SWTOR Gree Event returning From Sept 8 to Sept 15

The SWTOR Gree event is returning from Sept 8 to Sept 15 on Ilum.

The Gree event is returning from Sept 8 to Sept 15 for one week on Ilum. There appears to be another Gree event in mid December of this year if you can’t participate in this Gree event.


If you have never done the Gree event before or need a refresher, here is a guide to the event you can consult.

  • MasterValo

    If I’m currently sitting at Hero, is it possible for me to hit Legend this time around or would it be more likely I’d hit it in December when it returns again?

    • That depends solely upon how many alts you have and the time you want to put into the event. If you run it daily with several characters, the rep will add up and you can have more than enough. πŸ™‚

      • ZapTheSheep

        ^This. If you work it daily with several characters, you can earn enough reputation tokens to get you to legendary. You probably won’t be able to use all of those tokens this week, but you can store them until next week and the week after to use them. The event does not have to be going for you to use the reputation tokens.

        • Disqus this

          Correct ^.

          You have a cap on how much reputation tokens you can turn in and while you might not max the rep out while the event is going on. You can just turn the the tokens the next week when it reset. Even with the gree gone, the vendors stay. So use the left over tokens the following weeks till you do get max but it does depend on how many alts you are willing to run during the week it’s active. I know some that maxed out Gree rep the very first week it ran. Of course they didn’t hit max rep till 4 weeks later. Capping rep each week afterwards.

    • Beezelbubbles

      It will probably be the time after that.

    • Havik79

      It will take longer, but if you have toons who have not done the gree relays mission, do that, it gives up 2 tokes and 1 purple rep.

  • ghostbeetle

    Time to farm some more reputation! ^_^ (so sue me for being slow!)

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      First timer here. And I’ve been playing for over a year now. Always seem to miss it as the event has always fallen on weeks with projects….

  • Jhos’ro

    Once again Gree is back and I’m working late out this Week. The Universe is mean sometimes.

    P.S. You all look out in the PvP zone lost a Trooper there a few Gree Event back.

  • Baron Deathmark

    I was pvping with some friends a couple of gree events ago. We invited a random guy for the boss mob, then kicked and killed him. He called us bullies, so what was my response?

    “Giradda demands your lunch money!”

    I love this event. I don’t bother doing the dailies πŸ™‚

    • Holyfrog

      You’re assholes.

      • Baron Deathmark

        Giradda demands your lunch money! πŸ™‚

  • Seph

    SWTOR could use a new event. The current cycle is very stale.

    • Mallacath

      I cannot agree more. And if that’s too much to ask, they should at least be adding something new in the existing events. But alas, they probably won’t change anything about them apart from scaling their levels.

      • Holyfrog

        I’m hope since they are adding new FP decos with 4.0 they may add something to the events too. I’ve maxed out rep long ago and am sitting on stacks of the various event tokens with nothing to spend them on. No reason to do this right now πŸ™

        • Mallacath

          Yes, we can only hope :'(

      • Naq

        Pretty much doing this for light pillars now. Lots and lots of light pillars. And wall lights I guess…also the event can be a decent source for some really easy pvp currency. There is plenty of Gree stuff they could be adding though to the event rewards…just lazy on their part really.

        • Gavin

          Come on! Easy PvP currency? πŸ˜€ You earn about 150 comms for a warzone you win, about 75 comms for a loss and it will only take about 15 minutes of your time. Last time i tried to finish 2 pvp quests on Ilum during the Gree event, i was getting ganked each time i tried to bring an orb or reach the needed location by packs of mad dogs that roam out there and attacking lone guys (i will say in advance here, that i know that’s supposed to be like that in PvP-free areas). Since i’m a stubborn guy i eventually finished both quests but it took me about 3-4 hours and loads of nerves. And i only got 200 comms for that. So i would NOT advice people to use those quests to farm PvP comms.

          • Naq

            He is on a low pop server though. Heck, if you just swap instances normally you can avoid the murder squads.

