GW2 Berserker Warrior Elite Specialization Details

This week ZAM got to sit down with Arenanet and reveal some details of the Berserker elite specialization for warriors.

Full article can be found here on ZAM, below is a summary of the important points.

Berserker Skull Helmet

Berserker Skull Helmet

Berserk Mode

  • New profession mechanic warriors get with the elite specialization. Warriors can enter Berserk mode once enough adrenaline has been built up. This will convert the adrenaline bar from the 3 tiered 30 adrenaline large bar into a single tier 10 adrenaline bar to help gain adrenaline faster.
  • Once you go Berserk it cannot be canceled and player will continue to go Berserk for its full duration. Berserk has its own cooldown and duration and cannot be activated unless you have full adrenaline.
  • Warriors gain access to Primal Burst skills when entering Berserk mode which modify the F1 Burst skills warriors currently have. These skills have lower recharge allowing them to be used much more often. They are considered Tier 3 burst skills but have slightly lower damage than a normal Tier 3 burst skill due to the frequency you can use them.
  • Scorched Earth – Longbow’s F1 skill while in Berserk mode – leaves a trail of fire on the ground in a straight line. It covers more area than the normal F1 Combustive Shot but will need to be aimed properly for full benefit.
  • Skull Grinder – Mace’s F1 skill while in Berserker mode – disrupt the target for a shorter duration compared to the normal F1 skill but inflicts multiple conditions on the target.
F1 Decapitate Skill

F1 Decapitate Skill

Torch Skills

  • Blaze Breaker – Slams the torch on the ground to create a cascade of rock and flame that travels towards a target burning and crippling any foe on the way.
  • Flames of War – This lights the Berserker on fire, burning off conditions and creating a fire field that follows the berserker acting as a combo field. Any foe caught in it takes damage and the field explodes when it explodes to deal more damage and burning.

Rage Skills

  • New set of utility skills that grant bonus adrenaline when used. They act similar to the current Physical utility skills but old Physical skills will still find a place in Berserk builds since most of the new skills provide a different functionality.
  • Berserk also act as a Rage skill and will immediately fill up the adrenaline bar to allowing you instant access to the Primal Burst skills.
  • Wild Blow – A powerful attack that launches any foe it hits back a large distance. This converts the foe into a projectile, causing them to hit other enemies in its path and knocking them back in turn. Unfortunately the enemy is not converted into a projectile finisher by this skill.


  • Berserker traits falls into 3 categories
    • Provide benefits for going berserk and help gather up enemies.
    • Improving burning and condition damage
    • Making Berserker more unstoppable by adding healing options and stun breaks.
  • Certavus

    It’s far better than i would have imagined! So far the best specialization after the Reaper.

  • Hyldenlord

    I see that Elite Charr Hide armor back! <3

  • Wilendar

    wow, far better than excepted, i think I’m gonna switch my offhand axe for torch

    • Harold IV

      Yeah, seems like a good move. I like this new spec!
      But still waiting for the engineer elite!

  • Makarôn

    I was afraid of this one and it end up being reeeaaally good ! But why name it Berserker x) ? I mean, yeah it’s logic, it fits the concept well but why take the most used word in Gw2 meta discussions xD ? So now when you’ll go into LFG to do Arah you’ll see some “Path 2 MetaZerk Only Wawa spe Zerk”

  • Xenos

    Wow. Okay, this already looks like the most fun I’m going to have with an elite spec other than Chronomancer. My Warrior happens to be using a condition build anyway (dual swords/longbow) so this is fantastic for me, I don’t even have to change my armour.

  • Mithras

    This warrior look like Shao Kahn :D.

  • Holy shit! Wild Blow is friggin’ insane! Hell yeah I want to convert people into projectiles!

    • UrMom306

      I can’t wait to see someone turned into a projectile then reflected! LOL

      • This calls for 2 Guardians with Wall of Reflection, a Berserker Warrior and a Daredevil Thief! Use Wild Blow on the Thief and watch him perform daring acts of reflective glory!

      • Joshua Selvan

        Asuraball calls. Or with a host of dedicated reflect guardians, Asura mini-golf.

  • Hadi The Edgemaster

    Better than i expected. Can’t wait to play Berserker. But with berserker you get defiance bar.. so if its broken.. that 4 second stun is gonna hurt your ass bad.

