SWTOR Makeb Weekly Achievements being removed in 4.0

Makeb Weekly associated achievements will be removed from the game with 4.0. Players are advised to complete them now for a reward when 4.0 launches.

Makeb Weekly Being Removed in 4.0 | 08.26.2015, 08:21 PM

Hey folks,

We wanted to pass on a heads up about some Achievements which will be coming out of the game with Game Update 4.0.

Category: Citizens of Makeb

Category: Makeb Imperial Forces

  • Contain and Control
  • Hero of the Makeb Imperial Forces
  • Well Connected (guide)

All players who complete Making the Connection and/or Well Connected achievements before they are removed will be receiving a Makeb Gazebo decoration in the mail around the time Game Update 4.0 launches. If you don’t have those achievements but you are looking to get them before they are retired, now is the time! We’ll see you all on Makeb.


Makeb [Staged] Weekly Being Removed in 4.0 | 08.26.2015, 08:59 PM

Some quick changes, and clarifications.

What is being removed is the Makeb [Staged] Weekly Missions. In there place, we are putting new Weekly Missions which will contain largely the same content they do now, except presented in a way that is more consistent with the other Planetary Weekly Missions.

I have also updates the thread title to more accurately reflect. Sorry for the confusion!

  • AdjeYo

    Y u do dis?

    • Darth Twinge

      He says theyre replacing the staged weeklys:

      Some quick changes, and clarifications.

      What is being removed is the Makeb [Staged] Weekly Missions. In there place, we are putting new Weekly Missions which will contain largely the same content they do now, except presented in a way that is more consistent with the other Planetary Weekly Missions.

      I have also updates the thread title to more accurately reflect. Sorry for the confusion!


      • TruBlu

        These Staged Weeklies, do you get them once you complete Contain and Control on Imp side?

  • w1w1w

    How stupid is this? They remove achievements that you can do without any problems.
    But they keep the broken ones, like the stupid caged monster, that you can only finish with workarounds. And they keep the one no player ever has achieved, the stupid kill Markins while they are burning.

    Again proof that they don’t have a clue what they are doing.
    If you don’t know how to do your job, ask somebody who does, in this case your playerbase!

    • Mallacath

      They’re only removing them because they are replacing the staged weekly with a different weekly.

      • w1w1w

        But why remove the quest?

        Shure it’s an annoying one, but if you don’t like it you can ignore it. There is no need to waste developer time on this. Just keep it and nobody get’s hurt.

        They better change the Section X:
        1) Let all F2P into Section X
        2) Change the H4 so one or two player can end it

        This is more important than replacing the Staged Weekly.

        • Mallacath

          They could be doing them changes to section X you mentioned in 4.0, and I would like a change from the stage weekly format. I don’t do the weekly, and if they are changed I will do them in 4.0.

        • R315r4z0r

          Because no one does them. Simple enough. They are replacing them with something people are more likely to do. And by “replace” I mean “rework.” Because they said the missions will largely be the same. They just won’t be “staged” anymore and take 3 weeks to complete.

    • Holyfrog

      “If you don’t know how to do your job, ask somebody who does, in this case your player base.” Lol ok if you know how to fix the game then go get a job there and do it. Talk is cheap and you are an idiot.

      • hhhooo

        You are the idiot, because you don’t understand that he is talking about planing what to fix. Knowing what is important in the game, what is not. He isn’t taking about some guys editing the code of this piece of shit engine.

  • Darth-Robin

    my question is why? nobody complained about this, nobody even said anything about it lol they really dont know their own game
    bet you they still dont fix the broken rancor in the cage and the burning makrins archievement which are bugged and non doable
    but lets go ahead and remove archievements that anyone with a braincell can complete cause appearantly its a problem

    • Mallacath

      They’re replacing the staged weekly with a different weekly. It will most likely be like other ones (Oricon, Yavin 4 etc)

      If they were changed to match other weeklies, I’ll probably do them in 4.0.

    • Iron-Clad

      I highly doubt the motivation for this change is based on the achievements. I would bet that they decided to change the weekly since it is long and tedious compared to any other planetary weekly, and as an afterthought realized that it would break the achievement. Although there are dozens of unobtainable achievements in the game so I don’t see why 1 more unobtainable one makes any difference… but at least some intern there had the balls to point out that this change would break an achievement and got someone to deal with it.

