GW2 Third Anniversary Birthday Gifts

GW2 Third Anniversary is here and characters who have been playing since the head start can claim their third anniversary gifts.

The contents of the Third Anniversary are as follows

  • One Experience scroll to advance any character under level 30 to Level 30.
  • One Celebratory Dye Pack – Pick one exclusive dye from any of the existing dye kits. The dye is account bound so you cannot sell them.
  • Five Teleport to Friend
  • Two Birthday Boosters (100% boost to magic find, WvW rank gain, experience form kills, and gold from kills. 10% bonus to reward track progress)
  • One Permanent Birthday Finisher

Celebratory Dye Pack

Taimi’s Dye Kit seems to contain the most expensive dyes. Electro Blue for example is the most expensive dye on TP and can be selected from Taimi’s dye kit.


Flame Frost Deathly Toxic Metallurgic
Deep Glacial Sky
Deep Glacial Teal
Glacial Sky
Glacial Teal
Shiver Sea
Shiver Sky
Lion’s Arch Survivor Lion’s Arch Commemorative Taimi Glint’s Winter Crimson Lion
Enameled Crimson
Enameled Emblaze
Enameled Jungle
Enameled Legacy
Enameled Reign
Enameled Sky
Enameled Anamnesis
Enameled Generation
Enameled Longevity
Enameled Perseverance
Enameled Sacrifice
Enameled Solitude
Electro Blue
Electro Lemon
Electro Lime
Electro Peach
Electro Pink
Electro Purple
Glint’s Ambition
Glint’s Crystal
Glint’s Isolation
Glint’s Purview
Glint’s Rebellion
Glint’s Sanctuary

Crimson Lion
Golden Lion
Imperial Gold
Imperial Red


Birthday Finisher


  • Solomon Darkfury

    That birthday finisher is SICK! Are there only the two variations Dulfy?

    • Hmm there is no variation on the finisher, it is all the same.

      • Solomon Darkfury

        If you look at the video the planets are different

        • Gardenia

          They’re the same planets, darling. 🙂

  • Akuma

    Is this per account or character?

    • Per character I believe.

      • Akuma

        so even they dye kit. wow this years presents pretty nice. Thanks for the info

        • Yup, more chars the have the more dyes you get 🙂

    • Teraphas

      the finisher is attached to an achievement and thus account based. the other 4 items are for having a character for 3 years

  • Waazz

    I havent gotten a single thing and ive played since the start with 8k hours…. not single one of my toons sad lyfe.

    • You will eventually get them. Those who got it now started at the headstart on August 25, 2012 at midnight pdt. If you started later then you just need to wait a bit longer.

      • Waazz

        i did but deleted character later :/

        • Ouch, will need to wait a bit longer then 🙁

  • shodannet

    Aw shit yeah… 16 characters all turning 3! o/

    • Bob Dobalina

      You lucky bastard.

  • Ares Zax

    Dulfy, would it be possible for you to link the headers in the dye table to their appropriate galleries? Would help a lot in getting a quick snapshot of what all the dyes look like when making a choice. 🙂

  • Taiwan Wolf

    What makes Electro Blue so valuable aside from kit being gone? 😮

    • Sinic

      It matches with the luminescent armor.

  • Born2Die9999

    will all characters who turn 3 eventually get it? even if it is next year that they turn 3?

    • Takahami


  • Halvora

    It’s about time we got ourselves a scroll that didn’t just whoop your character to lv20. I’m also happy with the dye kit, I’ve been wanting to grab another electro dye.

  • aruthawolf

    Dulfy you should probably add that the dyes are Account bound though, I do not see that in your post although I may have missed it.

  • Majmo Mendez

    man wish I didn’t delete my character I created on launch….

  • NEOFIRE31 .

    Taimi’s dye kit also contains masterwork and fine dyes so u only get a small chance to have an electro dye, right ?

    • Neo_Genesis

      No, you get to choose the exact dye you want after you select which dye kit you would like.
      Edit: You can’t sell the dye you get so don’t choose based on how much they sell for.

  • Denive

    x_x I regret my choice already.. i just thought ”well i’ll get the expensive one just because its expensive” – realize i don’t like the Taimi colors… fml 🙁 y i do dis?!

    • Phobia256

      Hahaha, that makes two of us. Wish I picked another one as well. Expensive doesn’t mean it looks good 🙁

    • MissuA

      sell it and then buy the good ones you like. or is it soulbound? :s

      • Sandro Patanè

        it is accbound.. but there are a lot of rare dyes to choose, i got my enameled blue sky dye for guardian and i’m pretty happy *_*

    • Bob Dobalina

      The good thing about the Celebratory Dye Pack is that you can just throw it into your bank and pick a colour when you really need it. For my next dye packs I’ll just throw it in the bank and use it when I really want a nice new colour.

  • nopikam

    Can we get a gallery of these dyes in this post, pretty please? :3

  • tinnic

    I have only gotten presents on my Guardian and Engineer so far. Unlocked Elector Blue and Molten. Love them both! Can’t wait to get the free, expensive dyes on my other characters!

