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SWTOR New Concept Arts for Fallen Empire

The press room of the EA website has some impressive new concept arts for Fallen Empire, thanks to Jerba for alerting me to them.

They can be found at, or you can view them below.

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well, as Meh said recently; “The qualifier in its name is “precursor” which implies it’s from before.
Likely created back when the Jedi and Sith were using the people of
Voss in the Great Hyperspace War.” which leaves some very confusing questions.

Maybe it’s the droids they use to conquer the Voss. Maybe Voss is one of the planets that gets an update.

Hopefully Vaylin doesn’t become a companion with a romance option.

Otherwise that’s one more character I’ll have to level. Or I could just my 60 Boost. Yeah, I’ll do that instead!

wonder if AT-ST is the actual name or just it’s “developmental name before we think of a differnt name”

Those are some sexy ships in the Eternal Fleet. So, uh… remind me again why we can’t pledge our bodies to Valkorion?

’cause Valk is actualy a Vitiate and this new Empire built to wipe all those, who could oppose him to achieve his goal and consume all life in the galaxy?

Okay I have some more information. No I will not reveal my source, a journalist honors those who wish to be anonymous (most of the time xD)

1) The “Sun Machine” is very similar to what we saw with the sacrificial chamber on Yavin IV. The Sun Machine serves a few purposes. First, it is a huge power generator. Second, it serves for military production, will see comparison to star forge. Three, the hidden feature is a sacrifice machine. This relies on astrophysics for justification, if a “Sun” or star goes supernova it will wipe out A LOT of stuff. Valkorian / Vitiate wants this to happen. This Sun Machine is naturally aging by taking advantage of its power

2) The “Voss Precursor” is nothing more than an old concept for special Voss battledroids. Remember, the Voss were fighting the Gormak. This was just some hardware.

3) It is possible to see these “flagships and battle cruisers” in orbit over some planets. Similar to SWG. They will be in orbit over planets that are currently fighting. Hoth will be a planet that is disputed by Zakuul forces and remnant pub/imp and will have a ship in orbit.

4) The “orbital stations” for many planets will be removed due to their destruction by Zakuul invasion forces.

5) Not many planets will receive updates, but they are definitely doing something about Balmorra.

“The “orbital stations” for many planets will be removed due to their destruction by Zakuul invasion forces.”

Oh thank god.

I know right ugh. I was going to say some classes have class missions on orbital as welll so what about those. But then I remember this

“A lot of class missions are being revamped” so sounds legit

1. This has been a theorized power source for quite some ime.

2. Kind of a no brainer. the name gives it away

3. We already can see Ships in orbit above planets, look up from time to time, oh hey look a capital ship.

4. This has been long requested by fans, wouldn’t be surprise if it went through.

5. balmorra is one of the most requested planets for an upgrade due to it’s constant civil war and belsavis’ prison break

It’s usually VERY sus when someone posts “information” about upcoming expansions claiming they wont reveal their sources, also the name Diarrhea kinda gives it away

1. Its more than a power source I’ve been told, it will be important for the overall story.

2. I asked because a few asked if it had a correlation with the expansion, I had no problem clearing it up for others. Calm down, some get worked up over a new picture.

3. Most planets do not have ships in orbit, there will be new ships, Zakuul ships, in orbit. Hoth was the one he told me, he won’t reveal others. He just says “hot spots” in the galaxy who didn’t fall completely to Zakuul.

4. They had a story reason to get rid of it and those who choose to go through 1-50 won’t be missing on much.

5. Balmorra is just the beginning he said. As time goes on they will do more for current planets for it to “fit” into the new expansion. One thing at a time.

Again, I’m not revealing him because he asked me not to. Look at other leaked information that turned out to be true, same concept. I’m just lucky to live in Austin and go the same bar some of the devs go to every other weekend. The guy who revealed this stuff to me didn’t go to Germany because he is actively working on KotFE.

My name is irrelevant.

Sorry but the info is not appreciated. All rumors and unconfirmed so not much use. Also, i can’t rely you or this “inside source” for information. Until you can get proof of these somehow, they are all rumors.

Crying about no OPS again, are we? I’ll try to find you a buddy who’s crying about no new WZs, then you can both cry about no new maps and bad balance and insult each other. πŸ˜‰

I have been playing WZ for a few months now & im confused about the whole unbalanced thing. I cant tell if 1 class is stronger than another b/c im to busy killing you all.

