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SWTOR Wild Space Explorer’s Pack Preview

A preview of items in SWTOR Wild Space Explorer’s Pack. This pack was released on Sept 1, 2015. Updated with ingame pics and videos.



Armored Interrogator Armor Set



Battleworn Engineer’s Armor Set

Has an animated effect, it appears to summon two droids to follow you around, one attached to the helm and another attached to the chest.




Havoc Squad Armor Set



Lucien Draay’s Armor Set



Orbalisk Armor Set



Ravager’s Armor Set



Synthetic Bio-Fiber Armor Set




Video of all mounts/speeders (alphabetical order)


Cyberclaw Vorantikus


Dasta Titan


Desler DS-4


Hutt Cantina Skiff

Has a flourish effect where it summons a holo dancer at back of the skiff and plays cantina music.


MSM J-37 Jetpack

Flourish command causes the two additional exhaust pipes to come down.


Razalon FC-21


Regal Chemilizard


Tion SY-7



For weapon sounds keep an eye on the Torfashion youtube channel. They will be uploaded there in the next day:

GT-13 ST Assault Cannon


GR-14 XT Plasma Core Blaster


VL-22 Plasma Core Rifle


PW-8 Plasma Sniper Rifle


Vengeance’s Unsealed Lightsaber


Vengeance’s Unsealed Saberstaff



Majestic Varactyl


Stormcloud Flutterplume



Black Red Striated Color Crystal


Video of all emotes and regen


Emote: Pickaxe


Emote: Shovel


Title: Wild Space Explorer

Regen: Gree Hypergate


Andronikos Revel Customization 10


Skadge Customization 2


Dark Red and Light Red Dye Module


Medium Green and Deep Blue Dye Module



Gallery view:

Banner; Sith Empire
Commemorative Statue of Malgus
Dark Honor Guard
Dread Fate Plaque
Imperial Ceiling Light
Imperial Command Center
Imperial Security Console
Pureblood Sith Lord (Female)
Sith Bunk Bed
Sith Temple Bench
Sith Temple Chair
Sith Temple Hall Light
Sith Temple Long Table

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497 replies on “SWTOR Wild Space Explorer’s Pack Preview”

I’m getting ready to buy a hypercrate. My choices were between Acolyte Shadow Pack and Club Vertica Nightlife Pack. The only thing I want from this pack is the Havoc armor so I’m just going to get that off of GTN. So can someone make a recommendation between Club Vertica and Acolyte??

Neither of those packs are available. Currently, it’s Master’s Shadow Pack and the Explorer Packs.

What is that Battleworn Engineer piece? That is an exact copy of the Berserker armor already released year ago in another pack…

So far all of the animated armors are exact copies of older armors with animations added to make them even cooler

Though I wish they hadn’t reused the Battleworn Triumvirate set for the Engergized version

Is it me or is the jet pack more bulky compared to the previous pics? Well no armor sets for me this pack too many old assets reused.

I think my only wants so far are the Cyberclaw Vorantikus, Dasta Titan and Regal Chemilizard.

Doh! Was hoping for a leaner jet pack. O wells. Armor looks sick. Every set. Woo hoo!!! Thanks for posting so fast. Appreciated.

I really love the Darth Bane story. Wish they spent more time on the ‘Orbalisk Armor Set’ Looks kinda cheap. I felt like they could have made it look badass :'(

For whatever reason I remember the Bane books describing the orbalisks as being black and shiny

I still think its fairly cool though, just not as good as it could have been.

They can make it one of their animation gear sets. Have the orbalisk pulsated, and move. Make the orbalisk look alive. And have the orbalisk look more sporadic looking not so symmetrical.

Would’ve been perf for mine if it didn’t have the backpack. Still, it’s not as bulky as the ones on other commando armors, so I still might give it a go!

I was hoping that, in the event that they released this armor (FINALLY!), it would be Malcom’s or the gunner’s. Malcom’s has the shoulder pad on one side and the knife on the chest, and the gunner’s had the big backpack, the helmet visor, and the big red button on the front.

I actually wish that the backpack was a little smaller and the leg armor was a bit bulkier. I really hate the skin tight armor in this game, especially when it’s actually meant to be heavy armor plating like on a trooper. Overall, I’m happy enough with it. I’ll be hunting it down on the exchange, piece by piece if I have to.

Now all I need is the minigun that the gunner in the trailer was using (and Malcom in the intro cinematic), basically a gray or black version of the E-15 Rampage cannon that I love so much.

As much as I agree. Not sure about the pack on the back. And I bet this sucker will sell for 1millon or more for head peace and so on the other gear

My opinion on the content of this pack:
1: Orbalisk armor? Well, to top we can now buy cybernetics from the Cartel Market, we can now buy parasites to wear on us.
2: Havoc Squad armor took me by total surprise. Great to see it… but I thought it would be bulkier.
3: Ravager’s armor is appreciated, but I didn’t exactly see players lining up asking for this set.
4: Baby Varactyl pet. With all the Riding Lizards in game, why didn’t we expect a pet one earlier?
5: That jetpack looks about as good as the last one. 3/5 stars.
6: Hooray for no cybernetic armor in this pack!
7: Cyberclaw Vorantilkus: Well, I guess we should’ve expected this reskin.
8: Synthetic Bio-fiber? What is this? Are the Yuuzhan Vong joining the Old Republic?
8.5: That last one I wouldn’t rule out. Wild Space is supposed to be the border of the galaxy.
9: Lucien Draay’s… Hmm. For some reason, I thought we already has his set.
10: The decorations are underwhelming. Nothing too special in here, but I’ll probably end up buying a few for a guild HQ.
11: The Battleworn Engineer’s armor set worries me a bit. The probes flying around us are indeed cool, but something like that makes me feel like animated sets will soon be the new cybernetic armor: Every pack will have a version of it, and they’ll all only be a tiny bit different.
12: Armored Interrogator’s set is the least creative thing I’ve ever seen. They just stuck a red/black dye in Armored Diplomat.

In conclusion: Good pack, but I don’t think I like it as much as the last one. However, I’ll give props to BioWare for keeping the theme of “Wild Space.”

for your 6 and 11. i would almost consider the battleworn engineer set as cybernetic. Due to the exposed wiring and metal. I may actually buy the legs for my commando who has the b-100 chest pieces. It will have to depend on how well it dyes.

The flying droids seem like they would be annoying to others during raids. we shall see, Iv always enjoyed the cybernetic armor

Since it’s a Wild Space set, I’m surprised they didn’t have something that was a little “Chiss” centric. The Havoc Squad armor is sure to be a hot item. I know a lot of people have been clammering for that a while now. The Jetpack looks like it’d go well with a Republic Trooper. Overall, most of it looks nice.

Was pretty meh about the armor sets (Havoc looks great though) but after looking at the decorations, there goes my money. Finish off my Sith Yavin temple!

Well lightsabers did start out as more of a siege weapon/weapon of terror sort of thing. Not saying it justifies the look, but it’s not completely out of the question, especially in Old Republic era sabers.

Umm WOW for me, I love IT ALL! First time I have ever flipped out over darn near all the parts in this pack….ready to begin throwing money!!

Just like I’m glad that people will be buying them off the GTN which means I’ll have both real life money AND credits AND stuff. It’s nice having all three instead of acting superior because I really don’t have money.

