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GW2 Two new armor sets in Heart of Thorns

Based on the info from the new Heart of Thorns official page, Heart of Thorns will be getting two new armor sets, five new weapon sets, and a host of other items.

Two New Armor Sets

Within the open world of the Heart of Maguuma, you’ll earn and build two new armor sets with unique looks for light, medium, and heavy armor, five new weapon sets, and over 60 unique additional item skins, miniatures, and more!

  • Recall that you also get an armor set for Guild Hall and a legendary armor set for Raids so two listed here are from the open world of Maguuma only.

The launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will introduce the beginning of a new line of legendary weapons. Start building any of the three initial legendary weapons and collect three additional new skins – including their precursors!



175 Unique Guild Hall Decorations

You can decorate your guild hall with over 175 unique decorations at launch, which can be earned as a reward for playing content and overcoming challenges together with your fellow guildmates.

Ten new PvP reward tracks and new Dragon Finisher

Unlock reward tracks based on your rank that will update your rank finishers with a new look for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, including an all-new dragon finisher! While you’re working on ranking up, be sure to explore more than 10 new reward tracks that will grant you exciting loot, rewards, and unlocks as you hone your PvP skills.


Four New Maps

You’ll journey through four of the largest, most diverse and replayable maps ever built in the world of Guild Wars®; maps in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns are designed as three-dimensional volumes rather than traditional flat planes. You’ll have more to explore as you travel through the jungle biomes, from the canopy heights to the jungle floor and deep below into the jungle roots.

By Dulfy

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68 replies on “GW2 Two new armor sets in Heart of Thorns”

Well considering they were originally talking about all new maps having 3 different vertical biome layers, I’m guessing this could be taken as we’re getting the equivalent of up to 12 new maps? Not that what we’ve seen so far of Verdant Brink really indicates much of the 3 layer thing to me, so if it’s supposed to be only some of the maps have the 3 layers, I guess it would be better to think of it as somewhere between 4 and 12 new areas, with it only being divided into 4 actual new maps areas. Plus I can only assume they’ll eventually add more as the living story progresses, like how we eventually got Silverwastes and Dry Top leading into this area.

at this point we havent been able to visit the different layers of verdant brink, only the middle one

Ah, thank you for pointing that out. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that there were other areas to Verdant Brink we hadn’t seen as of the beta, but that makes perfect sense.

It’s not 4 x 3 = 12 from what I know. Because each biome is restricted in the sense that it does not cover 100% of the map. So some parts of the map may only have 1 or 2 boime(s).

If there were two chairs that didn’t look different, their would be 174 guild hall decorations, not 175.

Seeing as Guild Wars 2 has a rather robust dying system, I choose to read far too far into this and conclude that guild hall pieces won’t be dyable or (far more unlikely) there are 175 different decoration meshes. If not, Anets is really pushing the redundancy limit of the highlights of their expansion.

are they going to require those of us that have already reached rank 80 and have unlocked the dragon finisher to start over to get the new one? or is this just an update or replacement for the old one which was rather lackluster for what was required to obtain it?

most certainly no. I might not agree with all the decisions anet has made but they always made an effort in allowing players to keep their stuff and grandfathered certain mechanics into new ones.

Yeah, just ask fractals players. They made a lot of effort with the fractured update. (that’s my sarcasm font, in case you were wondering- fractured reset progress with no regard for the people who were already high level)

seems small but i guess those numbers are all just for release. they might add more armors with upcoming dungeons/living world patches. like carapax armor. i’m more interested in those 5 weapon sets and tons of legendary stuff coming with HoT. Like will this legendary armor sparkle/VFX/SFX/Footprint or something else, legendary weapoons already do or just look bad ass so it wont overwrite legendary weapon effects

That’s what i thought too…i guess the expansion itself will be kinda “small” , but i guess they’re stepping up the game a bit more with LS, since they already said that raids will become part of it.

Seriously, an year of development for 2 armor sets?! There is an outfit in the gem store like every week. So naive of me to expect new cultural and ascended armors.

There was a Dev post a while back saying Anet was planning on reserving armor piece rewards for game play content and only producing new outfits for the gemstore. So in response to your comment I can only say, I wish they did have some more armors in reserve for their greedy cash store :/

The problem with that is there is a new outfit in the store every week but a new ingame armor like once a year.

Eh could have been worse really.

I’m not too thrilled with the scarcity of new skins though, I would have hoped for at least eight new armour skins per type of armour and maybe thirty weapon skins or something :/

I hope these skins will at least be either slutty, fabulous, stylish or badass looking.

2 new armor sets is 90 new armor pieces. And I believe it was mentioned somewhere that this number did not include the legendary armor to be farmed from raids – and probably extra non-chest pieces from the 60 extra mentioned below.

