gameplay’ in swtor.

Exactly. I’m kinda sick of all those “Wah wah no gameplay” whiners who don’t even understand the very concept of the term.

do you not play the game when the scene appears, will you not get to interact with choices during scenes. if you want to watch someone pressing their keyboard to activate skills perhaps you should watch a rotation guide or something

Maybe. Some of the clips look on par with the improved cutscenes they did for ship to planet exits. I highly doubt the actual gameplay has any graphical improvement though.

True. Most likely just the cut scenes. I watched the trailer again and it’s hard to tell with the potato they were running the game on, but the cut scenes did get the overall nice boost, but I hate to say it in this day and age of never ending bull shots but even the screen shots looks really nice.

Those are in game cut scenes that have updated graphics. It’s not hard to see.

Look no further than Lana.

For everyone calling her the black and gold hood chick, you could use her name instead. It’s Vaylin. Reference is on the site where it has an image of her blocking an explosive attack with a piece of metal. Title of the image is Vaylin under attack.

Most people know, just forgot. As for me cba to open a new window to go check her name out again. Since I’m on mobile

But then again we all know who who is referring to

Shame it was short. I really enjoyed the trailer overall but I thought they said “gameplay” and not “in game footage”…. I didn’t see any gameplay or something like the Fifa or Unravel shows had.

There was not even a second of gameplay in this. It was entirely cutscenes. But on the other hand we quite well know the SWTOR gameplay, it isn’t changing.

well them calling it gameplay trailer I thought we’ll maybe get to see some new gameplay feature or something… but still…
Seeing Darth Marr walking as our bro kicking ass was worth the wait.

Marr for companion would win my day. But we see Marr besides our characters in the current content as well, which doesn’t make him a companion.

I know its now how most feel but I would rather Malgus to be a companion (he was showed in the uncut cinematic trailer). I like having Marr as a leader instead. Malgus would be cooler!

Stop the trailer exactly at 30 seconds mark. you can see single frame with republic and imperial soldiers shooting together as single force.

I don’t like black core crystal. People should use white core crystal (red,blue,yellow,purple,green,orange,) to make this game more sw-ish. All I see people with absord gear with non-white cored crystal, this makes ToR like any other mmo-rpg. It is just an opinion, my opinion.

And I don’t mind the color variations at all, sure some aren’t my taste, but if it they like it, then they like it

I used to sell black core crystals, but the other day I needed to use up some corusca gems, so I made a bunch of basic (green, blue, red, yellow) 41 stat crystals, all hawkeye, cept for some blue endurance ones, and I cant keep them up, they sell almost as fast as I can post them. People are starting to move back to normal sabers, I think they are all pink/yellowed out.

I agree… All my Force Users use normal white core or colored core crystals. The black core crystals are used by the “Tech Users”… So they kinda look like rounds with tracer fire.

When Lucas left us, nobody cares of canon anymore…You are watching the destruction of a 35 years franchise at the hands of few greedy deskholders. And people called George greedy… RIP Starwars, may the force be with you.
6 movies in 30 years vs 6 movies in 5. SAD

The thing is, Lucas didn’t “leave us.” He sold Star Wars for enough money to buy his own Death Star, a good business decision. Can we at least wait until we see the new movies before we decide that the franchise is dead?

The original Star Wars trilogy succeeded despite George Lucas, not because of it.
The limitations he had to face, put in place mainly by “greedy deskholders” back in the day resulted in the beloved trilogy.
Don’t believe me? What the prequels were we see what Star Wars looks like when Lucas has total power over his movies…
Also JJ’s Star Trek reboot (the 1st one) is basically a Star Wars movie, the only “Star Wars like” movie since Jedi.

The prequel difference is that the people that worked with/for him back in the day would tell him when he was wrong or should adjust something. He consulted his peers and people he looked up to. By the time the prequels came around, it was a all new set of people, that worked FOR him and also had him on a pedestal since they were kids and didnt have the balls to tell him when he was wrong as they were supposed to. Yes men. There are plenty of behind the scenes videos and books from both trilogies that you can see this happening. Plus for whatever reason skywalker ranch put less love into the 3D work for the prequels than they did for movies that hired him to do there effects. For example Jurrasic park dinosaurs 6 years before TPM looked better than Jabba or the gungans or the poorly shadows backgrounds in that film.

“Yay gameplay videos, maybe we’ll get to see some of the new skills, a planet or a cool boss fight!”
Which was what i was thinking, nope turns out we only get about a minute of extra cut scenes is all…

Well, given we *usually* have a choice in what we say, it’s a good possibility that we won’t be required to answer like that.

Also people are forgetting the next live stream that is replacing one of the cantina will have chapter one as spoiler. Plenty of time to say gameplay, skill etc…

My ultimate Sith Warrior team:
Khem Val
Darth Marr
Malavai Quinn
Lord Scourge
Lana Beniko

Having Khem as a warrior comp would be amazing. You’d be like a Tulak Hord 2.0 for him. And having Darth Marr…. nuff said.

Mine would be Darth Marr, Lord Scourge, Lana Beniko, Khem Val and Pierce

My sorc would be force sensitive only and Khem also. My ferocious monster. If we can have more then 5 I would take all the force sensitive ones

I can’t stand Ashara’s character. The whole “goodie-goodie” thing drives me insane AND she has no Sith looking customizations.

Jaesa’s voice just pisses me off. I just want to punch her wvery time she opens her mouth.

More of them need to be like Jaesa where you can choose whether they are light or dark side minded. Jedi and Sith especially, should be trying to convert people.

I wonder what it says about the Consular that they’re the only Force user who doesn’t convert someone from the opposite faction.

We will get to tell her to either finish off or spare a Zakuul Knight when we are escaping.

Looks like the Galactic War is over due to Zakuul’s intervention. I hope that goody two-shoes remembers her promise about marrying Nox after the war.

I actually like Quinn. I hated him at first but he’s grown on me now that I’ve gotten to choke the shit out of him.

He’s also a model imperial and I like having one guy in Shock Trooper Armor in my stronghold.

Khem Val
Qyzen Fess
HK-47 ( Because 2V-R8 is a horrible ship droid )

..Who cares if the majority of them are tanks, HK is who follows me around 99% of the time anyways. That and I want to listen in on a conversation between all of the companions who do not speak galactic basic. Then of course Holiday, because…reasons.