Yeah, that would be cool. I would also like to see one of the nicer outfits that Jarael wore in the Knights of the Old Republic comics [if they could add another of her outfits].

Maybe even a version of the Genteel Gown with metallic silver instead of gold details would be nice. Also ‘relaxed’ or ‘casual’ versions of the Genteel Gown (a version with the gold details; and a version with the silver details); the Regal Apparel outfit; Attendant’s outfit; Diplomat outfit; Formal Militant outfit; Tranquil Mystic outfit; Interrogator outfit; Duelist’s outfit; and Intelligence Officer’s outfit —- might be interesting.

Lots of meh stuff, lots of great stuff. Really loving the battleworn engineer’s stuff, been looking a long time for a class appropriate chestpiece that dosn’t yell “Shoot me!” (HK-51’s words, not mine)

That orbalisk armor is perfect for anyone who likes peanuts…

Seriously, again not a single armor set that interest me. Still waiting for BW to create some more modern looking armor sets. Instead of the 70’s and 80’s sci-fi inspired ones we always see. Also, their concept art always look better than actual in-game armor. They always end up making them so flat looking, way too simple meshes.

While I happen to like a lot of the items in this pack I do agree regarding more modern looking armor sets.

One thing I love to see is the various responses to cosmetics…it really is pretty cool when you think about the fact that some folks love certain things while other like something entirely different. The fact this happens speaks for the Artistic teams ability to create a lot of good content. We can’t all like everything all the time =)

The movies happens thousands of years later, and reflect the time they where made. The ridiculous look on armors needs to go.

Stating that armour that looks like 70’s and 80’s inspired stuff is “wrong” for star wars is pretty daft.

Since the original star wars movies were made in the 70’s and 80’s.

And saying that they should have more modern looking armour makes no sense when you’re using the argument that the game takes place thousands of years before the movies made in the 70’s and 80’s.

There is nothing about it being “wrong” in my comments. My comment is what I wish for. There are some more modern looking armor in other Star Wars games, like Star Wars the Force Unleashed. Even the new movie have an updated Stormtrooper armor. Nothing stops BW from making some other design choices, other than the designer working for BW obviously only want that type of old fashioned design. All the armor they add use the same wonky base of low poly meshes, low quality textures and normal maps that gives them almost no depth.

There’s plenty of modern looking armour in the game already.
Don’t pout and whine just because a pack (or even a few packs) didn’t contain the stype of armour style you want.
And definately don’t rag on them for looking like “70’s and 80’s sci-fi” since that’s the “style” of Star Wars in the vast majority of SW products and art.

Didn’t take offense to your whining, just the stupidity of complaining about 70’s and 80’s style outfits in a game based on a 70’s and 80’s movie.

You took offense, is why you made it personal by saying I should not pout and whine. You need to let it go and stop taking everything so personal. Work on that oversensitiveness or yours.

Heh, sure, I’m the one that took offense.

Your comment after my first one is completely calm and not at all passive-aggressive.

Woah, seems like we will finally have a nice pack after this long time. I’m going to get it just for the skiff, ravager’s armor set and lightsabers. o:

I’m looking for a CC seller. I want to buy 3x hypercreate wild space explorer’s pack with in game credits.

Server: the progenitor
Name: scourga

The Emperor went insane and forsook the Empire, killing untold thousands or millions on Ziost… Malgus was a loyal warrior until he launched a treacherous coup that cost thousands of Imperial lives and destroyed an entire installation… Revan epically failed at everything he ever attempted, including his final disastrous attempt to defeat the Emperor that only empowered the disembodied entity… who actually puts up statues honouring all these awful people? We need a statue of Tulak Hord!

sith thats who! sith respect the strong and it don’t get much stronger then the emperor, revan, and malgus. although i also think we need tulak hord and nihlus.

Revan is the Boba Fett of the KOTOR era. He looks cool, and that’s it; he failed at everything else he ever attempted.

Would of been funny though if at the end of SOR when hes split in 2 if one of them had been a woman version 😀

revan had power though. he was perhaps the strongest sith/jedi of his era. that is why the sith respected and worshiped him. the sith respect the strong. in their eyes it did not matter if his plans failed (as sith plans often do) all that mattered was his strength.

Agreed! Personally, I was hoping we’d get a Darth Marr statue in this set, personally. But, like the statue of the Emperor, Malgus looks enough like a textbook Sith I can write it off in RP as being someone else.

I don’t know, man. The real world is full of statues of horrible people and failures, so they might have keyed onto some social critique with this statue of Malgus.

The Emperor gets a pass, there were already countless statues of him erected across the Empire before he went nuts. It takes time to take all those statues down. But Malgus was an appalling traitor, as bad as if General Eisenhower immediately launched a coup against the American government after WW2. I’m sure he had his loyal fanboys, but how many of them survived his insurrection?

But regardless, it is a nice statue. 🙂

A correct analogy would probably be best made in the other camp of that war…but it would be like a minefield of potential internet freakouts.

Great work as usual. Might go after the regen and/or the Ravagers set. However, the customization is for Adronikos REVEL, not REVEAL. 🙂

Wow… those Sith Inspired decorations are terrible. Sith Temple Bench, Sith Temple Long Table, Sith Temple Hall Light, Sith Bunk Bed, Sith Temple Chair… GARBAGE.

We ask for stuff from Korriban and Dromund Kaas, they give us the stupidest, ugliest deco imaginable that my 10 year old cousin could have designed better…

They could’ve done much better.

Armor looks great though.

I agree. We have enough beds and chairs to choose from. They could have made tons of other Sith-themed stuff rather than beds and chairs…

The armor case, and the interesting cabinets/caskets at the bottom are 2 things I have been patiently waiting for. I wish I could get a job there just to help steer them in the right direction on this stuff, they make some really questionable choices with what gets made available furniture wise and what remains ever elusive.

I agree with your other choices too, I just thought it was neat seeing that someone else wants the same thingers I want.

In sure there are TONS of us. I’m going to start a thread in the CM Suggestions forum for Korriban/Dromund Kaas decorations. Il post the link for you once it’s up.

They’re basically doing the bare minimum, which is what is seriously pissing me off. I’m not a RP kinda guy but I REALLY enjoy designing the strongholds and I try to make the as lore-infused as possible and I can’t do that without the Sith paraphanaelia and little imperial computers.

The bounty cell and the imperial security console are steps in the right direction but they need to release a pack purely with Sith and imperial decorations and one for Jedi and republic decorations. Problem solved.

So, I try to avoid these things….BUT does it truly say Havoc Squad Armor in the game? Because EVERY single trooper in the Hope cinematic on Alderaan wore that armor. And obviously Havoc Squad is 5 members. So something doesn’t match up =p. Other than that though, I guess I need to start farming credits like crazy. Lots of cool stuff!!

currently havoc squad have 5 members who knows how many they had before?

counting ship droid, treek and HK you got 8 members on the team.

point is, does it says anywhere how many members havoc squad had on the hope trailer battle? also iirc all troops on the return trailer had same armor.

We don’t know how many members it had then. We do know that Tavus’ & the Trooper’s Havoc Squad have 6 members.

