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GW2 getting raids with core game being free

According to an early tweet by IGN (which has been deleted), Saturday’s livestream at Pax will reveal raid content in GW2 with the core game being free to players.


The tweet links to an article with this URL. The article is not live and won’t be released until August 29.

Seems like someone at IGN fat fingered a tweet, but we sort of guessed raids were coming anyways.

IGN also released the free to play trailer as well, but the link at the of the video doesn’t quite work yet.

According to some strings dug up by that_shaman, here are the possible restrictions for free to play accounts.

  • Only one or two character slots
  • Limit of level 15
  • Seems like a limit on how high a “rank” you can get (specific to trial or possibly PvP related)
  • Only able to send mail to friends.
  • Can’t send items or gold through mail
  • Can’t speak in map chat
  • Can’t access Team Arenas
  • Can’t access main WvW maps (EB and Borderlands)
  • Can’t sell items on TP.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

128 replies on “GW2 getting raids with core game being free”

Awww Dulfy :/ I was hoping you wouldn’t give into the reddit hype and keep this under wraps. I feel bad for the Anet Dev’s with IGN’s MASSIVE fuck up. They deserve to share the details themselves on saturday before majority of the people see. Not everyone browses reddit, so its possible most won’t see.

Doesn’t take it away. Who the Hell wasn’t expecting Raids? Everybody in my guild was when we heard “Challenging Group Content”… Or at least something that is very very very much like raids.

It will spread unfortunately no matter if I post it or not. There are more people on reddit/official forums than reading my site anyways and something this big will found to get passed along.

I don’t use reddit because it’s fucking retarded UI… but I know others that do and that’s how I found out about it.

I bet mike o brien and colin are furious. And I really hope this is not true, it would ruin the game economy. It would suck to think, that Ive spent over 100 bucks on this game to find out that it will eventually be free.

On the other hand, if they figured out some type of way to compensate veterans, I would be open to the idea.

Yea…definitely feel bad for ANet. Seems like they were trying pretty hard to keep this a secret and had planned a really huge announcement.

Well I guess the raids could have been big but as dulfy mentions people already guessed that. As for F2P, this would be big for who? It is not a particularly positive change for existing players.

well the core game has been free now with how the expansion was being sold with core game free so i guess it makes sense in a way. But does that mean people can just make random alternate accounts for no reason?

I just don’t think that approach would sell HoT, (maybe over time it will) no one will purchase the expansion until they are done playing the original. If they don’t like the original they won’t buy the expansion.

I believe F2P players will have the same restrictions as like was done with several free trial period so we shouldn’t worry about the game economy crashing.

On top of my head, these were:

No Trading Post Access
No Access to WvW Alpine Map
Limited Friends List
No Map Chat and Whispers
I believe no mail access too?

these two announcements worry me.

Raids make games super competitive and Raiders have a stigma of being negative towards casual players, which I am one of.

F2p invites more spambots/gold bots

This is bad very bad

So, you managed to utter 4 sentences with no value or information in them.

MMO’s going F2P is not a sign of anything dying. You won’t be playing Heart of Thorns without buying it.

You managed to form 3 sentences and already come across as a condescending prick. Seriously what is wrong with you people, get off my case already for fuck’s sake.

You put up a bad case for public display, you get shredded. That’s how it works.

F2P =|= dying.
F2P rarely ever goes with P2W either.

I tried to emphasize I’m worried about this announcement, then I get attacked. Yes, that’s definitely how mongoloids work.

Apparantly it’s impossible to have a normal conversation here, all you people do is whine and act all high and mighty when you don’t agree with someone.

“an MMO going F2p is usually a sign it’s dying.Also F2P often goes hand in hand with P2W.”

This does not convey that you are worried about the announcement.
This conveys that you are misinformed and your opinions are objectively wrong. Your hostility conveys that you are at least aware that your initial message was quite retarded, so I’m glad you’re not a total vegetable. Good for you.

Antagonism creates hostility.
But I’m done here. I’m saddened it went this way. I may have been wrong, but some of the responses were just plain rude and I responded in kind, probably too much. But what can I say, I’m human I make mistakes. So for what it’s worth I apologize.

I guess the few MMOs I’ve played that were F2P were the rare ones then (like Conquer).