Never really had any problems with Gunslingers or Snipers. Tho I love playing as one. It happened to me once, that I was a lvl 26-29 GS solo guarding a door on Voidstar and I got attacked by an Operative. He came from behind, stunned me and then immobilized me, while stabbing me in between, meaning that he had 8s of me being totally defenseless. He got me down to 60%, then I was able to return fire and I destroyed him.

Just wondering when we’re gonna see armor that actually look as good as their concept art. Most of the time they just make it look so flat in game. Like boots, instead of making the mesh reflect the art they make a texture and slap it on the most simple boot mesh already in game. I wish for once they could look at the armor in Star Wars The Force Unleashed and the sequel. Please increase the poly count on armors. If there is some people who still play SWTOR on their NES it’s their problem.

It’s the engine, most of the armor they have is really fantastic looking but the engine they use limits what they are able to do.

Well that’s true. The engine can’t even handle normal maps correctly, is why they use them sparsely. Image parallax maps to all those old armors, would give them lots of life.

Have you seen the poly count on armor? SWTOR looks pretty good compared to most MMOs
It’s a bit silly to compare it to singleplayer games
And most of the load comes from the gui (dissable it and the game runs super smooth on weaker pcs)

I am jealous of Koth Vortena’s pants. This technology doesnt even exist in current lore. Pants with pockets? Pants that are not skin tight? Truly this new empire is worlds ahead of us. We are doomed.

Koth is wearing Theron’s jacket except his has a coat tail to it that extends bellow the waist. Mad-jelly.

Sky Trooper looks menacing. I like it. Voss battledroid? Seems like a huge leap for the Voss in a few short years.

The qualifier in its name is “precursor” which implies it’s from before. Likely created back when the Jedi and Sith were using the people of Voss in the Great Hyperspace War.

go to the stronghold section and you can see the model they used. Don’t get me wrong I have them standing around my stronghold like battle droids for the same reason some one decided they look more like combat droids than vendor droids for the special items in the stronghold. I’d almost bet they had them done and then used them as vendors because what ever they were originally planned for got shelved for some reason…

Those vendor droids are all over the game. The “Voss” one you speak off is from the Mannan FP. They are battle droids.

that explains the models I ran mannan long enough to get my curved vibrosword then I think I might have visited once or twice after… most of the battle droids are variation on M4X or model forex lol

That Walker looks shy.
Or kind of female
And it seems like searching for the next toilet…
…wearing High Heels for the first time.

Ah ok cool so that IS Vaylin.

Also, “Sun Machine”? That sounds and looks awfully Star-Forge-y. Wasn’t there more than one Star Forge anyway? Vitiate sent Revan and Malak back to get him one to speed up his preparations but he could’ve just as easily established the Zakuul empire with another, or for the purpose of gaining another.

When was the second one? The non-Revan one? Wasn’t it like super far in the future (post-movies)? I seem to recall my friend mentioning something like that. He’s more into the post-movies stuff while I stick to the Old Republic era (and also the time right before the movies).

The one above Rakata Prime
I believe in the Call to Arms quest line, Moff Phennir calls the Foundry one of the Star Forges. I also believe he/Malgus said there were 4, but I’ll go back and check.

Impressive for sure. Loving the sky trooper armor. Looks amazing. The sky fortress is awesome and in the flag ship design has something familiar to the Sith empire dreadnaught overall loving these art pictures

Imperial Origins

Also, Voss seem to be rather peaceful (or try to), I don’t think they were all gung-ho for the “destroy the galaxy with fear” thing.

I hate these filthy Neutrals, Kif. With enemies you know where they stand but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me.

Given what’s revealed at the end of the Agent storyline on Voss, it’s probably pretty likely. This guy’s new empire is probably some reincarnation of the Star Cabal. Either that, or it was just highly coincidental foreshadowing.

Trying to decide if Koth has a vibroblade hanging behind his blaster pistol or is that the designer’s interpretation of him shooting into the ground.

I want that Vaylin armor for my sorc, now!

All these concepts look fantastic. I just wish they didn’t put the ugly logo and text on them, so we could use it as wallpaper/lead.

So if the speculations are accurate about Valkorion being Vitiate. I am guessing the storyline with Vaylin becoming a companion and joining your side is because she notices her father is acting “differently” and realizes that he not the same man.

Are you saying they threatened to kill themselves, or that you threatened to kill yourself and you think that is their fault?

In one of the in-game screenshots of Vaylin, I saw that her hair was also showing while hooded. Any hopes that this will also happen to our characters in-game once the expansion releases?

