GW2 Tempest Elementalist Elite Specialization

All about the Tempest, Elementalist’s Elite Specialization to be released with Heart of Thorns. Updated for beta weekend 3.

The Tempest elite specialization can be obtained at level 80 with Heart of Thorns. It gives the Elementalist access to 8 warhorn skills, 4 Overload attunement skills, and 6 shouts.  It provides the elementalist with some close range support and damage options.


Note on tooltip damage numbers: The damage numbers are level 80 while wearing exotic Berserker armor/accessories with Runs of the Scholar. (2333 power, 1095 toughness, 1095 toughness, 1852 precision, 952 ferocity, 95 condition damage). No traits are selected. This was done to standardize the comparison of abilities across multiple elite specializations.

Warhorn skills & Attunement Overload

Tempest gain access to 8 warhorn skills (2 per attunment) and a Overload ability for each attunement.

Fire Attunement


4. Heat Sync 5. Wildfire F1 Overload Fire
gw2-tempest-warhorn-skill-1 gw2-tempest-fire-warhorn-skill-2 gw2-tempest-overload-fire

Water Attunement


4. Tidal Surge 5. Water Globe F2 Overload Water
gw2-tempest-warhorn-skill-3 gw2-tempest-warhorn-skill-4 gw2-tempest-overload-water

Air Attunement


4. Cyclone 5. Lightning Orb F3 Overload Air
gw2-tempest-warhorn-skill-5 gw2-tempest-air-warhorn-skill-2 gw2-tempest-overload-air

Earth Attunement


4. Sand Squall 5. Dust Storm F4 Overload Earth
gw2-tempest-earth-warhorn-skill-1 gw2-tempest-earth-warhorn-skill-2 gw2-tempest-overload-earth


Tempest gains access to six shouts, two of which are Heal and Elite shouts.

Wash the Pain Away! (Heal) Feel the Burn! Shock and Aftershock!
gw2-tempest-shouts-1 gw2-tempest-shouts-2 gw2-tempest-shouts-3
Eye of the Storm! Flash-Freeze! Rebound (Elite)
gw2-tempest-shouts-4 gw2-tempest-shouts-5 gw2-tempest-shouts-6


To play with traits, use the Specialization calculator developed by that_shaman


Singularity Speedy Conduit Hardy Conduit
gw2-tempest-minor-traits gw2-tempest-minor-traits-2 gw2-tempest-minor-traits-3

Adept (Pick one)

Gale Song Latent Stamina Unstable Conduit
gw2-tempest-adept-traits gw2-tempest-adept-traits-2 gw2-tempest-adept-traits-3

Master (Pick one)

Tempestuous Aria Earth Proxy Harmonious Conduit
gw2-tempest-master-traits-3 gw2-tempest-master-traits-2 gw2-tempest-master-traits-3

Grandmaster (Pick one)

Imbued Melodies Lucid Singularity Elemental Bastion
gw2-tempest-gm-traits-1 gw2-tempest-grandmaster-traits-2 gw2-tempest-gm-traits-3

Combat Animations

Video of Combat Animations on all races/gender.

Timestamps of specific gender/race combos are also available under the video description on youtube.

Asura Female – 0:00
Asura Male – 2:12
Human Female – 4:11
Human Male – 6:19
Sylvari Female – 8:14
Sylvari Male – 10:04
Norn Female – 11:59
Norn Male  – 13:54
Charr Female – 15:50
Charr Male – 17:47

  • Hyldenlord

    “Wash the Pay Away?” XD

    • Oops, fixed!

    • Braghez

      Noooooooooooooooooo…mah money… :'(

  • Raz

    So you can only overload attunements if you have tempest equipped?

    I don’t understand what are they thinking when limiting class mechanics to inconsistent weapons / trait lines.

    • Correct, Overload only limited to Tempest

  • Benjamin Harrison

    Tempest is horrible, except in WvW where it has overpowred boonsharing.

    1/10, Anet.

  • Łukasz Habelski

    Can you use overload with another weapon equipped?

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