SWTOR Bioware 4.0 Companion Q&A on forums

As promised with the livestream, Bioware is answering some of the companion related questions for 4.0 on the forums. Updated August 28.

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:30 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Excise

Good stream.
Question #1: Without naming specific companions (we’ll use Companion Bob), did I understand the stream correctly and that the below is a possibility:
Companion Bob was a classic Companion. In KotFE, Companion Bob does not return story-wise. Despite that, I can still summon Companion Bob for adventuring purposes.
Is the above understanding correct?
Question #2: Will any new companions have conversation quests?
Question #3: Will any old companions have new conversation quests?

Question #1 – That understanding is correct.
Question #2/3 – Are you specifically talking like "in your cantina or on your ship" type conversations? Or just dialog directly with that Companion?

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:31 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by -Sullster-

Question: Does the existing character affection we have carry over to KotFE or give a higher starting point of influence if/when we try to get them back?

Yup, the existing affection you have will carry over into Fallen Empire

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:37 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by MillionsKNives

Now that gear for companions is for aesthetics only, is it possible that we can get the old green starter gear back for them somehow? I know I have a few companions that came with gear that really fit their character, but because it was green it has since been vendored. Some of these it’s especially hard to find appropriate gear for. For example, Lord Scourge. It’s really not possible to recreate his original look because any gear that looks like that is restricted to the Imp side.

This is a great question/suggestion. I will pass it on to the team.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aricus

I would just like to know the impact of the presence stat on companions. Will it be changed and/or will it be similar to what it is now?

This is a good question, let me talk with the dev team and I will get back to you on this.

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:48 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by cach-x

Chances these get a reply are close to non-existant, but what the hell, I’ll ask anyway.
1. Will be able to meet and/or recruit companions that don’t belong in our class? (for example, if I play the demo with my agent, will I still see T7?) yes or no will suffice.
2. What affects the companions effectiveness in battle? Only our level? what about Presence stat? what about affection?
3. Will any and all changes to the companion system also be applied to the 1-60 leveling experience?(multiple roles in combat, or whatever changes you introduce to crafting)
4. Since some companions are not customizable via armor, I am correct to assume that the customization slot will still be there?
5. What will happen to earpieces and Implants on companions? Should I remove them before starting KOTFE?

  1. Yes.
  2. Level and Presence. What Presence does is increase damage, healing output, and total health of your Companions.
  3. Yup!
  4. Yup again.
  5. The plan right now is they will be mailed to you when they come off your Companion in 4.0.

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.28.2015, 05:58 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Kazyon

Will companion bonuses still affect crafting?

No they will not. Now all Companions will simply just be better at Crew Skills the higher their Influence is.

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.28.2015, 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by EricMusco

  1. Yes.
  2. Level and Presence. What Presence does is increase damage, healing output, and total health of your Companions.
  3. Yup!
  4. Yup again.
  5. The plan right now is they will be mailed to you when they come off your Companion in 4.0.

One added note for the second bullet (I have seen this asked as well) Influence will also add to a Companions combat effectiveness.

August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.28.2015, 07:27 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Kurin

Eric, players should not know anything about this new stat "Influence" for which you speak..Can you please elaborate? What is it? How do you raise it?

Hey Kurin,
Some keen eyed viewers noticed this as a part of our Livestream last night, that is why I made the switch in reference from affection. Also as a reminder, let’s all be careful on the forums when referencing datamined content.

Influence in simple terms, is affection under a different name. There were some system reasons why we made the name change but ultimately it functions in largely the same way. We will likely talk more about Influence when we talk about your Character’s Alliance.

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Seems to me like they played it safe and tried to please as many people as possible, and in my opinion they succeeded pretty well. I’m still not sure how I feel about being able to kill a companion in the story but then still quest with it… however I guess that’s a small price to pay for the end result.

No unnecessary risks, no obscure and brainless decisions for no apparent reason… it’s better than a lot of the other things they’ve done.

Unless the companions that can be killed off are only the new ones. The old ones would still be your buddies. Except Quinn. Quinn could use a long trip on a short nacelle.

I really doubt you’ll be able to kill off your old companions. I hope there’s the option, because there’s a few I really hate, but I doubt it.

And they keep on hammering on about ‘choices that have consequences’. Well… permanently losing a companion is a damn fine consequence.

Although I do think they would have to make it very clear to even the most dim-witted players out there when you are about to make a choice that will cause you to lose a companion, to lessen the amount of whine threads (and you can be sure that even with such a warning system in place, there will be many of those kinds of threads).

One thing I’m concerned about is some of the weapons and gear for the characters. Now, one person asked a similar question about ear pieces and implants, so I’ll thinking we’ll be emailed the weapons and gear when we start KotFE. Is that true?

Yep. I think we’ll get all the stuff back. But I really wonder if we’ll be able to customize the weapons they’ll use w/o affecting their effectivity… Because from what I know, atleast in player perspective, vibroblades deal less damage than lightsabers, electrostaffs less than Lightsaberstaffs, blaster rifles less than sniperrifles or Assault Cannons…

I do hope we’ll be able to get the old starting green gear outfits back.
I saved most of the ones I liked, but I doubt everyone is a pack rat like me.

I am really worried about how the old companions be healers. The healing animations of Lana shown in the live stream is quite lame because there is no animation at all, instead it is a instant cast healing ability. Hopefully they can use the healer abilities from healing companion

I agree although that is the demo software so at game release she might have more animations. Since she has an animation heal in the fight with Revan it would seem kinda weird to completely ditch it for the improved cinematic gaming experience that is KotFE.

I can’t really imagine some companions as healers.
T7-01, Qyzen, M1-4X, Bowdaar, Broonmark, Khem Val (or Darth Zash for that matter), Blizz or SCORPIO if I have to name on from each class…

This is one of my concerns. Some companions have unique abilities/animations…I hope this doesn’t mean we lose them in place of 3 generic skill sets. On the flip side I still want my generic melee dps/melee tank animal companion with custom skins to be any beast in the game….so…meh whatever im a hypocrite.

Agree. I love the Ravage/Master Strike versions on some melee comps, if I can remember, Ashara, Jaesa and Yuun. (Maybe Kira? Didn’t play my Guardian for ages)
Can’t say anything about Nadia or Vector, as I didn’t spend too much time on Agent or Consular. And never used Akaavi, either. Sadly… But I think Kira has some sort of Force quake as her channel, and Torian has a flamethrower.

This feels like a dumbing down of the companion system and I don’t generally appreciate it when they dumb anything down in an MMO, as it means less customization. I liked being able to gear my companions specifically how I wanted them and I don’t like the idea that everyone else’s companions will be running around doing the same exact healing/damage/etc as mine, through no effort.

actually it means more customization in some sense since you can use gear that’s not good stats or not the right stats what would decrees the effectiveness of them

Yeah, just whats said, i still got those starter gears from companions on some alts. Now i can easily put them back on without worrying about stat since certain gear dont have a similar or exact version

What does it matter what anyone else’s companion can do? Companion involvement in group play is negligible, so what could it possibly matter if your Kira does 10 more DPS than another Kira? They’ve basically given us Outfit Designer for companions, relieved us of having to farm companion gear, and opened up the potential to adventure with every companion, in whatever role we want for them. Simplifying does not mean dumbing down, especially when it opens up so much variety.

I have to admit I always gained a certain satisfaction from gearing up my companions as well, but I’ll gladly trade that for the ability to use one I don’t normally – especially if it’s a droid – without needing to go through that entire process again first. Being able to change combat roles just makes the whole thing better, too.

Still, my only real concern is that their combat effectiveness will plateau at level cap and then never get any better. Sometimes I like to solo things I’m not really intended to, and all.

“Farm companion gear”? Really? All you have to do is one bloody weekly on Yavin and you have the whole set (minus customization and crystals) for your companion!
Well, you get the MH from the Revan fight weekly and the OH from a really short daily on Rishi…
Also, it does somewhat matter in open-world PvP. I’ve had several times where I’ve won just because my comp had better gear than the enemies and managed to beat his companion down faster and then helped me secure the kill…

I had to farm my set of 198 tanking gear for Qeyzen, and then aug it all out with endurance mods (I don’t think mitigation works properly on companion tanks, or I might have done shield/absorb) It took a bit of doing. I will miss his envy inducing 67k health, and it made him a handy replacement for primadonna tanks in groupfinder flashpoints. But, if this means customizable looks for all my companions without needing to gear them that’s pretty neat.