While more would have been nice on paper, most of our existing low level armor pieces are so terrible that they remain unused by anyone anyway. So a few good pieces would be much better then countless terrible pieces.

As you’ve said, as long as these pieces are slutty, fabulous, stylish or badass, there will be no reason to add shortage of skins to the ever growning list of grudges against HoT ^^

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the devs seem committed to releasing more sizable content through the Living Story. I can’t remember where I read it, but I know they dropped hints that at least new Legendary skins would roll out that way.

Hope the 4 maps are more interesting than Silverwastes. I managed 2 weeks before I couldn’t stand killing the same mordrem waves for 45 minutes anymore hoping for the rng organ at the end.

You know you can buy specific organ extractors right? Don’t get me wrong. Silverwaste sucks out your soul if you do it too much. But it can be fun if you drop in from time to time.

Yeah, it can be fun for 1-2 rounds. I just wish the events were more interesting. They are pretty much the same – kill mordrem to capture outpost, kill mordrem to defend outpost, kill mordrem to protect supply, repeat for 45 minutes. It gets boring fast, that’s why people camp the LFG tool waiting for a 50%+ invite.

Two new sets (plus the other two as mentioned in the post) for a total of four armor sets in Heart of Thorns, with three varations for each, totaling 12 armors sets.

Compared to Guild War Factions and its 10 armors sets for 8 classes totaling 80 armor sets total. Factions also took one year to release. A similar expansion with 6 armors sets for 10 classes, totaling 60 armor sets came out 6 months later.

I think it’s necessary to keep in mind that designing, programming and releasing content for GW2 is almost certainly more difficult than it was for GW.

While this may be true, Heart seems to have been in development longer, with a larger budget, and has vastly less than GW1 expansions so far.

In terms of superficial rewards like skins and the like, it doesn’t have a lot, true. As I said in my other post, however, much of what HoT does bring is a new system for progressing game content (Masteries), professions (Elite Specs), Raids, etc. Yes, there is only 4 maps and a few new armor and weapon skins, but they’ve designed systems through which they can continue to grow and develop the game. HoT is introducing features to the game for the sake of its longevity and the trade-off is that this go around the superficial additions are a little more scarce. At the end of the day new skins are important, absolutely, but ensuring that we have systems in place so that we actually have a reason to use our new weapons and armor is better.

Are you insinuating that GW1 expansions did not also add new material past armors, zones, and weapons? Because the expansions added a hell of a lot more than just armors weapons and zones.

Not true. In fact designing, programming and releasing content in GW1 was much tougher on the company. They have come out and stated this.

Well, my bad than. I just assumed the development of more complex textures and the like would naturally entail more work.

This sounds good to me. I think it’s a shame people don’t seem to recognize that what is going to make Heart of Thorns great has nothing to do with the amount of new armor sets and weapons, but the fact that the developers have been so dedicated to creating new features to ensure the longevity of the game and make it substantially easier for them to release MORE content with LESS difficulty in the future. They’ve been addressing the structure of the game itself with HoT rather than placating us with superficial fixes. It’s exactly this reason I’m confident in this expansion.

Well the idea is that for future updates instead of having to build an entire new system for progression to introduce things like Gliders, HoT has already introduced that through the Mastery system. Likewise, elite specializations are a way to give professions new skills, traits and weapons and now that the specifics. Another example would be the new system that will be introduced for the acquisition of Precursors.
All of these things are really meant to be ways of addressing the biggest gripes that players have about what to do when we reach the endgame. I’m of the mind that with the next expansions, providing these systems don’t flop (which would probably make the possibility of another expansion rather slim, anyways), we’ll likely see more skins and the like released than what this one has.
Not to mention the fact that it seems like ANet has been hinting at more substantial Living Story releases to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if a good chunk of the devs were actually already turning their attention to developing such things in order to keep the content flowing after the first few weeks of HoT launch. I expect we’ll see HoT growing over time instead of being a one-off release until the next big update.

Whoopsie, typo! Can’t edit my comment so here’s a correction haha: “. . . traits and weapons and now that the specifics have been worked out.”

Off the top of my head,

1. Specialisation – From now on, either through living story or future expansions, we will get new specialisation for our classes. From what I can tell, you will have to do a quest to unlock the specialisation. So that’s additional things for you to do with your character post level 80 and a way they can add new flavour to the game without adding any more new classes.

2. The new mastery system means that they can add new skills we have to work towards. They can also design new content that relies on these masteries. Making the masteries both worth it and another way you can progress.

3. Between living story and the expansion, they have figure out how to expand the game as well.

So I think they have put in a lot of mechanisms that will keep GW 2 going for some time to come. But of course, only time will tell!

