GW2 Thief Daredevil Staff skills and Utilities from game files

Earlier today we had some traits for the Daredevil, now the same person has digged up the staff skills and utilities from the game files as well.

Credit goes to lu_lua on reddit.


Staff skills

1. Autoattack: Staff Strike [&B5Z3AAA=] –> Staff Bash [&B7d1AAA=] –> Punishing Strike [&B+J2AAA=].

  • Hook Strike if stealth [&BwJ2AAA=].


2. Weakening Charge [&B9d0AAA=] 3. Debilitating Arc [&Bzh3AAA=]
gw2-daredevil-staff-skill-2 gw2-daredevil-staff-skill-3
4. Dust Strike [&Bzd4AAA=] 5. Vault [&B4V3AAA=]
gw2-daredevil-staff-skill-4 gw2-daredevil-staff-skill-5

Utility Skills

6. Channeled Vigor [&B8B2AAA=] (Heal) 7. Bandit’s Defense [&B8V3AAA=]
gw2-daredevil-utilities gw2-daredevil-utilities-2
8. Fist Flurry [&B5R4AAA=] –>
Palm Strike [&B+V3AAA=]
9. Distracting Daggers [&B2h3AAA=]
gw2-daredevil-utilities-3 gw2-daredevil-utilities-4
10. Impairing Daggers [&B6F2AAA=] 11. Impact Strike [&B0xzAAA=]–> Uppercut [&B311AAA=]–> Finishing Blow [&B8dzAAA=] (Elite)
gw2-daredevil-utilities-5 gw2-daredevil-utilities-6

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54 replies on “GW2 Thief Daredevil Staff skills and Utilities from game files”

Lol. That Fist flurry to Palm strike to pulmonary impact is just Five point palm exploding heart technique from Kill Bill

every single ability sounds so much fun i can’t wait been maining thief since day one and i intend to continue 😀

I have two mains really. Thief for everything dungeon related and mesmer for the rest.

No other class outdoes the thief in dungeons :p

U blindly Ignor both Ele and Engi ._.
Ele outperforms Thief in dmg, and Engi is more desirable then a Thief for everything where no Sr is needed.

If you want the best dungeon groups you dump the engi. And I don’t ignore Ele, my group runs with 2 of them. they are AoE though. Thief is the master of single target sustained dps in dungeons. And so is better vs bosses then Ele.

Engi… just no.

:3 The signle Target aspect is dependent on hitbox- while staff ele sits at aprox 19-19.7k DPS when fighting Brie or Belka- or any human seized Hitbox, its dps Syrockets to 25-30k When fighting Lupicus.
The Engi hate just shows inexpierience, give the class a try , the sinister engi hast atm the highest theoretical dps.

No more like I know what engi does and I’m far from impressed with the class for in dungeon runs.

His DPS is there, behind Thief and Ele though.

O yeah, one of those builds that should only be used by the absolute speed runners as only about 0.1% of the engi’s can actually get that DPS. Still not impressed really -_-

No because those are solo runs and a thief is used for in groups. and to be fair. there are no engi’s there either.

“downed enemies struck with this are finished”

I have a game-boner now. i know some people are disappointed they didn’t get their sniper rifle spec, but this is seriously exciting for me as someone who started the game 3 years ago as a thief.

i know some people are disappointed they didn’t get their sniper rifle spec, but this is seriously exciting for me as someone who started the game 3 years ago as a thief who wanted to melee the bejeezus out of all the things.

I’d be more disappointed by rifle to be honest. rifle is a relatively slow weapon and that would make a very dill weapon for a melee class imo even if the class lacks multiple range options. This full physical based set looks amazing with utilities that are actually worth using over other utilities.

I completely agree. I’m really happy with what this looks like so far. First elite spec that got me really excited.

Well, it takes about 3 seconds to do it on a 40 sec cooldown so I doubt this skill will replace regular finishing. Unless you can super time it to down the foe with the second attack and finish him with the 3rd. That’d be awesome to pull off. It sounds like something from Mortal Kombat too, can’t wait to see the animation

This skill just like Elementialist’s Ether Renewal: short CD but long stand still Cast time.
It is the enemy’s fail for allowing that happened. not OP.

The finishing part of the Elite, can you actually finish off multiple people with it in a single strike, if they’re close enough to each other?


Love it but unfortunately this spec doesn’t fit my gunslinger-swashbuckler thief :-S perhaps I’ll recollection a thief monk (with the monk outfit this could be great)

That stealth attack looks strong as f**k! A cc every few seconds if you play right That is scary. I see much sword/ dagger /staff play coming in.

Unless 9 and 10 are the same skill I am a bit confused, do daredevils actually have 6 physicals to pick from or….

The are chains like auto attacks. Activating the first will make the skill flip to the next and so on till you reach the end.

Thanks just wanted confirmation since for the other chains the skills were listed below whereas 9 and 0 were put in different boxes

With this, my thief will now become a monk… I like it!! I always wanted a more martial arts oriented class for gw2 and now I has it!!

Finishing Blow might need a nerf of increased cast time to 2 seconds but other then that not horrible… Still wish we got a sniper class tho, who thought of thief getting a staff like wtf worst idea for a class weapon ever…

shush, rifle is a pathetic excuse for a thief weapon, a martial arts ninja style makes perfect sense.

1) Rifle is as pathetic as staff. 2) Ninja didnt fight with staffs (but i agree with you, those skills are welcome). 3) The logic under rifle weapon is more for the 1200 range, thief will become the only class to reach only 900 (which is ironic for a dexterity class).

i was kinda looking forward to the rifle too, but i dont think this is so bad. the traits especially im pretty excited for, assuming they dont nerf them into oblivion.

Rifle would have been inherently terrible for most everything PvE except for open world since it would A) be mostly single target and B) would encourage range, where you’d likely be out of range for boons.

It would also be a nightmare to balance for PvP since you’d either be a 1-shot wonder from range and not be much benefit to point capture or a liability in melee. It’s the same reason why longbow Ranger struggles to fit in PvP.

Not really because you cant go instantly to finishing blow. It looks like you have to complete 2 other chains first which are a 1/2 second and 3/4 of a second. Thats 1.25 seconds + the last part of the chain which is 1.5 seconds this gives you a total time for 2.75 seconds before finishing blow will land assuming the thief is right on you as soon as you go down. Normal stomp is still more efficient as a thief. Besides with all the cc synergy this spec has running venoms would work better to most play styles than the finishing blow chain.

Those utilities seem more like combo skills that should go on the staff. (maybe not with those affects) Combo attack hits. Repeated usage of a utility seems rather tedious and clunky to attempt.

Well I repeatedly use utilities, it is the way of the Thief. Venoms you always activate once it CDs, Traps as well. Those two utilities are not clunky to use. Sure you have to pay attention to the right side of your skill bar more often but I wouldn’t call it tedious.

The elite looks sweet! You can down someone with Impact Strike or Uppercut and immediatly kill them with Finishing Blow! It also would be a decent alternative to stomping sometimes when there is someone reviving the downed player, because you can launch both the reviver and the downed player then finish off the downed player with the last move. Ingenious.

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