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SWTOR Pax Prime KotFE Gameplay Livestream Coverage

Coverage of the SWTOR Pax Prime Make up Livestream in which details of companions and gameplay from Chapter 3 will be shown.


Prinawe Aggregate link (infinite uses):,

General Info

When:5 pm PDT/8pm EDT/2 am CEST.

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  • Parts of Gameplay from Chapter 3 of the new expansion, including the reveal of the return of a familiar face.
  • Developers will answer questions from chat.
  • How companions of past and future will work in the new expansion will be explained.
  • No crafting info.
  • Shareable link for the Prinawe Aggregate mount and other goodies.
  • Hopefully the start of some solid info on the expansion other than “You are the Outlander”

Official Recap (spoiler free)

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 01:14 AM

Hey folks!

As mentioned before, he is a quick wrap-up of what was discussed on the livestream earlier this evening. First off, you can watch the archived version of the stream yourself, right here (part 1) (part 2).

We opened by showing the intro to Chapter 3, along with playing through portions of it to highlight some key choices that can be made, new environments, etc. After that we took on some of the more commonly asked questions around Companions in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Here they are:

What happens to my existing Companions in KotFE?
When Fallen Empire launches, all of your existing Companions remain accessible to you outside of the story Chapters. In the KotFE story there is a specific cast of characters that is a part of that ongoing storyline.

Is there more combat customization for Companions?
Absolutely, in fact every Companion can now choose any role you choose at any time; healer, tank, or DPS.

How does gear come into play here?
Starting in KotFE your Companion’s power and stats scale with your level, regardless of the gear they are wearing. However, you can still use gear to determine exactly how your Companions will look. (note: this is not a part of Appearance Designer)

What about all of that Affection I farmed for my Companions?
We haven’t forgotten the relationships you’ve built; the affection you earned will not be lost and the relationships you built will continue to be relevant.

If you have more Companion questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. We will work to answer them throughout the rest of the week. Keep in mind of course that we will not answer spoilery questions. Finally, we ended the stream with a video clip from Chapter 1 of Fallen Empire which shows an important decision made around one of the character’s Companions. Sparing any spoilers, check out the archive for the clip.


Livestream Notes

  • Eric Musco and Michael Backus, and Ben Scott (Lead Level Designer) are present.
  • Originally they wanted to do this livestream in Pax Prime in Seattle but unfortunately developers had to stay here to finish up the expansion. As a bonus, we will get to see some back scene stuff.
  • Prinawe Aggregate link (infinite uses):, also cartel coin giveaway in chat.
  • What will be shown today: Demo of Chapter 3 shown to the press (10 minutes). Q&A after on companions.

Gameplay Demo (SPOILERS)

  • Gameplay is shown from perspective of the Jedi Guardian.This takes place in the planet of Zakuul, the capital of Eternal Empire. It looks much like Coruscant underworld.
  • Some cutscenes at the beginning of Chapter 3 is shown.
    • Lana Beniko is shown walking to a carbonite chamber containing you. She injected some serum into you and you got out of the carbonite.
    • Jedi Knight: “I lost my crew, I tried to save them and Coruscant. Ships bombarded the capital”
    • Lana: “Some dreams and some visions no doubt. Best put it aside for now. Gear up! Quickly.
    • Jedi Knight spot T7 nearby “ T7.. but I saw.. What is happening here?
    • Lana: The Empire and Republic have all but fallen to the man who imprisoned you. You are our last hope.
    • Enemy troopers coming in, blasters shooting. End of cutscene.
  • Years have passed and you have no idea what happened. Both Empire/Republic have been defeated.
  • Emperor Valkarion didn’t kill you when he captured you, clearly you are important.
  • The character shown will have fewer abilities than usual. They didn’t take away any abilities, it was just to show off the cool abilities.
  • One of the first big choice in this chapter is to stop the Sun Generator which is about going to critical.You have two critical choices here. Stop it (LS) or Ignore it (DS). Koth Vortena, who is a citizen of Zakuul, shows up and urges you to stop the Sun Generator from exploding.
    • Dark side is the quick and easy path to get out. You are using the chaos caused by the Sun generator exploding to escape. This choice was picked by the developer doing the playthrough.If you pick the DS choice you will gain 10 influence with Lana and lose 10 influence with Koth.
    • If you pick the DS choice you will gain 10 influence with Lana and lose 10 influence with Koth.
  • To escape further you have to fight against waves of Skytrooper, the main bulk force of the Eternal Empire
  • Once you escaped to the proper Zakuul city, Koth Vortena is suppose to rescue you with his ship but the ship had some maintenance problems and crashes right in front of you. More Skytroopers shows up.
  • After dispatching waves of Skytroopers and arriving at the extraction point,  you are stopped by Knights of Zakuul, a force sensitive policing unit. They are wearing the Zakuul armor available on the CM right now. They use the force as a policing instrument and nothing more. They say you are guilty of assassinating the Immortal Emperor. 
    • They ask you to surrender, you can either Force Persuade them (Jedi Knight option only), Attack them right away or tell them you don’t surrender.
    • Force Persuade option was picked and didn’t work. They resisted it and you are forced to enter into combat.
    • After some combat, one of the two knights escapes and Lana chokes the remaining one. You are given the choice to either let the guy go or kill him. If you pick the kill option, his partner may come back later and hunt you down.
  • Vaylin shows up to stop your escape
    • You are given the option to either fight with Lano Beniko or run yourself.
    • Koth shows up just in time with his ship. Koth shoots Vaylin with his ship but Vaylin grabs a piece of the metal and uses it as a shield against the blaster fire. She then hurl the hunk of metal at the ship, damaging it. You are dragged up by HK-55 while Vaylin is distracted.
    • T7 stops the anti air cannons and save Koth’s ship from being destroyed.

