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GW2 WvW achievements rework and gear salvagable in HoT

With Heart of Thorns, WvW achievements will be reworked to be more achieveable and badge brought gear will become salvagable.

WvW Achievements Rework

For Heart of Thorns, we are rebalancing the WvW Lifetime achievement requirements to much more reasonable numbers. At the same time we’ll also be updating many of their associated titles.

  • We are not changing the Realm Avenger (“Ultimate Dominator”) achievement requirements or title, as some players have actually obtained it and it’s a bit of a status symbol.
  • The “Yakslapper” title will remain, but the requirement is being reduced to 2500 yaks.
  • As an example title change: “Ultimate Liberator” will become “Kingmaker”


Gear to become salvageable

With Heart of Thorns the exotic equipment purchased with gold and Badges of Honor will become salvageable. Salvaging a piece of this gear returns only the upgrades that were applied and some Badges of Honor.


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8 replies on “GW2 WvW achievements rework and gear salvagable in HoT”

I don’t know why but this grammar mistake is present on all posts of this website. It’s been disturbing me too for 3 years xD The passive form as well as past participle of “buy” is “bought”. I checked on the internet but no country uses “brought” other than with the meaning of “to bring”.

oh thank god i have wanted yakslapper since i first noticed it but i am only on 600ish yaks slapped. 1 million was never going to happen from me at least

Might not really be new, but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much to spend gold on equipment that you have to end up deleting. Not to mention if you put a rune of energy on it you can then get the rune back instead of 8g (current value) going down the drain. 🙂

Yes..never made sense you couldn’t salvage Wvw gear…it costs both tokens AND gold. Any runes you put in there were essentially lost if you ever wanted to replace the gear with a different stat set. Getting back the upgrade at least is nice.

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