I’d replace Quinn With Dorn (comes back to empire as a double agent) and I’d replace Scourge with Jaesa (lana Jaesa love triangle would be just….violent)

Nice. As stated before me, the cutscene quality is much better. Many of those animations are NEW, rather than recycled. The visuals are significantly better — I just hope the deliver on their promise of player choice. For example, when Valkorion offers you a chance to join him instead of killing him, you better have the option to take it. KOTOR was like that, with the dark side and light side endings. It wasn’t a decision at the tail end of the game to get a different final cutscene, it was a choice that completely changed your path for the rest of the game, involving companion deaths, companion recruitment, etc.

I hope they deliver on their promise and emphasize player choice just as strongly as the visuals.

Yeah, although joining valkorian might bw out of the option. Since they already confirmed joining third faction not possible.

But guess we will see what happens when we get that choice presented to us

It wouldn’t have to be a third faction. For example, if you join Bastila and kill your two Jedi companions in Kotor, you don’t ‘join’ the Sith Empire faction per se. The same sort of thing was done in Agent story Act II (without going into spoilers). You can serve a faction without LITERALLY becoming a part of it (without using its bases and hubs and homeworlds, etc.)

Also, not related to your post, I’d like to point out a few things I noticed when I took a screencap of each scene of the trailer… Warning: possible spoilers (though if you’re on this page, you’re probably here for spoily info anyway).

1: in one scene, Lana approaches a carbonite humanoid, suggesting that she’s the one who rescues your character.

2: Darth Marr is in several cutscenes with you, side by side, which means he could likely be a companion. Also, this means he’s not dead. Smart move. While I simply enjoy him a lot as a character, some people obsess over him and it was smart to not kill him off.

3: imperial and republic troops fighting side by side again. This suggests that the republic and empire haven’t been destroyed, just defeated. Because the emperor needs war to achieve his goal, and the empire and republic keep joining forces to defeat him, it’s possible that Valkorion is either vitiate, vitiate’s avatar, perhaps an a Child, or under his control in some other way. That way, even an allegiance between the empire and republic couldn’t stop the Emperor’s plan.

4: Theron is still nowhere to be seen. While it doesn’t mean he’s dead/gone… It certainly isn’t looking good for Theron fans.

5: The female force user with the yellow lightsaber is probably Valkorion’s daughter who I THINK is Vaylin. Either way I think she’s the same one who can be seen to the left of the screen during a shot of you and Marr in the throne room.

6: no sign of Thexan, so yeah he probably is dead :/

Ah, no i just made that statement as there seems to be a lot of people still thinking you can actually join the third faction. But yes, you could still work in some way with them and not necessarily join the faction, sort of an agent within enemy borders.

Yeah Its Vaylin his daughter, same picture and everything as the first official picture reveals on the official website. As for the character it self, she is pretty intriguing, i hope we can recruit her as a companion or at least have our choices past, present, future have a weighing on that.

As for the Emperor, i dont think this one is Vitiate. a few things don’t add up but i will leave it at that
(Oke the only thing i will say so far is, the VA is not the same, Yes they could easily have had a new VA but seems Odd to have a new one when the original just did a few Dialogues a while back for SoR and Rise of Emperor, And one more thing if the theory about sticking to the original VA then the voice over should have been noticeable just like every other character possessed or controlled by the Emperor, Plus on top of it all the Time frame doesn’t match, actually already said too much about that. Seeing this will turn into a debate, but we will have to wait and see how it turns out.).
But i do think he will show up later next year after a few more new chapters.

The part for Lana being the one finding you was already confirmed, but seeing that not everyone read/heard that, this might be new to them.

Yeah no news about Theron, possibly showing up in later chapters or something. Also no news on Satele Shan as far as ive seen. But we will catch a glimpse or more then a glimpse of Chapter one on August 26th on BW/SWTOR live stream event replacing a Cantina tour that got canceled

In the trailer, it looks like a glove, but in the datamined model, it resembles a mechanical hand.

Think you need to dial your sarcasm tone down, and learn to read. As far as It goes it doesn’t state he is saying it’s impossible or such merely asking if she has a robotic arm or is it simply the gloves design….

It wasn’t meant to be sarcastic. Bioware loves references to the movies, so someone having a robot hand would be right up their alley. If I had to choose between it being a glove or a hand, a hand makes the most sense.

Ah, oke then I have said nothing. Might needed it to be worded differently otherwise it comes off wrong 😀

It DOES look odd. Maybe She’s only wearing Vambraces on the sword arm? It doesnt match the other glove at all

Mainly the odd asymmetrical aspect of it (skinny wrist with thick gauntlet vs thick gloved wrist) and the jointed armor on the fingers are what’s strange to me.

From everything I’ve seen? She’s got a cybernetic replacement now.

I guess being put in charge of Imperial Intelligence didn’t go so well as hoped…

Anyone else feel that when asked to kneel there toon, would just flip this guy off and decline the offer ?

Your loot, three grays and a green saber. Bet you his armor will show up in a pack or on the CM for a ridiculous amount of money though!

Dataminers found that the Zakuul Knight armor is supposed to be a direct buy from the Cartel Market when they release.

I wonder how will the people explain this? Being an infiltrator on Zakuul? Traitor? Wearing it as a trophy?
I honestly will stick to my:
a) Beskar’gam
b) Trooper commander armor
c) Sith armor:
1. One like the Emperor in JK story on Kaas wears, just w/o the hood
2. Primeval Vindicator w/ Malgus-style respirator
3. Revan/Vindican style armor. (Black-gray dyed Investigator)

Lol. That should be an option. Choice 1. Refuse valkorion l. Choice 2 flip him off and tell him to go eat bath poodoo. Choice 3. Kneel and stick saber in his gut ☺

TBH, I’d like an option to actually join him. I mean, you have up to 22 runs through the story, why not make one or two join them?

I hope we get some Lana customizations because she looks like a fat 40 year old housewife that doesn’t exercise.
We need a thinner, HOTTER Lana. If she has no customizations I’m totally gonna sacrifice her.

Agreed, really like her new appearance. The armor she’s sporting looks alot more suitable for a Sith with some of the detailings reminiscent of a Samurai. Pretty cool. She’s been honing her dueling prowess too judging by the concept art, with her wielding two blades now. Looking forward to the new and improved Lana.

Two of the Dread Host Commanders in the Heroic section of Oricon do it as well. Except they pull you towards them and then impale you.

Yeah, she looks better, but did they give her a broader jawline and a chiseled face? She looks a little many to me.

Just stop posting here. With every inane post you reveal just how small minded and pathetic you are. There’s nothing “fat” about Lana’s character model and even if she was modeled after Melinda McCarthy who gives a damn…well, except for 13 yo boys who sit around and complain about their video game girls needing to be “hotter.”

1) Go fuck yourself.
2) Take the broomstick out of your ass before 1)
3) Learn to joke around, you uptight, 50 year old, moronic prick.
4) Lose your virginity.