Companions Q&A

  • In Knights of the Fallen Empire, Lana Beniko becomes a full blown companion.
  • Q: There is a time lapse with 4.0 of 5 years, what happens to all of my companions?
    • A: Storywise part of the adventure is figuring out what has happened to your previous companions. You are the Outlander, the focal point of the resistance against the Eternal Empire. It is up to you to unite your old companions and fight back. From a story standpoint, you will be locked to certain companions in various chapters. You will be introduced to new characters and finding out what happened to past companions.
    • A: Companions that are not coming back are not taken away. You will have access to ALL of them gameplay wise, just not story wise. You can resummon your old companions that you truly loved. Treek and HK are absolutely not going away. Storywise we are going to screw with them all but gameplay wise we are not taking any of them away.
  • Q: Companion affection lost in 4.0?
    • A: You won’t lose any of it gameplay wise. All the hardwork you have done will still matter. Fictionally, those romances and relationship you did in the past with your companions will matter and may come back affect your choices.
  • Q: Companion roles in 4.0?
    • A: Going forward, all companions can be all 3 roles. You can pick your favourite companion and have them do any role.
  • Q: What happens to companion gear in 4.0?
    • A: We untied gear from companions. We kept the visuals so you can still customize their visuals. Companions get stronger as they level up with you. You will get all your companion gear back so don’t rush to unequip them.
  • Q: Will I lose anything?
    • A: In most cases you won’t lose anything. We are trying to not take anything away and if we do we will tell you in advance.

Surprise (SPOILERS)

  • It happens in the first chapter. You have to make a very important choice regarding your companion. This choice will have an impact.
  • You (Jedi Knight) are shown inside Marr’s capital ship in the process of breaking apart. You managed to break free your ship with Kira in it. Kira talks to the Jedi Knight, you tell her either to escape in your ship or stay and defend Marr’s ship. The escape option was picked
  • Darth Marr’s voice can be heard at end of the clip directing you to the next step of the story.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Strange no crafting info. Have to say promotion for this expansion has been terrible imo. Just under 2 months til release for early access subs and all we had so far far is cartel mrket items and soon this that will provide spooler for story abd sone companion info which is probs nothing that hasn’t been mined. Shame they haven’t promoted this expansion more and given us alot more info

Yeah hopefully. Not gonna hold my breath tho tbh. I just have this feeling we not gonna get anything we didn’t no from date mined release. Who knows tho maybe bw through out a curve ball. Slowly learned not to get to hyped over this game these days. Often leads to disappointment. Time will tell.

Unrelated tho. Dulfy will you be posting the video of the chapter 3 here separate to the rest of the info for those that may not want spoiler on the story?

First info blogs/livestream released for SoR: 10/6/14. SoR release: 12/2/14.

Only difference this time was a much earlier announcement. My guess is their hand was forced by EA and they wanted to make their big SWTOR announcement as far away from BF as possible. Still, in June all they had to do was say, “We will start giving details towards on non-story game changes near the beginning of September.” Their complete silence or lack of a general date for info release makes no sense.

I hope Dulfy is covering this live stream…they are lagging so bad and restarting stream. I don’t have the patience, just want the details and the code.

Lol. Probs the amount of people posting causing the crash. Thus is what they get for staying so tight lipped for 2 months nearly 3

Can anyone explain me what’s the logics behind getting CC there? What are these drawings they are talking about?

this feels more like a commerical than a livestream.
“How much does it cost”
“That’s right Ben, it costs 0 dollars and 0 cents for all subscribers, that’s right, 0 dollars”

Ah’ did not pay attention on that part. but loving the choices though. From RP perspective, definitely going to make tons of different choices each time

They hinted a new companion from a returning toon but didn’t make it obvious and I could swear on my life I saw jakarro right near end lol. Always cryptic lol

Same but I’m keeping myself unhyped intentionally that way i can’t be let down again lol.

As for it being Marr I’m skeptical. I can’t see how he would make sence for Republic. He is the top dude on the dark council. We will have to wait and see but I’d prefer jakarro over Marr personally. Although jakarro droid might end up piss in me of lol

Yeah I watched it again. What I thought was jakarro was just the jedi knight in the shade with the parts on shoulder looking like jakarro soon as it got lighter and he cane into focus I was like dam it nit jakarro.