      Also, not only are they removing the soon-to-be-broken achievements, they are giving decoration rewards for anyone who does it AND notifying everyone to give them a few months to get it if they want it.

  • Ben Gimson

    Seems kinda pointless to remove it, but at least we’re getting a heads-up. Need to check if I’ve actually done this one.

  • Kiri

    Makeb is absolute shit. It takes 2 hours to finish one daily ffs

    • p4v7

      If you are shit, then it takes 2 hours, yes.

    • Belgalen

      It take me an hour to do the weekly + common dailys + GSI dailys, so you are doing something very wrong

    • Secundum

      Yiu must be one shit player then…

  • Nomad

    I did this one only to clear it from mission tracker a while back. It was very time consuming and quite tedious. Not really worth the effort but for a decoration reward some may find it worthwhile.

    • Iron-Clad

      The achievement is not just for doing the weekly once. It takes 3 weeks with a single character to get the achievement, as there are a number of different quests in different combinations that can be done to get the weekly. Further, the quests to do this weekly are different than the dailies on makeb.

      I assume they are simply adding a ‘normal’ weekly the likes of ‘complete these 6 dailies’. I don’t know why they can’t keep this one in place and just have an extra weekly… but oh well.

    • Holyfrog

      I’ve found the imp side takes less time, but you have do do certain missions. One of them takes as long as it takes do do all the rest. Can’t remember what it is called its been a while.

      • Holyfrog

        Just looked it up “The Dissonance Wave” this one takes forever.

  • qwert

    “All players who complete Making the Connection and/or Well Connected
    achievements before they are removed will be receiving a Makeb Gazebo
    decoration in the mail around the time Game Update 4.0 launches.”

    “And” or “or”? If i have Making the Connection i’m done and don’t need to bother with it?

    • p4v7

      Yes, that’s what “and/or” means.

      • Iron-Clad

        How sure are you that its not a typo by a dev? If they meant you only need 1 or the other, they would have just used “or”. I think it’s a valid question to wonder why they chose “and/or”.

        • p4v7

          “and/or” is often used in English. It’s not a typo. It means “either both or one of them”.

          • Iron-Clad

            Thank you for that wonderful lesson on the meaning of “and/or”. I’m also so glad that you are part of the dev team and know for a fact that there could not have been miscommunication or a misunderstanding between the actual developers and the community manager.

            I’m not saying that it is a typo or is likely a typo, but Musco has been misinformed or misunderstood what he is relaying plenty of times, and I’ve always been under the impression that when he uses potentially ambiguous terms there usually is some ambiguity. Musco isn’t the one coding this change, nor is he the one that conceptualized any part of this change. Someone simply told him “hey, we’re changing this weekly and giving a deco to anyone who completes the achieves before we remove it, could you go post that?” I doubt Musco actually thought about typing “and/or”, and don’t know whether he did or did not give this post enough thought to wonder whether one or both must be completed for the deco, if you get 1 deco for completing 1 and 2 deco’s for completing 2, etc.

            If this were in a research paper or other carefully thought out document I would take “and/or” at its literal meaning. On a short post on an unimportant topic from a swtor community manager who is routinely given less information to relay than is necessary, I believe that there is a chance that “and/or” was a careless choice of words, or was intentionally chosen but may still not match up with what is actually being done by the developers.

            • R315r4z0r

              Seriously? It means what it means. Stop putting words in his mouth.

        • Yaya

          Because if they didn’t then everyone who had both would be screaming “It only says ‘or’ so if I did both I’m screwed out of a deco?! BioFail!!”

  • DissonanceWaver

    The ones on the Makeb Mining Mesa are the ones I always avoided after doing them the first time because they are so tedious. But I had to revisit them because the achievement wasn’t checked off. D:

  • Lithari

    wow, a decoration……wow….not…..pass.
    Now, if it was cartel coins, or credits or commenations…..then sure….but otherwise, a waste of time…in my opinion.

    • Data

      Some people like strongholds and decorating.

      Other people just like to complain.

    • Secundum

      Trust me-for a lot of people, having a rare decoration to show off to people is worth having.

  • Nick Curylo

    Since we’re on the subject of Makeb achievements… any chance of them fixing “Kill it with Fire” since its been been bugged since Rise of the Hutt Cartel? 2 years seems like a decent turnover on that.