I just don’t see how our “choices” will have any more effect than whether companion A or B joins us or area A or B is open to us.
If the story is to continue through to season 2 and beyond then wildly branching stories will still need to end up at the same place at the end of each season in order for the continuity to be held.

I’m really looking forward to this, but just don’t see our story being majorly affected by the choices we make.

Nevermind all that, WE HAVE CUTSCENES! That we’ll show you out of context, and parrot the same information you can read on our original expansion reveal months ago!

Wtf are you talking about? I never said anything about hating the game. Just disappointed in this presentation is all. Waiting for the august 26 one.

They really need to explain the companion recruitment. I don’t want any shitty companions like Mako forced on me.

I know that, but the first one was the kill Kaidan/Carth and the Wrex thing, the second one brought in interesting characters and explorations of their backstories, personalities, and ramifications for your interactions with ALL of them, and the third one was lol.

I’m expecting the choose path A get this, path B get that.This way if it is a more in depth system then I am not disappointed.

To be honest I’m just looking forward to more story.

I really think our comp choices will be a convo like; A: join me, B: you should move on, C: eat blaster. at end of chapter, any unfilled slots would give options to look for other comps to fill in the blanks. Any other way would leave people pissed if they lost a comp they really wanted.

It says it’s gameplay footage, but I’m wondering if it’s a target render at this stage or if there’s some post processing going on, because those cutscenes look an awful lot better than what we’re used to in SWTOR. Also, Lana looks better and a bit slimmed down, I’m going to enjoy gutting Valkorion, whoever that General guy is (Kai Zykken or something?) looks absolutely ridiculous and already screams “space me to shut me the fuck up”, I’m going to enjoy gutting Arcaan, no talking from Marr? fucking lame, BW, dat finishing move by Lana, I need Marr as a comp, and 1 minute and a half of cutscenes =/= “gameplay” footage in the strictest sense that we’d like to see somebody playing through a few seconds of the game to see if these teasers are all bluff with the subtle updates to the look of the game. Was hoping for more info on the specifics of the game, not just “look at this stuff”, but maybe we’ll get that later this week?

They got a really good actor to play Valkorion, too.

First trailer was pure CGI… this one is “in-game cutscene” type… all of it. There was no “gameplay”.

The dude with the dreads is some sort of former Zakuul general if I recall the character reveal correctly.

Statement: There’s…. a new HK droid helping the outlander up…. or dangling him over the edge of a building the way batman would….

How do you know? He looks EXACTLY the same. I personally thought HK-55 would be a mix of something like Forex and HK-51, hence he might be a tank companion…

so im thinking. they are showing the pub side of this outlander story. So what if empire outlanders get satele shan instead of marr in similar scenes and theran shan instead of Lana? hmm Though i think its already be partially confirmed that Lana rescues us from the carbonite.

I think it might be possible with Satele, but not with Theron. Unless he somehow magically became Force sensible and wields a saber now.
But to be honest, I’d rather have Marr on my side as an Imperial. Atleast as the Inquisitor…

I’ve said that I’d prefer Marr because Bee said that Imps might get Satele while Pubs get Marr.

They actually fixed Lana and made her look good, yay!

All this info we are getting is actually getting me hyped for the new expansion.

Would definitely be nice if my hip flappy things would stop clipping into my hips. If they’d improve these kinds of things alongside all this new stuff I’d be thrilled.

If I made a Twi’lek I would be too busy standing on elevators all day and night giggling like a lunatic. Bunny calm….BUNNY ALERT…bunny calm….BUNNY ALERT!

Or the Kamas and stuff like that in cutscenes. Don’t know about most of the armor, but Trooper variant of War Hero Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando has some serious positioning issues.

I had that one since ages (bought it for 200k, lol) and don’t recall happening it. Tho it sometimes disappears. i.e. when you hold the cannon and interact with some item that requires activation, like a console.

I think its only for BT3 males, if they have the cannon, the barrel floats about half a foot off the rotary base. Any time I did like CZ labs, theres that cutscene with Rasmus, and the party member with the primal assault cannon without fail every time had their barrel just floating there.

Eh idk, new Lana doesn’t look all that nice to me. I’m hoping for either a vintage lana customization or maybe a whole range of custumizations.

Maybe I can’t read or hear very well. WHAT INFO? All we have is two trailers… one showing us that we will be going up against another main bad guy (AGAIN).

Because they totally have not told us about how we are waking up from cryo stasis after five years to escape with Lana and Koth to become a veteran of the Galactic war, the ‘Outlander’ and our choices can drive away a certain companions and have some impact later on down the road.

I am looking forward to this. And will have my new computer to play it on lol. I’m most interested in the companion changes and what companions will be able to get new and old. I’m also interested in seeing how many companion slots we will have. I hope it’s more than now. Be hard to no when and which companions I want if we only keep same number

I’m starting to worry that companions will have nothing to do with crafting… they are going to have to overhaul that. I can’t grind the crafting on my new 60 toon after all. You realize how long that is going to take? Sending out 6 toons to craft 5 items at a time was a be a pretty quick leveling process. What’s that do for the crafters in the game? They’re gonna break it.

Noticed how they acctually gave the outlander a face/armor/class/subclass? Does it means the outlander lorewise is the one to take out this new xpac, meaning that the fate of our chars would be death (lorewise) or hidding? I mean if they showed the cutscene with diferent chars or using a helmet even but they choose an specific look and all that. The only thing is they didnt say a name…

Actually there is, they even go around naming some of our chars. It does follow a close story, its not like all over the place like in world of warcraft.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true! After the barsenthor went missing, he shaved his stupid crudlocks, hit puberty, 5 o clock shadowed and learned the force…and now he’s grumpy.

I was expecting a bit more but im not dissapointed since i know its EA and SWTOR is not thier main goal this year and last year.

Yeah went back to look at it an you’re right. Really liked Jakarro and C2-D4 so hoped they’d be back for the xpac.

I personally would love to see some one from each class story:
Knight: Lord Praven (boss on Tatooine, can turn him into a Jedi)
Consular: The Esh-kha guy
Trooper: Fuse, Tavus, Garza
Smuggler: Too many there, don’t know. Maybe the Gormak liking guy.

Warrior: Vowrawn
Inquisitor: Any of the Dark Council
Hunter: Mandalore the Vindicate
Agent: ex-Watcher Two and ex-Keeper

And naturally folks like Shae Vizla, the remnants of the Dark Council and Jedi Council. But I never really liked Jakarro… Or any non-basic speaking character for that matter. Mando’a speakers and Gree are an exception.