Really hope jakarro us in the story as companion somewhere

Maybe I’m just bitter, but two words come to mind now that the stream is over – overhyped and underdelivered. Again. Practically NO new info has been given, and old info was made to seem like some kind of revelation – according to them THE news was that KotFE is going to be free for subscribers. Which we have known since forever. Yay.

Kind if agree. With the exception of the short video at end which was vague in itself. Nothing revealed here today hadn’t been datamined already.

I’m worried about the “untied gear to companions” thing. When they do “auto” stats, like bolster, it tends to be to the minimal gear stats. I’ve worked hard to have Nadia in 198. I really hope that since it’s auto stats on comps, that they make them max gear stats.

Yeah had a similar thought when I heard it, at max level there is a wide gap between difficulties, will the companions be under powered ?

They’ll probably get something similar to the 192 gear we get from Yavin weeklies, which isn’t too bad… not the top gear, but good nonetheless.

Do you think that the force pikes used by the zakuul knights in the stream will become a usable weapon for our toons?

For Lana, it says permanent companion, but they also said something about that companions may leave you if you do actions they don’t approve of or whatnot. Does that mean as a light side Sith that Lana may often not agree with my actions and leave?

expecting her to be lightside is a bad idea, both the two options that we SAW with regards to her, she supported the dark side choice

Have to agree. I have one full dark sorc and one full neutral sin, but both trying to act wisely, even if it’s against sith believes. Well, i can say for sure, my sentinel will be merciless… more options for him for one day to become Sith Lord >:)

Don’t share the codes in the comment please, the one at top is infinite uses so there is really no need to share. This will free up the space for people to discuss the livestream

Cool. Thanks dulfy. I wanna watch the end again and twitch won’t let me rewatxh weirdly. I wanna see if I really did see jakarro hehe

Grazie Dulfy. Can’t watch twitch atm but very much wanted to see this! Can’t wait to check out your vid in the morning 😀

So what exactly does the ” It happens in the first chapter. You have to make a very important choice regarding your companion. This choice will have an impact.” mean, there is no specification of what “it” is. Does it mean that which companion we take with us is important or who we decide to be our companion is important?

they were given out to random ppl that was following swtor’s twitch account during the stream only like 5 -10 ppl got cc’s

We best get to kill him. I’d have a server full of sws if I had space just to kill him over and over and over hehe

Hey Dulfy, in the first video, the one with the image frozen, there is an interesting fact you might have to mention, because in the second video, there is no sound in that portion. The Knights of Zakuul say you are guilty of assassinating the Immortal Emperor and should surrender.

This is very important to the plot. My hunch says Arcann had somehow killed his father and framed you for it. Or there’s a duel with Valkorion at the end of chapter 2, leading to his demise.

After mentioning Lana as the first companion, it ended the stream with “we have teased about a companion that you’re going to see in fallen Empire.” He didn’t point it out in highlights, it was up to the viewers to use their perception. So in the ending cinematic ( ) you can see you are aboard Marr’s ship (you can tell your companions to ‘Make a break for it’ or ‘Stay and defend Marr’s ship’) and tell your crew to leave you alone and warn the Republic. Marr then tells you the enemy breached the engineering deck, and he wants you to meet him there. Couldn’t be more obvious.
Probably you then get captured with Marr, as we saw both of them bound and being brought before the Emperor, before putting you in carbonite.

After mentioning Lana as the first companion, it ended the stream with
“we have teased about a companion that you’re going to see in fallen
Empire.” He didn’t point it out in highlights, it was up to the viewers
to use their perception. So in the ending cinematic you can see you are aboard Marr’s ship (you can tell your companions
to ‘Make a break for it’ or ‘Stay and defend Marr’s ship’) and tell your
crew to leave you alone and warn the Republic. Marr then tells you the
enemy breached the engineering deck, and he wants you to meet him there.
Couldn’t be more obvious.
Probably you then get captured with Marr,
as we saw both of them bound and being brought before the Emperor,
before putting you in carbonite.

Datamined files show Marr dies and yea you get accused of killing the Immortal E. even though it’s Arcann who “kills him”

But I hate T7! 😀 It killed me getting to the end of the JK story and being stuck with it after ditching the droid upon leaving Tython.

I would kill to be able to start a new knight and get HK-51, Scorpio or M1-4X.

Are you sure that it is T7 that would be just sad because everyone already Knows that T7 would be involved in the STory

Am I the only person here who noticed no new abilities shown? They all were things we already have. Admittedly there was a skill/item on his “0” keybind I was unfamiliar with, but weren’t they touting about how they were showing off new abilities? They had all but one of those abilities used since launch

They never said they were showing off new abilities, just that they were showing the ones that looked the coolest for the demo. And that ability on the 0 key was just a dev insta-kill thing to make the back-tracking faster.

