GW2 Royal Guard Outfit for Existing Players

GW2 existing players (i.e. non F2P players) can receive the Royal Guard Outfit in the mail sometime this week.

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50 replies on “GW2 Royal Guard Outfit for Existing Players”

not really my style, but i appreciate the design. its distinct and isnt trying too hard, and i may be able to use some pieces if theyre dyed just right.

I would have liked it if they were able to change the costume apperance per armour classes as right now i look heavy armoured looking to me.
Don’t asked me how they would do that to a costume piece.

The entitled playerbase in a nutshell. Kinda reminds me of those kids who talk shit about their parents on twitter because they got the wrong color of iPhone for Christmas.

Outfits are garbage overlays, fit for a cheap korean mmo. They could have took the extra step and make it an armor set. Just getting tired of these easy outfit spams.

Honestly, will you wear this? And for how long? :/

It’s FREE! If you don’t like it, then that’s fine, but that doesn’t excuse you talking shit about it. Did your parents teach you nothing?

Oh my goodness, I had an opinion that you didnt like. If you don’t like it, then that’s fine, but that doesn’t excuse you talking shit about me.

…Hmm, sound familiar?

Yea, you’re free to be rude. No one said you couldn’t be. Making “criticism” about something given to you for free is something you CAN do if you choose to do it.

But at the end of the day, if you decide to be an ungrateful brat, that’s your poor choice to make and just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

It’s FREE and that makes it immune to criticism? A lot of people don’t like the overabundance of outfits and want more actual armour sets, giving them a free outfit, especially one that looks like it would have made a great armour set is a slap in the face to them, and a further sign of the game moving in the wrong direction. A big part of this game is armour customisation, but there is a desperate need for more parts to mix and match and every outfit is an opportunity wasted to fix that. The legs would be excellent for heavy armoured Charr to mix and match, but they’ll never get that chance because it’s stuck in a worthless outfit.

This is exactly my point. I’d rather 1-2 armor sets a year, rather than a dozen outfits. I love Anet, don’t get me wrong, but this… going for quantity, rather than quality, shows how much control their marketing team has. It’s obvious that these outfits are easy money.

Thats what I’m critiquing. Not that, “It’s free and I don’t like the way it looks!” No, it looks.. ok. I mean, it’s not my taste, but pieces of it would actually be worth wild. Not a ‘one size fits all’ outfit, that you’ll probably wear, for fun, for a day, then never see again.

Since it is free and sort-of exclusive, I might use it at some point.
I am not really a big fan of it though…

Pretty cool we get a new outfit, don’t like the design though. But I do love outfits, and it’s free. So gj anet!

Awesome helm, awesome gloves, awesome shoulders and char boots which aren’t sandles. Why did these have to be part of an outfit 🙁

That’s because armor skins can only be acquired by playing the game now. Outfits become the gemstore exclusive instead of armor. Much better like this.

initially they had armors and town clothing in the gem store, when they had the wardrobe overhaul, they changed future releases. new armor you get in game, while outfits are bought through the gem store.

That’s not really the question though, Alot is not asking why there are outfits,they’re asking why has this particular model been made into an outfit when it would have made and excellent heavy armour set.

It looks like it’s covered in Church windows. XD Still cool though but not really my style. Maybe I’ll use it to turn my Asura into a little Onion Knight.

Well.. its not free.. it cost us 50 bucks long ago… now they are giving people a free game and we are taking an ugly outfit… and people dare to say that we cant complaint about that?…. well… its okay…. its okay…….. bye

Fuck free outfit. I dont care about that shit. But i wont regret spending my money on GW2 and GW2:HoT…. Its worth it!!!! They gave us content worth of fun for a long time. And if you agree with me, than you will also not regret spending those money. Fuck F2P acounts. WE SUPORT ANET!!! Yeah!! Colin Johanson for president!!

so many ppl complaining cause other ppl get stuff for free. in our world, games just get cheaper over time. why would ppl bother paying 50 bucks on a game, which soon will be left behind by an expansion. we cant charge them 100 bucks, can we? who would pay 100 bucks for an MMORPG. Those F2P accounts are extremly limited in their options; no chat, no login reward (no laurels=no ascended gear=no FoM=bad gear), no whispering, no item sending, only 3 bags. that all together summs up to a trial version without limited playtime. just look at other games; World of Warcraft gives older addons for free and most other games suck so hard, they are forced to go F2P. ANET is just giving us another option, expanding the player base. Why would you be against more player? We all play MMOs BECAUSE we want more players. thats what MMO means and thats how it should be. So we all got this shitty outfit noones gonna wear but who cares. we got up to 3 years of fun, just for paying those 50 cashs. we got tons of living world updates and traveled a journey those new players wont be able to experience. and to end my shitpost: every player who will play this for free, will stop playing cause they aren’t interested in this game or will soon buy HoT. So nobody will be left to be jealous about.

You really care that they are giving a game that is over 3 years old away for free? What do you expect them to charge for it? I wouldn’t pay 50$ for a game 3 years old….

I’ve had a lot of hours of fun for those 50 bucks, those getting the game now haven’t. I’d say it was money well spent. 😉

by buying the game along time ago you had access to all the living world content, had all that time to actually play the game and dont have any of the restrictions being put on free accounts. you haven’t even been able to buy just the base game for a while now so if you bought it recently then you would have got it free with HoT.

This is propably one of the most carefully designed outfits/armors in the game,for the Charr at least.Look,it has tail armor and holes for the horns!

doesn’t feel like a gift if you think it looks stupid as i think it does. sigh…i’d rather a choice at a skin of my choice, like they did with the 3rd anniversary dye packs

um.. i like it that it’s free, but on the aesthetics side, it’s … let’s just say not in my taste. Someone else might appreciate it though.

Like some other outfits and armour sets, it looks a lot better minus the helm. It also helps to dye the (stupid) drapery the same colour as one of the two metal components, to make it less conspicuous.

And it looks better on some races than others.

I quite like it for my Asura engineer. It’s a nicer heavy armour than I can otherwise get for him.

Wow I feel so special… Sorry but this isn’t near enough to make up for the fact that I spent £50 buying the damn game!

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