Yeah that would be cool. Especially Mandalore the Vindicate since we only got a couple interactions with him. Smuggler would probably be Master Sumalee.

I get Jakarro dislike but C2-D4 made it for me. As for the non-basic speaking characters, I thought everyone loves Blizz. 😛

What’s wrong with Jakarro? He’s my favorite character from Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan. He’s what Bowdaar should have been(I still love Bowdaar though, hands down my favorite companion.), I hope we get Jakarro as a companion in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

To me, what’s wrong with him is “roaaaar” instead of “hello”. Even Khem Val seems better.

I hope we get Jakarro as a companion. I love Bowdaar, but I’d rather a Wookiee with a Bowcaster at my side.

Wait, the ones who were subbed by July 31st still get Nico Karr, or only those who are subbed by August 10th will get him?

The way I heard it, is that if you sign up at Gamescon or during that period you’ll get Nico Karr. Same as if you where subbed before or on 31st July I guess.

I feared that. My sub ends right in 5 days so it’s all up in the air if I will or won’t get him. I’m disappointed. Sigh.

At the sand diego cantina, they gave those of us that attended a month of subscription time. I quote: “That means you are all going to get Nico Karr” so by that, they are saying that they just extended the deadline. So should still be good

If you’re still worried, I would use a referral link like the guy a couple posts above, and get the 7 days time from that added to your account before your sub ends for additional peace of mind. Dulfy has a link in the corner for hers if you need one.

“If you sub during Gamescom, you can still get Nico Karr as companion (Extended to August 10)”

This sounds like just a special for Gamescon attendees. gamescon is the 5th through the 9th. As I understand, thats why they are saying until the 10th. It is just an additional deadline to the old one and does not undo the other one.

So I’m in a weird situation. I’m a continuous subscriber so I’m still subbed, but the way my sub works is that I renew after Aug 10th. I used a referral link, while subscribed, and so it added 7 days to my account.

Those 7 days are what I am currently on, so technically I’m not a subscriber right now until my subscription renews. I should still be good for Nico right?

I’m assuming there are others like this who are currently on the 7 days as a referral link and have to subscribe by Aug 10th, I’d be in the same boat right?

Just want to make sure I don’t get fucked

They’ve made more effort with textures and lighting I think. Makes a world of difference, and I’m personally glad to see them finally putting in the effort with textures.

thats what I was thinking, and your right, shows how much better the game could look with just some higher res textures you could tell they started with shadow of revan especially on lana

I think its the optical illusion double chin in one of the pictures. I’ve seen her in the other parts of videos etc and she looks pretty good. I personally just don’t trust her. She has shown us in the story she can be a master manipulator, and it makes you wonder how much of that friendly sith next door personality is an act to keep your guard down.

She’s just practical methinks. If she has no reason to kill you or betray you, she won’t. And tbf, she’s the one who rescues you from carbonite. That’s one up on the rest of your so called allies 😛

That was supposed to say “sallow”, lol, so I agree with you completely. She most definitely looks like she’s been nourishing her hatred and passion during those five years.

“Knights of the Fallen Empire rewards are delivered through in-game mail and are redeemable as of the launch of the expansion upon login on October 27, 2015.”

Seeing as you pretty much get 3 guaranteed Companions (Marr = tank, Lana = heals, HK = dps) I sure hope you get to choose the other 3.

to me this is Nico Okarr with a different outfit, but of course I could be mistaken. But he certain looks like Okarr to me.

nope, he is already listed in the cast part on official site. his name is like Darth Jinx already mentioned Koth Vortena

Lana isnt a Sorcerer anymore by the look of it now. They have her as a Marauder now with dual sabers. She dps for sure

Seems to be a generic title the npcs will call you. similar to how they use “Darth Nox” “Wrath” “Barsenthor” etc

Digging the new pictures. Awesome! Can’t wait to see a dialogue between HK-51 and HK-55.

Was doing some digging on HK models. Seems HK-47 still survived, ha too legit to quit

“HK-47 was discovered to be still alive, inside the memory core of a downed Galactic Republic cruiser on Mustafar. He manipulated a group of spacers to free him and raise a droid army. He was later thwarted, but escaped.[14]” Seem he was part of SWG, never really played it so just finding out now

Damn a lot of HK models.

Irritated Response: Listen, Meatbag, I’ll have you know that those are models are far inferior to my own!

Condescending Answer: Why, yes, Just like you Meatbag! But do you want a “just fine job” or a far superior one? That’s what I thought.

Well, i am doing more then just fine, if my HK-55 and 51 do a just fine job meaning getting it done i am more then happy. Someone seems jealous ö need some rusty parts oiled? remember you got destroyed lots of time, maybe you aren’t so superior at all…

ill be expecting you trying to assassinate me now for that comment

SPOILER (The following is datamined info and is subject to change):

New Companions:

Lana Beniko

Theron Shan


Koth Vortena

Senya Tirall

Darth Marr


Nico Okarr

(Some of these companions might be temporary)

Valkorion: “I won’t have my daughter dating some filthy, [racial slur for Trandoshans] lizard man!” *Makes creepy Palpatine-like angry face*

Darth Nox: Oh man, wauw… hey… be nice to my friend alright… he had a rough past….people beating on him time after time. Mostly right after Tuesday’s..Whats that? i did that too? yeah…well… thats not of importance.. the main thing is to show Valkorian not to bad mouth you.

and oh dude, lay of the Unlimited powers! told you that new drug is bad for your appearance…should check that out

Sorry man, Khem and Treek are already dated, should check out his status.

Khem Val engaged to Treek: 3643 BBY

ah i know what happened to Lana, caught her putting her hands in my cookie jar one time too many. shit had to be stopped, hence robotic arm

She wanted to know if the rumor about the Moff committing suicide after seeing his face was true 😉

Note: (There was a Moff that actually did that after meeting with Marr. The rumor was the face part.)

guess if she was dead, she would confirm the rumors at least:p (yeah i know about that part, makes you wonder!)

SPOILER: He’s supposed to be one. Not sure if he will be a guest or permanent one though. What if they don’t even give him a face, just to prevent us from looking OoO/

no no no. Lana is the reason the white guy lost his arm. That’s why it’s her right arm and his left. They were in an epic battle, and she made that happen. mahaha

Given how badly he’s burned I guess I kind of assumed he stood to close to something that was ‘splodey or held a grenade or did some boneheaded thing his brother wouldn’t do.

The graphics seem to be upgraded for this expac. I wonder if they’ll be bringing the rest of the game in line with it

The graphics for the cutscenes have been upgraded (because that is all we have seen so far). They can’t go back and redo the whole game graphically… it would take too long.