    • Naq

      Historically they don’t fix achievements, they surgically remove them. That will most likely be the solution unfortunately.

      • hhhooo

        Correct me if I’m wrong. They never removed any Achievement so far. This will be the first time they’ll do that.

        [And they don’t do it because the Achievement is bugged. They do it just because they change the quests for no (important) reason.]

        • Naq

          There are plenty of achievements that were part of larger reward granting achievements that were bugged, and it proved easier to remove them, than to implement the related mobs or items to aquire them. Think Beastlords. You know whats easier than implementing a method to burn Makrin? Removing the achievement to burn Makrin.

        • vin b

          they’ve also removed the ability to obtain certain titles

  • needsomemiracle

    I have to ask: “retired” means “completely scratched off the face of the world” or just “no longer attainable” like the jawa party killer on Tatooine?
    Because achievements are for completionists and a bar that you cannot even theoretically take to 100% is frustrating. I wouldn’t want to see Makeb being made the same.

    • CraigMitchell

      ,,All players who complete Making the Connection and/or Well Connected achievements before they are REMOVED …”

  • Dent

    Does anyone know if we get MORE decorations if we do both achievements?

  • Mechagodzilla

    “…presented in a way that is more consistent with the other Planetary Weekly Missions”

    They make the game more uniform and boring on purpose?

    • Rand Therin

      You saying you actually do makeb weekly?

    • Eru Iluvatar

      It would look stupid if they had one way they presented weeklies, with the exception of one. More uniform? Sure. Boring? That you don’t know yet.

  • We can look at it this way. The Zakuul forces came in and finally put Makeb out of its misery. Thus we can go from Ilum to Oricon and CZ-198 and skip the whole mess that is Makeb. 😀

    • Mashiro

      zakuul forces are shit, i can crush them with a wood spoon 😛

  • nefastus

    This is kinda weird. I don’t remember well those achivements but why removing this and not others? Curious about it.

    • Naq

      Certain quests on Makeb only become available when performing the standard quests in a particular order. The whole thing is pretty awkward I guess, although I kind of thought it was neat. I guess they want it to be a more linear daily hub.

      • Rishathra

        Yeah, it’s quite a pain, I just followed the guide and didn’t get the achievement, or any of the items “checked” off in the list.

        Another trouble ticket.

  • Yet another “Okay BW, wtf? Why??”.

    • Eru Iluvatar

      “presented in a way that is more consistent with the other Planetary Weekly Missions” That’s why.

      • It had regular missions, a heroic or two, and weekly reward. That’s pretty standard for weeklies.

  • Mashiro

    makeb population overflow in 3,2,1…

  • Luke Farmer

    Now they can also fix the bugged Makeb achievements.

    • hhhooo

      Haha. They startet with something nobody cared. The Staged Weekly. Nobody asked for a change of that.

      I bet they won’t fix any Achievement. Not the stupid monster in the energy shield cage, not the mysteriuos burning Makrins.

      But hey! Staged Weeklys will be unified with other Weeklys, and nobody cares.

      They really listen to their player base.

  • Switish

    So…My hope is that they actually make effort with the decor and not just make it a re-skin of the Makeb Pergola already in game…

    • Exiled Messenger

      My guess is this.

      • Naq

        Yes please!….oh…cept if it has the statue inside it will make CE people even more grumpy and salty. Meh…Yes please!

      • Holyfrog

        That would be cool it looks huge. Though a part of me wants it to be a large hook not a centerpiece. Those are prime real estate.

      • VicVader

        That statue is already available on the Collectors Edition Vendor on fleet. It’s white though but regardless, I hope it’s Not something like that. It’s too pretty for my Sith Yavin temple ;).

  • Kodar

    And so begins; the parade of “oh BTW’s” where it’s out with old and in with the new. I’d love to fret more but I got to get to Makeb (for a start)!

  • MrEndymion9611

    Got Making the Connection yesterday. Shall probably not step foot on Makeb again lol

  • clalvial

    Hey fellas, This past weekend I got to work to get these achievements before they’re gone and realized that a lot of people have problems with the poison gas room in [Heroic 2+] False History and how it cannot be soloed (there is also a pub version of this quest, can’t recall the name ATM).

    I managed to do it and made a video here: https://youtu.be/X29Ev6PDa6A

    Hopefully that helps somebody 😉

    • hhhooo

      Finished this pain of a quest today. Solo, because my server is underpopulated and killed by BioWares genius idea of 90 CC transfers.