Oh. Holy shit then. Wow, just wow.
I thought about giving some of my comps PvP gear (basically Legacy PvP gear I’d use on other toons moved over to a specific companion and buying the MH/OH and ear + implants separately), but I never really got to it.
Tip of my hat to you for going through that.
TBH, I’ve never been too “end-game-y”, so I only have one toon (IO Merc), who isn’t even my main (Gunnery Commando that is) in full 192 Resurrected & fully augmented. After seeing what a hole it made in my pocket, I just said “Heh, NOPE.” as I’m not even interested in HM ops.
I also got the thought about augmenting the Yavin legacy companion gear you get, but then I remembered that’d cost me 1.4-2mil for each. Again, said “Heh, NOPE”.

The costume panels allow for some neat opportunities. What I have done is auged up legacy gear. Which I pass back and forth between imperial and republic clones through the legacy bank. So my sage and sorc wear the same gear, one set of augments saved me a pile of credits, and I had my 6 piece bonus in 3 weeks, but they look different because of outfit panels.. I do the same for my merc/trooper and my knight/warrior. I find you get the most value for sage/sorc and knight/warrior because you can pass almost everything including weapons and offhands.

I’ve done something similar with my scoundrel/operative/gunslinger, but no set bonuses, because of the gunslinger, and I also end up going heals/dps on scoundrel/operative based on what the group needs. (I have a few pieces of interchangeable accuracy gear to accommodate)

Agree with you on the value. But as I said, I never really had the need to have the bonus sets (I’d usually just get angry that I wasted the autocrit on something that had few HP or the timer ran out or the ability was on CD). Then there’s also the question of credits. Of which I don’t have many (my max was 11mil at one time). So if I really want to play with a set bonus, I just on my PT, who’s got only PvP gear. And I can do decent in world combat. And as I run around with her permanently PvP-flagged and her gear isn’t augmented, she has 35k HP, so it’s easy to bait people to think I’m some idiot who activated his PvP flag by accident. Got multiple kills with that on Yavin >:3

Yeah pretty much this. Did the same for Sorc-Sage, Knight-Warr etc.. faster getting sets plus easier getting groups instead of re-gearing one all over. Use to do this when i tried farming certain Decos on different Modes.

Well, when you have 8 60s who you play regularly, and like to use different comps, doing the Yavin 4 weekly 40 times is simply insanely boring, plus armor for HK and Treek. And that’s for getting armors that in a few some cases looks really ugly.

In general, I don’t like when MMOs dumb things down, but I really don’t mind this particular change that much.

TBH, I do the Yavin weekly just for the money when I don’t wanna fight (sometimes literally) over Slicing spots on Yavin and I’ve come to the problem that I don’t even know which gear to pick and to whom to give it. 😀

I shouldn’t have to explain to you why less customization in a game genre based on character customization is a bad thing. I would like to think you could figure that out on your own.

That’s very patronizing, but how are we getting less customization? Normalizing companion stats based on character level is not removing customization, for most people it will improve their play experience dramatically. Plus we’ll be able to outfit our companions the way we want at all levels, without the choice of armour or weapon affecting their stats.

If you think that normalizing companion stats is “less customization”, then we can agree to disagree, because in every other way, we’re going to have more possibilities available to all companions than ever before.

Yes, homogenizing all companion stats and not allowing people to change them to suit their needs other than to cycle through three different modes is less customization. That’s removing customization for everyone, as everyone has a different set of gear on their commonly used companions from everyone else in the game. And you can outfit your companion the way you want at all levels now, that’s what orange gear is for.

Do you even play the game?

lol Did I just get insulted by the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins?

I’m sorry my opinion differs from yours and that this differing is causing you discomfort, Mr. Van Dyke.

wow nice one. Its not the fact that your opinion differs from mine its that you’re being a condescending douche

I’m sorry that you feel that way. I’m also sorry that you feel the need to express your feelings by editing your comments after the fact, like a manipulative weasel.

I’m such a manipulative weasel, I edited my comment by adding “Its not the fact that your opinion differs from mine its that you’re being a condescending douche”, mommy mommy!!!

I’m glad you agree, but shouldn’t you be doing homework right now, instead of getting into internet arguments, or have you not advanced that far in school yet? If it’s the latter, isn’t it past your bed time?

8/27/15, the day I defended Kiri.
Dunno who you are Guest, but this really isn’t the way to win folks over. Every response from you is just more negativity, and the whole “You must be 12” argument is just done already. I think this thread is done, its a shame you are posting without accountability, it will make it harder to ignore you.

Edit: This post wasn’t edited. Editception.

I can’t even begin to express how little I care about anything you just said. I really can’t. I tried, but I don’t think the words exist yet to describe that amount of raw apathy.

lol So now you’re a liar, too? Grow up, weasel.

Although, it IS pretty funny that this is so important to you. I’m glad I was such a big part of your day.

Ah, I see: I mistook you for an actual participant in a discussion, but now I see you are a troll. I decline to indulge you any further. Good day!

I don’t recall asking you to “indulge” me in the first place. I stated my opinion and you proceeded to tell me why that opinion was wrong.

If you don’t have an adequate reply to what I said, that’s fine, but don’t try to pass it off as a decision you made because I didn’t address you in the manner to which you are accustomed.

Brah, I think being able to pick from all three combat roles is hella fine as far as giving more variety for gameplay. It certainly seems a bigger advantage than being able to screw around with comp stats ever was.

I think I’ve customized companion stats more than anyone, and honestly its still a welcome change. Seriously in my experience, companion stats are heavily diluted anyway where if you want an effect you really need to put in a crazy effort to see the fruits of your labor to a point its barely worth it anyway, other than the loophole where you can create massive hp pools I guess. Seriously, I’d rather they look the way I want them too and are effective on their own…also think of all the arguments that just got solved in lowbie flashpoints. No more rolling for companions! Weeeee!

To our condescending guest…companion gear from the weeklies on Yavin wasn’t customizable and is what most people felt they had to use. Orange gear wasn’t solving those problems at all. Do you even play the game?

I’ll add to this: I got 190 on my mains, and 178 on their fave comps, and we walk through anything PVE throws at us.

So yeah, the mods you put in companions gear isn’t all that big a deal.

I had a friend who put Cunning mods on his HK instead of Aim, and it really didn’t matter at all. Good times.

Hey look, more weasely editing. Pot>kettle>black. Good job.

It’s really not my problem what most people “felt” they had to use, because as far as outfit appearances are concerned, you can adequately customize a set of orange gear to your liking and outfit your companion with it to the result of the same, if not better stats. So if people felt that way, they were mistaken. And if this specific gear is an issue, maybe they should address that specifically, rather than overhauling the broader system.

Above post wasn’t edited, and it if was, I don’t think you understand the pot calling the kettle black analogy. That last little bit at the end was added on while I was still typing the first paragraph : ) Discuss updates in realtime, you just need to click on new posts. Anyway, I think if you’d really played around with your companions and their stats, you would actually see their gear doesn’t make a huge difference, they have the stats of a player but don’t do nearly the same damage or healing. They are already heavily watered down. Nothing lost, plenty gained, I think the only thing I will miss is my giant Mega Qeyzen because even if he couldn’t mitigate to save his life, he was enough HP for the boss to choke on while Pyre burned it down. No more duoing hard mode flashpoints I guess.

tbh, you can still customize your companion how you want just as we do it now, the only difference is no stat restriction, (Not sure bout gear type, but seeing how SoR was mostly adaptive) i dont see any real issue here. When people were nearing End content of Sor Everyone could almost get the same type of gear for their companions. If you were sub you got the 192, as a non sub would get the 186 and then you got the other one which i cant remember the rating on it but bottom line would be, almost everyone’s companion would still do similar if not exact, healing, damage etc…

What’s the point of that comment? Honestly? We already knew they were going to talk about companion stuff during the stream. Do you think they’ll forget to make class changes and add new abilities? They told us what they would talk about, and they talked about it. If you’re surprised or disappointed, you should’ve kept a closer eye on the SWTOR Dev Tracker.

That’s a shame, I would love more interesting stuff, maybe less combat related. For sages I’d love to see a AoE circle that you can drop on a few mobs to reduce their agro range to almost nothing. Think Obiwan on the death star.

Let me recall:


Knight/Warrior get a 20m non-target charge during which you’ll slash anything that comes into your way. Also gives you 100% Defense. 45s CD

Shadow/Assassin get a teleport to their target. Increases your speed by 75% for 3s. Doesn’t break stealth. Doesn’t work on targets in cover. Requires Saberstaff/electrostaff (why? due to animation? o.O) 30s CD

Sage/Sorc get Phase Walk that was Shadow/Sin-only til now.