We clearly see in the video hundreds of Imperial troops, droids etc, marching along. It is only fair to assume that hundreds of troopers were in the battle; especially since at the end the Republic won. So, it makes no sense that Havoc squad would be 100+ members.

oh you’re right, i must be high because i feel like they did a credible job by matching the color scheme exactly, the textures as well as is possible in the game, and the style within the constraints of helms and weapons not clipping horribly.

Colour scheme is close but not same. The idea for Lucien Draay was a white knight. The armor they gave us doesn’t scream “white knight”.

Do you see any brown here^, cuz i dont. I see lots of gold, white and grey.
They gave us lots of brown, a dirty white and a few bits of gold.

Not the same. Why they think they have to put a spin on something that already looks good is beyond me. Don’t fix what ain’t broken.

i see leather, which you can interpret as black or brown, very rarely grey. The white has to be tinted somehow or else it looks flat, I like the tone they chose because it’s something that matches the art and will let me match other pieces and get a more original color scheme. And the difference in the top half is basically a bulky vest that they removed. I’d rather have this set than the Theron Shan shoulder pads over again.

I can see what you mean but its just meh withouth the shoulder pads, which ARE different than Theron’s.

Still, the original is way better than what they gave us. If you’re gonna calll it “Lucien Draay’s”, make sure its Lucien Draay’s. Not some spinoff.

You may not be smoking anything, but the shoulders are as different as they can be without adding spikes.

So I got bad news buddy, you need glasses!

They didn’t give Lucien’s armor enough attention… which made it suck…
The white and gold Lucien wore were to represent nobility and pureness (the first impression we had when we were introduced to the character) in contrast with the arrogance and ruthlessness that characterized him. Instead of reproducing it, they added stuff and took the important pieces out.
Plus, brown replaced black and pure white replaced by gray… for what? Selling white-gold and black color dyes later on, in the cartel market?

We don’t have the imposing shoulders, we don’t have the extended flaps under the belt… instead they added some buckles across the chest and the back (which is also a big chunk of brown leather instead of pure white and gold), the golden bits look like they’re spray painted, instead of being popped out, 2 belt buckles and one belt around the waist instead of the 6 buttons that held his, they even put belts on his wrists, and gloves… and the coloring is horrible… Instead of noble, he looks like a beggar. Very poor job, they should of waited till they found a capable modeler before releasing this garbage.


They do this quite often. So they can reproduce Malak’s perfectly but not Draay’s? Like i said below, their OCDness for putting their own spin on classics is infuriating. Nobody cares about their interpretation, we want the real deal.

Malak’s isn’t reproduced correctly. His cape has the universal large model instead of being a thinner hanging down the right shoulder. Now that they’ve made Cassus Fetts armor and other similar ones with Special capes they should alter the Malak Set to look exactly like it should have in the first palce.

I didn’t know who Lucien is but now I’m aware of his looks and understand how shitty this armor is in comparison to the original.. It’s barely similar… and I kinda liked it at first glance. However knowing the original look I can’t like this armor as much as I used to, it could have been much better, eh.

I only picked up these comics a short while ago, but the second I saw those robes I was like “Oh that is so gonna be a cartel market thing…” This is a very underwhelming showing, especially given the high accuracy of other armors.

Yeah. They messed this one up big time. Really unfortunate, though they fixed Exar Kun’s armor set later, perhaps they’ll fix that one aswell. But as you said, they recolored it that way on purpose…CASH CASH CASH. No wonder they won’t release Thexan’s or Arcann’s armor set. :/

completely agree, this thing looks like a dirty lucien robe or something haha. But really it doesn’t look at all like Lucien’s looks more like a sad retexture of a robe thats probably already in-game. first thing i noticed besides the color was how crappy the gold designs look and the shoulders on the chest piece… in fact the chest piece looks nothing like Luciens!!

Clearly it’s for when you have sith sleepovers with your bffs. Just staying up late braiding each others hair and talking about boys.

Or girls, no judgement here.

I’m going to make Quinn sleep on the bottom bunk, then turn it around facing the wall, and then he will be trapped for all eternity! Muahaha!

Nice to see the havoc armor follows the old bioware adage of “take a chest piece that looks great and slap a damn fridge on it”. Also wtf is wrong with that varactyl??? Is that a graphics glitch?

thats exactly wat was in the trailer dude…. I for one am glad that armor set is finally in game…. even if it is cartel like always… -_-

There are so many hidden gems in those armor sets is freaking ridiculous. Can’t wait for this pack to arrive. Finally after waiting since day go I finally got an item I’ve wanted. Woo hoo!!! They really saved the best for last.

Oh good, another oversized jetpack model. 🙁 WTB ability to unlock Rocket Boost as a full time mount effect (using whatever pack is built into the armor). Seriously…was so excited they were finally going to make jetpack mounts, and so far they’re 2 for 2 in being ridiculously oversized.

Considering most things in SWTOR in general are ridiculously oversized (weapons, armor pieces, male bodies, etc) I would bet we’ll go 5 for 5 oversized jetpacks before we see a normal sized one. I actually think the reason they’re making them so big is so that they don’t clip with the jetpacks and backpacks attached to BH and trooper armor respectively.

Too late.
I have the underwater adventurer chest on my JK, and the tank in the back clips with the jet pack.
Ironically, the clipping of the two assets actually make the overall effect much better (imo).
It also helps to use body type 3, as the scale does not not make the JP look as huge.
but yeah, body type 1 and 2 get fridges.

Alrighty here goes:
I’ve always wanted a lightsaber that could double as a Hydro-spanner, kidding aside, I kinda like it, even if I can use the bottom of the handle to blow bubbles.
That Voranticus makes me wish I was an evil scientist ingame…cause that is the ultimate in evil scientist technology.
Skadge doesn’t just look like a ballsack…now he looks like a teased and frustrated ballsack.
Mining AND shoveling emotes?! YES! finally the ability to rp manual labor!
Rumors of a varactyl pet “NEAT!” the varactyl is pink….”But…why? What did we do wrong?!”
Tion SY7…yup, I bet we are gonna see lots of those flying around. People care about those!
Purple and Gold lizard mount, for all you 3rd Street Beastlords.
If people made fun of the last jetpack and called it a fridge, Biowares solution was to make the new one fridgey-er. In your face complainers. Enjoy your fridge.
Trooper and Ravager armors available is going to clear a lot of future forum space from the people who ask for them weekly. Glad to see em I suppose.
Orbalisk armor is great if you like pinecones…when is the macaroni picture armor coming?

My operative, Doc Nekron will enjoy riding his new mount. Also, clearly you don’t know about the Orbalisk armor so google Darth Bane because it is spectacularly true to lore.

Unfortunately, I know more than I want too about Orbalisk armor. You can’t rp in this game for this many years without running into a few indestructible Orbalisked up god moders. I’ve even visited the wiki page. True to lore or not, my comment remains. Its pinecone armor. You are wearing pinecones. Own it.

korrealis commander is not a cartel item, you will never see tha commander or baron again unless you get lucky and find some for 10 mill on gtn, other than that you are paying 35 mill or you will just have to use the countess or duke model

Why oh why do they animate the worst armors possible? Makes no sense to me. Forget animating armors and give us an animation slot.

This guy Zenahk is the one I heard come up with the idea but I couldn’t agree more. Would be so much more useful.