Raids do not make games super competitive. Look at FFXIV. They have what is essentially raids, and there are still so many casual XIV players who do nothing except sit around and roleplay or do their average quests.

I’m sure raiding won’t be for everyone (much like dungeons/fractals arent) but they’ll please many who are desperate for some actually challenging content.

F2P does invite a lot of nonsense though. Hope it’s just a miscommunication and they mean free trial.

And what happens to the “play the way you want” motto?? Raids are definitely not going to hold it up thanx to the community

I have only had negative experiences with raids. They tend to create elitist preening epeen flexers with vast amounts of nerd rage if you don’t cooperate. They’ll want you to have the best gear, a flavor of the monthcookie cutter spec, their rotation, and lets hope there won’t be damage charts for them to spam in chat. I honestly hope this won’t be the case here, but I’m skeptical.

How is this any different from the current dungeoneering zerk meta, except raids will require larger groups and hopefully actual tactics as opposed to stacking and skipping.

You may be right. But until we know how raids are set up on here we just have to wait and hope it provides more than that.

If the goal is to kill something to complete the content (especially if a timer is involved) then whatever kills it the fastest is going to be meta. Yes, that could be Zerk or Sinister. Whatever it is that will be demanded because no body wants to spend more time than necessary when completing said content for the 500th time. Maybe, possibly, there is someone out there that wants content to take AS LONG AS FUCKING POSSIBLE, but I haven’t see or heard of them in 3 years of GW2 play.

It’s funny, my experiences are the exact opposite of yours. Some of the best gaming experiences I have ever had were with guilds doing raids. Nobody were elitist, but we had no stubborn assholes either. People did what they were asked to do.

If you don’t cooperate, of course there’ll be rage. It’s like a soccer-game. You play as a team. If one member decides that he’d rather pick up the ball in his hands, and run around naked screaming – the equivalent of being a bad player, then of course nobody will want him on their team.

I don’t mean it in that way. Of course as a group everyone should cooperate to attain the main goal, I meant it more as they see everything outside of their subscribed formula as noncooperation e.g. “I play like this and so should you or you’re garbage.”

I’m glad you’ve had good experiences. I’m not saying it will the same here.

Can’t be worse than the current high end PVE stuff, lol metazerk and almost never seeing a group because the loot isn’t even worth the effort.

Nothing wrong with Zerk builds. Nothing wrong with PHIW either. What’s wrong is what Zerk enters PHIW LFG and wants everybody to have Zerk builds. What’s wrong is when PHIW enters Zerk LFG and wants everybody to play how THEY want and not conform to the LFG. If birds of a feather flocked together there wouldn’t be any of this bitch-ass whining about Zerk Meta.

Dang anet, stop hyping the xpac up… been since January since we got any content worth playing. Would rather have a release date than hear about this.

Not sure why people are so keen to know the release date. It is not like knowing the release date influences anything, I rather have more info on the game and plenty of beta weekends to balance and optimize the game.

There’s a lot of stuff coming out the end of this year and it helps to know what to budget, especially considering the holiday season.

Because then you can safely ignore it until the day arrives, especially if you’ve already pre-ordered.

So seeing as the core game is free, and after every expansion all previous expansions will be bundled into the core game, does that equate purchasing the current expansion to obtaining a season pass?

The only thing long time players seem to get from purchasing an expansion (as opposed to waiting 2 years for it to become free) is access to all the living world episodes (which would otherwise cost 200 gems each). The more Anet talks, the more dubious the whole pricing scheme appears.

On the up side, I’ll definitely tell my friends to try GW2 HoT in 2 years time, when they can access everything we payed for for free -.-

Your theory makes literally no sense. If your argument is “If every time they release a new expansion all the previous expansions become free, shouldn’t we just wait till later to get all the free stuff!” then you will literally never play the game until maybe some day a decade from now they close down the game and its the FINAL expansion ever for the game and now you can finally say “I can finally get everything for one low low price!!!!one!” Such a flawed argument. I mean sure, if you want to NOT play the game until possibly a decade from now, because new expansions will always be on the horizon, then sure… do that. Meanwhile I’ll be over here playing the game.

I think you’ve missed the point of my post. I’m talking about a bizzare implication if Anet’s previous statement about expansion releases is still true.