Commando/Merc get a 20m backward “charge” to re-establish range. Can’t be used if immobilized or hindered (i.e. Electronetted). 1s GCD. Grants immunity to stuns and such during the animation. Requires Assault Cannon/Two pistols. 20s CD

Vanguard/Powertech DPS now get Storm/Jet Charge. Tanks get an ability that swaps the position of you and your target. Protects the target from pulling/being charged for 6s and are immune to interrupts and activation knockbacks until they use an attack or heal ability. 1.5s cast. 90s CD.

Scoundrel/Operative gets basically the same as Shadow/Assassin, but has 45s CD. Can only be used on targets that are 135° to either side of the direction your character is looking.

Gunslinger/Sniper get an ability, that immediately finishes CDs on:
a) Dodge, Surrender, Defense Screen, Pulse Detonator, Hunker Down, and Hightail It
b) Evasion, Countermeasures, Shield Probe, Cover Pulse, Entrench, and Covered Escape
Ignores GCD. 3min CD.

All info taken from
Hope I could help.

I think my Assassin, who’s a womanizer would (if it’d be possible) run around with Ashara, Kira, Nadia, Dark Jaesa and Ensign Raina Temple. 😀

imho Vette is awesome. What exactly annoys you about her? I find her cute, always energic and funny…


1) She’s like a child
2) She’s just annoying with her in-battle “sayings”
3) I don’t like her abilities
4) She’s about “helping people” and I’m a friggin Sith and want to kill people – it doesn’t fit.
5) She’s a whiner
6) She’s not even slightly evil

I want my team DRENCHED in evil and imperialism – I don’t want a “cute” team, I’m an evil killing machine. Ideally I’d have:

Malavai Quinn
Khem Val
Darth Marr
Lord Scourge
Lana Beniko

Too many chiefs. If I was going for evil and imperialism, I’d probably go with Quinn, Pierce and Talos, maybe Khem for added muscle and maybe vector/raina. Some of them have neutral/good leanings, but that team is all in it for the empire at least. Xalek is waiting patiently for his chance to stab you, and Khem wants to use your head as a soother.

I think if we were given the possibility to pick anyone we can, I’d go with this:
Juggernaut (who’s lightsided and tried to spare anyone who he could, except the Jedi on Hoth. I thought there were more conversations with him and more fights and I wouldn’t just kill him in battle ;_;)
Light Jaesa, due to her special ability and knowledge of the Jedi and a possible ability to negotiate with Jedi
Scourge, due to his knowledge as a Sith
Pierce, due to his patriotism
Vette (she’s his wife, yo)
Talos or Lokin

Assassin (pure Dark Side, but likes knowledge)
Darth Zash in Khem Val’s body (yes, I chose that)
Talos, due to his knowledge about antics & archeology
Ashara as his wife and apprentice (he’s actually a pureblood)
Torian or Akaavi, as he’s interested in the Mandalorian culture
Andronikos, as he and my Assassin became friends and he’s a good pilot and knows what to steal.

For my Marauder, I would love to get Marr, Lana, Jaesa, Scourge and both HKs.

And on my Assassin, boot Ashara for Jaesa.

Khem Val is perhaps one of the most honorable companions in the game. Sure, he wants you dead, but he’s not going to strangle you in your sleep. He wants to kill you in battle, and wants you to bring your a-game. Not because he doesn’t want to dishonor you, but because he doesn’t want to dishonor himself.

Haha. I got him one of the customization sets that make him look like a soldier in the KISS army

I got him the one where it looks like he turned a coffin into clothes….second thought we might be talking about the same thing.

1) Call me a pedophile, but as a teenager myself, I find her kinda cute.
2) That’s one of the reasons I love her so much. ,,Ok, let’s get back to Sith business… Grrrr!”
3) Excavation Charge is weird, otherwise it’s just the usual stuff.
4) My Jugg is LS, so she fits him.
5) She’s a (most likely) teenage woman, what do you expect.
6) No shit.

IMHO Khem Val and Xalek are not really imperialistic. Khem Val is just all about slaughtering enemies and whining about his glorious past. (,,ermahgerd, I’m a big ugly monster and I killed Jedi at Yn and the Battle of Chabosh. I was the sidekick of a Sith named Tulak Hord about whom nobody ever heard before this game, ermahgerd, fear me”) I actually went with Zash, as even though my Assassin is evil, he also likes knowledge more than just brute force. And Xalek just wants to become a god (His repetitive, although nicely sounding and cool line: ,,I go to become a god!”), I don’t think he gives much crap about the Empire.
Quinn is just a rectal alpinist who’ll die the second I get the chance to kill him even though I should get -10000 influence to all other companions.
Not quite sure what I shall think about Scourge’s care about the Empire, but Marr is a true patriot. He doesn’t give a damn about the Sith infighting and just wants the Empire to prosper. I’d give my life for him (ingame).
Lana is neat and weird both.

Marr cares about the Sith the most and he also cares about the galaxy. He only allies with you to ttake down the emperor

I meant what I said about Marr in the way that he isn’t your typical Sith who’ll backstab anyone to acquire his position.
And sure, both Khem & Xalek are evil. I never said they aren’t.
-Khem Val: I agree completely
-Xalek: I never said anything about backstabbing, did I?
-Quinn: True, but let’s be honest, weren’t you upset all you could do is hurl him against a wall and choke him for 10-20 seconds while his facial expression said ,,meh, I don’t even give a damn”
-Scourge: I know. Even though I haven’t even completed the dialogs with him on my JK, I like him. But he also cares about the galaxy, just like Marr.
-Lana: I really don’t know what to think of her. Maybe my Assassin will stab her in the back if we get the chance… Maybe… But if I ever were to make a Marauder, she’d be a b*tch, and definitely stab Lana in the back…

Yea I was upset but in my mind the mere fact that he knows you can annihilate him like nothing and that he’s always afraid of you now is fine for me.

Like I said to some other guy above, he adds a great dynamic to the crew and to the story. You need guys like him to keep it interesting. For me its really boring if all of your crew just rides you and sucks up to you all the time – i like some rebellion.

If it helps, Vette is 21 during the course of the primary story, so she’s @ 24-25 by the time of events in SoR.

Oh, thanks for the info. Where is her age mentioned? Never noticed. And if she’s 21 by the time you acquire her on Korriban, she’d 23-24 in SoR. If I count right, that is…

It isn’t specifically mentioned, but someone else did the math that because she and Risha are the same age (according to Risha’s story), and Risha was 11 when her dad was frozen, and it’s 10 years later when she sees him again, that Risha and Vette are both 21 (give or take).

Dude seriously, Tulak was mentioned in both Kotor games. I get that you’re a teenager and might not have played those, but they were kinda a big deal. And I think Xalek only says that when his health is low or something, so just keep him healed and he shouldn’t mention the “I go to become a god” stuff.

Alright, I’m sorry about not knowing more about Tulak before posting. I bought both KotOR games in the big SW pack on Steam during a sale. But since I’ve spent most of my time playing SW:TOR or Battlefront 2, I didn’t really try them out. I mean, I played about 1-2 hours of KotOR 1, but I really despise the combat system.
And no, Xalek doesn’t mention that when his health goes low, it’s one of his “go to” phrases he says when you interact with him when he doesn’t want to talk in a cantina nor on a ship.

The story in 1 can be enough to get you past the old D&D style mechanics, and honestly as you get more and more abilities it smooths out a bit too (combat will speed up, etc) The second one however I got stuck on. Nar Shaddaa bored me to death, and then by the time I got to Onderon (I was so excited for Onderon/Iziz because of the old Tales comics) I was just too bored to keep going. I hear its really good, I just didn’t like it personally, so like any opinion, take it with a grain of salt.

Khem is not Imperialistic at all but he’s pure Sith. His philosophy is simple. Crush those who are weaker than you. Crush those who would seek to control you. Don’t pay fealty to anyone who hasn’t proven themselves worthy (i.e. pretty much everyone). He thinks the Imps are all talk. He’s a dashade of action. And I chose him over Zash, because while Khem Val told me from the get-go that he planned to destroy me and feast on my soul, at least he was straight up with me from day one.

Of course he’s a monster. He’s a sith. It’s sort of the point he’s trying to make.

@markedesade:disqus Yea the the who betrayed me but who i put in his place by choking the shit out of him and nearly killing him. That guy.
He’s a big part of the story and he’s a good character. May be a backstabbing douche but he’s a great character.

I really like his kind of “educated” yet douchy personality because it adds to the crew.

Scourge is not interested in pure evil. Did you read the Revan book or listen to his comments? Lana is not either.

will i be able to use the new companions i get from the story like lana out side the story area like on the fleet or will i just be able to use classic comps outside story areas?

From my understanding some of these companions might be temporary, but if they are permanently yours, I think they should be usable anywhere.
Post this question on the official forums.