Glory to the Emperor! also orbalisk armor is shitty because if you wear it, force lightning will fuck you up in canon

I saw Lucien’s armor in the data mines… but this… i am so sorry, but what the fuck is that shit? Eww, absolutely horrible compared to what i saw before this pack came.

It still looked a lot more cool. And this orbalisk armor.. oh.. oh.. i am going to foresee a vision… how much RP players wear this and pretend to be unkillable, even so this is meta gaming.

I don’t like this Orbalisk armor. I already knew it wasn’t Bane’s armor, but the clothes themselves just look ugly.

That’s what I was thinking XD
Too bad the Kingpin armor from the Nightlife event isn’t purple and gold with a feather in the hat :/

Haha, yeah wear that while riding the Chemilizard and kill off all your male comps and recruit just females 😛 But you must play as a Pureblood so you can keep your pimp hand strong

I actually really like the Lucien Draay armor. I guess it doesn’t look the way it’s “supposed to” look, but I can see using pieces of it for an outfit.

I’ll have to get the skiff, because the flourish sounds silly but fun. And for the first time in a while I’m looking forward to the pets.

How stupidly symmetrical is the Orbalisk armor? They are living creatures, bonded to the flesh; not ornaments, cherry-picked for their uniform size and color to accent an otherwise average looking coat. Major Fail.

Oh, and the whole point of the helmet is so they DON’T grow over the face… Super Fail.

We all do bro. Please post tho, the thread I started for the Bounty Holding Cell got it fixed within 2 pages of comments agreeing with me (I didn’t start this thread)

I know BW needs to improve these packs it’s been doing lately… but really, the emotes… Step your game up, Bioware. sweeping… spacecraft signaling, shoveling, pickaxe. At least the pop music dances were amusing.

IIRC the datamined info (for what ever it’s worth) showed this lame ass Companion remaining with us….My eyes crossed a bit when I read it…crazy I know but…

They should of made a customization for him that painted a target on his head or chest…at least then I’d feel compelled to pull him out from time to time.

Post it in the cartel market suggestions forum. But then again, even if they make it it’s almost inevitable that they’ll screw it up in some way…. it’s EA

Huttsbanes pants, Relaxed Flightsuit chest, Relaxed Vestments gloves, Vintage Repub Armour Boots and White+White dye, or a mix of White+White and Black+White dyes.

It gives you a reasonable approximation, while you wait for Bioware. I’m sure they will get around to this set eventually!

“Has a flourish effect where it summons a holo dancer at back of the skiff”… Shut up and take my money, Bioware!

Yea but i need the same as in the picture. If they would change the Section X rep helmet to this one the it would be good for me.

Bioware, how about you stop giving us useless mini pets and make actual combat pets that can be used instead of companions!

And while you are at it let us actually fully customize our companions ourselves instead of giving us very limited companion customization items!

I’d love that! and not have it count towards group number muahaha! If they wont give us combat pets then maybe they could at least give them stat perks in small amounts. It’d be cool to have even a smidge of utility added by having your pets out.

Or how about they make it so that everytime you die or transport somewhere you don’t have to get it out again. Why can’t they make it like a buff?

No one cares that you don’t get it. Stop trolling the forum and commenting on every single damn post you paranoid noob.

Kind of coming across as a bully…maybe its time to look inward and think about what effect you are having on the world.

Yeah I posted this before your attempt to make him angrier and sort of regret it now. Star wars makes me happy. Its a shame a lot of folks here can’t say the same. Try ignoring him I guess.

Lol you are the one who is trolling. I asked a perfectly simple honest question. That pertained to the topic. You just posted to call me a troll. And how does anything I’ve said make me paranoid? You are just pissed because I called you on your “I don’t play this game anymore” bullshit.

Ha nooo definitely not the helmet. I like the fact that the armors are different and so far haven’t seen those ugly cybernetics droid but still none are of my taste

“Ravager armor”
You kidding right? They not only removed the point of rare items, but they placed another recolour of vanilla pieces.

The mask on ravager is completely unavailable on rep side though, which I imagine is why people are excited. Also helps with the Darth Malgus look.

>The mask on ravager is completely unavailable on rep side though

As it should be. Immersion is dead in this game.

What if you are roleplaying a Sith, or a deep sea diver, or…some kind of…mask…guy. I’m not saying it makes sense to rp a sith on the fleet, or tython (unless you are there specifically to cause trouble I guess…) but I have had to play the role of npc in many peoples stories, and access to things like this helps.

A true RP player that has clearly never been involved in a roleplay event managed by a guild that has on hand storytellers. Its a shame you haven’t had an opportunity to enjoy something like that, its actually a lot of fun. I have had to dress the part of sith on my jedi character to play story characters for people, and vice versa, these resourses are valuable for that. I don’t think I can convince you of that though, I assume your idea of RP is just dressing like a Sith while running the ingame story, and that is fine too I guess. But you could also take the blue pill, and I can show you just how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Oh. You meant the one that sells for 2+ millions (at least on Red Eclipse) and nobody ever uses? The one that looks like a repainted Knight armor?

Not really. No. (yes, I admit I might be dumb in that manner)
Would you care to explain? (I am actually interested in hearing your full opinion, not trolling)

I noticed that, too. So far, all of the Explorer Packs have had 13 decos. The throne would make 14. I’m worried that this could be their reason for removing it. Also, it looks like the Imperial Command Center is this pack’s Large piece of furniture:/
Hopefully, if this is the case, it will end up in the next shipment of packs.

Since when do Jedi even use thrones!?? O.o
Technically, it’s a throne in name only. Really, it’s just a temple chair on a platform with accessories.
Silver lining: IF they release the throne in a later pack, we won’t have to spend as much on this one 😉

Thanks for the quick reply Dulfy. Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere for the black-red crystal before level 50

Has a feeling TOR Fashion is gonna blow up in the coming weeks after this pack is released. Would be awesome if they could add another row or two to the newest custom sets so they are on the front page longer.

/begs “please!”.

Now if only that Imperial light would be red, so you don’t have to pay the obscene prices for the Emergency lights on the GTN….

Sure, I can do that. Btw, you’d get a faster response posting on TOR Fashion. I am not a moderator for Dulfy’s comments, so I don’t see things like this unless she remembers to mention it to me.

You are awesome! I have read the tips and tricks on the side bar menu but just never used it that way before. Sometimes I can be oblivious to the obvious so thanks for all the info. Totally appreciate the addition of the row(s) on the front page. Sucks so bad working on shots over 4 days and it lasts on the front page 2. Seeing all the customized sets in order brought a tear to my eye. 😀

That Cyberclaw will make a perfect mount for my all cyborg team. Cyborg BH, cyborg companions (geared), cyborg monkey lizard pet, … and soon cyborg Mount.
I’m thinking that it will cost me a few million once they hit the GTN.
What the hell, it’s only virtual money.

The image would look better if they the model they used was Body Type 3 male, instead of Body Type 2 male. Also the armor plating on the sides of the hips are missing.

