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GW2 Daredevil Thief Elite Specialization Livestream Notes

A list of Daredevil weapon skills, utilities, and traits from the Points of Interest livestream.




Colin Johanson on the show

  • We have had an interesting couple of days – Rubi.
  • Colin confirms October 23 release date.
  • Get to play some new areas in Verdant Brink with never seen before creatures.
  • Pax Livestream tomorrow at 10:30 am PDT/1:30 PM EDT to reveal more expansion features.

Daredevil Theme

  • Help thieves remain in the fight, dodging and evading attacks. Don’t have to retreat from fights as much.
  • 3 endurance bar, allowing 3 active dodges in quick succession. Able to customize your dodge depending on which trait you picked.


Staff Weapon Abilities


  • The staff is more of a cleaving AoE damage type of weapon.
  • Staff autoattack: Two strikes followed by a third strike that acts as a whirl combo and deal damage to multiple enemies. Hook Strike skill can be activated if you attack from stealth and it knocks your target down.
  • Weakening Charge: You charge forward, striking 3 times. Any enemy you hit will be weakened. Since your HP pool as a thief is so low, weakness serve as a damage mitigation. Also act as whirl combo.
  • Debilitating Arc: Evasion ability that breaks immobilize and cripples your enemy. The dodge effect works even if you don’t hit the enemy with the skill.
  • Dust Strike: Send a cascade of binding dust to your enemies, blinding them. Nice ability to use if you want to run in or leap in. It is also useful to assist teammates to blind attackers.
  • Vault: Large leap and deal heavy damage in an area when you land. Initiative cost will be changed to 5 initiative from 6 initiative. It does not have an evade function so you can be knocked out of the leap. It has a 600 range and act as a leap finisher.



  • Channeled Vigor (heal): Physical Heal skill. Heal your endurance and HP, more HP if your endurance is full. Heal 25 endurance per pulse for 3 pulses.
  • Bandit’s Defense: Briefly block attacks for 1s and if you block an attack within melee range, knock the enemy down. Act as a stun breaker as well. Cooldown will be increased to 15s from 10s on the tooltip. It is a bit too powerful so cooldown need to be increased. A good combo is to Hook Strike someone, land a Vault on them and as they get up use Bandit’s Defense so they are knocked down again.
  • Distracting Daggers: Equip daggers on your arm and throw at them to interrupt enemies. Skills that are interrupted by this skill have longer cooldowns. Basically an interrupt ability. The daggers are active for 15s so you have a big window to get the interrupts off.
  • Fist Flurry/Palm Strike: Strike your enemy up to 5 times. If you land all 5 hits, the skill will flip over to Palm Strike which also inflicts Pulmonary Impact. Using Bandit’s Defense combo with Fist Flurry works pretty well. You knock them down with Bandit’s Defense, land all 5 hits of Fist Flurry, Palm Strike to stun them as they get up and you can land a Vault on them.
  • Impairing Daggers: Fire 3x high damage immobilizing daggers at a single enemy that also applies poison and slow. The goal of this ability is to completely debilitate the enemy, forcing them to use conditional removal. Works good with Vault combo by setting up a stationary target. The projectiles travel pretty fast so escaping enemies will get hit by at least one of them.
  • Impacting Strike/Uppercut/Finishing Blow: Impact Strike flies and stun your enemy, Uppercut deals heavy damage/send enemy flying and Finishing Blow deals damage. If you are hit by Finishing Blow while downed or if Finishing Blow lands the killing blow that downs you, you will be killed instantly. Players do gain invulnerability  for 1s when they are downed but the casting time of Finishing Blow is 1.5s so it is not often you will waste the Finishing Blow. Impact Strike doesn’t do much damage but Uppercut deals the most damage with Finishing Blow dealing slightly less.




  • Enforcer Training: Name will be changed but trait remains the same. Give access to staff, physical utilities, and given you a third dodge bar.
  • Driven Fortitude: Gain health when you successfully evade an attack. Has a 1s internal cooldown and give back about 500 HP baseline if you don’t have any +healing.
  • Endurance Thief: Gain 50 endurance when you steal from an enemy.


  • Evasive Empowerment: Get 10% damage bonus on your next attack after you dodge.
  • Weakening Strikes: Cause weakness to enemies you critically hit. Give you some defensives while you are dealing damage.
  • Brawler’s Tenacity: Gain 10 endurance when you first activate a physical skill. Physical skills have 20% reduced cooldown.


  • Staff Mastery: Gain 2 endurance per initiative spent (not stated on the tooltip) while wielding a staff. Deal 10% bonus damage when your endurance is not full. Initiative/endurance gain builds will really help with this specialization.
  • Escapist Absolution: Answer to condition removal, only 1s internal cooldown and remove 1 condition per evade.
  • Impacting Disruption: Interrupt trait for physical power. Enemies that you interrupt suffer a Pulmonary Impact (rupture that deals massive damage, cannot crit).


  • Lotus Training: Your dodge now will use Impaling Lotus, which evade attacks and throw up to 3 daggers at nearby enemies, applying, bleeding, torment, and cripple. More of an area effect fighting ability. It has a 600 radius and also act as a whirl finisher.
  • Unhindered Combatant: Remove conditions and gain swiftness. Then dash forward and evade attacks. The dash goes eight way like your normal dodge.This trait is designed to help you get around the battlefield.
  • Bounding Dodger: Leaping to an area and deliver a massive blow. Similar to staff Vault skill but you evade attacks while leaping. Vault does more damage compared to this ability and does not break stealth.

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22 replies on “GW2 Daredevil Thief Elite Specialization Livestream Notes”

I like it. An entire game play model revolving around dodging. The mortal enemy of the daredevil with thus be the griffon. An inconspicuous fiend with the most horrendously unpredictable attack animations in game. They dwell on cliffs.

Was hoping for new combat staff animations that was the only thing that really disappointed me, wanted some real ninja like staff holding poses like behind the back ready stance, but instead the sylvari holds it like a stupid hammer…..then theres the dust attack thats just the shovel swing when i was hoping the animation would be something like swinging the pole along the floor with a foot crouch spin……but no 🙁

I agree i knowANet reuses animations a lot but i hoped that for elite specs they would make new animations. Gues not thats a little disspointing still its kind of a nice spec though

Still images would be really bad for something so fast. I can try capture some gifs if you like. The quality isn’t that good though due to the image degradation.

Trick with elite : seeing an enemy downed, cast 2 first skills on random enemy, start to cast skill 3 then F1 to the downed player. Like a Pistol Whip shadowsteped trick in fact.

I am a little bit disappointed in the way he moves… he moves like a ninja holding a hammer with a staff up his butt… i think i expected more darth maul/prince nuada/oberyn martell kind of moves when they showed the teaser pic. or am i the only one who things this is lame movement?

Stiff? I get the sense you’re unaware of the examples Zod gave. They’re anything but “stiff” or “plain”.

Some of the staves like final rest and the crossing are going to look really strange with some of these movements. Can’t wait to find the strangest combination 😛

Dulfy, do you plan on recording and sharing today’s pax reveal? I will be unable to see it live *sigh* and I would love to see it first before reading anything about it.

Pfft, did they just consider pvp/wvw when they made this? Only toxic alliance mobs can be ‘finished off’ in pve. Even in wvw most ppl are ‘finished off’ by aoe’s and damage rather than actual finishing moves.

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