Since they hinted we’ll be revisiting old planets, I guess there’s no reason they can’t stick with us everywhere.

because equipment stats are a pain in the ass and cost s shit ton in higher levels and it just makes your life easier, AS WELL AS now being able to give your companion the look you want without sacrificing stats.

yeah, that was my point. great gear for all roles but the appearance of most if not all didn’t really appealed to me but if u wanted your comp to perform well you had to sacrifice the look for the stat

Doc I didn’t mind. But Kira and Scourge I said f it, and just grinded basics to get them purple 186.

Yeah, that shit gave me a sad. Great for the droids and Blizz and Treek, but the rest of them? Lame.

great ya, i mean i dont really need to optimize it to the max really, they do their job just fine as it is. Just the 192 had no way to rip em out. But either way im glad for this chance

Frankly, I welcome this change – it simplifies so much. I regret the days I worked so hard to keep them on a par with me.

Don’t get me wrong, the challenge was amusing – some times. But this will be much better.

Because keeping all 5 comps at the same gear level as you is a pain, especially when you want to have them in a certain outfit -extracting stuff is expensive.

Equipment and Commendations drops like raindrops in this game. Never had a problem with that. And everybody hates 3 out of 5 companions, so you only equip 2 max 3 of them.

Yeah, still some missions only give you 1 Basic Commendation —- when it would be more helpful if they gave you 10 or 20. That way, it wouldn’t take so long trying to get enough Commendations just to upgrade stuff after a certain number of levels.

Some missions require certain companions, and some classes need certain companions. Like Marauders need Quinn or Ship droid.

Same rationale that they stated during the steam, same reason as why they are allowing any companion to tank, heal, or dps. They want you to use the companion you -want- to use, and not feel like you are making life more difficult or being less optimal. Even if they allow a companion to do all 3 roles, gear still locks into a single role (as others have pointed out below) making the entire companion revamp ineffectual. Thus, in order to make sure that you are actually able to use whichever companion you want to, they are removing equipment stats.

Exactly, and this is a HUGE awesome upgrade that i love. i am so excited. I always HATED bringing some companion I hated just because I needed a tank or healer instead of my romanced character whom I always wanted by my side in battle.

Well, 3 roles for all companions is a huge mistake for me… They started giving the ugly little teddy bear monster, Treek, her unbalanced combo tank / healer, and everybody (the 95% of players in my server aprox.) is using her for adventuring, leaving behind all the other companions with more weight in the character´s plots and background… And really I cant see Corso or Skadge like a healers or Mako or Doc as tanks by example; doesnt fits with his personality…
Same thing to take strenght, cunning, aim, will and other main stats and simplify they in a single one, for main characters; other wrong step.
I like diversity, and I dont care about waste more time and resources equiping companions or my alters with the right wear.

Well by your own addition, they will no longer have to do that, since they can bring any companion they want now.

Main stats were not diversity. You are a fool if you think so. All classes ALWAYS needed 1 stat + Endurance.

Strength was always only good for warriors, willpower for sages, cunning for agents and so on.

So by simply calling it mastery, they are just removing useless drops from flashpoints.

I know this. I played this game the last 4 years. 😛 I mean diversity because every class had his own drops, armors and weapons. More sense than “all for all”. With this “mastery” many people can fill 3 legacy armor sets: tank, dps and healer settings, with a few modules and send it via mail to every character when they wants to play with him / her. Why bothers for equip every character, if you can use only three equip sets?

Q: I would just like to know the impact of the presence stat on companions. Will it be changed and/or will it be similar to what it is now?

A: This is a good question, let me talk with the dev team and I will get back to you on this.


Q:What affects the companions effectiveness in battle? Only our level? what about Presence stat? what about affection?

A:Level and Presence. What Presence does is increase damage, healing output, and total health of your Companions.

Seriously, are these guys just high, or what?

Two separate questions-one is will presence be changed in KOTFE, whereas the second is ‘what is presence’, and the reply is that it affects comps.

So basically, presence will stay, and still affect comps, but the guy doesn’t know if presence will remain identical, or change a little bit.

I’m making the assumption ( and yes, I know, ha ha ) that both questions were in regard to how Presence will be treated in KOTFE. If only because, y’know, that’s what this Q&A was about.

I can’t ask on the forums right now because I don’t have my sign in fobby doodle with me, but I’d really like to know if we will still have our stat bonuses from max affectioning companions. Mainly the 1% hit bonus, but the crit etc too I guess. Not to mention the piles and piles of bonuses to Presence for having them all maxed out (and leveling a human to 50)

I’d be astounded if those bonuses didn’t carry over. That would remove a very significant amount of benefit from the Legacy system, and instantly enrage a lot of vocal people. I don’t think the legacy bonuses are tied in any way to the companion stats, so there’s no reason to change that, unless BW feels they’re not getting yelled at and abused enough. 🙂

I think you may have found a compelling enough argument for some of these little monsters to mind their P’s and Q’s till October.

Ahh the Legacy system. That is something that they pretty much ignore now days. They need to add something to it.

I hope they’ll allow Aric Jorgan to use sniper rifles again. If they’re getting rid of stats for companions, we should be able to give him normal cunning rifle. He’s sniper, he should use it.

Yes. It had always bugged me that this elite squad doesn’t have a sniper. While they are at it make it so that you can use a blaster rifle if you want instead of the cannon without losing abiltes.

wish i didnt have to work the day of the stream :/ one thing I thought about with the companions not needing gear pretty much now is, thats gonna make droid gear completely useless since it doesnt affect the appearance of the characters like with hk and t7….

Droid gear has been handled terribly though up until Yavin came around though. Remember that horribly itemized seemingly nerfed for no reason CZ gear?

I am so glad they are taking the gearing aspect away from companions. I always found it annoying. Looking forward to the new system and interested to see these big changes to crafting.

Interesting informations all arround. There is still a lot we don’t know about the companions, but I’m personally fine with it, I like to learn the game mechanics by trying them.
I just thought the Q&A on the forums would be longer. Only a handfull of questions were answered and many very interesting ones were left hanging.

I still don’t like that we get to keep all our companions outside of KotFE but w/e I’ll get used to it..But will feel awkward to me 😐

Hopefully we get at least 1 “new” companion right off the bat, so we don’t need to. I’m fine with it if it’s optional.

I was thinking that I would like to have an option to “turn off” the companions that are not in the story currently or that I would prefer not to see again, if death isn’t possible.

on 1 hand i like the gearing aspect of compagnions being cosmectic only but on the other hand its removing a huge rpg mechanic here and gearing your comps is not hard only droid compagnions are hard like t7 and m1-4x

it smells of dumbing the game down for idiots who didnt want to bother getting some gear for their comps

the tank/dps/heal role for all comps sounds great but i fear it will be bugged this is a big change really big specially when it also is gonna be applied to 1-60 content

the gearing aspect of comps being removed both great but also massive dumbing down
the whatever your comp you want it to be is really great but with barely 2months i fear its gonna be bugged.

I honestly don’t think the all roles mechanic is going to be bugged, after all, the AI paterns already exist. All is needed is a way for us to be able to select between them.

I don’t think you could have one without the other. Campanions taking on multiple roles but needing 3 sets of gear would be pretty miserable.

And I think they removed the gearing exactly for that. You will not need to worry if your comp has enough endurance to be a tank, or crit to be a dps. Taking that away, the comp will adapt instantly with the stats he needs.

It’s a great change since you don’t need to work to gear up 5 more people anymore. You can focus on improving yourself.

It will be nice while leveling to be able to switch companions on a whim too. Normally while leveling you end up stuck with one comp the whole way because the others are dressed as bums, in whatever tattered rags they came with 18 levels ago, there is a story mission for troopers that has you using each of your companions one after the next, and it definitely showed the problems with ungeared companions. But almost all classes have at least that one mission where its like “Take Soandso with you!” *Mission Requires Soandso* and there you are, standing beside a tank with 1/3 your health and no weapon.

Oh, sure. And the changes for 5.0 will be all the player classes are able to make dps, tanking and heals, changing his role with a single button, just like companions in 4.0… This is next step if the things goes with this simplify way style. And lots of people being happy I bet…

Currently, you have a 192 box of gear for companions, dropping at 1 box a week, from yavin 4. If that´s not fast gearing, I dont know what to call it =/

I think they are trying to make the game cheaper for the players by not having to expend as many credits on companions, therefore they can focus more on central character and not have to spend as much time grinding. I’m for it!

Yes, especially now that we’ve had so much 12x xp on two seperate occasions! This has caused most players to have one of every class at endgame instead of just one or two end game characters making gearing companions more of a chore than it used to be. Even the current Yavin 192 sets for them became a tedious grind after gearing about 10 companions. This change is a new need that is quite welcome IMO

Don’t worry. An unexpected benefit of Kira spending long periods of time in a relatively small starship with Doc is that Kira has almost certainly come to silently louthe Doc’s womanizing ways.

