GW2 Guild Objective Claiming in WvW Livestream Notes

GW2 Points of Interest livestream notes on guild objective claiming in WvW.





  • Guilds will need a guild hall to claim any objectives in WvW.
  • Guilds with most players at an objective when it gets captured will get the first pick to claim that objective. After first 3 guilds have passed, anyone else can claim.
  • Objectives now have a little shield icon if it has been claimed.


  • Once an objective has been captured, a small pop up window shows up telling you that the objective can be claimed if your guild has priority.


  • A single guild can only claim one objective per map.
  • There is now a map wide announcement if a guild capture, claim or upgrade an objective.
  • Breakable walls now have cracks on their map icons if they can be breached.


  • Sentry guards are now made to have a small reveal radius, showing the enemy forces near them.
  • If a wall/gate is only vulnerable to siege damage, it will have a blue overlay. Walls/gate that are invulnerable to all damage will have a gold overlay.


  • For Tactics, there is a Tactivator button at the objective you can activate these tactics. These are defaulted to guild members with certain permissions but you can click on a checkbox to enable Public Tactic Activation to allow anyone outside your guild to activate them.


  • Chilly Fog, a standard tactic upgrade available to all objectives, will chill the objective area every 3 seconds for a minute with a 15 minute cooldown.


  • For Dune Roller (mobile Charr siege weapon), you can have a maximum of 6 of them on the map (one per claimed supply camp), assuming you have six guilds all with this upgrade researched. You move at max player speed while using this car. It act as a less defensive Omega Siege golem that is very mobile. You have 30k HP and some passive regeneration but you will want to escape if more than 2-3 players are chasing you.


  • Tactics are not consumed on used, they just have a 15 minutes cooldown between uses. They will persist until the objective is lost. For the Dune Roller the 15 minutes cooldown is only triggered if the car is destroyed, otherwise you can have it up indefinitely.
  • Banners lasts for 15 minutes and have a 15 minutes CD. The idea is that you grab one, go out and fight with it and then return to the objective to refresh it when it expires.
  • Turtle Banner



  • Spy Balloons are specific to Tier 3 tower improvement and will mark nearby enemy players on the map. The player being marked will see a red crosshair under their feet and a debuff icon on their buff bar. The Spy Balloon is also visible to enemy players. This marked debuff will disappear as soon as the enemy player leaves the objective area.
  • Iron Guards, the improvement that give guards 50% reduced damage, also works on the Keep Lord. However you will need to pick between this and the Hardened Siege (cannon, mortars, and oil pots only take siege damage).

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5 replies on “GW2 Guild Objective Claiming in WvW Livestream Notes”

it seems a bit stupid to put all this focus on guild wvw… since megaserver… most guilds have people from many different servers… how is this gonna work? what if their guild is really good… but their server is shit? That would be a bad feeling… I saw it happen to a certain degree in the wvw tournaments where some guild members got more award than others because of their server….

Really… since Megaserver… wvw doesnt much make sense anyway… I mean.. there arent actually any different worlds to fight against each other… I think they need to redesign the whole concept of what wvw is… maybe they are with the expansion?

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