GW2 Pax Prime Raids and F2P Announcement Livestream Notes

A summary of the Pax Prime Challenging Content Livestream with Mike O’Brien and Colin Johanson.

Video (the trailer in the video lags so watch the one below)


Raid Trailer


Three years of GW2

  • 5 million copy sold.
  • Metacritic score is the highest of any MMO released in the past decade.


  • Raids coming to GW2. Raid trailer shown.
  • Participate in Epic fights for legendary rewards.
  • Legendary Armor: As part of rewards for raids, we’re introducing legendary armor. Conquering raid content will earn you the pieces to build legendary precursor armors, which can be forged into legendary heavy, medium, and light armor sets. Like legendary weapons, these pieces will have the same stats as ascended armor; you’ll be able to change the armor stats out of combat and dazzle your friends with your sense of style, but you won’t have a statistical edge. Endless tiers of gear grind to stay raid relevant have no place in Guild Wars 2.
  • Give everything you love about raiding without all the headaches associated with raiding.
  • 10 player instanced challenging content, harder than any challenging content so far.
  • Tied to the Mastery system – i.e. Glider system is needed for the boss fight shown in the trailer.
  • Raids in GW2 is anything that our dynamic events system can do. We will still have traditional linear dungeon type raids.
  • No waiting to have fun, no attunement process to get access to raids (poke at Wildstar).
  • Every profession has the ability to do control, damage and support. No required party composition.
  • New raids won’t invalidate old raids/content or make them easier since there is no endless gear treadmill.
  • HoT will come with a single raid split into 3 wings. A couple weeks after release of HoT, we will add in the first wing. After players learned how to defeat the first wing, we will unlock wing 2 and 3.
  • Live releases (i.e. Living World) will continue after the expansion and raiding will become a key component of these live releases.

Free to Play

  • Core game free to everyone, starting TODAY
  • Business model is not changing. We are not here to monetize the free players like the other F2P games.
  • Our goal is to protect existing players while still make it easier for you to invite friends to play the game.
    • Account security, customer service, and bot detection all improved recently.
  • Free accounts starts with less bag slots/character slots than paid accounts.
  • No map wide chat for free accounts.
  • Whispers every 30 seconds
  • You can access the trading post but can’t mail stuff to other players.
  • WvW restricted to L60 on free accounts.

Gift for existing players

  • New royal guard outfit, delivered to your ingame box this coming week.

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35 replies on “GW2 Pax Prime Raids and F2P Announcement Livestream Notes”

“Business model is not changing. We are not here to monetize the free players like the other F2P games.”

Did they actually say that? The only reason that statement is true is because they’re already doing that to the paid players.

I don’t mind the business model, but gods, that is such doublespeak.

Yeah, that was a strange statement. Obviously they have to monetize players, with no sub- how else can the game profit? I do like their model in which most of the money stuff is cosmetic or stuff like character slots, bank tabs and gathering tools.

Yea, I generally don’t have a problem with the business model (and it allows me to spend when I want to), but what really got me was the phrasing. Whoever came up with that has a good future in Capitol Hill.

Every profession has the ability to do control, damage and support. No required party composition.
Goddamn it ANET!!! WE WANT PARTY DYNAMICS!! people are tired of the zerker zerker zerker or gtfo pve meta. how about you change how damage reduction works and give us better mob aggro control so us professional tanks can DO SOME TEAM MITIGATION. I would love to see tanks and Condi dmg actually viable in pve content. Knight’s gear for lyfe

You didnt listen to the livestream, they were talking specifically about keeping your party alive and healed.

I hope… I mean I really hope they are trying to make healers and pure support classes viable for pve content.

Dedicated healers will never gome to gw2- sorry to say that but you got the wrong game buddy- a sinister ranger can pop his heal and everyone blasts to heal the entire party up- thats more reactive, skillfull and fun then a dedicated healer

I don’t care about dedicated heals etc, but it would be nice to see content that everyone is not just zerking through.

Same. The zerk, zerk, zerk thing that has been going on for years was fun at first but has become boring. They should have dealt with that issue before introducing raids.

Seriously Anet…

The positive half first. Raids look Awesome! Legendary armor, scenarios centered around expansion specific mastery techniques, raids being slotted into our (hopefully returning) 3 week averaged content releases. Heck, these developments may even drive me into actual in game social endeavors in the new future.

I logged on near the end of the raid I wish I had logged off before the second half started.

I’ve never seen anyone be so misleading without lapsing into repetitive lies. And that guy might have at that. Ys commented further down on the “Business model not changing”. What really got me was the “40 content releases, all available for free players to enjoy”. Really? Lets assume that the purchasable season 2 episodes are “available for free players to enjoy” – despite the sky rocket in gem prices which will accompany their “unchanged” free to play business model. Only 12-13 of the “content releases” are either purchasable or still repeating in game. about 22 content releases were composed of limited time events which were completely removed from the game once they ended. Are you seriously marketing the “Assault on karka island” as one of the content pieces which new players can enjoy when the event is gone and dusted and the southsun map itself was later near redone?

There were very real issues to be nailed down about the F2P model – issues besides flouting how great is was going to be. Will future expansion packs be bundled into the free base game? Will existing expansion holders have to rebuy the expansion content each expansion? Will there be some sort of a discount seeing as the content customers will have bought will essentially be given to others for free?

I’m not even complaining about the facts presented, misrepresented or ignored in the second half of the livestream. We were aware of these facets of Anet’s business model before the livestream. What I can’t understand is why the founder of Anet would stand up with no purpose besides providing an embarrassingly obvious attempt at spin doctoring – without having the decency to provide a single concrete piece of new information on how the system’s more dubious attributes would actually be carried out in future instances.

Why would there be a skyrocket in gem price? Free accounts can’t convert gold to gems, but can still buy gems from real money. Which means more gems in the market, for the same amount of potential buyers. Meaning a decrease in gem price.

About a discount for long term players… not happening. What you pay for is all the playtime between the release and the moment it goes free. You can wait and get it for free, or pay and get it immediately. A discount would just be silly. It’s like going to a store to buy something and complaining 3 years later when it goes on sale that you didn’t get the new price.

Whoops. Was called away briefly during the second half of the speech. Missed that free accounts can’t trade gold to gems.

So you seem of the opinion that if a second expansion comes out, HoT will become F2P? I’d definitely tell my friends to try out Hot if that happened. As is though, it would have been a great point for the Anet founder to clarify – instead of the repeated mentions of the great community.

” no attunement process to get access to raids” – “Tied to the Mastery system – i.e. Glider system is needed for the boss fight” LOL that’s even worse than attunement, you’ll have to grind out that stuff, for every character even…

I’d also like to see the Legendary armor’s appearance be tied to a profession’s mechanic. For example, for Elementalists, the Legendary armor’s particle effects might change depending on which attunement you’re currently in. For Warriors, you get extra special effects as your adrenaline builds and whenever you use a burst skill.

And I don’t care what it looks like, because if I ever get around to obtaining it, I’ll just transmute my character’s established looks over it.

YESSS Legendary Armour! Thank god I didn’t bother wasting a single copper on ascended armour or weapons!

Unfortunately, you know that the “ascended or kick” crowd will be there you block your progress.
Be prepared to form your on raid group, or be in a laid back guild to run with.

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