I may get crap for saying this, but I am pretty upset they’re adding another HK-47 knockoff. Stop pandering and make a new droid, Bioware.

By knock-off I mean that Bioware is just recycling the character of HK-47 so they can win points with fanboys without needing to put the effort into actually making a new character

Never played KOTOR, so there is no fanboy appeal for me. That being said, not everyone that plays SWTOR has played KOTOR, meaning HK-51 is a new character to some of us 🙂

Makes no difference. We’re still getting another copy+paste character. And they’re doing it because HK was so well received. If he wasn’t they wouldn’t make 2 more clones of him in the same game.

Maybe they didn’t want to directly copy KOTOR by making 47 a companion, but they realized that KOTOR players would still want an HK, so they gave us 51. And besides, the new 55 companion says “meatbag,” which seems important to 47’s fans.

If by pandering, you mean including elements of the game that we like so much that this MMO is based on, then yes. It’s pandering. Were you expecting them to make an MMO based on KOTOR that ignored everything you liked about KOTOR? I’d rather play this one than a hypothetical ‘has nothing to do with it’ MMO.

There’s ignoring elements from KOTOR, and then there’s milking the shit out of them.

If I remember correctly, Didnt HK-47 say in KOTOR that Meatbag was something Revan taught him to call Malak? And it grew from there. If so then no other HK should do that right?

No its not HK-55 IS Hk-47 like the same verbobrain! Just upgraded to be more effective after we blew the fuck out of him a bunch of times

Have you actually played The Old Republic? Bioware has made hundreds of new characters. Some of them are great characters too. Blizz? Mako? Kira? Khem Val? M1-4X? Everywhere I go I run into new characters in this game. So what if they want to capitalize on the success of one of their most popular characters. Why is everyone so shocked that they would want to show love to Knights of the Old Republic in an MMO based on Knights of the Old Republic? Is it pandering when JJ Abrams puts R2-D2 in a new Star Wars movie?

I wish people would stop making it sound like Bioware’s not creating new characters, because there’s an order of magnitude more characters in this than in KOTOR and KOTOR 2 combined. I think it was stupid when Star Wars Galaxies used HK-47, but that was Sony. This is a Bioware game and they’re the people who created him. If Hk-47 is so sacred to you that you don’t want to see the company that created him ever use him again, just don’t play with the new one.

Answer: The maker is well aware that there will never be a droid as good as this one. Unfortunately, he does not yet see that improving upon it is a futile endeavor.

I’d really really really really like an astromech companion (and not be forced to play jedi warrior).

Agreed. every class should have an optional astromech and an optional wookie. Even if they become cartel market companions like treek….

Yeah. I think everyone was expecting the wookiee from the Shadow of Revan storyline to end up as your companion. Kind of disappointing. I’m hoping he’s one of the new comps you can get with the new add-on.

I always thought IG88 was a neat style of droid. Or those bulkier types from belsavis prison. (Sort of like the GSI cheater droid but with better heads)

Yes! I love the look of IG88. If they made some prototype looking Old Republic Era version, I’d be all for it.

’88 already has that clunky TOR look to it. He made sinister noises in Shadows of the Empire, too.

I’ve seen a droid or 2 in game with more 88 shaped heads. That Ziost shadow droid is available though at the hutt event, and its decent, I use almost anything but HK skins tbh cause I love him as a companion, but I have difficulty believing I have an HK if they are so rare and unique. I’d really like if they just went to town giving us more and more HK skin variety.

Why is it hard to belive you have one? You spent all that time and effort finding parts and putting him together.

When I rp though, I normally don’t take questing into consideration. Otherwise 1/8 of everyone you meet won the great hunt. 1/2 the people you talk to own an HK droid. Everyone you know single handedly released the dread masters. So I accept that if I have a combat capable droid in rp, its probably not an HK.
I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but I roleplay an archeotech forceuser who specializes in machines/droids, so I’ve actually customized my whole crew to look like droids…it gets weird in cutscenes when it hides the helmets and I am like “Uh…who are you again?” They all look like Futurama Nixon when he stole benders body.

I think the droid from the “ESB bounty hunter scene” on the Ziost Shadow bridge might their version of an IG-88 TOR style look. Isn’t there a HK skin you can get from the Nar Shaddaa nightlife vendor like that? I’ve still been hoping they’d add an HK skin like the insectoid looking “4-LOM” style droid from the Ziost Shadow bridge. You always see a few of those around Hutta and Nar Shaddaa hanging with mercenaries.

I want a generic melee companion that you can buy Vorn or Lraida or other beast type skins for. It would just have a generic set of attacks, aoe swipe, bite, etc, maybe even a taunt, but the main feature would be lots of different skins to customize them to your beastlord of Onderon liking.

I’ve offered that as a suggestion to them a few times, but they’ve never responded. Having a beast companion would be awesome, and there are a lot to choose from: Akk dog, salky hound, tuk’ata, vorn tiger, nexu, lraida, etc.

Seems the Knights of Zakuul (gold armored guys who said “Outlander! Surrender!”) and the Sky Troopers (in fire fight with Republic and Imperial soldiers) are some kind of droid or cybernetic being. Which brings to mind those semi-sentient Opticrons…

There are such things as Cybernetic Sith Lords like Darth Skotia (and 3600 years from now, Darth Vader), so why not this army of Force Users with cybernetic enhancements?

Because any cybernetic reduces Force power. Darth Vader before he became half-cybernetic was more powerful (If believe the Emperor)

I think he had more potential. I’m pretty sure he DID become more powerful but not nearly as much as he could have been.

A completely whole Darth Vader (WITH the cybernetic right forearm and hand, and not having been injured by Obi-Wan) would have become more powerful than the Emperor in due course.
In fact, the Emperor saw Anakin as the only one who was worthy of succeeding him (that was before he found out a way to potentially live forever) before he failed pulling an Obi-Wan lol

Massive spoilers but guessing if you are going to watch chapter one on live stream you might as well, KoTFE chapter one teaser on YouTube witch should be spoiler and not teaser but that’s the title.

I just hope BW will make some major believeable story for the gaps and plot holes

didn’t watch it and don’t plan on watching it,may just avoid the internet until the expansion comes out,besides coming 2 see if any cartel packs com out 😀

Where do people get all this datamined stuff from? The game client, or is this some secret I shouldn’t be asking about in which case I do apologize, but I gots ta know.

Nox/Marr/Lana/Khem/HK/Treek for heals, unless you can get cross class comps, in which case I’d go with Quinn because as much as I hate him and still want to space him, he’s actually pretty damned useful for both healing and ranged dps, which is nice since my toon is heals, too.

