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SWTOR Game Update 3.3.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 3.3.1 scheduled to be released on August 18 after maintenance.

Game Update 3.3.1 Patch Notes


Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins August 18th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends August 25th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT.


  • Previously unusable Small hooks in the Tatooine Homestead are now useable.
  • The Waspback Gizka pet now grants the appropriate decoration when used.
  • The Rark K-133T can now be placed as a Decoration within Strongholds.
  • The Yavin 4 Stronghold Cinematic no longer plays every time the Stronghold is traveled to.
  • The Yavin 4 Stronghold is now connected to Yavin 4 chat, and no longer lists your location as “Space.”
  • Placed a missing hook in the Main Temple Room of the Yavin 4 Stronghold.
  • Removed an excess hook from the first Sanctuary Temple in the Yavin 4 Stronghold.
  • The Sanctuary 1 and Sanctuary 2 maps in the Yavin 4 Stronghold have been reversed, and now are associated with the correct building.
  • The Stoneray pet no longer displays a Cartel Market icon, as it is not a Cartel Market item.
  • Companion’s helmets are now properly hidden in conversations if that option is selected.
  • The Hyrotii Corporation has recalled all vehicles that were mistakenly named “Hyrotti,” and have replaced the afflicted vehicles with a properly named version.
  • The environment near the entrance to the People’s Tower on Ziost no longer disappears when viewed at certain angles.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to be unable to log in to certain characters.

Cartel Market

  • The First Grand Decorations Pack now correctly states that it can also drop Stronghold Titles.
  • The Cartel Market Irradiated Varactyl now grants the appropriate Decoration unlock.
  • Stronghold Decorations obtained from Cartel Packs now have a Donate to Guild cost.
  • The Bounty Holding Cell Decoration now displays the force field by default, and turns off when interacted with.

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87 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 3.3.1 Patch Notes”

Nice Happy that we can now just copy deco fom packs to guild, was always hard to decide if you keep them for you or give to the guild.

Hehe yeah and Swtor FB page is mostly about CM stuff and advertising upcoming Kotfe and not about other news or developer videos like Swtor Insider that used to come semi regularly. Latest Swtor Insider video was at mid 2014 :/

“Companion’s helmets are now properly hidden in conversations if that option is selected.” FINALLY!
This always bugged the crap ouy of me…

Indeed 😀 😀 Blizz or Square Enix devs would do it in no time if asked enough on official forums. Shame that doesn’t work that way for Eaware. So yeah your estimation is kinda well put 🙂

They already fixed it in the previous patch. Dyes have worked correctly for companions in cutscenes and have been for a couple of weeks.

Color matching works if you have a dye in your chestpiece, but not if you’re just matching the default color of the chestpiece. That’s still broken as of this latest patch.

Yes , but did you notice this week that because there was a sale on a few hair colors/styles it made some Zero cost thus eliminating them from your choices? I wanted an afro but since it was zero cost it wouldn’t let me change even if I did other minor cosmetic changes. The designer would just show ‘error’ instead of making the change. Probably why so many people don’t sport the newer hair styles defaulting to pigtails.

They already fixed it in the previous patch. Dyes now work correctly for companions in cutscenes and have been for a couple of weeks.

“Stronghold Decorations obtained from Cartel Packs now have a Donate to Guild cost.”

So it’s going to cost credits to donate items to guilds now? Am I reading that wrong?

I think they mean CM Decos you have added into your collection can be donated to the Guild for a cost. No need to buy multiple copies for you and the guild. At least that is what I hope they mean.

That is a pretty big deal if that’s what they mean, especially if you can pay for unlimited copies (well, at least up to 50) of a rare CM decoration for your guild as long as you have one.

It could be that you can only donate a single one (like we can only donate a single of each mount atm so we only have 3 rancors on my ship and that makes me sad but now I’m rambling).

But we’ll see, I can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

When your previewing devorations, at the bottom of the screen is text that says “Donate to guild for xcredits” with a button below it. It previously only had this option for pets and mounts so you might not have ever seen it. (It only shows up when your in strongholds and flagships asfaik… i could be wrong though)

To add a decoration to your collection, you just right-click it in your inventory. That makes it available to be placed on hooks in your stronghold and it’s shared between all the characters in your legacy.

With BW public people you always have to guess, wonder and hope what they mean. There have been so many cases where they had to clarify their obscure statements that it is surprising the people responsible aren’t fired yet. In my company they would have. If your job is to deliver info and you do it in a way people don’t know what do you mean, you are failing your job, repeatedly.

I believe that it pertains to cartel pack decos you’ve unlocked in your stronghold. So in the collections option there will probably be an option much like the current option to unlock a crystal/weapon/mount account wide.

Now, if they allowed the people who bought the unlock for the guild ship to be able to decorate that item on an empty hook that would be pretty slick. Currently, it’s usually just the GM who has that ability and the reason so many guild ships are sparse and uninteresting.

The First Grand Decorations Pack now correctly states that it can also drop Stronghold Titles

That would seem to imply this pack is going back on the Cartel Market again soon.

I liked it, too. Ideally, I’d like an option to watch the intro videos for the strongholds whenever I want (e.g., all strongholds have a button you can press to exit the stronghold, and they could add an option to “watch intro video” to that list of options). But until they do that, the auto-play video is nice to have as an option to watch it, and you can spacebar if you don’t want it.

