SWTOR Zakuul Knight Armor set available in CM Tomorrow

SWTIR Official twitter just announced that the Zakuul Knight Armor set from Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion will be purchasable on the cartel market starting tomorrow.


INCOMING TRANSMISSION: The Zakuul Knight Armor Set will be available on the Cartel Market starting Aug 18! Stay tuned


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Looks awesome but how much? 1400 CC’s and right before Wild Space. Ack! They must think I’m made of Cartel Coins. Lolz

That was just a guesstimate.

Ended up coughing up for it. The helm is awesome and some o the other pieces are great too. Love the boots and chest.

Zakuul officer: Emperor Valkorion, we have reports of our troops roaming free and providing asistance to both imperials and rebels alike.

Valkorion: How is this possible?! Our invasion didn’t even begin!

Zakuul officer: It’s EA my lord!

Dude, I think Zakuul’s military uniforms were probably designed way before the invasion. It would be weirder if they’re culture didn’t mingle at all with the rest of the galaxy prior to the expansion.

The only mingle the galaxy gets from Zakuul is when it comes out of hiding and stomps the republic and the empire to the ground.

Considering they came from the dwarf galaxy? It is not soiler, just my thought. If they did come from the dwarf-galaxy, then why the hell they need to contact Imps or Reps.

I get it, but, there is going to be a 5 year gap in our RP, where apparently the Zakuul are going to spend most of that time putting their shiny metal booties to us. So it’d be kinda nice to have a suit to RP a bit of that gap out. Doesn’t mean your post didn’t make me laugh though.

yeah but the zakuul empire didnt even invade yet. Go fill your gaps in that armor after the invasion is done. But I dont see a poin in doing this before the expansion when in all those ingame cutscenes you will be oblivious to what is going on.

This is why the presence of the armor in the market doesn’t make any other sense than money grab.

You know whats going to be really fucking funny? If the cost of this armor is the same cost as that of the previous expansion, which was around 20.00 USD. If this is the case, then we’ll know HOW they managed to offer us a Knights of the Can’t Talk About It Right Now “expansion” for “free”.

Nah. If anything they paid for the expansion with the increase in subs trying to get the free Nico companion and guns and jacket etc

I am subbed regardless of expansion and I use only the CC I get from being subbed. The expansion is essentially free for me.

Willing to pay CC for dev blog posts that contain information on gameplay, crafting, and lore changes in the upcoming x-pac.

It’s something we want? Yes
It’s something we need (right now)? No

While is not something related to game mechanics which we’re all more interested in knowing about, let’s look at the bright side. At least is not another reskin of a 3 years old set and instead is a new model.

I’m hoping that it’s just that screenshot…otherwise, yes, without the glow, it’d be a disappointment. The voice modulation would be superb, as well.

When it comes to money, they don’t really want to wait. Plus, there is a lot of downtime from now till the expansion and shits is getting really boring in game right now.

I have no doubt someone said, “We’ll, might as well make a few bucks off these customization gear now. No use in waiting. We have so many looks to sell, selling one now wont hurt.”

True but do you think it’s a direct purchase because it’s not amazing enough to sell in a gambling pack?

It’s better than most of the crap sets they usually put into the packs imho. Plus, it was in the CGI trailer so folks will go nuts for it like with the Eradicator’s set from the Return trailer.

Yeah that’s the drawback with armour that’s easy to obtain; everyone wears it and then it just becomes ‘meh’. Nobody wants to look like everybody else.

Followed straight up by the “Cantina Crawler Zakuul Knight” which is pretty much just nipple tassles and a cork.

To every body type 1 red headed long haired human female with a desperate need for attention, but with the personality of wadded gum.

The next time Baras loses a match of sabacc, I’m making him wear one to the Council meetings for a month.

and still no malgus armor. but we can get the armor of a faction that isnt’ even officially a part of the game yet ffs

Don’t give up on that set! It only took 3 years for Bioware to give us the iconic trooper armour in the trailers.

The Sith Raider armor is pretty close to what he wears, minus the face mask, green versions of which can be had on the GTN for nothing.