“… he’s actually pretty damned useful for both healing and ranged dps …” You realize all of the companions have the same abilities with just a graphical difference in the 8s stun?

Didn’t know that other toons like Khem, Raina, Pierce, and Blizz healed as well as did the ranged dps thing.

There like a Gameshark I need for that? Or do I just have to ask them very politely? Cause I am so *not* asking Skadge to heal me. Jaesa, either. I don’t need her being any less unpredictable than she already is. 🙂

That is not what he ment. All healers are the same. The comps with similar abilities are the same it’s what you gear them with that makes the difference. Quinn is no better then Mako. I always laugh at people that say “Ashara is the best DPS comp” she’s the same as Jasea.

I did, I did, no worries there, good sir. Just no need for nitpicking like that, it does nobody any good.

I hope this will be better written than Terminator Genesys, but I have a bad feeling about “reboots” with “time travel”… and stuff.

Maybe I’m just sick of the next big Darth Idontcare who is dressed stupid and will bring doom to the galaxy…

And look at Darth Marr, once he was a trash mob in Diablo’s dungeons… now he is boring Darth Spiked Armor in SWTOR.

Only strong people can make peace, even just for a short period of time, and fight alonside people they swore to defeat in order to fight a bigger threat.

Revan would not have been thwarted if it was not for Marr allying with Satele Shan (The Republic). 99% of all other Sith would not have done that, Marr did. You clearly lack an understanding of the bigger picture, something Marr understands.

Marr is weaker than Baras. He was just big in mouth only in SoR Marr somthing made (fight with Revan) when Empire whole Time waited. If Marr is represent of dark council ( its suggestion) he is responsible for failing empire and making Mad the true Emperor of the Sith. Its just reason why Emperor is in conflict with Dark Council ( I think).

Baras was very very strong in the force because he was actually the only human being able to permanently bind Vitiate to another mortal body (which was also bound to Sel-Makor). If it wasn’t for those two pure-bloods telling the SW what to do on Voss, we wouldn’t have had neither SoR or Ziost because Vitiate would still be there.

But Baras also made is life rotate around killing everyone in his way, making enemies even between himself and other Sith because he wanted as much power as he could obtain. He couldn’t care less about anything else, aside from Jaesa’s master who almost blew up his whole operation. From that point of view, Baras is way weaker than Marr. The fatass wanted all the power for himself, the other one wants to win the war against the Republic and to be able to actually be there and still have something to celebrate/rule for.

Just to make it clear, Baras did not ‘bind’ Vitiate to that Voss body, he tricked him into choosing that body and going on a ‘pilgrimage’ to the place where the Voss vessel ended up being bound to Sel-Makor.
And yes, he was cunning and strong in the Force, but he had no other choice: his physical condition has been deplorable ever since Angral stabbed him in the back in the ‘Threat of Peace’ comic series, thus the weight gain.

No. Emperor planned to destroy and consume the Galaxy wayyy before that. Have you never played the Jedi Knight story?
You learn that the Emperor wants to destroy the galaxy at the end of Chapter II and spend the whole Chapter III trying to stop him.

I’m done with you. If even HIS WRATH, Lord Scourge, who killed Meetra Surik think the guy is crazy, then it must be so, eh?

This is not about Jedi or Sith or whatever bullshit. It’s common sense. It’s easy to hate someone to the point of wanting to see this person dead. But it’s way harder to overcome all of the above and make peace with that very same person, even just a truce for a short period of time.

German and french/british soldier slaughtered each others during ww1 for years, yet they stopped fighting for a whole day in order to celebrate xmass all togheter. They were all enemies, yet they came togheter for the greater good for one day.

What you fail to understand is that just because you’re a Sith you don’t have to be a dick and slaughter each and every one in your way just because “you’re a Sith and you have to be a genocidial machine”. But, unlike you, Marr understood this not once, but twice. And if you think that things work otherwise, than I feel bad for you.

This is not about Jedi or Sith or whatever bullshit. It’s common sense.

It’s easy to hate a person to the point of wanting to see that person dead. What’s really hard is to overcome all of the above and be strong enough to be willing to make piece, or even just temporary truce, with that very same person.

If you’re a dick and kill everyone just because you’re a Sith and you have to be bad because that’s what Sith do, then you’re not strong. But weak. Very weak. On the countrary, if you suppress your instinct of killing your life-enemy which is standing right in front of you, for the greater good, then you’re strong. Very strong.

In regards to Marr in particular, thanks to Ilum and Makeb events, he had the power to easily destroy the whole Republic fleet on either Rishi or Yavin. He could have had easily done that.Yet the Revan was a much bigger threat. He had Satele standing in front of him more than once, he prefered to work with her instead of killing her. Why? Because even if the Empire had the potential to destroy the Republic, it would have been alone against Revan and his retarded followers. And two fleets and armies versus one results in much better odds. And in order to work togheter with your enemy, you have to be very strong-minded.

The same will probably happen on Zakuul. They’re going to fight the Sith Emperor himself (Valkorion is just a puppet-host body) and its entire army. He alone slaughtered an entire planet (Ziost). Now with an army slaughtered both the Republic and the Empire. Marr has to join forces with the Jedi again, or they’ll all die and lose.

And obviously, all of the above applies for Satele aswell. She doesn’t trust Marr, but she has to overcome herself and work with a Darth. That’s not even about being strong or weak. That’s about survival.

Doesn’t really make you strong if you decide to team up with your enemy to avoid the entire galaxy being wiped out. I think the majority of people IRL would work with someone they hate if the alternative was certain death.

No, killing everyone isnt a good choice. Anyway you dont understand nature of Sith. We could survive without peace with Republic why? Because we needed to prepare our defense mainly for attacker not for all enemies of Siths. Personally for me its stupid to making peace to everyone if on horizont when will appear new enemy. Jesus Siths are not Jedi. They had diffrent Code and History. If republic and siths will focus on one enemy it will be this same. Enemy of my enemy is a ally do you know it ? you dont need making offically peace what they made in SoR because orginnaly its a bullshit you know that. Truely and strong sith dont fear a death. The Most funny part of this is a jedi council. Its funny, really they have restricted code and they alling with siths ? ha, nice a joke. I can understand fact about Siths wanted (peace/ally) it but Jedi. Truely obviously…. To win with some one you dont need making all time alles with enemy faction in this game where is Republic. Why in non-canon books when you reading history or somthing in time when siths appear there is a war. Even Malgus stopped this peace. Empire if had any potentinal to destroy Republic why they are dont made it ? For me this game is going in bad war Disneyland. Anyway all have own opinions and understand your way of thinking. Sorry for grammar and t english but it isnt my first and last language which I know on level to communicate. Greetings 😉

I’ll be as clear as possible, then.