Two Sith lords as new companions? Please, and thank you! Still doesn’t make up for a lack of new PvP and Operation content, but at least they are trying.

rip swtor.. your lack of content is a disturbance to the force..for a company/group of devs who said they never want to go as long as they did between the new ops, are only now making the gap even larger.. GG, going back on your word and making quite a large portion of the community quit because your offering no new content.. oh yay i get some new SP story for maybe 5-6 hours that ill have to replay over and over on all my toons such fun! and the rehashed ops… HURRAY for content, NOT..

also they dont even touch PVP with a 100 ft pole, yet they let all the pvp whiners determin majority of the changes made to abilities.. yet again GG bioware

They haven’t touched GSF for well over a year. There’s currently a game breaking bug going on, and no plans to fix it.
I only see pve-ers complain about ops, not “buff this class” or “nerf that class”. All the class changes suggestions – at least on the dulfy comments – come from pvp-ers.

“who cares about GSF” you ask? Many, many players care, just like many players still care about ranked arenas.

It’s too bad that they don’t touch PvP. If I remember at SDCC I overheard a Dev tell a guy who asked about PvP only to get the answer “SW Battlefront”… I am not a PvPer but still kinda sad that an “MMO” doesn’t get any new PvP or Ops at Expac launch oh well hope in the next 3 months of Expac we’ll see them =)

Well they sort of touched PvP in that they added and changed some abilities so you get to work on the new rotation in familiar settings.

you miss the part about the 5-6 hours of story? yeah but thats it… thats not enough content for veteran players.. maybe new folks.. but for people who have been there since day one.. all express having no wants to Re-Grind the Same exact ops we’ve already done and complete nearly a thousand times over..

Gear is being untied from companions. They say no gear is being lost or taken away. Gear will still show customization. EXCEPT for DROID parts, the resources i wasted building gear and augmenting for my hk-51 to be the biggest bad ass companion possible is nul. Cyber techs basically lose an entire section of crafting now. Hooray…

Mention that on the official forums, and you’ll probably get a reply about it from musco. They may not have had time to answer every companion question.

Crafting is being completely revamped anyways along with quite a few stats. So all crafting will change. In fact I won’t be surprised if we will have to repick our crafting classes.

I know number of mods and enhancements available is changing drastically.

So? Those parts you grinded for were going to become obsolete in this expansion, anyway, as is the case with gear in every MMO expansion ever.

cybertechs have a lot of things already and that’s a part of cybertech I rarely bothered with. I just made the lowest level upgradeable ones and added mods in it that I craft. I never made high level droid parts.

One problem I have with the decision they made: I can’t boost my favorite companion with augmentations anymore.


Kind of NGE what they are doing here.

It’s impossible for SW:TOR to do anything NGE as NGE was a massive dumbing down of a sandbox game.

The changes aren’t even in the same galaxy of scale.

Well, being that it is an new expansion and new level cap, your gear and that of companions would be made absolute since there will be gear with better stats (if they had would have stayed with that decision) So regardless the changes made to companions you would had to change your companion gear nonetheless

EDIT: The question was more meant as since the companions are unavailable at for a certain time, do you completely lose the gear. So in this case your droid doesn’t lose anything. Just like none droids you still keep your gear, the stats just wont matter.

Augments, yikes!

Very well deserved concern IMO.
The gear you equip to your companions in 4.0 changes the look but that does not mean Augs wont work still. Seems they could easily ( or not so easy ) make a provision in there to account for augments. Endurance and Power still exist as stats in 4.0 so….I hope Augs are still a thing for companions.

I fail to see why one cannot have both as…companions. Lana has already proven she is not confined in that regard, and Vaylin…she has that look.

Yeah she looks like she is crazy and evil enough to being “open minded about sharing” (*great quote of one of my favorite companions)

She is badass enough to take first her lightsaber out and then put back while saying “i dont need this” bam in your face thanaton now you got owned by a woman (Sorry english not first language)

I liked to equip my companions, most of the time.

Only equipping tank companions sucked, because I’ll never know, are they based on defense or shield…

Anyone have a link to the forum mentioned in the video? Also home Lana isn’t 100% dark side she is gonna hate my light side comps then DX.

Lana is Sith, so darkside will be good for her. With Marr being the male darkside, Lana the female Darkside companion, Koth the lightside male.

Will my marauder romance Marr or Lana? That will be a difficult choice 🙂

No i know that XD i just hope she doesn’t wind up hating the characters i romanced her with because their light.

Looks tidy, shame about the video. Think I’m most excited about the animations and camera movements. The way Lana holds her wrist up to use her comm, the way she impaled the Z-knight and the way the bad chick hoisted up the floor (and it actually looked convincing) were the highlights here imho :’)

I didn’t get the very end of the video. They made a big deal about how it was a surprise that was something big, but I think I missed what it was. Is it that the Jedi Knight was on Marr’s ship? Or was it that Kira escaped? Not sure why that clip was saved till the end as the big ‘reveal’.