Again sigh… please add the imperial trooper armor you see the imperial sentries wearing in the Black Hole at least the bulkier version of the trooper armor chest piece that goes with the Makeb assault armor.

yellow lights? I’ve stood next to them and my armor is identical except for the missing belt

edit: that is a different imperial trooper, not the same armor as other NPC’s

Well the pic of the the trooper armor above is the version of the imperial trooper armor i am refering to. I suppose it would be called Imperial Black Ops/Commando because of Lt. Pierce

CE is for CE only. The armor that requires rep is the volatile shock trooper armor wick had glowing green/yellow lights

There is a volotile shock trooper one. Grey with yellow lights. Would not bother with that. From my experience trying to color it doesnt quit work well except for a few dyes.

This one how ever is very different you can find one on the makeb station at the rep vendor that’s the one you are looking for.
Which is pretty neat and dyes works perfectly on it. You can use the shock trooper helmet on it as well . I dyed mine red white with white being the core color. The helmet took it nice well and the yellow light doesn’t really appear on it. Or is invisibly noticeable

The Collector’s edition has the armor set and then you slap the Makeb Helmet on it and unify color and you have this.

Looks better in the cutscenes, concept art, and trailers. Doesn’t appear to be quite the Tulak Hord level of disappointment, however. Still no point in buying it without the visor glow.

How about space aged technology like combat pants instead of combat tights? I understand that new leg armor is effectively making new legs…but I think its worth while to make some new leg models that aren’t tights. Also I like pockets. Pockets everywhere.

If they did that, things would escalate, next people would want vehicles to happen in game, then what? Pets? New craftable furniture? Sounds like anarchy. Disaster averted I say.

Pfft then it might actually feel like an mmo with steady ingame content….that would take away its appeal as a shopping and gambling simulator and we can’t have that….

generally when a MMO introduces an expansion in my experiance you get some sets of truely horriable looking raid gear 1 or 2 new looks of generic gear. there’s not a lot of reason to give a ton of new armor sets. with an expansion. thats one good thing about a F2P model, it gives the devs a financial incentive to produce a large varity of looks

so bioware can add this armor set that the zakuul knights wear in the new expansion to the CM even though we dont get to kill these knights for another 2 months and they appearantly cant give people some information about the compagnion system/crafting system changes and mainstat changes and how they are gonna do the pvp brackets and no im not talking about story we can discover that ourselves when we play it.

its kinda sad that this armor set gets more priority then info about the expansion just saying.

Honestly I’d rather less info up til the day of release… It occurs to me that by releasing huge amounts of info is akin to the releasing of the full plot and/or script of ep.7 so by the time Dec 17 comes by people will be like “Le yawnz! I know this bit”… I’d rather they work on doing a good job with the release of this expac, and fixing the broken shit thats already in-game. They’re doing that, but it’s a low process cos it’s a lot of stuff but hey I’m happy they’re fixing it so I couldn’t give a rats about the KotFE stuff just yet, the screenshots and tidbits so far are plenty.

Agreed, it’d be like knowing what you’re getting for Christmas months in advance. I wanna savor the anticipation of its release!

Bioware has pretty much ALWAYS been the biggest teasers when it comes to releasing big news like this. We’re gonna get that information, they’re just gonna let it trickle out little by little to keep us all drooling over it

Note to all role-players: Don’t you dare to show up in that armor. You probably will die or be called as a traitors. At least when expansion comes, be sure, you do.

Well I don’t know about new players, but old rp community on the progenitor, as I was told, won’t really agree with such things.

And if you want to play a infiltrator, you don’t need this weird armor for it, srsly. If you wish to wear it IC however, people around you might be suspicious. Well, if mercenaries or mando or another neutral faction might be doesn’t care at all about your armor, but Sith/Imp and Kedi/Rep guilds might take your person as suspected one and try to reveal your true nature. Which leads to a lot of questions… Sith might even get answers from interrogated infiltrator and what? They know everything about some hidden enemy, when by KotFE story, Zakuul Empire was absolutely unnoticed until arrived?