If you’re dead, you can’t defeat the Republic (And viceversa). If you want to win the war you have to survive. It’s better to form a temporary truce with the only enemy that can actually give you a possibility of victory, instead of both being permanently defeated by the greater enemy. It took two armies to defeat Revan which had no allies and they almost failed. And it was Revan. A “simple” human being. Now they have to fight against the Sith Emperor himself, an immortal (And incorporeal) being that can single handed destroy entire planets. Would you fight an enemy that strong alone (And most likely die) or would you seek allies (And have a chance of winning), even if those allies were also enemies?

Why do so many people think Valkorion is Vitiate? I mean, if he was, he’d simply recognize both Marr and the Outlander and strike them down instead of offering them to join him…

Because there are leaked files from chapter 1 of KoTFE. There’s a 3-way dialog between Marr, the female Inquisitor and Valkorion. Both Marr and the Inquisitor refers to him as “the Sith Emperor”. Check swtor_potato either on Reddit or Youtube.

Hardly make sense. They didnt officialy made peace on yavin it was temporarly it was a peace between Marr and Satele which was only to defeat Revan. If you player thoroughly you would hear them both say if their forces can’t trust and work together all is lost. Sacrafice sphere would be activated and all would have been lost. You can’t win a war if you are death.

Reason why Marr is so beloved is he is far more better then most Sith with their simplicity of their life above all. Marr actually fights for the Empire while most Sith fight for them self.

So the qeustion comes down to. Do you fight for your self or for the empire to survive, rule and bw the strongest ever? If the first one then Marr will always be weak in your eyes because he doesn’t do useless killing, betrayal, back stabbing and such. If it’s the latter then Marr is by far a stronger Sith, his history proven as such.

Same with KotFE if a new threat easily pushed back the Empire and Republic at once…. What chance do you stand alone. The survival of the Empire is Marr only main focus and as far as it go’s he is one of the only Dark council who cares enough.
If you take all the cutscenes dialogs between Nox and Marr he even admits as such that you are the only Sith who actually tried rebuilding ans saving the Empire unlike any other Sith. Makeb was indication already that infighting weakend the Empire greatly from within while republic was banging on the outside.

You don’t have to like oe trust your enemies but if they can help defeat a foe greater then you two together then yeah I’d puty vandetta aside for the time being.

Membership of Dark Council was made by Darth Marr so it isnt only decision of Marr but all Council (or most). You forget about 1 thing if you enough strong to face enemies ( getting power , knowledge, artifacts etc). After death you can face your enemies once again or being a Master for next generations like made it Revan, Tulak, Sadow, etc. They was weak ? Marr for me personally accepting light side ( he making decision to this way). Baras wasnt. I just want real war like when game realeased and after first expansion. BTW I know what you saying but I just disaggre in few things. We will see soon how it will works.

Then you haven’t thoroughly played through he game properly or just didn’t pay attention or merely forgot in any case, you seem to forget about this part. Skip forward to 3:08 And listen carefully ends at 3:29 (video listed below). Clearly states it was Marr the only Dark Council member who agreed to such a truce with only One Jedi Council member. While Satele is Grand Master and on the Dark Council there is no Grand Darth or whatsoever but We both know Mortis, Ravage and Marr have seniority on the Council, with that said, He still made that decision alone, wether you play as Inquisitor or other class. The agreement was made the moment you walked in.

There for you had nothing agree or disagree with. The direction at hand was clear. Defeat Revan.

You want to name all these other ancient sith but yet you present a threat that is only mutual between Sith and Jedi/Republic. They did not had a shared enemy therefor no reason to seek allies with one another.

You can come back as a force ghost /Apperation if you are strong enough yes. But you forgetting you need an army to do your bidding. How long do you think it will take for someone to find your tomb or hear your call within the force.

Even then if you finally get your army which might be decades if not longer. The enemy that destroyed you is not the same as you were alive. Yes you might defeat the next generation but you still died from the original enemy you had which in my opinion you lost which in my opinion results in either you were weak, your enemy outsmarted you, you or you just only sought more power and power and power, like countless faction and empires have proven having only power is no means to victory, if you do not know how to wield said power or know how to restrain it for the better end.

just my point of view in how you see things is that a Sith should never side with en enemy, A Sith should only make dark side choices, even fi that means his death and the fall of his Empire, Cult, faction w/e the fact that he made dark side choices is proof that he is strong? I have to disagree with that.

Someone wielding power with knowledge, in the right way, not just for the sake of himself but for his whole army, empire w/e is a strong person and not solely thinking about his self. Hence why Darth Marr is far more stronger in my opinion, not just in power and what not but as a Sith in general.

In your opinion Darth Baras is stronger but id say Baras is a deluded fool. So deluded he started believing his own lies. Baras power lies in scheming and manipulation. He needed strong warriors to do his bidding. Not saying he is weak, im saying he is not as strong as he might let you to believe.

Just because we dont have war between Empire and Republic currently doesnt make Marr weak. Everything Marr did was in the name of the Empire, everything Other sith did so far was in the name of themselves which is why i have Marr listed as a strong sith

One good example is Oricon where you need to rescue Republic soldiers which are trapped inside there escape pods. You have two options force them to work for you, Dark side, or appeal to them light side….

While you might say, sith should choose dark side cause he is sith its what they do, i would say light side is far more superior in that choice as in at the end you gain a few republic soldiers who join the Empire at the end (ingame mail) which is a win for the empire, more soldiers the better. So having sided with an enemy for a bigger threat doestn make someone weak.

If you simply want war between empire and republic sure fine but breakdown everything in between is unnecessary as it already points out the inevitable death if they dont work together.

“We both know Mortis, Ravage and Marr have seniority on the Council” Well, aren’t Marr, Mortis, Ravage and Nox the only surviving members on the Dark Council? I think there might be this Seeker Droid woman too, but isn’t that it?
And I’m on your side on the whole “fight them ’til they’re all dead/cooperate with them to survive” thing. I literally loved being able to cooperate with the Mirialan Jedi on Belsavis as Warrior. Or turning Lord Praven on Tatooine to the Light Side as Knight.

As far as the class stories went with all other members being alive back then, they still had seniority. At this point i dont know besides Nox and the others you named who are on the Council. We can bet with the recent attack (KotFe when it happens) More Council members will presumly be dead as well. Not sure if they appointed new ones. Also wondering if they replaced you the inquisitor after you were carbonized.