“You want to go home and rethink your life”
– Obi Wan Kenobi

Doc: Heeey you wanna have some sex?
Kira: You don’t want to have sex with me.
Doc: I dont want to have sex with you….
Kira: You want to go home and rethink your life.
Doc: I want to go home and rethink my life….

Seems like good qol improvements to me. For those of us that don’t have tons of time to gear ourselves and all the companions as well, this will let us finally use some characters that may have gone unused since low lvls.

Some will be in the story others won’t, but more to the point you may keep HK as a dps, but when 4.0 comes out he will also be able to tank and heal, so I would assume they will have universal gear which will change, no point having dps stats on HK if you choose to use him as a tank.

There is that too (any companio will be able to fill all three roles), but the gear will be mailed to you for another reason.
Companions will no longer get stats from gear, just looks.
Instead, companion stats will scale based on your character level. They will still recieve bonus from your presence stat hough.

But why go through the trouble of removing gear and mailing it to you, (which will clutter up your mailbox with… what, 12 items per companion (not counting skin) x as many as 8 companions per character = some 96 items in your mailbox on every lv50+ char? Why bother going through all this trouble, if you don’t lose access to them in the first place?

Why not just leave the gear on and say ‘hey your companions don’t need stats anymore’?

That could be way too much stuff cluttering up your cargo hold then. It seems odd to mail it all back to you. It must just be the ear and implants. If it all the gear and we can’t reequip them right away I know I don’t have room in my hold 🙁

Well it seems you are the only one with a problem, If I get all my comps gear back then I will re what I can the rest I will trash and destroy what I can’t, none of it will be any use so why keep it.

Because if you hit the *Trigger* for starting 4.0 you will advance in the Story and there you will loose contact to *ALL* your Companions and you will have to get them back… Therefore you will not have – as far as I was able to undertstand it – any of the old Companions for a certain time and if you get them back they won’t have the gear you gave them…

Not really. From what they said you’ll NOT loose access to your companions. You just won’t be able to use them in story quests/areas (don’t know how that will work). But they’ll still be available to run dailys, craft and follow you arround when you’re not advancing the new story.
You’ll only get the gear back because your companions will not need it anymore.

You won’t lose game function of any companion you currently have. Even if they leave you or die in your story, you can still summon them to go adventuring with.

As I understood it, it is not all gear that will be mailed to you, only ear and implants (the ones with no cosmetic features). The rest of the gear will still be equiped on your companions, giving them whatever appearance it has.

Because your companion could be wearing something that has a look that is irreplaceable. Such as maybe youre old season 1 pvp gear with diff mods in it or the original Rakghoul event gear etc. Wouldnt you want that mailed back to you?

They aren’t mailing you all of their gear. Only the ones that don’t have an appearance changing aspect (like implants, earpieces, droid parts, etc.)

Since companions will no longer benefit from stats, the only use in equipping stuff on them is to change their appearance. But since those types of gear don’t change their appearance, it’s not going to be one of the things you can equip on them. And since those slots are going away, they are mailing the items in them back to you. If they didn’t, then people would complain that BW is stealing items from their accounts.

I´m kinda happy to know gear for companions wont be a trouble anymore, since I do like to put custom sets on them, just for the looks 😛

Free for sub. You get all episodes if you’re a sub. If you drop your sub, you’ll not lose episodes, but not gain any new ones either. If you resub, you’ll get all episodes up to that point.

ask for time cards at Christmas and keep it going that way…if your still into it that is…I know I will be

i really like the game so I wont quit it, unfortunely there are no time cards in my country so i will have to just buy the 2 months sub thingy in swtor website 🙂

Just Google swtor game time card 30-60 days. Some are a lot cheaper then swtor site if money is really an issue.

Or you can sub every 3-4 months unless u want every chapter right away

If the BioWare geared companion is too low to solo a H4, it remains too low for ever.

Now I can give the companion endgame gear with max augmentations and boost him. Then I’ll be stuck with what ever BioWare wants.

And seriously, everbody just gears two of them, maybe three. And this was never a problem. If it was, go and play Angry Birds!

do you know you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GEAR THEM UP NOW? who’s whining? we are just losing a very important life saving aspect of the game!

maybe, maybe not. I am waiting to see if the devs give us Yavin level 192 stats then I won’t care. If we get minimum level stats then I will rage. Although I hope that all the voices talking about this will lead them to give us the high end stuff.

My understanding was that your companion’s stats are directly linked to yours. So if you want them to have max stats then you need to have that on your own toon.

The suggestions early on was that things like aim are being removed for a centralised non-class-specific stat system, which is clearly how your stats can have an equal impact on each of the 3 roles.

Maybe should read again. You WILL be able to gear them, you just don’t have to worry about stats. As not all green gear have a addaptive version. I can use my green starter LT pierce gear on him without worrying about him being low on stat and performance. So no we don’t lose anything just gain more customizable options….

What about our ship droid? If you have one of those unique pieces that gives your ship droid +2 crit for crafting or gathering, will we not be able to benefit from that anymore? We paid a butt load to get access to that on board vendor droid and more for the piece you put in your ship droid. All that just ‘poof’ done away with?

The ship droid is there primarily to sell your junk too and repair your gear – that’s why it’s called a repair droid.

The fact it sold upgrades was really only a bonus to it.

Even if those stats to the ship droid drop off, it’s overall worth is obviously going to increase since it can now be as proficient in combat healing and tanking as any other companion, so I would also argue that makes it far more worthwhile.

He was more referring to the shipdroid cn or whatever his name is. He mentioned the repair droid cause it’s the only one selling those items but the question was what happens to those items and what happen to the shipdroid. Not the repair one.

I am relieved to see we’ll be able to fashion up our companions without sacrificing their performance.

And you most definitely have my vote on giving us back the starter outfits.
– Kaliyo’s is super stylish and fits her way better than any BH suit;
– Pierce has an Imp trooper starter suit that is a pain in the back to recreate with moddable pieces;
– Scourge starts in a SW set, and the gear that drops for JK makes him look like a Jedi even though he never admitted to abandon his beliefs;
– Ashara starts in Jedi robes but has to change in Inquisitor gear to keep up the game.

I am at the same time a tiny bit saddened by the fact that companions are redesigned to work akin to how pets/demons/elementals in WoW work. I just wish people high up in EA weren’t so greedy and afraid of losses. If they weren’t, they’d let the devs experiment more and for SWTOR to find its own look and feel instead of “let’s see in Blizzard’s idea works and do the same”.

Have you heard of modable Adaptive Armor? If not, have a look at your local Cartel Market or Global Trade Network.

Adaptive armor has been the go-to solution for many, sure, including me. But a set of decent-looking adaptive armor can cost anywhere from 100k to over a million credits, and for preferred players items that cost over 350k are off bounds.

I put my Pierce in the Makeb reputation gear (full imp trooper armor, but white) and Akaavi in the BBA reputation gear, but that’s about as much corners as one can cut.

I hardly see this as a “lets see if Blizzard idea works and do the same”
Hit the forums, you’ll see a lot of people asking to use whatever companion they like instead of tank or heal etc.

Nothing is being removed from functionality. Story wise, some of your companions will leave or die… but functionally, you can still summon them to adventure with.

Naturally, this comes to light just as I finish leveling a Sorceror with Synthweaving, specifically because it was useful for gearing three of that class’ companions.

now it should be better, you can craft the oranges and not put mods in them, still works for customization and look

You didn’t waste your time, there are a lot of nice skins you can make with Synthweaving. With Outfit Designer, even green and blue skins are just as valuable as orange. Synthweaving is the only reliable way to get the unique red-glowing-eyed Primeval Paragon’s Headgear, for example (besides random world drop).

They’ve also not announced the changes to crafting yet, so that 450 or whatever might turn out to be a huge benefit.

Did they say if we can have companions from the other faction?
E.g. Khem Val as a companion for the Commando, and something like that.

I wouldn’t bank on all companions being available to all classes; some of them are very specifically tied to certain characters, Khem Val being a good example. It’d be fun if it happens, but I’d put that in the “wait and see” category rather than “eagerly awaited”.

Yes, I doubt Elara will join an imperial team. But who knows, my Agent isn’t really imperial, she’s freelance. And my Inquisitor want’s to create a better empire.

Like many others ~SPOILER~ I wan’t to reunite Risha and Cena ~SPOILER~.