>From what I can tell, you will have to do a quest to unlock the specialisation.

False. It is aquired through the reward track, same as every other skill/trait in the game currently. Unique skins included.

Are you kidding me? The game is all about skins! Nothing else really matters in the game, its all about looks in the end what you do in the game leads up to a skin as a reward.

If what you’re saying is true the only reason people don’t realise it would be that ANet have done a bad job getting that message out. And I do think they may have dropped the ball PR-wise on HoT.

Back in January they came out in full hype mode. New profession specs (as they were calling them back then), mastery system, new zone, new profession. It all sounded terribly exciting. Definitely got my attention and me back into GW2 which I had stopped playing.

But so far the new elite specs haven’t lived up to the hype IMO. They’re underwhelming.

The revenant still looks like an interesting addition but IMO they screwed up badly in one important respect. It’s designed to force arbitrarily switching legends as often as possible to take advantage of the 50 free energy you get when you do that. They keep saying this in revenant vids. Uggggh. If you look at eg. elementalist traits, the devs seem to understand that lots of players don’t like that style of play and there are some traits which cater to attunement-hoppers and others to those who prefer to stick with one element at a time. No such luck for revenants.

Plus the revenant elite spec re-introduces cooldowns to utilities. I’m speechless on that one. Had been looking forward to the Glint legend but… Ventari still looks cool. So while for a long time I was certain I’d buy the expansion (the full ce version too) just for the revenant, I’m now unconvinced. My decision to buy HoT hangs on the Druid and Forge reveals.

And I’m really surprised we didn’t hear a lot more about masteries and the new areas. I was expecting more articles / info on that.

Thanks for the summary, Dulfy. I applaud Anet’s effort in generating new content, but it pales in comparison to what they were churning out for GW1. Another poster already broke down the armor set numbers between the respective expansions.

GW 1 had easier graphics, can add so much detail with GW 2 compared to GW 1. And maybe more armours get added when the HoT story progresses?

Bad excuse when the difference is so massive. That and the GW1 armors had more skin detail, GW2 has more model detail. GW2 has more money and a bigger team, yet everything they do is lesser to GW1. Except the amount of cash shop abusal.

They used a new business model, people went along with it. If you still play, then you support it too. Skin detail is also easier to realize than model detail. They also need to make 5 different skins of the same armour to make it fit ALL races.

If it were just 1 race you could play, ofcourse you could make more armour skins. But now there are 5 more races to pick and play with, so in essence. You got 2 x 5 = 10 armour sets of work. Sure, they look the same but there is one team per race to make an armour fit it on that race. So sure, they got more manpowe, more money. But all so there is no absurd clipping issues or other random crap where people will fling their s— at.

And it isnt as easy than lets say, making butter >_>

“And maybe more armours get added when the HoT story progresses?”
Replace “armours” with “outfits” and you got it right.

Eh, still more stuff to wear. GW 2 is a load of fun and I like it. Right now on my Charr I got some of the dredge armour and bits of Charr cultural to make me look lik an Iron Legion engineer with a personal touch.

Two armour sets?
So does that means we won’t see the return of the the locked armour sets like Tribal, Stalwat and the guild armours (full, not just the chest) set etc?

Dulfy would be super awesome if you did a summary about evrything they said/we discovered somehow that will be on HoT so people can have a better look in what they will get buying HoT

Legendary armor set for Raid. “legendary” in context of stuff like Bolt, Sunrise etc.. ? or just called legendary?

I discover that 9 of the 10 PVP reward tracks are just the elite specs of the professions and the rewards are getting weapon skins of that profession and either the helm, glove or shoulder aswell.

Before you mention what they look like, they are the skins seen in the trailer or the screenshot of that specilization.

Example- the recent Daredevil spec you saw the headwear and staff which can been earned in one of the pvp track.

(Before you mention the source, it was mention on that profession elite specialization page at the bottom.)

This game sucked long before Heart of Thrones arrived, now its ifested with new blood or old WOW elitest jerks. I have played many mmo’s minus WOW but this is the most frustrating piece of garbage ever invented, you have to be a certain kind of gamer to actually enjoy anything besides the grinding and forced party dungeon combat. The leveling progression in GW2 sucks ass, if I could scale back time I would never have bought a copy. Beyond the usual assholes that take up virtual space in this game like trolls, bots, spammers, you also have eight year old rejects with names like “Master Baat Er” running around. Nothing in GW2 is worth the grinding time, I don’t want to waste a week collecting ectos this blobs of crap that. All for the purpose of acquiring a armor set or weapon skin that looks like it belongs in a museum of horrors. Some people play games to escape reality not work like a slave force to gain shitty visuals. No I will not be buying Heart of Thrones for a single fucking toon, one zone, three maps and two bloody armor pieces.

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