SWTOR Season 6 PvP Rewards Teaser

Bioware has released a small teaser at the PvP rewards in Season 6.

Glorious PvPers! Season 6 is upon us and we hope everyone is enjoying the intense action. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark cordially invite you to hunt each other down for their entertainment, all in the hope of taking home some brilliant prizes from their personal collection of antiques and beloved possessions!

In Season 6 there will be a new reward system in place which you can read about in a previous blog.

Below is a table with information and cost of the specific rewards, let’s get to it!

In Season 6 there is a brand new tier exclusive item – The Battle Flag of Recognition – that can be used to place a holo-flag over a fallen enemy in either appreciation of the honorable fight or recognition of the user’s supreme skill. The flag can be earned in either a Bronze, Silver or Gold version but all are a great way to stand out on the battle field.

We will be showing off the Battle Flags, Trophy Frames, Weapon Set, and Mount rewards at a later time. Stay tuned and get in there and go berserk!

The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Combat Team

  • skyname


  • Nasca

    Avoiding season 6.

  • General Stone Star Gaming

    Nvm I am getting silver then I am done. Wtf why do we get flags? Who honestly cares.

    • JedixJarf_FTW

      you can drop the flag on a dead enemy 😀

      • General Stone Star Gaming

        Totally worth it! Going to use it as much as I use my snow balls.

  • Olto

    are all the reward legacy bound?

    • Yes

      • Olto

        That’s nice, thank you very much for answer 🙂

  • Shadowofdeath

    Battleflag’s: the new PvP item of choice for Teabagging the enemy, claiming the kill

    • Lumi

      If you can even get one planted before they revive at the spawn area.

      • AnotherRandomGuy

        In arena maybe. Right before you will be kicked by your allies for doing shit instead of fighting.

  • Beasthuntt

    This looks pretty interesting.

  • Secundum

    Dammit…Weapons are way too expensive for a mere bronze person like me..I want a Shoto =(

    • Lez

      no, it’s fine, just play ranked and you will get them 🙂

      • Secundum

        I do, but I a) lose more often than not, and b) won’t be able to get the 10000k coms I need for the weapons before S6 ends.

        • Kiri

          Step 1) Go read a guide, get a training dummy on your ship, practice your rotation like mad.
          Step 2) Play lots of regs and identify other classes’ strongest moves and how to counter them with your cd’s and interrupts + practice nailing your rotation under pressure. In between matches, stay on your ship and just practice your rotation – muscle memory.
          Step 3) After you start getting 1st-5th on the leaderboards in regs, do some ranked. If you’re still losing, go back to step 2)

          • Secundum

            I’ve had a training dummy since it came out, I have my rotation down-it’s the movement required in ranked I’m not too great with.
            Regs are never an issue-I can do them (and place high) easily.

            • Kiri

              What class do you use?

              • Secundum

                Mara. =(

              • Lez

                hopefully you’re playing Fury, right? because others are frustrating

              • Secundum

                I switch between Fury and Carnage. Fury is better, but I find Carnage easier to play.

              • Lez

                Carnage is cool , but it dont have any immunity and very vulnerable, Also good player will stun you right after your gore which make you pointless as dps. Carnage is my favorite spec, but I switched to Fury,since it has 6 sec immunity after Force crush and also gives you 10% defense after Furous Strike + you have middle range jump ability – Obliterate.

              • Secundum

                Yeah, but from experience, I tend to do worse with fury, and even with the 6 sec immunity, I still get stunned a lot.

              • Lez

                hm, then just play ranked and you will get better

          • IDontUsuallyPvp

            One does not simply apply rotation in PvP…
            In PvP is all about situational decisions and priority list…

            • Kiri

              Oh really? Thanks I had no idea, that’s why I’m so good at pvp – cuz I don’t know what I’m doing.

    • Ben Gimson

      Check the collections tab in-game. Shotos are coming 😉

  • Charlie Richards

    Looks like a predator/bounty theme…. AWESOME!

    • Luke Farmer

      Scorekeeper could also work for consulars.

  • Otavio

    Dumb question but where do I spend the ranked tokens?

    • Vendor will be out after season 6 ends I believe.

      • Otavio

        Oh, thanks

  • Spruce Cycle

    “The Battle Flag of Recognition” another lift from WoW’s Flag of Ownership.
    Swtor devs really Samsung? Lol!

  • Naq

    I really like the “Favored by the scorekeeper” title, and I’ve always wanted the striated crystal that I could never get before doing solo ranked. Guess its finally worth 10 miserable matches watching my efforts squandered by terribads to get.

  • Justin Suduu

    out of all these titles “Favored by the scorekeeper” is the only 1 good

    • CraigMitchell

      I actually like the Head hunter as well.

    • lazer

      “Predator” is the only one that interests me.

  • Noobsshadow

    You need to lower those costs the Fuck down. Solo ranked barley even pops on my server. I queue every night at peak server time hours and am only 17 – 7.

    • Droideer

      Its still summer time and most ppl enjoy the hot weather outside
      And ranked is not for everyone so don’t expect it to pop like pop corn

    • John Doe

      Yea the costs are still too high and the pops seem lower then usual , it’s gonna be a hard life getting the high ones. ;/

    • Rondowar

      tbh it’s not too high costs, it even being possible to get the mount as a silver tiered player is a small gift from BW (no chance on previous seasons)
      and silver tier isn’t very hard to get, not to boast, but I got it in 1 night, about 14 matches
      if you got silver tier, you can buy all the silver tier rewards (middle title and weapon set) and still have the match/daily/weekly rewards to spend on anything you like
      if you’re angry/sad about the mount being hard to get? get used to it, it’s only meant for the top ranked players, or those who play a shit ton of ranked, that won’t change

      • Margrave

        Are the titles character bound or legacy?

        • Rondowar

          Can’t be sure until BW gives more details, or the end of season patch goes live
          But my guess is that only weapons, gear and color crystals will ever be legacy bound
          Mount and titles will probably be character bound

  • Mad Sorc

    Dumb questions maybe: When does the season end?

    • October 20 with the new expansion I believe

      • Mad Sorc


  • HA

    favored by the scorekeeper? Prelude to playable trandoshan race.

  • Xillean

    So if your ranked solo with at least 1k you’ll get the bronze tier? or is it different for solo vs grp?

  • Glad they added the Black/Silver Crystals. Those joints are ridiculous on the GTN right now.

  • JKZ

    I suspect these flags are going to make a few people happy, but a lot more unhappy. It will be interesting to see what happens to the queues. Maybe EA should start thinking about cross-server PvP.

  • Uğur Ünlü

    Can we ever able to buy or earn past season’s rewards? For example furious weapon set of season 3.

  • Uğur Ünlü

    Can we ever able to buy or earn past season’s rewards? For example furious weapon set of season 3

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