I think it is quite a big reveal as it tells us we are gonna participate to the great war between the alliance of imp and rep and the eternal empire

I think the reveal is that if you tell Kira to stay and protect the ship she might end up dying, but it’s not clear why the video’s supposed to be so incredible, I didn’t get it either.

I think that it is much closer to the start of the xpac, and shows that you will still have a few interactions with your old crew before the “meat” of the story. The video shows us unthawed in chapter 3. Lana heals us since we are dying and then things proceed. So by showing us communicating and seeing Kira and Doc it seems we still have a few things to do before we turn into the “outlander”

Yeah that’s pretty cool. I suspected that we would get to do some things before being frozen. I mean it’s a huge change to the universe overall, and it wouldn’t have made sense if we went straight into it. After Ziost, there was no indication (unless I missed it) as to what was going to happen next, so it makes sense if we spend two chapters wrapping everything up.

It shows Marr’s fleet going to Zakuul and finding their defenses more than they can chew.
Your crew leaves you behind as you instructed. Marr then tells you the enemy breached the engineering deck, and he wants you to meet him there. It’s important because Musco said “we have teased about a companion that you’re going to see in fallen Empire” and then starts the video, pointing that Darth Marr will be your first companion in Champter 1, before being released by Lana in the 3rd chapter. And I think it’s pretty cool.

Agreed but doesn’t necessarily mean Marr gets replaced as a companion. At thus point for all we know he could be a perminant companion. They didn’t specify or say anything that indicates he is or is not a full time companion to the outlander. Maybe we get both Marr and lana ☺

Or maybe you are correct and he leaves lana in his place we will have to Wat and see in 7 weeks

Oh no, I didn’t say replace. I said “released by Lana” from carbonite. I hope we do get him as permanent, someone said dataminers says he dies… Lana, Koth and Marr are more than welcomed aboard my ship. Give me Satele and Malgus too, having the most powerful beings in the galaxy alongside you… Emperors tremble!!

Oh that makes more sense. When they were initially talking about the video, I thought that we may get to see either Marr or Malgus as a companion, but the video just confused me.

So, if you can choose whether your Companion is a Tank/healer/DPS, and all companions in the past had 2 skills, (Treek healer/tank) can you also chose 2 for the new system? (Kira Tank/Healer)

what made Treek awesome was she could tank and heal herself and me on off heals.

Not exactly. There no longer limited to 2 roles.

Currently like you said for example treek is healer tank only.

Now based on what they said every companion has all 3 options. So from what I got from the stream was each companion will have a drop down menu allowing you to change what role your companion plays. For example love jaessa or ashara? Don’t want then as dps cos you need healer companion switch her to healer role rather than dps.

It was Marr as you were aboard his ship. You can tell your companions to ‘Make a break for it’ or ‘Stay and defend Marr’s ship’. They didn’t show any face though…

Not sure I like the idea that companions we lose/ are at odds with in the story mode will still be with you outside of the story….. I understand why they did it this way, but when you are selling a game/x pac based on story, immersion is important (probably the most important overlooked aspect in mmo’s). It will be odd to see the character that was affected some way by the story standing next to you as if nothing happened when you return to the fleet.

I have an idea what Lana might like and dislike as companion:
Likes: logical decisions, careful planning, doing things for ‘greater good’, using force as a tool
Dislikes: unnecessary bloodshed, mystical nonsense, risky decisions, lack of mind 😀

Little bit of explanation: In SoR Lana seems to be someone really close to light side sith. She is neither light side nor dark, she just uses the Force to achieve her goals. As ‘greater good’ I was talking about defeating Zakuul Emperor (doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t Sith Emperor). She approves destroying the reactor (or whatever it is) not because it’s dark side and ‘evil’ choice, but ’cause it’s the most logical decision that doesn’t put you in risk of being captured or killed. I hope they’ll not make her typical dark side sith.

I really liked what i saw, this the ¨real¨ cinemetic experience or feelling that we have been waiting.

And here I thought I could get rid of some companions for good…Well that sucks I wouldn’t mind if half of them died really…

That armor the Jedi Knight wears is not currently in the game. Do we know if it will be made available prior to 4.0 or do we get new gear at the start of the expansion? I know there are similar looking pieces in Ops, but not that exact one.

Okay, why are we seeing so much about the Empire side being around, like Lana and Marr? We have no news on Satele…Jace…Theron…any Republic officials we know. Are we to believe they’re in a bunker on Alderaan having an awkward family picnic?

remember this was chapter 3, there are still 2 other chapters that we don’t know about or even seen.

I know, I know… but all the promo stuff is about Marr and Lana… um, what about the Pub side toons that hardly played on Imp side?

Oh i actually thought theyspeak of kira ordoc because they flow in the direction of zakuuls fleet and get captured by them (can you get captured in hyperspace?) But now you are pointing at it it is actually logical

I don’t get all the secrecy leading to this. I don’t care about the story spoilers, they are completely separate from gameplay. Just one sentence about us not losing companions permanently would have been enough.