    • onworkcomputer

      risk vs reward, I am sure in PVE warrior will remain pretty much a king. but lets see how it pans out in WvW…. where there are QUITE a bit of real players murdering the D bar.

    • Bryan Hall

      But if you take the heal on stun break, auto balance stance, and what ever the berserker traits for this are it could be a good thing

      • Hadi The Edgemaster

        i dont think last stand trait is gonna work while you are stunned from defiance. or any break stuns or stability skills will work. Thats just my theory . it beats the whole point of destroying the defiance bar.

    • thatdamnrat

      It doesn’t say anywhere in there that you get a defiance bar, just rapid fire F1 attacks

      • Hadi The Edgemaster

        Of course it doesn’t cause there isn’t any description for the skills other than wild blow.. but i saw the icons in game; from That_Shaman Data mining Reddit post. It says activating Berserker grants Defiance bar.

        • thatdamnrat

          Mind linking that? a casual googling has not turned up anything of the like. Plus if it’s an older data-mine it may not have made the cut like the ele sword abilities.

          • Hadi The Edgemaster

            You’re right, im gonna screenshot it and upload once i find the codes again.

          • Hadi The Edgemaster

            It’s called Eternal Champion the code is [&B5l3AAA=]

  • Sarigar

    Greatsword’s F1 skill in Berserker mode – kill everything on the map and put all the heads on spikes.

  • Sorean

    Damn,you can actually feel the power with all those shattered rocks and the red bear…All skills looks like they would hurt a lot


    oh.. suddenly the warrior is okay? COME ON QQ MASTERS COME BACK!!!

  • Joshua Selvan

    Its nice to know they found a use for all those left over Elementalist skills. And gave beserkers a spirit of the wild torch unlock. And an animated spirit of the wild attack.

    And a helmet which would have looked great on Reapers…

    Would be tempted to do a fire damage warrior if they made the hellfire head piece give char a magma neck (like all the other races). Full hellfire char, on fire, doing the magma slam thing would be worth the 12% drop in efficiency of every dungeon it participated in.

    Ps: Viva la Headbutt

  • next reveal

    The next reveal is thief, makes sense because we already know quite a bit about ranger and engineer.

    It seems like they are dropping more hints on things we do not know.

    just a guess.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Don’t get your hopes up on that. XD

      • next reveal

        called it. Dont get sad over it.

        • Taiwan Wolf

          I just said not to get your hopes up. You still probably shouldn’t.

    • Harold IV

      Warrior is gonna go up next on the serving block. Then its a game of dice to who-ever gets to be the last one. Because there is so little known about the Thief, it wasnt even in the presentation trailer. Maybe its because it takes more work to complete? Engineer and Ranger seemed pretty solid, so one of those is gonna be next.

      • Archi

        i have a feeling that ranger will be last. it was the first one they mentioned to us way back when. seems fitting to push it all the way to the end.

      • next reveal

        Guess I was right, no point speculating against the obvious.

    • next reveal
  • Taiwan Wolf

    So now I’m not a Berserker when wearing Berserker armor as another class. I’m just pretending to be a Warrior. 😡

  • Sarigar

    I think it’s a safe guess that Engineer is going to be about big, slow hammer damage, with burning AOE and hopefully a blast finisher, with flying drones for utility skills, like mobile turrets.

    • Hyldenlord

      I think that drones are gonna be tool belt skills rather than utility, and utility might be physicals. But I’m affraid we’ll have to wait for this to unveil.

      • Sarigar

        I was thinking they’d be just like turrets, with an “overcharge” and “explode” mode, but they might do something completely different. They’ve been making good use of their new power design tools, so it’ll probably be cooler than we expect, which I’m fine with!

        • Eric I

          Who knows, only time will reveal these yummy secrets! Maybe its a combination of all! Utility with toolbelt skills and some kind of kamikaze like finish based on the drone?
          Like for example, healing drone, passive AoE heal, toolbelt will be like the healing turret toggle skill and the kamikaze thing a big burst of healing?

      • Daniel Buchanan

        Drones might just be a minon clone

    • Eric I

      I wouldnt know about it being slow, might be faster. And the condi-dmg might be based off what drones you’ll pick. Its a game of guessing in the end!