All I’m saying all these powerful kids from Valkorion/Vitiate? Who is the momma? A guy that powerful didn’t make them himself. IJS common bioware

That’s not what I was saying. By “children” I meant she wasn’t really his child. She was one of several Force sensitive people that he called his children.

I mentioned this on the Bioware forums (Their DA/ME one, in the off-topic thread.)

I’m theorizing they Valkorian used the force to conceive them. There was a woman at some point, but I doubt Valkorian is the sort of guy who goes on dates and attempts to reach all the bases with a woman lol, so for someone of his power, it would make sense for him to do something like that.

Let’s just hope he didn’t go Henry the 8th on the Woman after.

Thats what I was imagining him enjoying some pop corn and such on an awkward first date all the flower seem to die around him as he walks around

Midi chlorians are cool. Pretty good idea of the Force and how it works if you ask me. It’s pretty easy and popular to give shit to George Lucas about EVERYTHING he did, but it’s his universe, and when it comes to the design of that universe, he was pretty solid. All he needed to do was NOT to direct.

Parasite Eve already did midichlorians. Mitochondria in our cells that didn’t seem to be part of our own genetic make up, but more of a passenger, giving power to their host if they had the will to control them, or turning the host into a monster otherwise (Light and Dark?). I assume midichlorians never existed back when Yoda was telling us what the force is. You might remember it, back when the force was something amazing, and intangible, unquantified? Parasite Eve becomes a game, gets a sequel, becomes popular. Suddenly midichlorians. Blech.

I am gonna bet though, you havent seen George’s origional unfiltered designs for starwars. I think it’d be an eye opener for you.

Right, that amazing argument about how if you like the prequels you must be born after 1990… people should really try to accept other people’s views in art. I saw the three original SW films in the early 90s, when I was 12 years old, and I loved them as much as I love them now.

At the same time I love Episodes I-III and there are PLENTY of reasons why, but I won’t even bother, cause I know that people who hate them, somehow have convinced themselves that they know better.

Having said that, I really don’t care for Parasite Eve and parthenogenesis in general. You would have to go hundreds if not thousands of years in the past, to find works of art that have not been influenced by anything. You can say that Lucas “copied” midichlorians from anything you like, if proving yourself right to you makes you sleep better at night.

That intangible, unquantified Force that you speak of, to me is equally amazing with the Force which owes its existence to microorganisms. I actually might prefer the latter. That way, I don’t have to hear crap about deities and hocus pocus religions in the universe of Star Wars.

Wait wut about being born after 1990? Seems you have some baggage from some other argument you are bringing here. I’m just saying you really need to take a peak at the origional unfiltered Star Wars. Before other people said “That is stupid…you aren’t doing that.” Good movies are a group effort. You have the whole internet at your fingertips, don’t let me stop you from googling β€œAdventures of Luke Starkiller, As Taken From the Journal of the Whills, Saga 1: The Star Wars” Everything iconic about those origional movies in its raw unrefined crap protoform.

I mean, if George is so brilliant…why is that script and those characters in it so garbage? Car salesman C3PO? Han Solo is a green alien? Luke is an old man with a robot head? Wut?!

Completely agree. Beyond starting the SW universe, GL did very little for it, and I’ll never understand how people can talk like he’s some crative genius when it’s pretty clear he’s anything but.

actually he could have created them through the force useing mediclorian manipulation like plaegis he knew because he invented it and managed to also of course use it on himself unlike plaegis

*Spoiler alert, if anyone chose not to read it above and havent played Shadow of Revan story yet!

What i am wondering the most, is whether Valkorion was just posessed by Vitiate, or if Vitiate created a body with his powerfull connection to the force?

First of all, i read somewhere that this story starts only about 5 years later than our current time, in which we have only just released Vitiate from his slumber on Yavin 4 and driven him off Ziost (well, we didnt really drive him off, he succeeded in consuming the life on the planet, and disappeared), and Valkorion is definitely more than 5 years old. I think “posession” is the more likely answer. That would make it less questionable about his age, and the 2 sons could have been from his life before Vitiate posessed him.