    • Suan

      Damn, I wish to get Electro Blue too!

  • Max K. S. Peros

    so am i the only one who has 8 toons sens the beginning of game ?

    • Springer

      Yes. You are quite unique.

    • Brian Stoepker

      Me too, 8 birthdays today!

    • Hawks

      I would have but I like rerolling and starting over so only have a few older characters left. Still have my initial main though!

    • Dustin Oliver


  • Alt

    It says the experience scroll goes to level 30. Is it really level 30 or is it level 20 like the ones from past birthdays??

  • Skraag

    Only started playing two years ago. The long wait… but it will be for 14 characters eventually 🙂

  • NinjaRaiden

    Now I wish I did not delete my Charr I started the game on…….

  • Viking Guy

    Shadow Dyes are a “set” of dyes. Are they not included in the choices for the Dye Gift? Were they a Gem Store set? If so, probably why they are not included. I just can’t remember.

    • Viking Guy

      I finally found it…they were in BLCs and on Gem Store…so probably why they are not included…I just want a deep black dye that doesn’t cost a bazillion gold…lol

      • Envy

        FYI, all of the packs you can get from the Celebration dye pack are past Gem store. It’s just that the Shadow and Lion’s Arch Rebuild packs are probably excluded because they’re too recent, especially since the Shadow dyes are still in the store. If it’s a dark blackish color you’re after, you could always give midnight ice a try, it’s a little blueish, but it’s the darkest color you can get from there (from the Zephyrite blue pack).

        • Viking Guy

          Alas, I have to agree…it does make me sad. I have Midnight Ice, and I do like it, thansk for the suggestion! 🙂 I was just hoping to finally to be able to get a deep, hopelessly dark, black dye. Shadow Abyss would have been perfect. lol

  • dyetra

    why does nobody mention that the dyes are all account bound and you can not sell them…

    • Viking Guy

      its mentioned several times in earlier posts(farther down…this list shows newest posts first). And Dulfy added it to the main post as well. Just FYI. 🙂

  • Bremy

    Dulfy, any title for the 3rd anniversary? do you know it?

    • preofu

      “Faithful” I believe

  • Tomo

    YES finally something cool, glad I get my 3rd birthday present soon xD

  • Cakes

    It’s nice, but would’ve liked skill 3 unlocked on the birthday blaster. A rapid fire would’ve been nice.

  • J Manzon

    did i read it correctly? new experience scroll? insta level to 30?

  • Elsendor

    Once again, the overwhelming regret over having deleted my oldest characters ;_;

  • Sarigar

    Awesome, in five more years we’ll get scrolls for instant 80’s!

    • Pyxelmajick

      LOL this was written a year ago, and we now have instant 80’s when you upgrade to HoT

      • Sarigar

        Next year: Flying cars!

  • Korey Garabed

    Free expensive dye!? Im liking this birthday gift, ESPECIALLY considering I have almost 50 characters 😀

  • jun

    wo… this is sick !..finally have some good stuff 🙂

  • Will of the Macrocosm

    I was really hoping the dye pack names would link to your dye preview pages

  • artanis00

    anyone recognize the sword in the finisher?

    • Archi

      nope. seems new. it’s not in the sword or greatsword wardrobe.

  • tami

    What the heck? I don’t get them because I am -5 days?? You could not BUY GW2 in Alaska yet. We bought it the FIRST day it was available!!!!!! >:(

    • Rick

      Then wait 5 more days….

    • Eggsye

      Relax! You’ll get them when your characters hit their third birthday.

  • R.Nav

    Electro Blue is awesome, and I picked it for one of my characters. Does anyone have any suggestions for my other picks? I’m thinking Electro Pink for one, and I have a couple of other picks as well.

  • Eggsye

    A pity they didn’t include the shadow dyes 🙁

    • Me

      Agreed… Shadow abbys especially ^^

  • jackpot69

    Hey dulffy, zephirite color swatch red, blue, green and yellow dye pack are selectables too 🙂

  • Pyxxel

    For anyone wanting a good black dye, the Abyss dye (NOT Shadow Abyss) is pretty decent, I even like it better as it still shows some detail. It’s available in the Lion’s Arch Survivors Dye Kit.

    • OneEye109 .

      Just that the birthday kits contain only the exclusive dyes, so you won’t find the regular ones there.

    • Sahara

      Abyss dye is not actually one of the exclusive dyes available from the Survivor’s Dye kit, unfortunately. If you got it from one, it was a random chance. So it won’t be an option you can pick from in the 3rd birthday present.

  • Brian Stoepker

    I bought Enameled Anamnesis for 10 gold in February, added it to my account, and never used it. I’m really regretting not holding it to sell now.

  • I wasn’t allowed to sell mine.

    And the price is not anywhere near what Dulfy states above in any case.

    • You can’t sell them, it is account bound and I mentioned that above. The prices were like 3 months old, they have fallen since then..

  • dt

    So we don’t get the permanent finisher anymore?

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