      I tried this in the past many times with many different advanced classes. Never managed it. Today I used my brand new lvl 55 asssassin, and his teleport ability did it!

      • noobsshadow

        Thank you very much! I tried this many times using every available speed boost and health restore on my mains. Never had any luck. Tried it the first time with my crappy under geared assassin that I never play and boom.

        • Noyjitat

          For anyone else simply stand as close as possible to the first trap clicky while clicking the console that activates the trap and then immediately click the 1st computer, get the computer behind you and you should be able to run to the others just in time.

          You will automatically die after so many stacks of poison regardless of having a healer but having a healing companion can be useful if you have low endurance.

  • If I have already completed the Makeb story on a character, am I unable to go back and pick up the missions? Example, I cannot find the H2 Counterstrike on Gravity Hook 4.

  • JB1987

    so, do they give you just one gazebo per legacy/account, or one per character?

    • Noyjitat

      It’s email based so that would imply per character on the legacy. Much like the hutt holostatue trainer. And likely bind on pickup too if that’s the case.

  • Jeremy

    Do we know if it is necessary to complete all 3 achievements per side or just Well Connected/Making the Connection? I was starting from scratch on Republic side and followed the guide on here. I completed Making the Connection but there was a single Stage 2 quest, the heroic 4 Deception Play, that I did not have to complete. Empire side, I had done the staged weekly a few times before with grinding Makeb rep so I completed all the individual missions there anyway.

  • jaydog

    Hey Dulfy, i just need clarification. Do we need to do both Republic and Imperial side? Or can we just do either one

    • Can do either one

      • jaydog

        Thank you…i really did not want to do the whole thing on pub side haha

        • Jeff

          Did they confirm that we were only getting one decoration? When the question was first asked the devs left it open that you might get one for each pub/emp achievement.

  • Mister Arrogant

    Do you have to finish the main Makeb storyline first? I haven’t done Makeb before and I’m not seeing the initial quests to get this achievement going? I wanted to try and rush and grab this before it’s gone so I could get the gazebo.

    • Yes you need to finish makeb storyline first before these weeklies show up

      • Mister Arrogant

        Alright, will do. Thanks, Ms. Dulfy!

  • Julian Brennan

    Damit why am I only seeing this now? Without this stupid weekly cap I could go berserk on Makeb for the next few days but so… Subscribed this site to my Feedly now 😉

    • Noyjitat

      If you have 3 characters on each faction you still can finish this. Do the two guides and follow the “starting from scratch” section to the letter. Republic guide here: http://dulfy.net/2013/05/12/swtor-making-the-connection-makeb-achievement-guide/ and imperial guide here: http://dulfy.net/2013/05/11/swtor-well-connected-makeb-achievement-guide/

      • John Kosto

        Why 3 and not 2?

        • Noyjitat

          You gotta run 3 weeklys and 4.0 will happen before then. So if you want the achievements on both imp and rep, you’ll need 3 characters on each side to run the 3 specified stage 1 and 2 weeklys. Dont miss the bonus objectives too and to be safe do them before completing the main mission or its a wasted run.

          • John Kosto

            I guess that means #MakebFriday since I don’t work tomorrow….

  • Relvan

    Did you get yours? I did not get mine and I had the achievements!

    • disqus_F4PaJWYSz1

      I had both and didn’t get anything.
      Yeah, of corse not, it’s BioWare, they can’t do any task without bugs errors and failing. Not even once!

  • I don’t think I got mine… and I finished the weeklies/got the achievements when RotHC launched. :

  • Miles Carraway

    So do we need to wait until 4.0 launches for everyone to get this or did I not get this for some other reason?

    • jaydog

      I am honestly just going to wait and see. Only because it did say when 4.0 launched, but not necessarily early access launch. Going to give them the benefyt of the doubt..

  • Matthias Siegl

    got it in the mail today so ease up guys

  • Calli

    So how do we get Makeb’s Mysterious survival now that the staged weekly is gone?

  • LadyRedJedi

    So followed the guide and got the achieve. Never got the Gazebo. Put in ticket and almost a month later was told that not only did the Achievement get removed from the game but also from their systems so they cannot even check to award it to me now. Spent DAYS working on getting this quest right … for nothing.

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