And it is still not entirely clear what will be available from the old world after we complete KotFE story. It seems that being in the story will be some sort of sandbox mode. What happens after we complete it?

I get the feeling they kept the companion solution under wraps until now because they had not fully figured out a solution (what to do with them). Maybe they played it just right… release a little info about our companions being taken away, see what kinda of shit hits the fan then figure out how to clean it up.

… only to be banned a few days after. I got banned for 3 days just for talking about this *gameplay* issue about companions, which we had to get to know from dataminers because the devs didn’t want to share it for some reason, and it is kind of a big deal for anyone who invested time and effort into their companions.

Data mining is considered invasive by Bioware, and well…it kind of is, I guess. Their forum has rules about discussing data mined info, and spoilers. The same as their rules discussing the methods for exploits. Its all to prevent someone from ruining our enjoyment of the game, I doubt anyone was like “haha! got him!” when the ban went through…maybe though.

Other companies encourage the discussion about new features. That is both something which can help the developers shape the new expansion better and draw more people in.

Exploits are a different matter entirely. It is understandable to prevent the further propagation of exploits by deleting posts and bans. But this is something else, this is player feedback, something which should be normal and encouraged.

Same here some clarifications would be nice.

1. What happens to our ship (i am most certen that i dont have parked at for five years)
2.Will there be new romance options (both for light and darkside player)

There will be new romance options but they only go so far and the game keeps track of them so other companions you are in a relationship with know.

The secrecy is actually perfectly understandable based on what’s happened in the past. Features have been revealed for past expansions/major updates, and because it’s proven too difficult to implement in practice and had to be abandoned, the toxic element in the SWtOR community absolutely lambasted the devs. They’re working hard and doing what they can, and really shouldn’t have to put up with that. Consequently they’re playing it safe and releasing information only when they’re absolutely sure something feasible in practice rather than just in the design phase.

The reason we can’t have more information is because too many arseholes play the game.

One does not tease with rough details about the story, including that your character is frozen in carbonite and that some companions are maybe/possibly/likely (pick one) not coming back, only to not give any further information about that and prevent any discussion about it. This felt like a huge slap in the face of the community.

You just described a teaser. They have revealed some story details, and aren’t releasing more. The fact it is bothering you means that you are interested or even maybe excited. Worst case, you got hyped. Its good the game can still do any of those things. 2 months to go.

If it is worth worrying about though, that says a lot for the game. I have a lot of games where if I heard changes were coming I don’t think I would bat an eye. Either way, it will be here soon enough. I am excited. I am probably Hyped. I am also trying to be mentally prepared for game breaking bugs, Missing Granny’s and lots and lots of salty forum tears.

Being worried is natural after having invested that much into my characters. And yeah it says alot about their policy of communication with the players. In short, it is very wrong.

True, but the expansion is still being built. As such things are in flux and liable to change. You can bet everything on the fact that if they revealed specific details from design stages that changed in the final release (which happens frequently with any complex piece of work) someone would be saying THAT feels like a slap in the face of the community. They really can’t win here.

Also given that some, if not a majority, of things haven’t been finalized yet, if BW had to keep releasing press along the lines of “nope, we’ve actually changed our mind here” they’d seem unprofessional and all over the place.

Why tease with such an important detail then?

P.S: “Nope, we changed our mind” with an actual apology and an explanation, especially an explanation like “due to player feedback…” would have been fine.

Some things are certain, some things aren’t – and they do need to generate SOME press.

I figure they worked with what they had. If they’d known more at the initial press release we likely would have known more too. Now that they do know more for certain, so do we.

This is all conjecture, of course – I have no idea why we don’t know more by now. All I can say is that if I were in their shoes, and if I’d taken the shit they have in the past, I’d be doing the same thing. My personal view is that this is all symptomatic of this communities “head I win, tails you lose” approach when it comes to commenting on development choices.

You rarely see people write “Wow, that was brilliantly done. Cheers!”. And logically the devs HAVE done a lot of things right, otherwise the servers would be ghost towns. There are a lot of games that I think are 100% shit – I don’t play these games. I’m getting a little off-topic though, so I’ll sign out there.

1.2 is the reason. They announced Ranked Warzones for 1.2 and the day before they announced there were issues they couldn’t solve so they pulled it. PvP community erupted with rage and thus the subs began to fall.
We can go as recent as shadow of revan announcement. Just simply the announcement being pushed back into October instead of the it being September, because they didn’t finish the announcement video in time was enough for people to loose their minds and lash out at Bioware.
So yeah that’s why they are more secretive.

They aren’t entirely consistent in their secrecy. Ok, so they don’t want to share information. Why the hell tease with such important, controversial information then? They should have just said “there will be new story” and left it at that. Disclosing the details such as the possibility of losing companions goes against their supposed fear of player feedback. They *were* releasing information which could be changed, but only some parts of it.