    • Havik79

      Supposedly there will be new content other than story and fp when 4.0 drops, and no ops are they have said none until after KOTFE ends.

    • hhhooo

      Something likeThe Grand Acquisition Race and the first Rakghoul Event (once a year) would be fun.

  • trigovai

    OK, but when will Bounty Contract Week starts? It’s been three month since last one, right?

    • Wasn’t there one in August!?

      • trigovai

        Really? When?

        • Havik79

          Yeah about 2 weeks ago there was a bounty week, i used to to put on some extra levels on lowbies.

    • Holyfrog

      I’ve kind been ignoring it lately, but it has always been a monthly event. Once in awhile they push it back a week but it is every month. There was one a couple weeks ago, I’m guessing it may be next week.

    • Voltzorn

      It rolls around once every month and coincides with the “Death Mark” conquest week. This month it starts on the 22nd

    • Darth-Robin

      i rather see bioware coming up with a new event this lame bounty thing got old extremely fast

    • Jay Phillips

      Bounty week just go over like 2 weeks ago dude. Log on more often it is like the 3rd week of every month. Some women who play this game a lot have their periods in sync with bounty week.

  • I *love* the Gree Event. One of the most awesome things this game has to offer (Especially the Gree-themed Operation Terror from Beyond). I simply can’t get enough of it πŸ™‚

  • Secundum

    Woo! More TRON gear!

  • Josh Drew

    Well, thank you Dulfy for posting this! No one would know otherwise – no mention on the swtor website, no mention on the swtor twitter feed, no splash screen when you log in. Seems like the folks at BW/EA are too busy to bother with letting people know when this event occurs. This is why I just come to your site for the info I need. <3

    • Unoshi

      One of the main reasons why I visit Dulfy. Not evertything BW post is being highlighted on their website speciay blog/forum related matter.

    • Havik79

      Yes there is no clue at all this is going on, I mean you know apart from the FOUR blue click-able news/mission terminals in the outer ring of the fleet on both sides, how could anyone know this was happening.

      • NotLiberal2

        Going to the fleet is so 2012.
        These days it is either the stronghold, guild ship, PVP, or Ziost. Unless you are leveling there isn’t even a reason to go there.

    • hhhooo

      By accident I ran into the holo news thing on fleet.

      Ooh!? Oh, Gree Event.

  • Urza

    Eric must be too busy doing nothing to put a post on the forums about this. What exactly is BioWare’s definition for community manager?

  • MrEndymion9611

    Meh. Bored with Gree Event tbh :c

    • hhhooo

      Geat work, BioWare! You made EVENTS boring. Listen: EVENTS became BORING in SWTOR. They did the impossible! But they did.

      • MrEndymion9611

        Yup. It’s a shame. I did HM and SM Xeno to get a Legacy weapon for an alt, but that’s all I’m interested in… a new in-game event needs to come around.

  • Darth-Robin

    check the forums eric posted 2 things 1 regarding conquest and the other is the REMOVAL of NIM EV and KP

  • Naq

    Hurray, that fun pug op, and some world bosses I still haven’t killed for…I dunno why? Reasons?

  • Jay Phillips

    Personally I feel they need to add more vendor items for gree event. I’d like to see some more color options on outfits like black outfit with green, pink, purple, white lights same with the white one. I have no real reason to take time out of normal weekly routine to do this gree anymore.

  • Zakuak

    Oops sorry, I think I just posted regarding this event under the wrong page/article haha.

    I am excited to try this out having never been around for a Gree event. Red Scalene, just what I wanted =). Looks like a PITA to get the rep up thought ugh…

    • Naq

      Yes, and you can stock up on the rep items to use in later weeks. The vendors are always up so even if it takes a few weeks to get all that faction used, at least you can get your intended rewards before it comes around again.

      • Logan

        vendors are always up? Always thought they are gone after event ends.

        • Naq

          Normally, but that area on Ilum has no other purpose anymore so even though the mobs all whistle off to wherever they go, the npc vendors are just sitting there, waiting to sell you legacy offhands in the events downtime.