They could have done SO much better… for starters, it needs the weathered paintjob that obviously is there in the game and the concept art. The legs shouldn’t have a flat model, the helmet is too thin for the height, and they obviously have started doing so more interesting belt designs. It would have been the perfect chance to use the belt to add the side holster and leg pouches, or at the very least, the obvious hip guards…

other then the belt the armor is pretty damn spot on which lately seems rare with most designs ( look at Lucien Draay set ) shame about the big holsters though its always annoyed me that the trooper pulls out a pistol in cutscenes yet he cant use one and no set includes one in a holster at least -_- personally i cant wait for this set, probably the only one i want from here so ill just wait till it starts going up on gtn. and i think the basic comms trooper set’s belt has some side plates like that and theres also a belt model with big pouches on it either one would loook better then that. and i disagree about the legs, the thin leg plates fit much better with the original design… besides theres already dozens of the big ones in game you can use

Good lord is that not just flat out badass looking!? And I hate Pubs =)

Well theirs isn’t spot on for sure but it still looks cool IMO. Yes the side leg armor plates would add a lot to the bulk look this armor in the pic above gives off.

I’ll black on black dye this set for my Agent =p

Wow…there’s enough awesome in this Pack that I’m actually going to have to splurge for a Hypercrate. That’s actually pretty impressive.

WTF are the designers doing making the godawful “candy-cane camouflage” for Havoc Squad? These guys are fighters not elves! ‘Nuff Said

you’re a little late to the party.
Havoc Squad has used this design since they released the CGI marketing videos, 3+ years ago.
Besides, When Havoc squad hits the battlefield, they want the Imps to know that the Republic’s best is on site.

That Ravager armor set! I know it’s a reskin of my favorite armor the supreme inquisitor armor that I’ve been wearing for 2 years, but I’m very excited for it! Excited for the Havoc set and regen items too!


Also, Havoc armor, respirators, new skiff, and that engineer set. I think I like this pack.

Off Topic question: Does anyone know where you used to be able to get Blood of Korriban and why it is removed?

Looks like one of the old weapons that dropped off HK in HM False Emperor. He dropped all sorts of goodies with neat names way back when, then they made all the lvl 50 hm bosses use generic drop tables. If it wasn’t off hk, it was definitely off of some other lvl 50 boss that no longer drops it. Everything from that part of the game drops black hole gear or old set pieces.

Aw ok
I think the PvE would be much more interesting with generic drops. Getting tokens from everything is a massive letdown.

It would be pretty nice to see some of those weapons make a comeback. I bet a lot of bounty hunters would like to see Early Retirement available again. But, with them upping the level on ops, I see a lot MORE things disappearing instead.

That seems like an awesome weapon name.
But tbh implementing gear in already designed flashpoints and raids seems like a very small amount of effort bringing into some fun RNG into an otherwise mindless process.

Best case scenario, when they update the ops to max level, they re-introduce the old armors and weapons with updated stats. Very unlikely, but it would be pretty cool.

I don’t understand why they removed it to begin with. I know Blizzard for a fact tried to do some less RNG test on their PTS a few years back and it was met with massive negative criticism.

yeah, i’ve been wondering where mine came from…i think it was the old rakata mainhand…some of the drops actually had cool names at the time, another was the “shadowsaber”…they should really bring stuff like that back !

It’s not about the looks necessarily, even though I feel bioware draws too much inspirations from padmes dresses in their designs. It’s about having non-token based loot. Not exclusively, but as the large chunk of the loottable.

I misread, I thought you were looking to get a saber that looked like that. I believe Blood of Korriban dropped in Eternity Vault long ago, or was a reward you could select for getting whatever the main hand weapon token was.

Orbalisk armor is just Darth Bane’s look from the Comics. Wonder why they didn’t just list it as his.

I don’t understand. That is a physically different outfit. Bane’s outfit consists of a collared cape with no shirt or sleeves rather than a vest-like jacket with sleeves. Bane wears large gloves rather than small form-fitting gloves. Bane wears somewhat baggy pants with plain boots instead of tight, ribbed pants with Orbalisks on the boots. His helmet is shaped differently and his outfit is typically black rather than purple.
I know what I’m talking about because I know how to compare and contrast two pictures. So, before you insult my intelligence, you might want to actually try examining pictures of both outfits with your eyes.

Bane’s helmet looked like whacked out scrimshaw art, instead of a cowl made out of a classic Xmen Brood’s head.

I think it might also be due to the fact that the game takes place a couple of thousand years before Darth Bane. They can get away with making the armor, but calling it by what it was originally called.

It’s similar to how they managed to use the Temple Guardian armor, when the only time it is seen in Star Wars was during the time of the Clone Wars…several thousand years after SWTOR. It’s pretty clever on BioWare’s part. Kinda hoping they’ll make more armor similar to those seen in the show and even the movies.

Given that ‘Legends’ has been discarded there’s no reason they couldn’t just use armours regardless of whether they make sense or not. Would love Vader’s armour, for instance.

Maby because the armour Darth Bane (and Freedon Nadd) used was called Orbalisk Armour.

So instead of calling it Darth Banes armour a full 2000+ years before he was born, they just went with the name of the armour.

FINALLY they added that Havoc armor! It’s slightly different than the concept but I don’t care! It still looks amazing! 😀

When I look at the orbalisk armor all I can see is Serpentor from the old G. I. Joe cartoon from the 80s lol

I wish BW would implement a “don’t buy this pack” feature for packs that I personally don’t like. Instead they automatically debit my bank account to buy several hypercrates of every new pack that… Wait, what? That don’t do that? I can just not buy it? Oh, then why am I whining?

This does show an interesting trend. Take an old set, add a script for some special effect, and they have a desirable new item to sell.

That would be true but for the fact that the last three pieces that animated, very few are being used (Shadowlands anyway).

That’s because they blew it. When they released the first two sets and they were bugged they sold like hot cakes. They never should have fixed the fact that you could use the effects with other sets through the outfit designer.

Agreed! They should use animation slots instead of gear. Just because you put animations on garbage looking gear doesn’t make it appealing to most ppl. On JC I’m the only person I’ve seen using the battle-worn triumvirate. I expect much of the same with this armor. Too bad really. Great idea but poor execution. Just imagine even if they added these animations to the Havoc set or Orbalisk. Then we’d be talking.

Fully agreed.
Them fixing the bug will inevetably hurt the sales of this set.

That said, it won’t be noticable for them since the sales of packs probably won’t change since there are plenty of other desirable items in the packs.

You’re so preaching the the choir. That ‘bug’ should have been a feature. They couldn’t take my money fast enough if they left that in. But I sense that they don’t really know when they created something just fugly. They actually put up that record player + vacuum attached to your chest armor on their twitter feed to show of how cool there stuff looks. It was the worst armor in that pack. It can’t be hard to run some statistics regarding armor use to determine art direction. They need that because about 75% it total crap.

September First..

Dear diary.. the pack still hasn’t been released.. I lay here on the side of the road, wondering if it ever will be.

Aside from the decorations and the exclusive crystal, I dont think I will want anything else. the gear and mounts are rather lame.

See, that’s funny, because apart from the jetpack and havoc set, I think this set pretty much sucks.

Just shows that the packs can never please everyone, but at least they’re trying.

TBH i only care about the regen item. Hoped that you walk into the hypergate, and than walk out again though.

Prolly be out by noon central time or something like that. If anyone has noticed a heads up would really be appreciated.

so far, it doesn’t look like it’s coming today.. the Zakuul dropship, skip tracer pack, outer rim explorer, underworld essentials, m8-m0 droid, and some hair styles went up as of 11am CST

Considering there is only 5 days left til end of August, could it be that we will go a month without a new cartel pack?