If he’s an infiltrator and he’s wearing the armor he’s bad at his job. British solders to man in Nazi uniform. “Where did you get that uniform?” “What uniform?” “That uniform that screams I’m a Nazi” “I’m not wearing an uniform that screams Nazi.” “Ok my mistake.”

It doesn’t. Just the chest, boots and maybe the gloves do.
Can’t identify the belt, but the helmet used in Sec X armor is from the RD-15A/TH-15A/TT-15A/RD-17A/TH-17A/TT-17A set and the pants are from Outcast/Electrum Onslaught/Colicoid Powered/RD-13A/RD-17A/RD-16A/TH-16A/TT-16A set.
It’s essentially a recolored Trooper Rakata/Tionese/Columi Vangard set:

Brilliant marketing move to sell some of the sets in anticipation of the expansion. Hopefully this will be the first of several armor sets.


FAilware doing this instead of new ops.

People, leave this dead game and join FFXIV. Trust us that have switched already, you’ll really like it. I daresay its story blows any class story out of the water, for one thing.

They need to have an official timer on these boards to count down how long it takes for each post to get a comment about somebody bitching about ops. Then another two or three about how broken PvP is.

I can see it now:

Patch 4.1 notes:
More story content coming along with-


If you’ve switched games, stop trolling these boards and adding to the already unbearable morass of griefers.

I’m ‘trolling’ these boards here to save people if I can. I want to maybe draw one player away at a time from swtor, to FFXIV, so those people can talk to their friends and so on and so forth. So at the end of the road, SWTOR can be finally put to rest.

I want people to play a good game and vote with their wallets. I want EA to learn a lesson. When FFXIV first launched, it was a horrible game. Internet just exploded on Square enix’s face. Square Enix stopped monetizing, dedicated an entire new team to creating an entire new game. Then we got A realm reborn, arguably the most complete MMO as of right now.

Until EA is treated wth that same ire that SE got back in the day, we will keep getting these shitty EA titles all over.

EA won’t stop doing things their way because they don’t have to. BioWare won’t because they don’t want to, nor should they, their formula works. People are voting with their wallets; they’re paying for subscriptions to SWTOR and purchasing CCs to improve their playing experience. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make their experiences any less important to them, or, more to the point, to EA/BW/LA. So many people online act like everyone is addicted to and forced to play games that they don’t like and empty their wallets in the futile hope that things will improve. Doesn’t work like that, you don’t like the game, you stop playing, or you stop subbing until things you want change, life moves on.

Also, it’s likely a vain hope that people who invest into SWTOR for a Star Wars experience (and it IS a good one, a damned fine immersion) will peel away to FF because they’re upset about repeatable content. SWTOR is a far different MMO than most other offerings on the market right now, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. There will be an insurge of players commensurate to the new films and shows, guaranteed, and I still wouldn’t be surprised for a new series or spinoff film or something to be featured in TOR era; it’s extremely lucrative.

Your version of the history is highly suspect. Your second paragraph is completely fantasy. FFXIV didn’t just realize the internet hated it, it went on for a *very* long time before any effort was done. I definitely give them credit for revitalizing the game in a good way, but we’ve seen such efforts before (such as SWG NGE), and the final fantasy revamp could’ve turned out just as garbage, in fact internally it was probably a crapshoot whether they would scrap the game completely, leave it alone, or do a revamp.

Ironically an alternate perspective is SWTOR went through something like that, the game was bleeding subs and not making enough money after people finished the story content. Then they launched the CM and started making a whole lot more money. That in turn has helped the game survive to have multiple story based content updates, level caps upped, OPS, flashpoints, PVP< etc… All that wouldn't have existed if they hadn't done the CM update. Money speaks louder than your words.

People don't need saving lol, they simply disagree with you… hard to fathom.

Who the hell wants to play a 2.5 GCD cooldown game , gtfo and stay out , swtor is the best MMO out there atm besides wow.

Someone is a fanboy I see, I switched from swtor to FF and do you know what the first thing I noticed, how smooth the game is solid 60 90% of the time never dipping below 40, the game had so much more scale than swtor it caters to a more hardcore community which is great if you like that, the GCD does take some getting use to but you get a LOT of abilities off the GCD. Swtor should just kill any multi-player aspects and go full single player .

