GW2 Wedding Attire Gallery

Gallery of the newly added GW2 Wedding Attire Outfit available for 1000 gems in the gemstore.

Video showing the animation/dye slots

Timestamps for specific race/gender combo available below video description.



What it looks like with all black, all celestial and half/half.















  • Taiwan Wolf

    Now I need doves.

  • Rozalka

    I just received it but… Eee… The dress on human female looks weird during running XD

    • Akuni

      You usually don’t run around in a weddingdress though :p It’s quite nice for role players as it adds a nice everyday outfit for some races like Norn. And it doesn’t glitch out while just walking normally. ^^ At least it’s something! :p

      • Rozalka

        I thought I could be a bride who used to panic in the last moment and run away ;D Yeah on norns it look the best 🙂 and the norn woman looks like a queen!

  • YenYun

    the hairbands on the female charr look unexpectedly cute 😀 good thing i have still some gems left <3

  • Lucifer Succube

    1000 gems –‘

  • Orion Glow

    WTF!! seriosly??? anet want to recoved money spended with unless expansion with our MONEY??? why no 1200 gemms?

    • Springer


  • Lucifer Succube

    new Backpack

  • Ares Zax

    Ooof. 1000 gems? I like this outfit, but I might wait till it goes on sale then.

  • Holly

    1000 gems? :T that’s almost double the price of regular outfits isn’t it?

    Gonna save my gems for anything better coming out..

    • 300 more gems than usual but the outfit is race specific so might be the reason for the increased cost

      • Syreadisa

        I think it’s the reason

  • tinnic

    Me: 1000 gems! Get bent!
    *24 hours later*
    Me: You win! I can’t resist the Sylvari version!

  • Nick Green

    OMG. The Charr in a wedding dress.

    I’ve lived too long.

  • asdf2

    The human female one looks funny, from behind it looks pretty but from the front.. wtf? HIPSIZEISOVER9000!!! and from the size its 4 months in.

  • Phiroxs
  • Jonathan Harris

    Sorry, just came here to inform you your characters look like complete dog shit. Whats with the massive heads? Are you downs syndrome or something?

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