No. They’ve already made it fairly clear that there won’t be cross faction companions or story content. Outside of newer companions like HK, Treek, Lana, Theron, etc., and whatever new ones they introduce, they’re not going to make companions from other factions recruit-able…it’d make no real sense from a story or gameplay standpoint why any of the companions would shack up with the other side when they’e got enough issues with their own side being crippled, and since companions will be multi-role, there’d be even less point since it’s clear they’ve done that to make it so classes are able to fully use *all* of the companions they already have equally.

One thing I hadn’t considered (not related to companions) is that most Main Stat/End augments are presumably going to become Mastery/End augments. That has the benefit of making them fully interchangeable between characters, rather than limited to those characters that share the primary stat. Assuming that’s how they do it.

True enough but if you use them, and afterwards discard them for another augment they will still be limited to the character you used them on. It will make crafting a little easier though.

They should allow droid companions to ignore bound to slot restrictions for armorings. HK-51 is now useless because he can’t have as much expertise as other companions. Especially, they want to give us new model HK-55.

They just said all gear is cosmetic on companions and that their stats are tied to your character.
So I don’t see your point.

Eric just answered it: Influence in simple terms, is affection under a different name. There were some system reasons why we made the name change but ultimately it functions in largely the same way. We will likely talk more about Influence when we talk about your Character’s Alliance.

Hey dulfy, can you maybe put up a suggestion for new content for swtor on your websiite? Maybe bioware will notice it… Like stuff like legacy credit holds, different appearance for main hands through the outfit designer, hood up/down option, etc

So, our companions won’t be getting much in this new expansion. No new stories? They don’t really factor into our character’s story at all? I’m happy with the other changes, but I expected companions to have a bigger impact on the story. Now they’re just another pet that we can summon.

I dont see how you got that out of it. They are actually going to be a big deal in the story and your choices/actions may turn them against you or get them killed. Kind of like how if you went darkside at the end of KOTOR I imagine. The difference is that even if that happens in the story you can still summon them for combat and stuff after.

“Companion Bob was a classic Companion. In KotFE, Companion Bob does not return story-wise. Despite that, I can still summon Companion Bob for adventuring purposes. Is the above understanding correct?”

“That understanding is correct.”

They also said that you will find out what happened to your old companions that you have currently and find out what happened to them and/or encounter/regroup with them at some point in the story. So yes, they will be a big part of everything.

Details have yet to be revealed. Don’t freak out just yet.

Sorry, this is the first I’ve heard on the subject. I guess I missed something a while back. Thanks for clearing that up.

Some of the old companions will feature in KotFE, some will not. We don’t know which will and which won’t yet.

Based on what I’ve seen on reddit from the data miners, I’m not expecting most of the old companions to return. 🙁

I imagine its a popularity contest…like… Sergeant Rusk – does anyone use this guy? Ever? I expect he will have died during our absence lol

We know they are willing to replace VAs, but they might leave that as a last resort.

But also, there are 40 companions, that is too many to include in any single story, plus there are new companions (at least four).

What criteria they use to pick which ones come back first is anyone’s guess, but there is probably a combination of story reasons and logistical reasons. Like T7 is easy to bring back, no VA and is probably the most loyal companion in the game.

I don’t think it’s so much a popularity contest. I think it’s more wrapped around what actors/actresses they could get to come back and record more voice-work.

That was my original thought. With SoR and statements on KotFE I think chapters 1-9 will include the LIs and non-basic speaking companions. The livestream made me think that each month is a $15 DLC where a few old and new companions will take on various roles for the month while the remaining old and new companions go mute.
*This theory is subject to change as we glean more information

I recognize a lot of actors from Bang-Zoom… so they probably commissioned that company for voice work. Assuming VAs didn’t leave the company, I doubt they will have a hard time wrangling up previous actors.

I don’t think this will matter at all. They can always just put a voice emitter on the character, and say he/she was injured.

I use this guy on my evil guardian all the time. He doesn’t cry about killing peeps in order to complete the mission.

What he was speaking of was specifically what they said during the live stream.

The statement that freaked you out was wrapped around a separate answer.

Essentially, Outside of the confines of the KotFE story. all your previous companions will still be summon-able and available to adventure with. (Which I interpret as also not losing them for crafting purposes) What has happened to them in the 5 years you were away is part of the story they are telling. And they recommend for a continuities sake, to leave them where they are.. and recover them within the story.. but that you don’t have to.

So, that says to me that all 8 potential companions (5 class, ship droid, HK, Treek) will still be usable on all other non Fallen Empire content. It wasn’t part of the post Stream Q&A, but was a large portion of what they revealed during the stream.

I don’t want Skadge to play any part, devs are gonna get a kick in the nuts if I have to interact with him again xD

Yes, Companion Bob might not return in the story, but Companions Tom, Dick, Sally, and Harry will return and get new stories. There’s only so much new content when there are what…eight companions per player already?

I just wonder if you shagged either Theron or Lana it dooms your romance with your old companion (like Kira, vette, Doc, etc.). I have one toon that romanced Lana just to see the content, but would not have if I knew it would end their original romance. Can someone ask in the forums?

They already said that your married companion will know and react. So yeah…. I imagine some will react different than others, Kaliyo for example, I expect will try to kill you or sell you into slavery or something….

Oh yeah… that’s going to be awkward since I’ve taken to just “stabling” the companions and playing my characters as single once again for the new content.

I mean, once they get past email stage and with definitive declarations over and over and over and over that there will NEVER be new companion content… why bother?

Guess now I know why… Oh well, it’s not like that would be TOO too many chars I’ll have to re-roll…. (groan)….

I have to use fraps to capture screenshots during cutscenes, upside I think the fraps screenshots look alot better, you can get a free version, it has some restrictions, seemingly none for screenshots, but only 30 seconds of video capture at a time.

As long as the player has the option to counter any of their complaints with “You haven’t wanted to speak to me even once in the last three years! What was I supposed to think!?”

My Sorceror flirted with Lana while Ashara was right in the room without consequence on Rishi and Yavin. My Marauder used Lieutenant Pierce as a boy toy while Quinn was standing on the bridge. I just figured that the Sith were written as polyamorous, and the fact that it was done without controversy made the controversies over the same sex romances on Makeb look pretty funny in perspective.

Thank you for the posting.

Any word on if Nico will count as a companion or be in the Treek, HK category?

Also if we qualify for Nico do we get him on every character or are able to unlock thru Legacy?

I think it’s safe to say seeing as he is currently a subscriber bonus only he will be like treek and hk. I reckon early next year he will be purchasable cc market option anyway.

Were I to guess, I’d say that Nico is available to any of your characters that are eligible for the FE content; any of them that you commit to it since you have to make that choice.

Or perhaps he will be unlocked as promised…but we have to go on a quest to find all the pieces of him.

I hope his head is mailed to us “What’s in the box!” then we have to find his parts. An arm on Tat, a leg buried in the snow on Hoth…..

I am just glad that we will never need to worry about the freaking gear anymore, now all I will need is 50 commendations per upgrade instead of 50….so yay in that department.

I wonder, if we can gear up companions like in outfit designer.. i mean, they get costumes, but original armor stay safe in our inventory. Or this will be… we give them armor, not copy costume.

i do hope there is new conversations for your companions or BW is not really adding anything in this expansion. I doubt the story will take a day, two at most and no end game content, there not even updating past planets. the more information i get about the more i think ill leave the game around a month after the release like i did with SoR.

The idea is, you take your time and enjoy the story, I mean I know players just want to get to endgame to do the rehashed flashpoints and operations, but you need to take it nice and slow and enjoy it….like I plan to do.

But i will defiantly be done with the story by early access and with little to no new end game content its hard to keep playing the game. they only end game stuff they said will be is new gear and rehashed the lvl 50-60 ops. they said there won’t be any new ops or WZ and i doubt they will even spend time making the old ops and WZ’s optimized to the new skills and set gear. I might stay around and do the rehashed ops if they optimize them, i would even do new WZ’s if they realsed em. all i ask for is new end game content. is that much to ask for since i have been paying £10 a month for the last 6 or 7 months and had more or less 0 new content to the game?

Just the first 9 chapters will be released at launch and then when they start releasing new chapters, it will be every month, since most people have lives to live, responsibilities, I doubt they would have the time to do all that before new chapters are added, only those that are kids play all the time and those with no life play all the time.
I play all the time and I haven’t seen all the class stories and I have been playing since open beta and I certainly will be playing for as long as the game is alive.

I’m not a casual player so i can very easily complete the story content in less than 3-6 months. and it will be 3-6 months before any new chapters are released.

So you’re just going to ignore that whole “Every month” plan? I mean, sure, they may or may not be able to keep to that, but at the very least acknowledge that it is, in fact, the plan.

