• Aiury

    Wooooo! Not even as far off as I had imagined!!!

    • Hall

      when they announced in January i thought they would do a September release 🙁

      • Halvora

        Me too actually, but I must say I’m happy it’s at least not in December or so. XD

  • commentor

    8 weeks

  • Krazy Karl

    Hmm… wonder why they waiting so long to tell us this. Damn hype train.

  • Solomon Darkfury

    I’m actually disappointed at this news… I’d rather they push it back a couple weeks, give us a better product AND not screw us out of what is traditionally everyone’s favorite GW2 holiday… Halloween 🙁

    • thatdamnrat

      Pushing it back two weeks would mean competing with one of the biggest game releases of the year in the form of Fallout 4, it would be a terrible decision business-wise.

  • Ikaros

    Is this legit? If you go to the actual gw2 twitter, it isn’t showing up.

  • Joshua Selvan

    Ladies and gentlemen, Primordus has frozen.

    • Mark A Torres

      Jormag must’ve gave one hell of a frostbite.

  • Mark A Torres

    Now if the date is accurate… are we going to hear Mad King Thorn’s puns and jokes relating to the new HoT expansion?

    • Colosso

      Look the comment above

      • Mark A Torres

        Was meant as a joke and play on words with Thorn and Thorns. I wasn’t being serious about the question. 😛

  • emonyna .

    I knew Heart of Thorns and King Thorn were made for each other <3

    • Katey Moseley

      I don’t see us being given Halloween with the expansion. They wouldn’t have anyone playing it for a start, and they would want to make those who haven’t purchased the expansion be “jealous” of those who have.

      • Kim Kardashian

        Unless they release HoT with Halloween events scattered in the new maps. 😛

      • emonyna .

        I was saying that as a joke. I also don’t think we’ll get Halloween, but the first time I heard the name “Heart of Thorns” I was confused for a moment because the only Thorn I know is Halloween’s king…

  • Tsar CUBE

    October 23, 2016, I’m sure they got 5 and 6 mixed up in the year count.

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      Old and overused joke.

  • Colosso

    Finally thanks GOD!

    • Colosso

      Just a joke: look that image I like Charr and love Sylvari a Plant-like Charr (Sylvacharr/Charrvari ?) woulb be nice =D

      • Mark A Torres

        Sadly that looks like Rythlock… 🙁

        • Max K. S. Peros

          that’s true, it is the new Rytlock,
          with the Revenant armor and the elite specialization gloves 😀

  • Majmo Mendez

    so…less than 2 months for raid beta testing and 2 remaining elites? Seems legit.

    • Pink Popstar Ahri

      the main game launced after only 3 beta weekends. so it’s not like its a new thing.

  • Otto The Cat


  • Tomo

    I didnt play the beta like most people so I’m one of the people who are still excited to play this, and to test the new classes after its release on my ACTUAL characters and not beta characters. So yeah glad i didnt play beta and ruin all the stuff before it actually is released

    • azitoshi

      Yeah you are right ! I didnt play any beta also and almost didnt read news because in my opinion it is big spoiler i want to discover everything by myslef thats funny not jumping into game about you know almost everything.

      • Amai Kuno

        Yeah but they didn’t release a lot of content anyways in the beta. The only map was Verdant Brink because they didn’t want to give away the whole thing. So it still is slightly a mystery to the beta players.

  • thatdamnrat

    Which leaves about two weeks to finish all the new content before Fallout 4 comes out? Should be enough time.

  • The same day Assassin’s Creed Syndicate comes out for Xbox/PS4 (PC is Nov. 19th), and 4 days before Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Whew….crazy amount of content coming.

  • RyanRox

    October the 23rd is my birthday 🙂

  • Nasche

    Rytlock sama….!!

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