The launcher says there will be a livestream of the expansion tomorrow. It will probably be released during or after the stream. Well, I hope it will anyways.

if i had to guese i would say they did not want the sales of this to lower the sales of they dropship mount so they decided to hold the pack so the the two items would not compete with eachother

My thinking as well. They gave the Zakuul armor a week for ppl to look over and then the drop ship looked to be the same thing. Pretty good marketing if you ask me. Lots of ppl are anticipating this pack and are watching daily. Knowing that, it’s a great time to drop other items.

But… there are no shoulderpads on Dulfy’s preview!

(Please let there be no shoulderpads!)

PS. not that this is what Lucien Draay looked like in the comics…

Ok the “Ravager’s Armor Set” Do you know how long I have been wanting for this head piece for my Dark Knight? A really long time.

yep. First time a breather mask can be used by republic characters. Now all they gotta do is give me a CM version of the Vendetta headgear (which is Agent-only).

Me too man. I won’t release anything new on ToRfashion till I get it. I can’t wait. It’s been 3+ years in the wait for me.

Ugh, what the hell sort of drop rate did they put on this? My hypercrate contained a single mount (the Razalon reskin), a single chest piece (Orbalisk), a grand total of five decorations, and my platinum pack was Lucien’s gloves.

Given all the hype they saw for this pack I’d not be surprised if they cranked up the RNG god level to “Nothing for anyone” mode so they could lol rake the cash for a bit

i bought 4 hypercrates, and i am still misssing the havoc belt….i havent even seen anyone get the malgus statue yet.

About 12 Packs – Mostly Scrap, Same Obelisk Pieces and the Assault Cannon. Not even one rare item. Well maybe except the Jetpack for some people.

Almost as bad as mine was. I had no chestpieces, and five decos. I did however get 2 jet packs one was from the platinum pack.

thats the first time they’ve had red on red that ive seen. Might be able to dress a companion as Dark Honor Guard now…

That’s my plan… dark honor guard… I’ve planned the outfit for awhile, just was impossible b/c no red/red dye !!!

You can actually come pretty close to it without the red/red dye. Use the frenzied zealot chestpiece to start and I think a single red dye ( I don’t remember for sure it’s been a while it could have been a red/black). Torian makes a good looking dark hoot bodyguard for my BH.

I got a Jetpack, 2 Vorantikus, a Malgus Statue, 2 Gree Hypergates, a Hutt Cantina Skiff, 3 full Ravager sets, 3 Orbalisk helms, 2 Orbalisk chests, a few Havoc pieces and various colour crystals and weapons from 2 hypercrates. I haven’t seen anyone else with a Malgus statue yet tho.

2 hypercrates: Got 2 jetpacks, 2 malgus statues, 1 vorantikus, 2 skiffs,2 Dasta titans, 2 razalons, 1 chemilizard, 2 engineer sets, 1 ravagers and 2 synthetic sets with some extras, Just a couple pieces of havocs (that seems very rare) and an almost full set of orbalisk and interrogrator sets. Not a single lucien draay piece. Along with various pets, color crystals, dyes weapons, boosts (EXP and affection) and decos. Not a single emote dropped or companion customization.

In total, I got 2 jetpacks, 1 Vorantikus, partial sets of Orbalisk, Interrogator, Bio-Fiber, Ravager (multiple chestpieces for Orbalisk and Interrogator), a full set of Battleworn, 1 Lucius piece (the belt, yay?), 2 crystals (both Indestructible), a few decorations (3 banners, 1 table, 1 hall light, 1 ceiling light, 1 console, 1 dread guard, 1 Malgus statue), the Galactic Wanderer title (???), multiple sniper rifles and cannons. 0 Havoc, 0 emotes, 0 regen.

I got an imperial command center, malgus statue a lot of decs and havoc gear, 4 gree hypergates but no jetpack 🙁

I got 3 saber crystals in one pack ans 5 cartel certificates in another. Something weird going on with the RNG in these packs if you ask me. I did get every mount but the jet pack.

the pack only came out today, you cant sell stuff from a pack you open for 36 hours, you wont see any on the GTN until thursday and they wont be at a stable price until early next week. first few days are always a money grab after a new pack is out.

I just bought the 24x wild space exploler’s pack today, i hope i can get what i want (jetpack ofc) wish me luck!!!

Having at least partially, probably completely, lost my mind, I ponied up for three hypercrates. I got one full set of Orbalisk (and an extra helmet and many boots), full set of Ravager’s, Interrogator, and Bio-Fiber, three pieces of Havoc (not counting 2x extra pairs of pants), Malgus statue, a flotilla of Cantina Skiffs (five or six of those), 3-4 Dasta Titans, one Jetpack, one Regal Chemilizard, 2x Hypergates, Imperial Command Center, and a lot of Red-Black Striated Crystals (which looks really nice). Plus 6-7 pairs of Lucian Draay’s Boots.

Worth noting: The Bio-Fiber armour will make a very nice Sith set, dyed red and black. The helmet should be a pretty good pick for Sith looking for something new and different.

The peanut armor, aka Orbalisk, really look sexy. Next I’m expecting BW to make a jelly sandwich armor to complete the collection.

Oh well, waiting for the next pack. Maybe then I will get something actually awesome looking and not silly armor.

My usual three hypercrates:
Mounts – jetpack doesn’t seem all that rare this time around – I wound up with 4 of them, two skiffs, one vorantikus, one chemlizard (and the expected surplus of the more common mounts to sell). First time I think I’ve gotten every mount out of three hypercrates.
Armor side, it looks like Lucian Dray is the super rare one – got three pieces, two from the guaranteed super rare packs in the hypercrates. Full set of interrogators, 4 unique pieces each of havoc and orbelisk (lots of obelisk duplicates, only 1 duplicate piece of havoc, the helmet), Full set of Ravagers, 2/3 for Engineers and Bio-fiber (lots of duplicates of biofibers and ravagers).
Weapons – got at least two of every weapon.
General stuff – 3/4 of the new crystals (with many duplicates), 4 hypergates, 3 command centers, 5 dread fate plaques, 2 female sith, a pile of the lights (both types), 1 table, 1 banner, 1 bunk bed, several benches and chairs, and 4 of the red/red dye modules. No green/blue dye modules, statues, death star security consoles (boo!), or dark honor guards. Also both pets (several duplicates), both emotes (no duplicates), and a ton of Andronicus Revel customizations (no Skadge).
All in all, probably my best (in terms of “completeness”) haul from 3 hypercrates.

thats funny I bought too(3xhyper crates) and didnt get any jetpack mount, dont have suplementary Ravager, some piecies of havoc , so many orbalisk. How much you want for suplementery ravager, and for jetpack ? (I can trade ) ? what server

I am looking for Havoc Gloves on Harb, I can do the ravager pieces you want and sweeten the pot with a few other pieces you might need.

If you are on Harb I can finish off your Orbelisk, Engineers and Bio-Fiber sets for the Havoc Gloves if you have them.

Not on harb. Anyway, the only duplicate piece of havoc I got was the helmet – I am missing the gloves as well (got 2x helm, 1x bp, 1x boots, 1x bracers IIRC)

I bought 2 regular packs, got a credit explosion(hurray…) what looks like a sith high chair, the bubble blowing lightsaber, and the chest piece for havoc armor. Overall not bad.