I’m not talking about waiting 10 years to by all potential expansions just before the servers shut down. I’m saying the two statements seem to imply that if you own a copy of the base game, every expansion except the last will always be available for you to play – you’ll just be lagging one expansion behind at all times. So as is, if I waited for the next expansion to be released, my base account would be upgraded to HoT ect.

Your passionate ranting, caps locked words and horrendous punctuation are misplaced though. Try reading the last line of my post again, where I sum up my position on the matter. Or if thats too much effort, I’ll re-iterate for you: I’m buying the expansion and will tell my friends to play it in two years time when its free -.-

It doesn’t work like that at all though. From this point on the way the game works is when you buy an expansion, all previous expansions come free with your purchase. You still have to purchase the current expansion to get the previous stuff. This was designed to give new players (no matter when they decide to join the game) access all the things that led up to the current expansion they’re paying for. This was explicitly stated by arena net. Making the core game free does not in any remote way equate to “all accounts will automatically become upgraded to all previous expansions when a new expansion comes out.” But you know, since you’re such a know it all, I’m sure you already realized that.

That is the wording my original post was questioning. As it stands, the two statements released seem to indicate that all but the latest expansions will always be bundled into the core game – which is now free. That would be a pretty bizzare model for Anet to put forward, but one which would equate to the seasonal passes obtained in other games.

How you think Anet’s unannounced financial model will work or how you think I think Anet’s unannounced financial model will work is irrelevant. We won’t know for certain until Anet announces it in a definitive manner (and then proceeds to actually stick to it).

My post was a slapstick discussion of pricing models and how we interact with them. You took some strange tangents from that starting point.

I guess you could just keep waiting for free stuff, but you will miss out on the real fun. Content is always the most lively, fun and engaging when it is actually current. Waiting for the freebies, you will never experience current content.

There are some really awesome old games, in no way diminished by their age or inferior graphics. I played other games and then bought them for next to nothing on steam sales. There are definitely games which are more lively around release time, GW2 has moved away from that model though. Their map system keeps all the maps full regardless of how old they are and while the assault on Lion’s arch was an epic, time limited event, Anet seems to be moving away from them – in favor of instanced story content or always-participatable-silverwaste-type-content. Those are two types of content which are always fun – regardless of how late you come to the party.

Except silverwastes will become almost empty once the expansion releases. Go look at orr, Orr is nothing like it use to be when it was packed full of people. Those people are now at silverwastes and once the expansion comes out those people will move on to there. Whenever the next expansion comes out the people who were filling up Maguuma jungle will move on that expansion and Maguuma will become just a desolate as Orr is now. Coming late to the party WILL (oh look I capitalzed a single world, quick better call me out for “capslocking” everything) be detrimental to your experience.

Orr is part of an abandoned map design model – which was further butchered by the move to the mega-server system. The correct comparison to make would be the drytop map to the silverwastes map. If drytop had been abandoned when silverwastes was released, it would indicate that your assumption was correct – and that old maps would be abandoned in favor of newer maps. As is though, I often drop into drytop maps which reach rank 5 of 7 – which seems to indicate that maps implementing the new “replayability” design will not be abandoned at all.

Not sure how abandoned Orr is though. When I’m there I see a fair amount of people running all over the place – and when I drop a group-event alert in map chat, a sufficiently large zerg descends on my signal flare.

Orr was abandoned long ago… long long ago because there are more profitable areas to be in. And yes, that was before SW and Dry Top.

To me, there is something about experiencing group content when everyone in the group is seeing it for the first time. This only happens close to launch. Sure the maps are full later on, but most people have done all the stuff already and are playing it on alts (or doing it again for fun).

Fair enough. If you like being part of the initial expedition into the unexplored realms, immediate purchase is the only way to go.

The good thing with raids is that the hypothetical difficulty of them will maybe, MAYBE get us out of this damn Zerk meta and finally welcome full tank Guardian, healing Elementalist or that kind of stuff. So yeah I’m totally for the raids, but this F2P thing ?… Well yeah we’ll have a huge burst of new players (wich is always good on a MMO) but we also have a lot of farm/spam bots, gold farmers, ect…

And maybe some decent gear DROPPING at a workable rate in these Raids, rather than salvaging everything for gold to craft stuff.

