GW2 Chronomancer Mesmer Elite Specialization

All about the Chronomancer, Mesmer Elite Specialization to be released with Heart of Thorns. Updated for beta weekend 3.

The Chronomancer elite specialization can be obtained at level 80 with Heart of Thorns. It gives the Mesmer access to 2 shield skills, a new F5 shatter skill and access to 6 wells.


Note on tooltip damage numbers: The damage numbers are level 80 while wearing exotic Berserker armor/accessories with Runs of the Scholar. (2333 power, 1095 toughness, 1095 toughness, 1852 precision, 952 ferocity, 95 condition damage). No traits are selected. This was done to standardize the comparison of abilities across multiple elite specializations.

Shield and Shatter Skills

The offhand shield weapon provides Chronomancers with two skills. There is also a F5 shatter ability available to the Chronomancer.


If you are looking for a new shield for your Chronomancer, check out the shield gallery located here.

4. Echo of Memory 5. Tides of Time F5 Continuum Split
gw2-chronormancer-shield-skills gw2-chronomancer-shield-skills-2 gw2-chronomancer-f5-skill


Chronomancer gains access to six wells, two of which are a Heal and Elite

Well of Eternity (Heal) Well of Precognition Well of Calamity
gw2-chronomancer-wells-1 gw2-chronomancer-wells-2 gw2-chronomancer-wells-3
Well of Recall Well of Action Gravity Well
gw2-chronomancer-wells-4 gw2-chronomancer-wells-5 gw2-chronomancer-wells-6


To play with traits, use the Specialization calculator developed by that_shaman


Time Splitter Flow of Time Time Marches On
gw2-chronomancer-minor-trait gw2-chronomancer-minor-trait-2 gw2-chronomancer-minor-trait-3

Adept (Pick one)

Delayed Reactions Time Catches Up All’s Well that Ends Well
gw2-chronomancer-adept-trait gw2-chronomancer-adept-trait-2 gw2-chronomancer-adept-trait-3

Master (Pick one)

Danger Time Illusionary Reversion Improved Alacrity
gw2-chronomancer-master-trait-1 gw2-chronomancer-master-trait-2 gw2-chronomancer-master-trait-3

Grandmaster (Pick one)

Lost Time Seize The Moment Chronophantasma
gw2-chronomancer-gm-traits-1 gw2-chronomancer-grandmaster-trait-2 gw2-chronomancer-gm-trait-3

Combat Animations

Video of Combat Animations on all races/gender.

Timestamps of specific gender/race combos are also available under the video description on youtube.

Asura Female – 0:00
Asura Male – 2:12
Human Female – 4:11
Human Male – 6:19
Sylvari Female – 8:14
Sylvari Male – 10:04
Norn Female – 11:59
Norn Male – 13:54
Charr Female – 15:50
Charr Male – 17:47

  • Pink Popstar Ahri

    Had a good time playing with my mesmer lookalike. Noticed that i did not use continuum split most of the time though only when I wanted to double ult. The phantasms returning after a shatter with the trait is a great addition that allows you to shatter a lot more with a phantasm build.

    • Dmitry

      and 25% speed walk is OP!

      • Pink Popstar Ahri

        I so love that that is a minor in the tree. Missed that all the time as the only other option is a random chance or a gimmicky focus skill that does not stack on other swiftness buffs.

        • Bearodactyl

          OMG it wasnt just me, I couldnt get the damn focus swiftness to stack with anything for the life of me…

          • Pink Popstar Ahri

            its the only swiftness skill in the game that has this issue if it’s a bug they are too lazy to fix it and if it’s intended i have no idea why the hell one would see that as a positive.

            • Tsar CUBE

              It’s intended because temporal curtain is a very powerful skill as is… but yeah I hate how it doesn’t stack too >.<

              • Bearodactyl

                Ah I see, I wasnt aware of that since I dont use much “curtain” type skill except focus 4.

                still good, but just a little annoying since I’d have to consider things like this now… lol

            • squidkisser

              Not a bug: every “veil”-like skill works this way:
              -affects an illimited amount of players
              -but only if they don’t have the buff on them already (stealth for veil, speed for focus curtain…) this is clearly negative, but intended, so people can’t go forth and back through the field and get bonus each time.

            • I read that they are changing it so it works the first time you walk over the viel – but does not stack after that.

  • Bearodactyl

    I wrote a wall of text about what I thought about each Elite spec, but I changed it to keep it focused and short…

    With the Chronomancer elite spec, it really made the Mesmer the Ultimate Utility powerhouse.

    CD reduction
    Quickness spamming
    Mass Invisibility

    Possibly the most useful class in the whole game… Really glad I made the switch to main a Mesmer, guardian just cant bring the portals and stealth! (they dont have cooldown issues anyway..)

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