And yes loved the Mirianlan guy, each class, i have multiple i play with different personalities. My first Warr sided with Mirialan and spared him at the end, departing as enemies. My other sided as friends my other one killed him brutaly:D also loved toying him to kill Ekkage XD

I wonder what Mortis and Ravage were doing during Makeb and Shadow of Revan…

As for Ravage, Spoiler alert, Moff ForgotHisName from the Inquisitor Flagship informed you of traitors being removed and a few other inquiries. Such as Darth Ravage being on a planet to do something forgot but he wanted to enslave the natives/species but you could choose to undermine him and take them in as allies. If correct they were force sensitive as well, not sure but there are footage on youtube for that convo. As for Mortis really dont know what he did in Sor, In Makeb he was busy with Shroud or precisely tasked you to deal with him, i do believe he mentioned he had other plans not sure if he said what they where or where he was.

Thanks for the info on Mortis. I thought he was the macrobinocs guy. Not quite understand what you’re saying about Ravage tho… Guess I should play Inquisitor again. I played him like a year ago! 😀

Yeah Mortis was the quest giver for Macrobino thingy. but he stated that you should handle it and he would go back to what he was doing. Not sure if he explained what that was or as usual sith just walked away in silent and mysterious :p

What he said wasn’t that horrible. Our professional interpreteurs translated “Dark Lord of the Sith (People)” to “Dark Lord from the Sith” (as a place) when translating episodes I-III.

Not only all of that (which I agree with 110%), but at the end of the SoR storyline for both factions (spoiler alert!) both Marr and Satele say something along the lines of “the fragile truce has ended” so it really was a peace/truce/whatever you want to call it of survival, plain and simple. Sith fear death, right? Most have a desire to cheat death. A truce with the Republic to defeat Revan can be seen as cheating death… in some really small way.
Idk what any of what i just said has to do with this new expansion, so yeah. Survival.

And so is the rest of the Jedi code. Sith code on the countrary makes much more sense, but in regards of Marr temporarily siding with the Jedi, your point is? Just because your faction use red sabers instead of blue ones, you have to kill everyone just for the sake of it? Wrong.

WOOOOOO YEAH A REAL CHOICE TO BECOME WITH OUR GREAT DARK EMPEROR! ALL BOW TO HIM WOOOO! HAHA AWESOME THEY KEEP TO CANON ABOUT HOW HE NEVER DIES HOWEVER they already stated they might kill vitiate and they also announced that part would not be canon because it would be unfair for some players who like canon, so it is awesome! OUR EMPEROR ALL GLORY TO THE EMPEROR!


I can’t believe ADDMARY fell for that. I mean, seriously. Your name says “Don’t believe me”.

it seems you dont know what people care about or dont as it seems this question has been asked countless of time over and over again since the reveal of this expansion

So you are a 12 year old jackass who just can’t communicate without capslock or insulting people?


Never said anything about your gender.
I’m nobody to you. Just a hunter.
I don’t know where the info about crewskills is. I never said I knew about it.
I’m an 18 year old male.
I won’t give you any info as I don’t have access to any.
“THE PEOPLE HAS SPOKEN!” Firstly, that’s grammatically incorrect: “The people HAVE spoken!” Secondly, what is that supposed to mean?
And FYI, AFAIK, you won’t lose your precious 500 skills, they’ll probably just add 50 more “levels” to it. We’ll lose our companions though, so if you’re heavy on crafting, I suggest recruiting characters with the appropriate crew skill bonus.
Stop writing in all-caps, everyone’s gonna think you’re either:
a) a madman (or madwoman for that matter…)
b) a child or a childish adult
c) asocial
d) an asshole
e) on your period
Have a nice day. 🙂

i do know, i will answer if you learn to ask things politely. then you might get an answer otherwise you can do just fine googling it in all caps

i would totally hate that… seriously. that would undermine all the effort we took to get him whilst other people who didnt get him just get HK regardless. I dont mind them getting HK-55 they just should not be touching HK-51. So i hope this is an entirely new model

Agreed. Not just effort either, some of us have forked over plenty of RL currency to unlock him on alts.

That as well so yeah don’t touch 51, and besides that it would be cool to see an interaction with 55 and 51

Doubt we’ll get that but I don’t disagree. More interaction between companions would be great, like the conflicts in ME2 (and 3?).

Yes with the time and money to get HK and Treek if they are gone or “given to everyone else I’ll be pissed.

It would be nice to see the HK I worked for become something more than he is, as it is now, the player HK and Treek feel like they are outside of the story, It’d be a lovely tie in, and then I don’t have to have 2 of them on my ship.

Whatever the weapons will be, the term “Bodyguard” implies he will be a tank companion, maybe with an option to switch to heal like Treek …

He is the bodyguard of Koth Vortena and I hope he comes just as a companion assistant, like Holiday to Theran Cedrax or the Remote to Bao-Dur. 2 similar droids seem pointless.

damn it is it so hard to just rebuild hk47 and let us players get him!

he could be the link between kotor games… telling our characters about the kotor adventures with revan and the exile… making fun of carth and bastila and atton etc etc

and i hear he says meatbags?
which is dumb and i hope not that was something specific to 47 and revan reprogrammed him to keep saying it after he informed malak of his meatbag status and revan found it funny.

revans ghost now and thats ok im sure we will see him again later when we fight vitiate if not w.e

obviously i wont ever get my precious hk47 back… so how about just putting out that HK47 customization already.. so i can put on my revan robes and RP happily -.-

ty, ily <3

Answer: You have no idea how difficult it can be to reconstruct me.

Preference: I would prefer it that all HK units refer to meatbags as to what they are, not as “organics”. It would be unacceptable otherwise.

Scornful Statement: The idea that you would make the inferior copies of me look like me is both despicable and cunningly clever at the same time. My behavior core is in conflict as to how I should feel. Only a meatbag could successfully do such a thing to me. It is best that these newer models do *not* ruin my reputation any more than they already have. A bodyguard HK unit. Ha! Pathetic.

Man, Marr has been wearing that same tired outfit for years. You’d think a dark council member could afford some new clothes.

Ew ew ew…or maybe he is just someones sentient pvp laundry. Like someone wore that gear in too many huttballs and it just got up and left one day to lead the empire….gross…..

From a game canon standpoint, I don’t think he can actually leave that suit, sorta like Vader. He could put LEDs on it or sparklers or something to jazz it up, though.

“Your constant silence across our history… This was your distraction!?” ~ Darth Marr

“This was my focus. Everything else, a means to an end. You claim to have come all this way to find me. Here I am. What do you want?” ~ Valkorion

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