Why are you even still here if FF is such a great game for you? Go enjoy yourself with your lancer, or whatever class you decided to main, and let us enjoy our sith and jedi. It’s really not that complicated to just let people enjoy the things they enjoy, is it?

Am I in someway preventing you from playing ? I think not just because my opinion is different from yours does not make it any less invalid who are to tell me where I can go and where I cannot . I used to be quite a supporter of this game but too many times Bioware have lied,undelivered,and outright ignored the community. So go and enjoy Soa NiM again and come back to me when you got real achievement.

FYI I still play this game waiting till sub expires (officer work), I’m at work ATM :p otherwise I would not bother I don’t mean to start an argument I just don’t like it when someone posts something even if it’s unpopular people get into a rage about if a tell people to GTFO and all that stuff . I explained in post my reasons for the supporting this game instead of a reasonable response I get blasted by people who would not dare say it to my face should I ever meet them .

What do you mean by (officer work)? Are you an officer in a guild? Here’s is an idea if you are going to quit the game when your sub expires why not give those duties to someone who isn’t planning on quitting now? Why do you bother with with the (work) why do you even care about it?

He can’t, coz the guild he is in? Yea, the progression raiders and mostly the officers in there simply up and left ( including me.) There is no one to give duties to.

Swtor killed our guild, and Meat’s grp is on its last legs till the summer ends.

You simpletons have no idea how much shit we tolerated on Failware’s part. Lies, false promises, operations that were more BUGS than fights itself…. We are done. You should be done too, if you have a shred of sanity left.

Or you could choose not to dictate what others should or shouldn’t enjoy. Maybe the fact that many people still are getting quite a bit of enjoyment out of the game and aren’t as bitter as you might give you an opportunity to expand your perspective. That your view isn’t the only one. Many millions of people prefer to play WoW over other MMOs, I and many others don’t. One person isn’t right or wrong, different people play in different ways and can or can’t tolerate things differently (as well as have different expectations and value aspects differently).

This is a product and a service you play for, if you don’t like it stop paying plain and simple. It’s a bit odd how obsessively you post here purely to berate the game and anyone who likes it, on an information site about the game itself. If you stop liking Netflix just stop paying, why in god’s name would you then spend a bunch of time posting on netflix forums making up childish names and bashing it and people who like/praise it. Speaking of sanity, a sane person would stop paying and stop giving it energy and attention…

If you wanted a civilised disucssion/to express your opinion without being attacked you picked the wrong forum for it :’)

Lawl, I would laugh in your face before smacking it, if I had the misfortune of talking to it. Your point is literally “My computer sucks because it can’t run SWTOR — therefore SWTOR should become a single player game.”

The idiot is strong in this one my PC is a able to run witcher 3 on ultra settings with no problems .

And just FYI my rig is
Intel I7 4770K
16GB Corsair pro vengeance ram
Asus sabertooth z87 MB
Nivida GTX 780
Corsair 750 psw
120 SSD

Doubt you could afford that to busy by crap from the cartel market, and also easy to act big behind a computer screen.

You expect me to believe you because…? Because no one lies on the internet? Those clearly aren’t your specs, otherwise you wouldn’t be having the problem you whine about. Thus, either you’re lying about your specs (likely), or you’re complaining about a problem you don’t have, just to create an argument (also likely).

PS: When you decide to act big behind a computer screen, it’s generally not a wise idea to remind everyone how easy it is for you.

Lol you are deluded there countless threads on swtor forums about are badly ported this game is from the hero engine (which was from the alpha or beta version), this is why SWTOR will never have
True Open World pvp,

This game isn’t “ported from the hero engine” but thanks for showing how little you know about game design.

PS: Nice subject change after I called your bluff. Too bad it only made you look like more of a fool.

Isn’t the act of saying “its easy to act big behind a computer screen” also acting big behind a computer screen? Its pretty much your only option for communication. This cave man on the internet fallacy is pretty worn out.