It’s not still being built tho it’s done and only minor things here and there will be changed almost all of it is set in stone.

Really? Where’d you hear that? I looked around for a good while before I posted and came up short. In my experience with alphas and closed betas (albeit not with SWtOR) even significant design elements have always been liable to change, even at the last second.

swtor miner and swtor potato have access to the pts data and little has changed between updates.

Ah, well I’m not quite sure how good a gauge that is. The public test server is after all a PUBLIC test server, and we’ve all listened to the rants of certain individuals when historically things have been cut between PTS and Live.

You may well be right, but I do wonder what’s going on in BWs closed test servers.

That’s what I am talking about miner and potato data is from closed testing they just changed it so only certain people can access the pts now you can tell when you log in and the icon you normally hit to access the pts is missing.

Plus nothing really changed during SoR 2 month closed beta either nor did it in ROTHC really.

Fair point. That said it only takes one cut feature for the community to rage, and by all accounts KotFE is supposed to eclipse all past content additions in scope… according to the BW marketing team, of course. Maybe take that with a grain of salt.

Grain of salt it is, then. Tbh it’s my general, though admittedly pessimistic, approach to new games/content anyhow. It’s trite to say, though just as true, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Whatever the reason, the information we’re getting from the TOR press-machine certainly isn’t going to tide anyone over.

It’s not going to be pretty once most people clear all the chapters then have to wait 2 months till a chapter that will last maybe a hour comes out.

Excellent news all around.

Keep old companions if you want.
Use new companions as well as other classes companions.
No need to keep up with gear sets any longer on companions
Still have companions look like you want.
Use any companion as they can all heal/DPS/tank. whatever fits your play style.
Current affection level are not lost.

Excellent news indeed.

I don’t think that taking away stats from gear for companions was necessary or a good idea. It is just dumbing down the game (Yavin 4 companion gear was unfortunately the beginning of that). The next step would be taking away stats from gear for characters.

With the removal of gear it opens up the ability to use any companion that you want to use. Not one you feel like you need to use. This creates a better leveling experience just from everyone getting a healer companion right off the bat and not having to worry about gear other than your own as they level.

And thats just for leveling. At max level, you can still use any companion you want but you no longer have to worry about gear sets. Like treek, I had to carry a healing set and a tank set. No longer do I need to do that. While yavin dailies gave you a decent set of gear, that can now be replaced with something more interesting like decos or mounts for interesting weapon shells. And honestly, as easy as it was to get yavin companion gear, it was such a hand out anyway I have no problem with them not needing it for anything other than looks.

Does it make the game a bit simpler where companions are involved? Yea it does and thats “F”ing awesome because companions being simpler doesn’t affect the harder parts of the game.

Is the next step taking stats from characters? I don’t see it. and it’s not happened yet and not been datamined so the answer right now is, character stats are staying roughly the same. So no need to worry.

Companion stats are so heavily diluted there is very little difference between 192 and 198 gear on them, and if you go crit heavy for power heavy you really wont see a big difference in their performance. Even more so with their mitigation on the tank companions. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Bioware released a confessional where the only stats that effected companions are endurance and weapon damage.

It doesn’t dumb down the game at all. The main game is gearing your own character. You could spent time gearing a companion… but for what exactly? Dailies?

There is no end game content that is designed for you and your companion to do… so gearing them to the teeth really didn’t have much point to it other than bragging rights or completing a daily area a few seconds quicker.

The pros heavily outweigh the cons when it comes to this change. It’s a general game enhancement without taking anything away.

Dailies are not the only PvE thing to do outside ops and flashpoints. There are heroics and world bosses. You can whip out a companion in a non-full group. A “few seconds” less adds up when you are doing several daily areas on multiple characters.

I was even in flashpoint groups which were able to complete a flashpoint with Treek as tank.

You can’t do world bosses with companions. And no, when I said “a few seconds” I meant per area, not per mob.

The point is companion gearing is already negligible. You can do a flashpoint with 3 players an undergeared companion pretty easily, depending on the role and the mechanics of the fights. Them having better gear doesn’t really have that much of an impact.

Also, thank you for reminding me about that Yavin gear. It’s absolute garbage and yet it gets the job done. That’s essentially my point. You aren’t losing depth by removing the gearing component from companions since it hardly mattered to begin with.

However, it does actually add some new depth. For example, it puts a higher necessity on the presence stat, which was previously worse than worthless. It also makes affection a factor. Which means you need to level that up if you want them to be effective.

So, in a way, you still need to put in effort to maximize their effectiveness.

Right, world bosses put a debuff on companions, forgot that. No matter.

Yavin 4 gear is 192, that is pretty good for the mobs you encounter in dailies and fps. Part of my point is that shouldn’t be so easily available.

Anyone who leveled a couple of characters should have high presence and max affection with their favorite companion already, so there isn’t much to do there.

Thanks for the YouTube video, it was much more reliable than trying to watch from twitch archive. Some interesting points with companion gear, i just wonder if this change along with role changing will affect 1-50 vanilla game.