Vitiates true body is not pureblood nor valkorian, altho it is human i doubt they will ever add it as its… DEfently “hidden beyond finding” but um dreadmasters actually wanting to get the hypergate tech so they could originally get it for the emperor to teleport his fleet to planets but besides from that the emperor/valkorian/vitiate yeah he could have possessed valkorian because valkorians body ages so and the emperor has both incorperal and corperal immortality meaning indestructible aswell so basically thats not his true body due to the age and darkside degredation that shows up plus if it was his true body the only body he can fit ALL his power into the rest he cant fit even like -0.000001 percent of his power into, he would be unfightable in the story if they added his real body and we all know since this is bioware and the goodguys have to win we will fight and kill valkorian, since they rob us of the chance to join him and just tease us with it but its actually not joinable D: fuck you bioware

In fact Vitiate true body is Pureblood… and will be until game ,book or disney ( lol ) will not say otherwise. Revan book explained without a doubt that Vitiate was born as Pureblood, was powerfull as a KID ( sho would possess kiddies ? ) and had void black eyes. . . > .

Revan book at this point has become moot to me because in one of the cantina events one the devs responded to being asked about Vitiate true Pureblood body and they responded with something like, “What if it isn’t?”. I’m willing to wait until the expansion drop to find out the truth, but from the supposed audio that was datamind everyone seems to be convinced that Valkorion is Vitiate. Whatever the case I don’t expect everything done by the book or by a timeline.

Agreed… but question “what if it isnt?” asked by dev means nothing until it will actually happen because he did not said that he is not… that might be trolling or small talk. There might be nothing about Vitiate since new expansion is closing everything by time travel ( carbonite sleep for years ). Vitiate as well might dissapear and become legend… and show his ass in one of star wars movies that will appear πŸ˜€

keep in mind the Emperor orgin story as told in that book was told from someone else’s POV there is plenty of room for BW to go “they where wrong!”

First off the “Vitiate origin story” that was presented in the Revan novel was NOT from Vitiate himself, but rather the rumors and speculations that were gathered together over the centuries from various members of the Dark Council and other Sith. Over and over, even in the game the Sith (save for the Emperor’s Hand) have no idea who Vitiate really is. Hell, even his name “Vitiate” was bestowed upon him by Marka Ragnos, and Tenebrae was his apparent birth name. Even his childhood was unusual in that it was stated he had completely black eyes and even as a boy had a masterful command of the Force, and his killed both his parents and stepfather. In other words, all these details were NOT first hand accounts, which means there will be “inaccuracies” and all the truths will be revealed when KOTFE comes.

And of course there is this little audio file of a verbal exchance that goes something like this: “Your constant absence across our history… THIS was your distraction?!” ~ Darth Marr to Valkorion
“This was my focus. Everything else, a means to an end. You claim to have come all this way to find me. Here I am. What do you want?” ~ Valkorion to Darth Marr and Player-Character

Ok guys here are some more hints and information I was told tonight. Take it with a grain of a salt as the dev I was talking with was really inebriated, but said this is an okay leak. HUGE SPOILERS


1) Vitiate is going to go through a transformation, again, that will make HIM AND ONLY HIM canon. Vitiate the name probably won’t be used, but this new cosmic “being” will be Vitiate. That means yes, he is going to be in the new Disney stuff. He did not say movie, but he was going to be in a novel / comic book. He had no idea about the rest of SWTOR, but what happens to Vitiate in KotFE is canon or soon to be canon.

2) KotFE things he said, Arcann is not a clone he is an actual son. Valkorion is not Vitiate, but merely under his influence. Think of Valkorion of another body. Essentially, Vitiate has had Valkorion on “backup” the whole game. He was trying to just consume the galaxy without him, but has failed. This “new” Empire he has made is going to be his new baby…he thinks.

3) Zakuul is inside the Rishi Maze.

4) He said they have a story that will end the Republic / Empire as opposing factions. The writers know they have more wiggle room since everything is Legends so they can make shit up within region. Though they want to leave a galaxy in ruin for a future setting in this timeline. They want to go into things before the final Great Schism so they have about 2.5k years to play with. This is long term but he told me it so you’re welcome.

They do say it is impossible to lie while drunk, so there may be a lot of truth to what you were told by the Dev.

First you say Vitiate is canon, then you say this game is Legend. When you are going to make shit up just make sure you keep it in line.

I’m just going to put this out here because i just replayed ME3 again, that flag ship looks like a turrian dreadnaught. IJS.

There were 3 developers from ME that helped with KotFE. They are now doing ME4 obviously, but you can see their design.

yeah, definitely. makes you think though, through laws of space/time, what if the ships that left earth and went to the Andromeda galaxy were the precursors of all sentient life in the SW galaxy?

I want to join/take over the Eternal Empire. All their architecture/units/ships look like a SuperWookie Jesus smoked weed grown under a mysthical rainbow made of greatness and awesomeness.

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