I would actually love a saber with a bubble blowing effect. They could make it a special end of summer event item. And all the bubbles could accumulate on the floor and when they hit a certain amount it could trigger a foam party with music and strobe lights. Rave on!!!!!

Just bought a hypercrate, got a jetpack, 2 skiffs, a Vorantikus, 2 Gree Hypergrates and the complete Ravager armor set. Guess it’s my lucky day 🙂

I have to say I found the Havoc Squad gear to be really rare, only got two pieces in 48 boxes.
I got one Jet Pack, but not one full armour set.

Nothing wrong. Every set of packs has a crystal color that is available in every pack in that series. For the Explorer packs, it was the Green Empeth.

Shame they made the Havoc set Super Rare though, especially as this was “due to popular demand”. You’d have thought it’d have been a more common set.

Orbalisk Armor Set – Is it me or does this armor set kind of look like it was taken from “The Chronicles of Riddick” movie based on the Necromongers gear?

Two hypercrates purchased: two full sets of biofiber armor, everything from the havoc set except the chest and pants, 2-3 pieces from each of the other sets, 2 indestructible red crystals, 1 crit red crystal, 2 green empeth expertise crystals (?!), several sniper rifles/rifles/lightsabers, one each of the mounts except the jetpack and skiff, 2-3 each of the pets, each of the emotes, and all of the decos except Malgus and the Dread Guard. My platinums were the havoc gloves and belt.

3 hypercrates plus around 10 or so individual boxes opened. No Jetpack =(…..

I did get most of the Havoc set and all but the boots for the Draay armor ( I have no use for it as I am DS Imp for life but it is nice..) .
I got all the other armor sets, oh no I am missing one part of the Engineer set.
All the mounts multiple times…no JP..(yep I am a tad butthurt about not getting a JP hahaha)
Bunch of crystals…
I got 10, yes 10 assault cannons and one blaster pistol, one sniper a few rifles and a few Sabres lol.

All in all it was a good time opening all those boxes but gosh darn it…no JP..
Oh and I think I have enough gifts to max out all the companions on my server haha
Maxed out the Esatraan (Spelling???) reputation so I ended up selling the rep coins to my medical droid….0_o

Im on Bastion if anyone has a Jetpack…Ill give you 82 crates worth of gear LOL

LOL, well if it does not sell then yes it will get a black/black dye for sure….I’m sure Ash would look great in it..

Transfer to harbinger, I’ll trade you one of the 2 jet packs I got to you for that stuff. Then you can transfer back. It will only cost you $2 for the transfer and i think a day for the cool down to transfer back. I’m not joking either, if you want to do it let me know.

Zakuak… I feel bad for ya… I opened 2 hypercrates and about 8 single boxes… I got…

3 – Jetpacks
2 – Hutt Skiffs
Havoc Pants, Gloves, Boots
Full Ravanger set… 4x chest armour box’s

Full set of black-red crystals… All of them… a couple are x2
Numerous lightsabers and sniper rifles…
1 – blaster
Full set of biofiber armour
3 gree hypergates
4 Orbalisk armour helm, 2x chest, 1x pants, I think i got the gloves and boots too
Full engineer set

and to think… the only thing I wanted was the Ravanger supplementary gear “I wanted the mask, bc i’m on pub side, and pub side doesn’t have a mask like that” hahahaha

Wow awesome you got what you wanted plus some eh?! I am happy with the insane amount of stuff I did get and it was really silly of me to expect to land a JetPack out of the effort, I kept my fingers crossed..

You got 3 JPs =P Well what server you on? hahaha

This comment thread is reading like a bunch of people talking about what they got for Xmas.

I’ll never buy a crate or pack myself, as I’m the embodiment of unlucky – I’d just end up with unsellable piles of bracers and chairs, maybe some boots?

Here’s hoping the gtn is kind to me next week!

Its handy to sort of form a mental list of what is dropping reliably and what is dropping like crazy(or not at all.). I refuse to buy hypercrates, but I do tend to get a pack or two just to see what I get, and hopefully have it knock a thing or two off my wishlist that I am sure will be VERY costly on credits. But once I see what people are getting consistently, I normally buy those things in the first week or two they come available, because they are normally cheap, and then I keep an eye on the other stuff.
So far the new animated armor, the ravagers, and the bio armor is looking semi reliable, I will probably pick it up for anything under 100k a piece, expecting the chests to be a bit higher(mask for ravagers), common mounts and pets should be cheap enough for week 1, but I won’t bother with a jetpack for a bit, if I do at all, it seems to be dropping more often than the last though, plus with the old one still available on the gtn I bet this one goes under 1.5 million on my server.
This is all theory though, because the GTN is like a Rube Goldberg machine assembled by lobotomized lunatics and mad scientists. There is really no accurately predicting human greed.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, really.

It’s nice to see some things seeming to be more common than expected, like the Hutt skiff and the Gree regen.

But we all knew they were gonna bend us over for that Havoc set.

Last night on Vayin I mentioned the skiff was going to be common and they all just laughed at me. When you get 2 of anything in a crate is a common item.

Yeah, really annoys me with they way the done the Havoc set…it should have been a “three box all done” set like the cyber stuff. That said, if anyone on Red Eclipse has any spare Havoc Stuff (not Helm or Gloves), I’d be interested.
Will be on this evening after 5.30pm GMT (IGN: Haz’ard)

Damn it! They finally give us the armor from the Alderaan cinematic, and they make the backpack (and the strap that it’s hooked on) twice as big as it should be. Why do they insist on making the most out of proportion armor since World of Warcraft?! It looks so stupid!

I purchased 1 Hypercrate and 2 Normal Packs.
I was happy acquiring the Havoc Set (no duplicates) minus the Belt, followed by some 3 pieces of Draay, a couple of Orbalisk and Upper Ravager set.

Also it contained 1 x Dessler, 1 x Tion, and a couple of Sith decos.

No awesome mount such as the JP or the Vorantikus.

Overall I was after the Havoc set so I’m satisfied with the results. My only dilemma now is should I use the Havoc Armor set or keep it in the bank to admire it once in a while on how pretty it is 😛

Yes sir! Hence I was pleasantly surprised.

I purchased the hypercrate on a lowbie toon with heaps of bank space where I obtained the Helmet, Gloves, Pants and Boots.

Unsatisfied with the result, I purchased additional 2 packs while I was on my Guardian and I was awarded with the Chestpiece and Bracers.

outta 25 crates I got 1 skiff, 2 tyions, 2 deslars, 1 titan, 2 or maybe 1 regal chemlizard, havoc chest, Dray’s chest and bracers, and a few other stuff. Willing it trade it all for a jetpack, anyone got a spare?

24 Packs in a crate + a bonus Platnium pack, that is 600 Packs and 25 Bonus Packs.
You must have gotten more than that..

mostly battleworn engineer equip noting super rare I was a little disappointed with it. oh wait did I say crates? I meant packs sorry 25 packs incuding the super rare one

I already know that I’m stupid so no one needs to tell me but, I bought 6 crates and spent a lot of money and never got 1 jetpack or skiff. At first my plan was just to buy 2 crates and I thought for sure I would get 1 of those 2 in that, nothing. So I bought 2 more crates, still nothing. I got crazy angry and bought 2 more…..still nothing. I made myself a promise that I will never buy another thing on the cartel market again. With that kind of luck, what’s the point. A little disappointed that STWOR would make this process so random. But, I guess I’m the sucker for spending my hard earned dollars just because I really, really wanted a jetpack. I got a ton of stuff to sell and by the end of it all I should never be broke in game again. Just highly disappointed and needed to vent. Trying not to quit that game altogether after this experience.

