GW2 New event involving guilds coming later this week

According to Gaile Gray on the forums, there will be a new event coming later this week involving guild as part of preparation for Heart of Thorns launch.

As you are aware, we have a lot of new players joining Guild Wars 2 these days. But you may not know is that in addition to preparing our presentation about raids and our Play for Free initiative, and even while working towards the October 23rd release date of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, the dev team also has been working on a game event!

We’ll have more information for you about the event later this week. For now, let’s just say that there’s never been a better time to be in a guild!

Guilds leaders: Let’s use this thread as an official “guild recruitment thread” and we’ll link it from an upcoming blog post. The thread is intended for you to give some basic info on your guild, such as:

  • Your guild name and tag
  • Your guild’s preferred gameplay choices: Are you PvE or PvP all the way? Do you have a focus on WvW? Are most of you fractal focused? Or are you a “do it all” sort of guild?” Describe that in your post.
  • Your home world and, if you wish, your guild’s preferred language
  • Times you are particularly active, such as guild events, meetings, new character runs, PvP practices, etc.
  • Guild leader in-game contact info or a link to your guild’s website or forums
  • Other info you’d like to include

Players: Check out this thread to find the right guild for you. There are many benefits to being in a guild, and you can choose your level of activity based on each guild’s areas of focus.

We strongly believe that guilds play an essential role in Guild Wars 2. They’ve done so since the day we launched the game. As we prepare for major releases like Heart of Thorns and for the upcoming game event, please take advantage of this chance to let players get to know your guild! And players, join up and gain the many benefits of being in a guild!

(Note: It’s perfectly acceptable to continue to post individual threads about your guild in this forum. We’re asking guild leaders to make a recruitment post in this thread so we can link it from the blog post.)


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  • Alot

    Content? Surely not?

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      You’re a fool. GW2 has gotten more post-release content, for free, than the majority of other MMOs on the market. Maybe you only pay attention during the off seasons, but to date GW2 has gotten some 40 different content updates, with the last season getting a new update every two weeks.

      • Alot

        Someone’s edgy.

        While we could debate all day the nature of GW2’s pricing scheme, the consistency and quality of their releases and the expectations of the average MMO player, you seem to have to have made some liberal interpretations of my three word post.

      • Gnashblade

        Relax – there hasn’t been a content update since January. People are probably excited that there will be something to do other than cof1 and the fire elemental.

        • Mike Kelly

          Precisely, why people still cling to the content every two weeks at this stage I don’t know. As you said there’s been nothing since January and LS1 one was a long time ago.

  • Azure

    Hey, this is a cool idea! Thanks for doing this, Dulfy.

    I happen to be the leader of the guild Indoles Justicia [InJu] and we are currently recruiting. Our main purpose is to serve as a refuge from the general toxicity and discrimination found in many video game communities. We offer a non-oppresive, open-minded, safer space for all who desire it. We do a little of everything, though mostly focused on PvE content (however we do have a weekly sPvP event) and we do a little RP on the side sometimes. We have no “home world” because we’re not WvW focused and we take members from any server.

    Please check out for more information! If you wish to join, you will need to either fill out the application form there under the “recruitment” tab, or send an in-game mail to “Azure Moonfire.7495” requesting the mail version of the application (an option we offer for those who would prefer not to have an enjin account)

    We have members who log on at all different times, but we are probably most active on friday and sunday afternoon/evenings, because that’s when we have our fractal day and guild missions, respectively. In general, we’re usually active in the late afternoons and evenings (from the perspective of PST).

    • Azure

      Well, now I feel silly; I totally missed that this post was referring to a GW2 forum thread, and that we were supposed to post over there. Oops.

      • Patrice Yamate

        Lol that was cute xD

    • Azure

      And for what it’s worth if anyone does read this comment, I got the numbers at the end of my account name wrong. Azure Moonfire.7493 (not 7495)

  • Alot

    As well as I can make out, the player in the image seems to have a decorative molten jetpack equipped as well as a hellfire cuirass. Forget the mordremoth, that bloke is the real deal going down in central Tyria -.-

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