Also, I really don’t get how a grinder like you bemoans the lack of new endgame content. Okay, so running the ravagers or whatever seems like a boring prospect to you.

But if a new flashpoint or op comes out, within a week it’ll be old to you anyway.

So presence is going to be a thing now, huh. The fleet chat will be great. No more yelling that presence is the most important stat to stack…..

Bioware should be using their time to improve framerate in warzones rather than ”expanding the game”, I’d even pay for a cartel market item such as: ”30 FPS Boost Unlock”.

Well, perhaps they should merge all those groups into a big one to see if they can fix the serious issues with their game (if that is even possible), because the current group dealing with, lets say, warzone performance doesn’t look like its doing it right.

You still do realize that the group that does texture and what not, might not be specialized for scripting Right and the other group that does story might not even know how to fix bugs as well… Different teams means most of the time a skill the accel in and other areas not so much. Not always but there is a reason why certain people are in certain teams so merging won’t really do a thing besides letting all other areas fall of as no one is working on them

Well, they could alteast create some sort of RP argument to cover the lag, such as, I don’t know, ”The lag in WZs had been the sign of Whazuul’s terrible power and influence”.

Lord BioSatan:”The order has come in from the top, Demven wants us to amalgamate everyone into one team to tackle warzone framerate”

Bioslave:”But sir, our texture guys and the people who write missions don’t know how to do any of that….also does that include BioLunchlady and BioJanitor?”

Lord BioSatan:”Just form them up into one team! Never talk back to me. Fire or execute anyone incapable of improving warzone framerate. Also, Send in BioSecretary when you leave.”

Bioslave: “But sir, didn’t we assign absolutely everyone to making the Zakuul armor instead of making new Ops?”

LordBioSatan: “I’ve already started ignoring you in favor of making companions better, not to provide variety, but specifically to make people mad! Now get out!”

Pretty sure this is how software companies work.

I find these changes to companions very disappointing. I enjoyed equipping my companions with Cartel color crystals, custom weapons/armors, earpieces/implants and augments. (This especially applies to my uber-geared healing companions who proved to be indispensable when soloing FPs and doing 2-man + companions runs in 4-man FPs) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Remember that BW said crafters would enjoy a lot of the changes to 4.0. And that’s very unlikely…considering for most end-game companions are just there to help you speed through dailies, which is why they simplified companions as they’re useless for anything else. Players will keep their gear etc.

They are also useful on PVP servers. And it gives an advantage to players who put the time/effort/money into it verse the players who are too lazy.

Whining or whinnying? I must confess I am hoarse… Hoarse from yelling at the Devs’ stupidity. And maybe I’m beating a dead horse, too. xD

They already said your comp healing, dammage and tanking will be based on your level and stats. Not sure how that degrade your companion. As for crafting, you still will be able to do all of that. The system is just being revamp but it’s not negated the effort you put in and went through.

So with that said I’m not sure how that affect crafting. I’m pretty sure most items you crafted and sold were for players and not companions

The idea is that upgrading your companions will now be comparable to the Outfit Designer, rather than being necessary to keep up their stats. Though I wish I knew that before I threw away Ashara’s favorite cape in favor of Devoted Allies gear.

The devs might reset companions with default gear since anything they’re equipped with at 4.0’s launch will be e-mailed back to us.

The economy on Yavin and Rishi? They do not have individual economies on planets. I don’t think you understand the economics of this game.

People come to planets because the planets can provide something. You know how you almost never see someone doing Belsavis Dailies because they offer nothing unique to anywhere else (and Section X is easier to get to)? If you’re taking away the main attraction from a planet, you run the risk of something like that happening unless something replaces it.

No, they are only mailing back the items with no aesthetic value, since the companions will likely no longer have slots for them. Implants and earpieces, to be exact. As well as any droid parts or gear from companions that don’t change appearance when they put stuff on.

Having default bolstered companion gear for empty slots would have been more ideal. It nice not to have to fret but it’s also nice to get in there and manually tweak stats when you want to.

You know stuff like the dancers bottoms with the revealing body suit top. Stuff she he can’t hear her with if he uses that comp gear from Yavin.

I worry a bit about companions stat-wise. My Presence is almost at full (just finish up Smuggler and BH stories), I bump up Affection to almost full with gifts pretty much immediately after getting a companion and equip them with full adaptive gear (weaps and offhand as well) and update gear with “blues” every 4 lvls. Getting “the bestest” purples for comps at end game is the goal.

I wonder how it will look now, that comps’ stats are updated with every lvl? Will they be “blue-like” throughout most of the game and “maxed purple-like with augments” at the lvl 65? That means they would be seriously OP at the end, and somewhat OP in the middle. Hmm…

i think they are doing it so its faster to level are removing the need to spend commendations on comp gear or people needing for comp gear in dungeons and raids. it also makes sense since its just not worth the time on doing another place like yavin since comps can be all 3 specs.

I do like the idea of “adaptive” companions (tbh I’m a tad tired of running around with Khem till pretty much the end of the story) , I’m just a bit worried how BW will handle the stat distribution since we no longer have control over the equipment.

Sure wish I’d read about the crafting stats going extinct before I reset a bunch of characters for synthweaving because I realized JKs and Warriors could have two +5 crit characters with the droid mods.

So wait a minute. They have no crafting stats. They can fulfill any role. I can’t even create minimal variation/specialization between my companions in terms of combat roles with gear because gear is now irrelevant. From an actual gameplay point of view, are they seeing that choice of companions has actually just become completely uninteresting? I actually don’t hate any of these choices on their own (well maybe losing the crafting bonuses) but altogether I don’t think this is a step forward.

I see it exactly the opposite: with these changes, I can now utilize companions I like but never, ever use (mostly healers), and have fun running around with them.

Plus, not only can they wear whatever outfits I like most for them, as opposed to the hit-or-miss Yavin gear, they can wield the weapons I like for them as well (including many green weapons that have no moddable equivalent). That’s an assumption on my part, that there will be a visual-only weapon slot as well, but I think it’s a safe assumption if other stats are going away.

Yeah I still have one of those. When are we getting a gaffie(spelling) stick for Torian so he can run around as my personal Tuskin bodyguard?

That looks like the one you get from Yavin for him. It looks better with the Dark Honor Guard inspired gear I have him in now.

My 40K indoctrination runs too deep for me to see Vector as anything but a revolting abomination that must be cleansed with fire.

**SPOILER** If you romance him, your black eyed weirdo honey bear gives you milky healing bug orbs. Best sentence ever? I still have them, they are sort of like med packs, but gross.

I don’t disapprove of the goal. I just think a better solution would have been auto-rapid healing out of combat. I’d love to crush mobs with Vette and then swap in heals or tanks for tougher opponents. Now we can pick any companion we want but there’s a lot fewer interesting gameplay specific reasons to do so. It’s all just a voice and a different skin. It might not be that bad but it just bugs me the way modern game designers are so quick to make choices less relevant in favor of addressing the real problem, which in this case IMO, is that it’s boring to sit around and self-heal after every little scuffle.

Yeah, that is a holdover from old school MMO design. SWTOR is rife with that, to its detriment. I love the game, but I would love it more if it had taken more design cues from Guild Wars 2 and fewer from EverQuest and WoW.

Companions being able to fill any role has had a ton of support within the community for a long time. It gets boring to have to use one companion for healing or tank (Though Treek can do both, she is effing annoying). Be cool to make Doc or Quinn takes the hits for once, or have Kira or Jaesa heal me. Or have HK-51 as the Tank he always wanted to be. Treek as a full DPS? Kindy scary now that I think about it.

I have some many love interests in this game that I cant run around with because most are DPS and I run my characters as DPS 99.9% of the time when leveling (Kira, Jaesa, Ashara, Akavvi/Rishi, Temple, and Nadia). Only my Troopers and BH can have their love interests with them 24/7 (Elara and Mako) and not have to slow down.

I dont craft much, so if they go another direction with how companions affect crafting, its dont going to hit me hard.

For gear, I liked the different looks of the Yavin armors for them, though the heavy Aim gear and the Willpower gear look horrible on the Imperial side. Republic side got the better side of the coin there. Will be nice going back to custom looks for them

Overall, I’m excited for the changes. So many people want to bitch, because as history shows, the SWTOR community love to bitch. Its what we do. I’ll take the “Wait and See” approach this time.

When I lvl a DPS I run with a DPS comp when I can (BH example of having to start with a healer). It makes it go faster, burn them down fast and pull out the healer for the boss fights.

I the days before I had Treek, I just run with whoever. My Guardian ran with Kira most of the time to 55 (though finally getting Doc was nice). Now everyone but my BHs starts with Treek as their main companion until they get their healer. If I dont like the healer (its personality), I stay with Treek.

