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GW2 Reaper Necromancer Elite Specialization

All about the Reaper Necromancer Elite Specialization to be released with Heart of Thorns. Updated for beta weekend 3.

The Reaper elite specialization can be obtained at level 80 and requires access to Heart of Thorns. It give the necromancer access to Greatsword, 6 shouts, and Reaper’s Shroud. It utilizes the Greatsword weapon at melee range with chills and other conditions to slow down the enemy.



Note on tooltip damage numbers: The damage numbers are level 80 while wearing exotic Berserker armor/accessories with Runs of the Scholar. (2333 power, 1095 toughness, 1095 toughness, 1852 precision, 952 ferocity, 95 condition damage). No traits are selected. This was done to standardize the comparison of abilities across multiple elite specializations.

Greatsword Skills


If you are looking for a new greatsword to go with your reaper, feel free to check out the Greatsword gallery located here.

1. Autoattack Chain 2. Gravedigger 3. Death Spiral
gw2-reaper-greatsword-skills-1 gw2-reaper-greatsword-skills-2 gw2-reaper-greatsword-skills-3
4. Nightfall 5. Grasping Darkness  
gw2-reaper-greatsword-skills-4 gw2-reaper-greatsword-skills-5  


Reapers have access to six shouts, with two of them being the healing skill and the elite utility.

Your soul is mine! (Heal) You are all weaklings! Suffer!
gw2-reaper-shouts-1 gw2-reaper-shouts-2 gw2-reaper-shouts-3
Nothing can save you! Rise! Chilled to the bone! (Elite)
gw2-reaper-shouts-4 gw2-reaper-shouts-5 gw2-reaper-shouts-6

Reaper’s Shroud

Reaper’s Shroud is the new F1 skill granted to Reapers. Activating it will unlock 5 new skills much like Death Shroud.

Autoattack Death’s Charge Infusing Terror
gw2-reasper's-shroud-1 gw2-reaper's-shroud-2 gw2-reaper's-shroud-3
Soul Spiral Executioner’s Scythe  
gw2-reaper's-shroud-skill-4 gw2-reaper's-shroud-5  


To play with traits, use the Specialization calculator developed by that_shaman


Shroud Knight Shivers of Dread Cold Shoulder
gw2-reaper-minor-traits gw2-reaper-minor-2 gw2-reaper-minor-3

Adept (Pick one)

Angury of Death Chilling Nova Relentless Pursuit
gw2-reaper-adept-traits-1 gw2-reaper-adept-traits-2 gw2-reaper-adept-traits-3

Master (Pick one)

Soul Eater Chilling Victory Decimate Defenses
gw2-reaper-master-traits-1 gw2-reaper-master-traits-2 gw2-reaper-master-traits-3

Grandmaster (Pick one)

Blighter’s Boon Deathly Chill Reaper’s Onslaught
gw2-reaper-grandmaster-trait-1 gw2-reaper-gm-traits-2 gw2-reaper-traits-gm-3

Combat Animations

Video of Combat Animations on all races/gender.

Timestamps of specific gender/race combos are also available under the video description on youtube.


Asura Female – 0:00
Asura Male – 1:11
Human Female – 2:25
Human Male – 3:41
Sylvari Female – 5:01
Sylvari Male – 6:15
Norn Female – 7:25
Norn Male – 8:41
Charr Male – 9:55
Charr Female – 11:11

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15 replies on “GW2 Reaper Necromancer Elite Specialization”

i know this is off topic but i really hope there is some better combat for revenant otherwise that class is going to be worthless trying to play Zerk. Almost all the skills are useless and have no support for fighting against classes with stealth or any real condi clears. I know it’s still in beta but right now it aint looking pretty. So far im only liking tempest.

The Necro GS needs work, imo. It has ONE chill, and its at the end of a very slow auto attack. Don’t get me wrong, its nice doing big dmg, as a necro, without the need of conditions. Still, it’s very lacking, compared to other GS classes.

The Shroud Knight, on the other hand, is probably the most fun, and bad ass thing I’ve played, in the game. Debating on changing my trait lines, to include Soul Reaping, to extend & empower my shroud.

I totally agree with you on there, where as the gs auto attack should be a bit faster. But, with Chill, don’t forget you also have utilities that apply Chills. I’ve managed to work out and synergised with the utilities. Maybe you should try it, I guess it’s just me lol

I don’t know about that guys, your forgetting about the Elite Skill which induces 10.5 seconds of Chill, and the shouts, Reaper Shroud skills, and within the Specialization yourself. What about Sigils that give longevity to conditions. The Reaper is a very powerful Specialization, a little to powerful if you ask me.

gs is total rubbish i found, your better off using staff with its massive chill aoe and dagger/warhorn or axe/warhorn for the better life force gen and jumping in reaper shroud for the epic melee cleaves.

Or you know, you go into reaper shroud chill them, and then refresh chill uptime by alternating between shroud and your autos? Classes aren’t supposed to be press 1 and done lmao

This was a very old commnt, and since then, they’ve addressed my issues. I guess I was right, since the fixed it…. lmao. :/

aside from heal skills (does RaO still have a cast time now that its a shout?) shouts are instant cast, i believe the logic behind it is that you can shout whilst swinging your sword

i agree with bearodactyl, it seems (and has seemed weird since it was announced) that every reaper shout has a cast time, it feels like a different skill type shoehorned into ‘shouts’

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