Plot Twist:
Use Scavenged Scrap, Assorted Droid Parts, Jawa Junk to craft items then sell them to GTN.
Identify rare items in the packs such as the Havoc armour sets, then sell in GTN, or contact Paradox and sell him the Havoc Gloves if you have it.

Use credits from selling items to buy the Jetpack and other items you like as I’m sure by this time, you will have enough creds from your sales.

Honestly sorry to hear that. A lesson for the future though, set your limit ahead of time, and no matter how poorly it goes, stick to it. We always assume that luck is a balance card, and if we are in the red it eventually has to swing back up, but boy oh boy that swtor RNG just does not care at all.

Yeah I ussuall say I’ll buy 1 and end up buying 2 , then sell stuff and but with credits after the prices on the crates come down. That one crate I bought this time was sooo bad though….

Naq, you looking for anything you didn’t get? Apart from Havoc gear 🙂 I got a lot of stuff to sell/trade, so I may be able to help if you’re after anything.

All the pets, all the mounts, all the armor cept havoc chest, all the weapons but the 1h saber..I um…tend to buy all or nearly all of it. Unless an item goes bonkers pricewise. Like that Darth Andeddu armor last pack, all the fleet skimpies discovered it came with booty shorts, and suddenly the set quadrupled it price and I had to skip it. I have a feeling Havoc armor is going to be bananas this round, I have the chest though so if the helmet isn’t like 4 million I might get it finished.

I can hook you up with the weapons, I only got one of each pet, though. I got multiple duplicates of the Skiff and the Titan, so I can help there too. I’d trade for Havoc pieces, but I’d take a fair price for the vehicles (not millions, that’s crazy).

Sounds good, I might not be on tonight because when I finally escape my office today, I have a date, Pyre and I are going to some kind of midnight Star Wars toy release thingy? I honestly don’t know what it is, I am along for the ride, but the subject matter is up my alley, and maybe there is potential to buy a neat thing, or trick Pyre into buying me a neat thing….hmmm…*evil chiss plotting eyes*

So, apparently this whole thing was a big deal. Force Friday? There was people in line for hours ahead of time. I arrived with Pyre around the time normal families were getting there, school starts next week, so there were a bunch of kids at the back of the line with us and it was neat, listening to fellow smurfs excited for new movies. Midnight hits, star wars fanfair queues, and the line moves into the store and there was this neat display at the entrance, and I started letting some of the kids ahead so they could go check out the toys, then I rounded the corner on a re-enactment of the LA Riots. 18 burly neckbeards crowded the shelves hoarding all the new figures, I backed right off, realizing how this was going to go, Pyre tried to wade in but she’s tiny, so no deal, they were pressed in too tight. It was pretty much me, and like 12 kids and their parents all watching a wall of nerdmeat clear the shelves. I was kind of ashamed, I know this stuff happens with those Amibo things, but I’ve never seen it before, I always imagine my people, the geeks, are really good people, but stuff like this….blech. I don’t really like crowds and it was getting kinda dramatic in there so I snuck out to wait for Pyre (and totally missed out on a free poster), but I made it back to the parking lot just in time to see the guys who just cleared the shelves all patting each other on the back congratulating each other, and then some random dad saw them, and thus began the yelling. I went and hid in the car….end result, no new silver storm trooper Brienne of Tarth for my desk…yet, I am sure they will restock.

She got a poster, and a commemorative lego that she gave to me. Its kinda neat, it has a picture of a lego new age storm trooper on it. I cannot stress enough though that these guys cleared the shelves top to bottom, they left nothing. Its all good though, I imagine there will be restocked shelves soon enough.

they are like lottery tickets, the odds of a big jackpot are not in your favor and set up to make the house money. if you want an item that bad, grind daily’s and suck for creds and buy it from the GTN

Have been looking forward to this shipment for quite some time and was content with the results I bought 5 crates and received 3 full sets of orbalisk, full set of havoc 2 full sets of AI 3 sets of berserker, 3 JP’s (all in the 1st crate ironically) 3 skiffs but sadly no Vorantikus or Malgus statue
So if your looking for a JP and willing to trade Vorantikus or statue E-mail Crysãlis on Harbinger (alt code 0227 for the ã)

Anyone have a Havoc Squad helmet they willing to trade? I got some nice items. If so Add me im on the Prophecy of the 5 server. Character IGN is Zetkelior.

Well I got crap rolls on my packs though luckily 10 mill bought every item from the GTN except the Havoc Armor on JC. It’s a good day. This new JP is awesome (6mill). Armors are just great.

As of last night on JC there were 33 pages of Orbalisk armor on the GTN as opposed to 11 pages for Havoc and 12 for Lucien Draay. I think the page count speaks volumes as for the availability. Especially since tons of ppl want the Havoc and Luc Dray not so much. All other sets are common to flat out way too much.

On Ebon Hawk, the Havoc gear is going for 500K+ for the bracers, belt, and legs, gloves and boots are in the 700K range, helmet is 1-1.5M, chest is 2M or so. I sold the jetpack and Malgus statue for @ 7M and got the rest of the Havoc pieces I needed, plus some profit. Prices will probably drop over the weekend, but I hate to wait. Other vehicle prices are already diving, if you want the Skiff, wait til Saturday or Sunday, you’ll probably see it under 200K.

Yessir, I bought 2 sets of engineer gear, 1 set of bio synthetic, 1 set of interrogator, the pets, a voranticus, the pimp lizard (it was the first thing I bought, Saints Rule). What blew my mind was the Voranticus being 1.5 mil. Even if the price dives after the weekend, I am ok with it, seriously, I feel like I got away with something anyway. Going to buy a skiff later, and I saw there are pages and pages of Havoc. This is the time to steel our nerves, to stare into the icy dawn of the GTN and wait, boldly, buying nothing until the price drops, otherwise I am cool with just the chest I guess, although I really wanted to unlock it in collections for companion gear…think of an entire trooper crew in that set! As for Jetpacks…I am too little for a jetpack anyway I think, when I preview window it, I look like I have a minifridge on my back, and that’s just not worth 5 whole millions that would be better spent on sparkle powder.

You got the chest, so you’re safe from buying the most expensive piece, at least! I’m sure I well overpaid, but I didn’t want the jetpack or the statue of Malgus the Betrayer, so as I see it I got 4/7 pcs of Havoc + 3M handed to me for free (already had 3/7 of Havoc). 🙂 I’m not going to have to imagine my trooper’s whole squad in that armour, cuz it’s gonna happen!

I know many troopers have already been through so much and this isn’t gonna help so have at it and vent.

When I get home my shadow is gonna get the last few pieces of Havoc gear and I’m so gonna dye that shit black on black. True story.


You can hate me all you want but I’m sure I just made you laff a little too.

I have to admit they really upped their game with this pack, most of the previous releases weren’t so great

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