Treek murders most mobs with her bomb aoe thats under level 30. Over 30, she still gets them where you can just pick them off fast

Leveling with a DPS comp for me, it a lots of burst damage, followed by a lot of wasted time healing before moving on. 2-3 packs max before you have to heal at your level. That, and I have health bar OCD and hate to see it ever low.

Tanks comps are the same way unless you gear them right. Though right now, with the lower level vendors actually having proper enhancements, I run Treek as a tank more because she hold agro, heals both of us, and still does crazy dps.

I have a lvl 1 Jedi Knight I made just to see the story again that I will be leveling Vengeance. I’ve had Treek since she came out and have less than 10 kills in her achievement. You have convinced me to try her out just this once. I think the turn off is the green snot she is firing all over the place. My circle of friends refer to her as the snot bear.

Of course we do not grow up. You do know what is the difference between men and boys?

Men’s toys are more expensive.

It’s a bad solution IMO. Rapid out-of-combat self-heal would have been better as having to stop constantly to patch up the nicks and scratches was what had me ignoring all but healers and tanks. If all the companions are multi-role, they’re ultimately going to become generic at least in the off-roles. Gameplay and balancing matters to the character IMO. If they’re all the same at the core, they just become a voice and a skin.

Everyone has their own opinion. In the end, this is the future and not anything we can do but sit back and enjoy it or move on.

you already have rapid out of combat healing. you have a meditate/rest button on every character. it takes 15 seconds or less to full heal from any injury status. minor damage may only require you hit the button and wait 2 or 3 seconds

so let me get it right
we start lost all the comp even treek and hk-51?
we can recruit other class comp?
we can recruit many comp as we like no limit?
Now all comp is same role? how do their skill works?

They’re probably available for the first chapter as it’s an intro to the story, they’re for sure not available at the start of chapter three since it’s basically a set piece scenario. Past that they’ll have missions to seek out and reunite with your companions. The companions aren’t necessarily “gone” in the sense that you don’t have them anymore, you just can’t access them during the story content. While adventuring you still can, they’re emphatic about that.



All companions will be able to have their roles swapped between tank/dps/and heals, thus allowing you to bring any of your companions along no matter your specialization. This is nice because having to drag someone like Quinn everywhere because you need healing is a pain in the ass. Their skills are likely predetermined based on their current game ones, and they scale with your level, and their effectiveness is improved by your “influence” with them, so there’s probably a modifier there.

From the Livestream, and on the forum later, I had read something about them saying that regardless of which character class you’re playing as, during the chapter 3 scene when you’re working on getting away on the ship of the new companions, T7 stops the turret guns from firing on the ship.

1. You do not lose any companions, in the companion UI, you will still be able to summon those you have, but you cannot use them in the new story missions.
2. Only if they are part of the new story, at the moment, it is unknown which companions will return in the story this year (rumor suggests none).
3. Unknown, depends on the story and how they work with it.
4. You select which role you want, similar to how current companions can switch between DPS/Heal DPS/Tank or Tank/Heal.
5. Companion options through the new story are the same for all classes. Whether the companions are new or old ones returning, everyone has access to the same companions within the story.

I think it would’ve been better to have HK doing that while remarking how organic meatbags always get themselves into trouble they can’t get out of on their own.

You never lose your old companions for crafting purposes. They will lock out and make old companions available as it makes sense for the plot in the new content but you can use your old companions any time when mucking around with older content.


How many companions we will be able to recruit?
and will they publish a list of all possible ones?
and if a new companion is released in far future will I be able to kick one of my existing ones and recruit the new one instead?

Group of dark side force user and dashades needs planning.

How about instead of taking away gear from comps give them their own stat thats useful to only them, similar to expertise for pvp. call it loyalty or something and put it on comp specific gear that you get for quest rewards similar to the yavin weekly. Just give them mastery + loyalty in their gear and the gear will work for all roles, let us craft loyalty augments. Or if adding a stat is too much just re use presence. Would be easy to tie into their new influence system.

Not only should they not add an exclusive stat for companions, they should get rid of expertise. It is ridiculous that if you want to be effective in both PvE and PvP that you have to carry around an extra set of gear in your inventory and switch what you are wearing every time you enter a WZ. Any system which inconveniences players without actually adding anything to their experience is a bad system, we should encourage fewer such design decisions, not more.

” Any system which inconveniences players without actually adding anything to their experience is a bad system”
I don’t think that anyone would disagree with this statement when read out of context. However, this entire comment is a glaring example of a false argument. Do you think developers intentionally design systems to frustrate their users? That you know better than they do the pro’s and con’s of the expertise system? I suspect that the need for expertise all comes down to balance. If you have unbalanced PvP, then people complain and fewer people play, fewer people playing is bad for business. I am sure that if expertise was not determined as the best way to level the playing field for fairer competitive play, it would not be a system.
Additionally, swapping gear sets can be annoying (though I learned to do it in a matter of 6 seconds so it really isn’t that big a deal), but even if you didn’t have separate gear stats for pvp/pve, you would still probably have one set of gear for each since stat priorities would still be different. So if you only had one set of gear that was designed with pvp and pve as a consideration, you run the risk of being sub par in both things because your stat distribution is not designed to handle the two different play types. No, 100% expertise and equivalent stats are there for a reason.
Notice I am not being insulting or calling you stupid. It is great to analyse what developers do and question the viability, and making your opinion known I am sure only helps them make the game better. However, you need fully develop a position before deciding one way or another. I suggest making some friends in the community that do this for a living, I am sure they will be happy to shed some light on the decision making process that developers go through. It’s what I did.

I could argue all day about reasons why I think TOR’s implementation of expertise is poorly handled, but the inconvenience I am mainly concerned with is wasting inventory space. That could be solved with separate gear tabs for PvP and PvE, with autoswitching to PvP gear when you enter a WZ. Just because I don’t like expertise doesn’t mean I think removing it is the only way to address the primary problem.

Why make seperate gear tabs when you can just give everyone a fixed, level-independent set of PVP-only stats for every advanced class?

That way, when an ability affects a player, the inherent pvp stats are taken into account instead of the “normal” leveled stats+gear+bonuses.

You talk about unbalanced PVP and leveling the playing field, when one player has expertise and the other does not it is unbalanced and not a level field. It’s the reason I hate PVP. Everyone should have the same stat levels to level and balance the field. Someone new to PVP may actually be a better player then someone who does it all the time but he can’t compete at the same level because of the gear.

You don’t know what you are talking about.

The pvp stat exists to maintain the seperation between pve and pvp gear progression. if you were to remove the pvp stat entirely, then players with no interest in pve would be forced to do so for gearing. In that light you would have to remove gear entirely from pvp which would be completely ridiculous

No, players who have no interest in pve would not be forced to gear for pve because the point here was to make gear irrelevant for pvp. This means that combat against other players would take into account a fixed, level-independent set of stats for every advanced class, instead of the characters’ basic stats+gear+bonuses like it does now.

What would be the point of that? They are already combining the 4 main stats into 1, making gear universal. And to those that are worried that making companions gearless weaker, Remember that the Yavin weekly allowed them to have 192 gear well before players did, and continues to do so since the lvl requirement on that gear is only 55. Companions will be Ford tough. And by “Ford” I mean Harrison, not the crappy trucks.

I can tell you for sure besides chapter 1 all love interest companions do not appear in any of this seasons chapters because they are all listed as non canon returning in the current data mined data which is chapter 1-16.

Interesting. While I have seen some of the datamined information I have not run into anyone who is 100 percent sure that they are done with changes. And with SWTOR fully aware that the miners are out there keeping information in reserve seemed likely.

Honestly the total exclusion of LIs/one night stands struck me as odd.

Also not sure how I feel with Tanno Vik. Kinda want him to return although would not oppose retiring him in honor of his VA.

It’s too late in the development to change any of the story and there is nothing hidden it’s just the story doesn’t end with chapter 16.

There are romanceable npcs just take care because all of it is recorded so when your love interest comes back they will know.

I wasn’t really suggesting a story change. Just a small cutscene and a mail or two. Very similar to how it played out in ME2 and was used as an excuse to get some players to switch LIs. Especially since it could easily take til Oct 2016 til we encounter the old LIs storywise.

This is so disappointing to me. The male Bounty Hunter can marry Mako and they get along very well. So what did Mako just move on? No she is a hacker who would have done all in her power to find her husband. Same with Vette for light side Warrior. She wants to adopt kids with you someday … but moves on once your gone. WTF. I seriously hope they have plans to do a big chapter for KotFE where the LI companions return. If not I do not see a reason to play this new story line at all.

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