I in no way stated that your opinion was any less valid or wrong. You’re very much entitled to your own opinion, it’s just tedious to constantly hear people complain about a game on a fan site for that game. @idnewton:disqus summed it up perfectly.

It has 2.5 sec GCD, and then 20 or so off-the-GCD skills for each job. It’s actually more fast paced than any WoW-clone.

All the Devs: “Hey boss, should me and the dev team try to rush out a new ops for the expansion? We have enough time to do it, and we are all excited to put out new content for the players.”

King Bioware Satan:”No…all of you make one armor. Just one. Take all the time you would have needed to balance an entire ops, and focus it all into Zakuul armor.”

All the Devs: “But boss…that is stupid. Like…tinfoil hat wearing, spit bubbles running down our chin stupid.”

“Yes…but Darthmanwe needs something to bitch about.”

Well idiots don’t understand that it is an NPC asset, that it is a model from in game, just like all the decos. They don’t understand that it takes no effort to add armor like this into the game once they create it for the NPCs.

Do not worry people, I understand how teams works.

Biofail, Failware, EAware or whatever you wanna call them doesn’t. ( I refuse to call the Bioware, that is Edmonton. Actual Bioware is good.) They assign 20 people to CM division, and only 1 to class balance and pvp. They scale ops with a three people team while the cutscene division is ten people strong.

Go check their employment and staff pages, then you will realize how much Fail comprises them.

I also know that the only thing that motivates devs, much like Hollywood, is MONEY. It is their God and their Saviour, so they’ll go full ahead with whatever route that will make them more money.

Due to people like you, this new ‘direction’ ( It is SO NOT AN EXPANSION. A true expansion is Heavensward.) will make them tons of money.

When the Episode 7 hype dies down and those SW hungry people leave, who will be there to play with one tenth of an MMO? You poor sods.

The one thing that annoys me with posts like darthmanwe’s is that they insist on calling Bioware things like Biofail or FAilware or something equally juvenile, presumably to appear “witty”, “smart” or “funny” but it only makes the poster in question appear to be a complete tool. And that’s before reading what I always hope is a troll post and not actually written by someone who is serious.

King Bioware Satan however is a vastly superior nickname for Bioware, it has style, it should be used more often.

“MMORPGs are composed of teams. Teams rarely have overlapping functions, and their skills are not fungible. The 3-D modelers making new hats canโ€™t stop what theyโ€™re doing and debug server optimization code. This applies across all aspects of development. Even with coding, someone working on the quest engine isnโ€™t going to fix display glitches. Someone responsible for UI responsiveness canโ€™t help solve memory leaks. In general, even if itโ€™s possible to retrain someone, itโ€™s a waste of time to do so โ€” theyโ€™re much more useful doing what they were hired to do.”

I wish, after every patch, a little box popped up prior to login that presented this message to players with a little check box indicating “I read this”.

Why are you even bothering to post here? If this game is so bad why waste your time bitching about it? Is it the cool, in thing thing to bitch about this game like it’s cool to bitch about the prequels?

hes just jelly cus he don’t have enough money to buy pixels. if being a sheep means i have disposable income then sign me up!

Hmm , dumb sheep. Who’s dumber, the people that know they are dumb sheep, or the dumb sheep that calls out people for being dumb sheep that doesn’t know he’s a dumb sheep?
Hey pot, you’re black!
Sincerely, Kettle.

So I’m guessing you’ve never bought a video game… ever? Since all of that is just buying pixels, also I’m guessing you haven’t bought any digital video (streaming or not)? Or paid for anything you’ve watched on a television or screen, since in the end those are just pixels too.

That armor looks like it is based on an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Think it was Season 2, on Felucia. The episode featured Hondo pestering silum farmers, and one of the mercs protecting the farmers had an exosuit that looked just like this armor.

i like the helmet. armour looks kinda crappy tbh it looks like the chest is painted on the black part but that may just be the picture

This however does raise the question whether or not the helmet will have similar voice modulation to that heard in the trailer. Knowing BioWare, it’ll likely be different, or be disappointing like Malak’s jawcasing and the Rishi rep helm when those were released initially. xD

So they are very very careful about not giving any info about next expansion including big class changes and all non-story related things but they dont see any problem selling items from next expansion. GG BW you show us everytime how much you care about your player base so who cares what broken classes they will get for pvp in next expansion when you can sell next expansion items before release.