I’m so hyped! I can just imagine it now:
“LF Tank Guard and Heal Ele then gtg”

45 min. later:
“LF Tank Guard, Heal Ele, 1 DPS then gtg”

This is gonna be awesome!

It will be interesting to see if the raid groups require traditional raid roles. I hope we get some new dungeon/ dungeon paths as well. The group finder needs a serious update as well and can we have an estimated release date too?

While certainly not the only contributor to their success, their cheaper b2p payment model would have played a significant part. It effectively made GW2 much cheaper than their competitors. Other games were charging several hundred dollars for lifetime subs and everyone got that with GW2 for the base price. Bargain!

With ESO and a few other less successful games now also on the b2p model, GW2 has lost that edge. Given the timing – relatively late in the PR campaign, and after all the drama about including the base game in the price for the expansion – I also have to wonder if HoT sales haven’t been as good as they’d hoped and expected.

I think it’s possible they overhyped back when they announced it. I bought into it too. Was sure I’d be buying. Got a few more characters to 80, maxed my crafting, gathered up ascended mats, bought a few more character slots. Was planning to buy the CE. But so far I’ve been disappointed with the details. Not all of them but enough to not pre-order.

It’s a shame IMO. I never would have expected GW2 to go f2p.

ArenaNet is the king of overhype. The smart consumer is just holding out for ALL the details, not just empty promises and buzzwords. They might see a jump in sales when they start talking about the actual PVE content, so we’ll have to see wait these “raids” have to offer.

I was kind of expecting raids to be the challenging content being added. I just hope that it’s not going to turn into a multi-hour affair (already you struggle trying to find groups for the longest/less popular dungeon paths and higher-level Fractals), and that the raids are designed in such a way that other types of builds will be needed. The last thing I was to see GW2 turn into is a “Need 25 more raiders, ZERK OR KICK” scenario. However, given that several of their recent specs and the Revenant suggest they’re trying to give more varied roles to players, I’m hopeful the latter won’t come to pass.

The F2P announcement is a BIG surprise though. The last I heard, GW2’s financial model was doing very well. I wonder if perhaps revenue is starting to plateau and they’re looking to get more market share. My biggest concern is that F2P games tend to get infested by bots and rude players. GW2’s community is, while not perfect, still of a much better quality than most other online games. I’d hate to see that change.

Raids have always been the generic “challenging group content”. I’m not complaining about the inclusion of raids in GW2 (quite interested in how they play out), I just thought they may have had something else in mind – as they avoided actually saying the word “raid” for so long.

Well, we don’t know the official wording for those raids yet. Maybe the people at ING choose “raid” because they understood the challenging group content this way. Doesn’t mean it will be generic. Generic or not, I just hope the people asking this kind of content will be please with it.

Sorry but any idiot can see that GW2’s Bot problem is miniscule compared to the more popular F2P MMOs out there.

So long as this announcement also had the reason for the switch, and those who play for free have trial period restrictions. That way no one worries and bots/scammers can’t just spam all they want without buyin the game

Knowing the gw2 community people will raid in on magic carpets and brooms with the backline flyin in aviator box.mode and shooting birthday blaster s

how is the core game free if you can’t go above level 15? The original core game went to level 80 already.

Chances are you will get to pick a race and do their starting area 1-15. and the story up to past lvl 10.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about the raids. I am quite surprised about it going F2P, I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing, more players is always good. But as some others have said, it does raise concerns in regards to bots and spammers. Also those restrictions are quite heavy but then again, I guess people are more likely to try then buy when there is no monthly sub.

I bought the game for €20 and I don’t like to see games go free after paying for them. But I think it’s better for this game and after all this time I can understand that. I just want no restrictions, because I already payed for the game. I won’t pay for it another time. And max level 15… That’s not free.

Those who bought the game aren’t going to have restrictions, only those who are playing for free have restrictions.
Basically a starter or trial account like other MMO’s have.

A thing GW2 really lacked imo and I have been playing from pre-launch :/

Had friends having to wait quite a while before anet finally did another trial weekend. he bought the game afterwards. but some people just want that trial to make sure.