      • Archi

        i really do hope it’s faster!

  • commentor

    “This converts the foe into a projectile, causing them to hit other enemies in its path and knocking them back in turn.”
    i can’t wait to see how reflects works with this.

    • Daniel Buchanan

      This is asked devs said it won’t work like that

      • Archi

        that’s too bad because turning other players into pinballs would have been so much fun 😛

        • Mark A Torres

          I hear ya! I was so hoping for that when I heard it… ah well hopes dashed isn’t rare these days. Still… Could we make an Orge or Minotaur projectile? 😀

  • Fashion Mage

    Wild Blow reminds me a lot of Lee Sin’s ultimate from LoL.

    • Leesin Main


  • I still hope we will see a meta change for warriors in PvE but this article gave me less confidence in that.

  • Jessie Norvis

    This is a good Elite Specialization, the name is a bit funky because of the whole armor thing. But I can fairly say that they have improved the warrior class.

  • SugarSplatter

    Anything Robert Gee touches is golden. o/ Haaaail

  • nadrian3k


    • Lamer

      All hail the king of hating! Master QQ, I WELCOME YOUR WISE WORDS!

      • thatdamnrat

        Is he wrong though? because this does seem kind of meh.

        • Lamer

          He’s not wrong, you’re wrong. It’s not meh, its lame. Learn from the master.

      • nadrian3k

        Cool story. Still doesn’t excuse the lameness.

  • SAL

    Great, now I can make a Berserker that doesn’t wear Berserker armor, just to be cheeky and confuse people.

  • Ares Zax

    Interesting… So the Warrior is really the only Prof so far that doesn’t get a whole new utility group of skills (like how Eles got shouts and Mesmers got wells). Nevertheless, it sounds like the new Berzerk mechanic will mesh very well with a lot of existing builds, particularly those that focus on using Burst skills. I can already think of some fun builds to try with it. 🙂

    • thatdamnrat

      Well, it look like rages is the new skill group, I think they’re just trying to say they do similar things to physical skills

      • Bob Dobalina


  • Mark A Torres

    Buahahahahaahahaha! Oh my! For some reason now! I’m looking forward to this. Using my Charr Warrior main and headbutting enemies with my awesome horns, setting myself on fire like a madman and charging into the field… Leroy style! 😀

    • Ares Zax

      You mean “Kilroy” style. 😉

  • Evelynne

    Does this finally seal the deal on the thing I’ve been saying since GW1? WARRIORS HAVE MAGIC, GET OVER IT.

  • Tomo

    Still sounds boring, the warrior could have gotten a much better elite spec and the name is stupid aswell. Glad I dont play a warrior people are like omg this is awesome but in reality its just a under powered warrior with easy adrenaline gain and warrior dont have good condi builds anyway… Im looking forward to rev way more then this, glad all the warriors will be using this so I can pwn them with my rev lmao

    • Bob Dobalina

      glad you will get your ass raped by any class, comparing the way you type, you are probably too dumb to evade most evident skills.

  • jun

    once again. new weapon suxks. why the hell warrior need a magic skill. its like ranger mix with ele. another disappointment. all the new weapon and skill nerco is the best. why anet want to fuxk thing up.. and keep testing veteran’s affordability.

    • Asdf2

      I hope you quit 🙂 I mean it’s all fucked up right?

    • Kasper Asmussen

      Since when was Torch a magic weapon? sure Guardian and Mesmer use it like that, but Ranger doesn’t. And flames doesn’t make something magical automatically.

      • haha

        Please…set yourself on fire and become a living fire field is not magic at all

    • The wahmbalance

      Ah the mysteries of fire. I guess for those who have an I.Q. of a caveman… fire would seem like magic. How on earth do some people find the power button on their computer?

  • Harvey Kent

    it would be cooler if they made it dual wield torches

  • 0.0

  • kurage

    Was hoping for a Dark Knight class for Warrior to be honest :’/ new weapon include Staff, so we can use the Scythe skin on it, or keep the Great Sword with a mix of dark magic like Blind and Debuff in their 1-5 skills, and with Utility skill are along the line of by giving up Health, they would receive a buff in damage. But as a Warrior main, I will be looking forward to trying out this class, maybe I’ll like it. Won’t know till I try it 😀

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