The logic is similar to how they gave away a Boba Fett action figure from the purchase of current Star Wars action figures before Empire Strikes Back movie was released.

Inb4 someone whines about getting armor instead of ops balancing / expansion info, implying that they require the same resources or even involve the same departments.

Wait… there’s at least 20 of those posts already… I was too late, it appears. Armchair devs never cease to amaze.

PS: I will say, though, that I agree it’s stupid to put this particular armor set on the GTN now since the Zakuul Empire hasn’t even re-emerged at this point. Lorewise it’s pretty dumb, but that doesn’t mean the Devs could’ve and should’ve spent their efforts balancing ops or finalizing blog posts.

Lorewise, the Export company went to Wild Space and found the Zakuul Empire and entered minor trade negotiations with them, and brought back some armor. Now you can buy it, even though you’ve never heard of the Zakuul Empire.

They’re probably not important.

Oh, thank you, Princess, for gracing us with your boundless wisdom and knowledge! Whatever would we do without your condescending remarks and never-ending pompous banter about how stupid the rest of us are compared to your blinding enlightenment!

My RP group is trying to account for the 5 year gap in rp ahead of the jump. We have shifted from normal weekly rp to scattered events over a time line we worked on, essentially a highlight reel of losing ground etc. I am pretty sure a few of us will be getting a set of this stuff, and we are pretty glad it is out early. Otherwise we were going to have to fudge it with that silly human candelabra armor. You know the gold one with the silly spikey shoulders. Anyways, rp wise its appreciated. If someone is dumb enough to wear this during their story missions and be unhappy with broken lore, well…they kind of did it to themselves.

That’s a good point. However, just remember that lore-wise I’m pretty sure you’re spending all five years in carbonite, so it’s really only AFTER the jump in time that you’d need to play things a bit differently to compensate for the time gap. I’m pretty sure everything is going normally up until the events of KotFE.

By that mentality every bounty hunter you meet is a grand champion of the great hunt, ever sage is the barsenthor, every trooper is in havoc squad etc. RP is normally running parallel to the games story, recognizing the events and timeline, but running our own stories. Normally better…unless its fleet then the story is typically “luk at deez bewbz!”

So most of us won’t be in carbonite, unless somehow entire armies of people are put in deep freeze.

Body size does not have an impact on the quality of the armor itself. It’s that the armor they are selling is completely different than the one they have been proudly showing off in that recently linked screenshot vs what they had up as a commercial.

Have you ever clicked on the holo-terminal in your ship to briefly see the subtle differences between cinematic and gameplay quality textures? Try it. You might need to swap between a few different armor sets but eventually you’ll find one where the difference is obvious.

They improved the in-game textures a long while back (originally they had concerns regarding the engines limitations) but we still don’t appear to get the full resolution textures outside of cinematics. I bet these screenshots are using the regular in-game textures and the earlier promos were using the full resolution cinematic textures.

Bioware and their eternal engine excuses. I’m pretty sure it’d run well enough on top end video cards if they enabled the highest tier of quality that’s also used during cutscenes/conversations.

quick note, t”tried” to purchase this this morning, took my credits and then got a inventory error(which spashed up and vanished so I didn’t get a error number) and package never showed in inventory or mail. ticket submitted..Beware

Personally, I don’t like the new armour and have zero interest in wearing any of the pieces but perhaps some people will like it. I find people tend to get better results mixing and matching different pieces to achieve a “unique” look. I’m sure the helm will go for some insane price if it gets popular enough.

On a side note, I came back to SWTOR recently just to play the Revan story, make credits with dailies, buy new mounts and level all my toons to 60. At that point, I will quit the game (unsub) again and wait for enough new content to come out before I come back (probably several months). I haven’t even bothered to do a single raid since coming back but I suppose I should do the new ones at least once in SM. I could care less about doing HM and NiMs again after doing it so much in the past. I have another more important game to tend to, Wurm Online.

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