“Removed an excess hook from the first Sanctuary Temple in the Yavin 4 Stronghold.”

Uh-oh. Anyone have any idea what this is? Excess hooks seem like a good thing, unless it’s in a weird place like floating above the floor or something.

The rare narrow med hooks on the floor on all four sides. Three sides have five and one has six I believe. I’m thinking that is what this is.

Yep you’re right and dear Eaware team being so efficient on repairing old content bugs that thinking of it makes nose bleed 😛 Or updating chat behaviour / updating UI & gameplay to 2015 from it’s current early 2000 :/ Maybe on some day.. – Subber since launch with automatic renewal –

Surely the chat system went through many iterations and major overhauls since the first day SWTOR was in the concept stages, hmm? The earliest that they’d have a functioning game with a chat system is 2008, I’d say (total guess)

I was reading the list of changes in the upcoming patch and I noticed that the hide companion’s helmet function would now work properly. Which made me question that you could hide helmets of companions. See the thing is when there’s a cut scene where my companion speaks they’re helmet is equipped yet when I engage in personal conversations our helmets disappear. Is there any way to make it so that doesn’t happen?


The Bounty Holding Cell Decoration now displays the force field by default, and turns off when interacted with.

Ok so they did a bit on Yavin but they didn’t address the issue sadly of the plethora of misaligned and missing hooks. Also I am not happy with having to pay credits to give decorations I paid for with real money to the guild. I am just not going to donate anything to the guild anymore cause I think that’s bull.

I donate stuff to guild all the time and don’t pay anything. I take it to guild bank and donate it in the donation box for guild ship and stronghold.

That isn’t how it works as far as i am aware. What it means is you can now pay to add decorations from your COLLECTION to the guild. So now you don’t have to pay several million to donate the Yavin dueling arena thingy to your guild, if you already have it in your collection you can just pay 75k to donate it from there! Its awesome!

They fix some of the dumbest shit in the game. Fix missions and all that first. I could care less about my stronghold hooks. I swear their whole staff is filled with Lott Industries rejects.

Tell them where, they dont read and reply their own forum and twitter unless you say magical word of cartel market,

7 hours for these changes…. will they actually work on these changes on the spot and rewrite the code? 😛

The maintenance was announced days ahead of time. You could have planned around it. No one’s wasting your time but you. And some of us care about these changes. I do. The npc helmet thing has been bugging me for a while now. But if you’d like to play a game that never has downtime for bugfixes…well, I pity you.

I am not sure where you got all this from hahahaha. First of all, I was sleeping the whole time while they were patching up the game. Second, I am a casual player, who does not actually care if the servers are up or down. If they’re up, I’ll play. If not, I won’t. It’s simple. Third, I never even referred to if people care about these changes or not. Fourth, you do not have the right or the brain to pity me. And you assume too much. Unless you feel that people should never comment negatively about the game. You might be one of those. In that case… well I’ll just keep on complaining to see you get agitated.

“You do not have the right or the brain to pity me” I didn’t know that anyone had to have “the right” to have pity.

Sorry. I replied to the wrong person. That should have been to Corelliajones. You’re right on most counts. Except the pitying part. I have both the right and the intelligence to pity whoever I please.

7 hours of downtime to “fix” this modicum amount of crap that no one cared or even knew about. Way to waste our time, bio-fucktards

Come on, people, stop whining 😛 Maintaining servers obviously includes addressing hardware issues along with software fixes not listed here. They do it around eu prime time simply because no one wants to work at night (the mere fact that you pay them 20 bucks doesn’t make them your slaves does it?).

That’s what they’re doing Darth Oblivious. If you don’t care about the patch notes, don’t read them. That’s on you, not them.

probably has future assets loaded into it. Assets being anything from future cartel packs to even 4.0 assets.

They’re probably sneaking in assets for the expansion so they don’t get 100,000 people hammering the servers for a 5gig+ patch on release day.

“Companion’s helmets are now properly hidden in conversations if that option is selected.” omg omg omg… OMG OMG OMG… They FINALLY FIXED THIS!!!

Only thing I don’t like about patching is that reorganizing data thingie that takes about an hour while patching itself takes 10 min. Well I do hope that the companion helmet is really going to be fixed.

How long do these patch down-times compare to other MMOs? I haven’t played any other MMO as frequently since COH to really have an idea but 8-12 does seem kind of excessive. Especially when patches hit more than once a month sometimes.

The only other MMOs I’ve played were Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Their patching/maintenance system is one the makers of SWTOR should really incorporate. It goes like this:

The game displays a message to state a new build is available, and warns you that it will kick you offline in “X” amount of time if you don’t do so prior. Once you exit the game and reload, it downloads the patch, and then you can log back in once it’s done. None of this offline for hours nonsense, taking the website offline with it, and hoping to hell the game still works on top of wondering what they broke in the process.

oh goddamit i’ve spent 6 HOURS updating, i tried everything yet im stuck at 100% completion >.< i am really sick of this crap every patch. i dont want to pay for this

Yes, an update and I’m currently at my 6th hour of repairs. Was hoping to get in an early morning session today, I should be so lucky. Well there is always tomorrow.

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