It does look a bit confusing because the tweet says that people can play the core game for free but then they talk about a f2p option to level 15 which is clearly not the entire core game. Or do they mean that there will be an additional cost to do raid content….hmmm I can see so much potential for negative feedback here…

To quote WP: “You can’t spell ignorant without IGN”.
IGN probably interpreted the information wrong, it would not be the first time that happened anyway.

More common terminology is “trial account” than F2P, if all those restrictions are applied, mainly lvl15 cap. Similar to WoW’s trial accounts.

interesting, I thought GW2 had such feature.

Reading inbetween the lines, TRIAL ACCOUNTs will most likely be able to visit all five starting zones and as grand finale: “Behold, Lion’s Arch! Now it’s the moment you shall enter your credit card number and continue your free play”.

That’s allright by any means, just the terminology used is little bit not-so-precise concerning “F2P” and “core game” terms. Maybe they will add rehashed Ascalonian Catacombs customised for lvl15 players as a bonus. To make it bit more spicy.

It’s a good step for sure. All starting zones are probably nicest and most entertaing locations in the game. So it does have it’s potential to attract new players.

Good news if these “F2P accounts” are restricted to a few maps and a few levels. I was not seeing the point in making the whole core free-to-play.

Indeed. this is more like a permanent trial feature (a thing i found weird that was lacking in GW2. They should put an area restriction on it too though. Then again, goldsellers probably wont even try getting disposable accounts all the way to arah for example to spam say chat there.

No, a 15 man raid would nonsist of 3 Warr 5 ele 5 chrono and maybe 2 guards the last 2 spots are pretty mutch free since perma slow of chronos will trivialize everything :3

Hope they also make it so that they cant just friend request the entire map. I really do not need a followers list full of “jhyvhfde” and “fwkjdhfcks” kind of names.

Curious how the 5-man cap on a lot of Shouts, Consecrations, etc. is going to work out. Since you depend on the game picking the right target for your boons, imagine a fight requiring Aegis and 2 Guardians pop Retreat! and some Ranger pet gets the boon instead of you and you die consequently haha.

Probably the same way it works in most raids, 5 man caps on boons and effects giving priority to your party, so using your guardians example, if your raid has several guardians and at one point during the raid you need everyone affected by a guardian shout or buff, you make sure you organize them in parties where each party has one guardian.

Currently I think distance factors in most. In WvW for instance if you’re not in a party and cast a shout, I think the 4 (the 5th being you) closest allies get the boon(s). Can anyone confirm this?
Though I remember blasting fire fields in zergs and I wouldn’t be getting the resulting Might myself.

boons are applied to you and your party first, after that if your partys say 3 people actually in range then the other 2 boons will go to the closest non party players. I think players are given priority over pets and minions aswell?

They should restrict the free accounts so they can’t send whispers either so those annoying pests, the gold sellers, can’t spam you with their ads

This would actually liven up a lot of zones too – with an influx of players that can’t access map/whisper chat, they’ll be forced to communicate with other players by having to physically be there. This was basically the only downside to megaservers – RP servers like TC no longer had player presence – there would just be dozens of players standing around doing nothing (or busy at a bank, but the same numbers waiting at world bosses just completely silent is kind of lame). I’m not a roleplayer, I /whisper if I need to talk to someone else, but I do enjoy watching/reading player interaction and roleplaying.

That datamined info was for a free trial over a year ago. It has no bearing on this new information.

I’m confused. Isn’t GW2 already free to play ? Does this mean I’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to do raids in Heart of Thorns ?

No, GW2 is B2P (buy to play). You need to buy the game and then you dont pay anymore. Meaning that its gonna be F2P for everyone who havent bought gw2, but with written restrictions. After they pay for GW2/HoT, restrictions will disappear. Got it?

Ah ok thanks. They should call it a trial account, like in World of Warcraft – unlimited play time but only until level 20.

It’s not the same tho. It’s not really trial. It’s going to be the free account, which you can upgrade to full account. If anything, it’s closer to WildStar (especially since they are coming from the same publisher)

So theoretically, I could have free trial account, and run my character to cursed shore and join in on my friends arah runs for the gold. eventually i’ll be able to buy gems and upgrade account for ‘free’.

well you’d be limited to level 15, so that would be very difficult, you could buy char slots with gems but i seriously doubt anet will add gemstore purchases to remove the other restrictons, eg no going past level 15 or using trade post

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