From the info so far, it seems that at least while your character is in the KotFE story, it won’t be able to access vanilla character story quests and some other types of quests. What I’m interested in is what happens with that aspect of gameplay after. It would be much preferable if we were able to access everything from vanilla again after we complete the story.

Not quite. You will have access to all of your vanilla characters at all times EXCEPT for when you’re on a KotFE story that doesn’t feature those characters.

Basically, you can be playing a mission in chapter 1, for example, and not have access to your companions. But you can stop that and go do dailies on Yavin or something and pull out the companion you where missing.

Actually not quite there is a companion terminal to reclaim your companions after you got to a certain point in the expansion you will have access to it.

In the companions question article they seem to be saying that the dps/healing/tanking modes of old companions should be available pre-50, This might sound bad at first, but I find I use one companion almost exclusively to the exclusion of the others, and this might be an interesting opportunity to dust off the rear rankers every once in a while, and with no gearing needed its even better. Still won’t help poor Skadge, but I hear he likes standing around on the ship anyway.

One the of things I have wanted most in this game is a comp that can heal with the force. Lana can heal, this is awesome.

if marr dies or becomes a companion i quit swtor its so stupid to have the strongest dark council member as a fucking companion. lana as companion is understandable a bit.

u mean chapter ? well wasnt this demo from chapter 3 and if he really has to die i hope he dies epic btw whole dark council destroyed while the jedi council is far from destroyed -.-

That last part, where you have to make an important choice about your companions, bet if they stay and fight, they all die or something. While making them run almost guarantees their survival.

I wish they would stop ‘dumbing’ things down. Part of what made companions interesting to use was the fact that they each had different combat roles which tied into their stories, i.e Doc was a… erm, Doc!

Also one thing i always enjoyed was saving up planetary tokens and kitting my companions out with the latest stuff every 10 levels or so, i enjoyed balancing out the different mods and stats!

Why take Doc when Treek can heal AND tank? Plus, stats under 47 or so weren’t very important. Then at 47, hit Makeb, and the bolster makes them even less important.

How is it dumbing things down? If anything, it’s making things more varied. Previously if you wanted your companion to compliment your role, you where stuck using specific ones even if you just generally liked another one better. Now you can choose the companion you like and they will always be useful.

I dunno, for me balancing out mods wasn’t all that exciting. Buy X pieces of the same armoring, X pieces of matching mod and X pieces of appropriate enhancement. Multiple that by the number of times you gear up. Done. Always the same. Hardly fun.

Plus there was always the problem with those rare class missions when you needed to take a different companion than the one you always used, and they were useless because they still had their starting gear.

{Containts story spoilers}: Is it to assume that since:
1. Since You’re being released from carbonite in Chapter 3 and you’ve spent [x] years in it.
2. And since You are on Marr’s ship in Chapter 1 that gets attacked.
That means Chapter 1 and 2 will be a Prelude to Zakuul’s story, even containing the conclusion of Vitiate / Ziost?

Ziost story was finished when Vitiate destroyed the planet. Vitiate’s story has just begun it seems.

so we have to deal with two emperors? I always thought that Vitiate fate is decided on an ops or something, similar to Dread Masters

So I assume, based on Musco’s comments about how the ability to use companions in game is completely separate from what happens to them in the story, that you could make a choice that kills a companion in the story…and then pull them out and continue gameplay with them?

Basically, yeah. You won’t be able to use them in the KotFE story line, but you can use them for whatever adventuring you want to do outside of the story.

No you can use them anywhere they just don’t say anything about what’s going on like the companions that are part of the story would.

well for a gameplay livestream they didn’t show much gameplay, unless you count 1 shoting everything and cutscenes gameplay.

One thing i noticed – Vaylin wasnt “bald” unders her “hoodie”. Isnt this the first time in the game, they have introduced the possibility of showing hair/hairstyles while wearing a hoodie?

Oh man, good catch! I didn’t notice that. I hope so! I can’t wear any large hooded robes on any of my characters without also making them wear a mask. The disapperance of their hair just makes them look incredibly creapy. So I hope they did fix it so hair still shows.

…granted I realize how hard that might be to make happen with all of the possible clipping through the hood.

More likely it’s just a unique model for just this one character that has body and armor as one piece. Much more likely they did that rather than figure out clipping issues they’ve failed to deal with in all those years…

if you decide to make a new character, will he/she be a nobody? or will they have a default history according to their class? (e.g Knight is still the Hero and Warrior is still Wrath)

That is great news regarding companions, being able to switch roles. And no more need to gear them up, seems they are getting a costume designer. As long as we can turn Ashara to the Dark Side, I will keep her around. My Bounty Hunters will be pleased now that Torian will be able to tank, dps, or heal.

Will we have access to companions from other classes? Or are we stuck with the old companions, plus a couple of new ones thrown into the mix. My Bounty Hunter would like to have Akavi as an additional romance option. We are stuck with just Mako and Lana at the moment.

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