          • Darth Twinge

            yeah i always wondered why the wildlife doesnt still hang out after their ship leaves lol

          • Zakuak

            Thank you Naq! I have been running Gree stuff on 3 of my toons and noticed last night I was just into newcomer rep but 3200 points from weekly cap…I was pissed lol (looks like you cant hit Friend status in one week due to cap).

            SO I’ll continue to weekly cap and grind the rep tokens and hit friend status next week WOOHA!

            • Naq

              Good luck! Oh and try to get into those Xeno groups to bank some easy gree tokens. Those offhands are invaluable!

  • Delta1138


  • hhhooo

    Done this too often. I think I pass this time.
    Only interesting thing for me would be Achievements (both worldbosses and pvp) and farming Helix (H4). On an underpopulated server like mine, both isn’t fun because it’s hard to build the groups necessary to do this.

    • Naq

      Very easy to do the heroic with 2 people if you stick to the pvp area, normally pretty risky but with low population it probably balances out.

  • hhhooo

    New stuff we can buy for Gray Helix? No? No.

  • Stuck it.

  • sentientomega

    I’ll wait till December, I still have quite a few characters to have hit 58.

    • Alexander

      You can do it with 50+. It sucks, but you still can

  • Aiko

    I just do it for the deco :p

  • awesomea doubleOhseven

    Gree always comes at the worst time of the year for me. 4th time in a row I’ve missed it πŸ™

  • daeo

    this rep cap is bullshit.. they need to fuck off with this nonsense and remove it. if one wants to farm the rep out should be their choice to do so. the limitations and forcing one to not have the ability to knock the rep up at your own pace is just…RAWR

    • kuregh

      if i want to farm the rep on 12 toons everyday .. i should be able to turn all that rep in without impediment is all im saying.. i put the work in. i deserve the rep earned without their “im sorry you have reached your weekly cap” bull.

  • crazy_racoon_slayer

    What is wrong with this event? Every time it goes on i lose whole motivation to play SWTOR, completely. Every time I promise myself: You will farm Champion. But i can’t. I subscribe almost continuously since 2012 but still Newcomer…

    • Darth Twinge

      Once you get enough rep to buy access to the secant(sp?) ship, it gets a little better because all your characters will be able to get a one time quest in there that basically sends you around the galaxy planet to planet for their currency and some rep. It helps break up the monotony a bit…
      I think its at “Friend” rep but dont quote me.

      • Zakuak

        Newcomer, just got it last night. Having fun with the Gree stuff over all but this is my first time running one.

    • ThatGuy

      July 2014 was my first Gree event. Had zero rep to start, but wound up getting max rep by the end of it when rep tokens to spare/sell. Of course, it took a few weeks after the event to actually get max rep due to the weekly cap. Keeping hoping weekly rep caps, along with comm caps, go away with each major patch. Wishful thinking I suppose.

  • I needed a few more lightsabers….

  • ThatGuy

    My absolute favorite part of the Gree event? Killing someone in the PvP area, then having them whine about it. Gets me rolling every time!

    • Beasthuntt

      My fave is ganking flagged people that are taking on the pylons in the pve area and then listening to all the crying. It’s fantastic.

      • Alexander

        You are sick bastards.. At least go kill other faction, if you have guts..

        • Corwin

          Yeah. The fact they kill flagged people in pve area is fine, don’t want to be killed in pve area – don’t get flagged. But these 4vs1 fights in pvp area… Especially as they mostly kill their own faction. I like how they think they are good but whenever I do a 1v1 vs one of the gankers, he runs away until his “friends” come help. Pathetic. Good that on our server only imps do so. Glad I am maining rep side for last few months.

          • Alexander

            I really don’t care for flagged people of the other faction. It is war in the galaxy, you know. But when you are doing quest in pvp area, and some guys from your own faction stab you in the back.. That’s sick.. And yeah, they either go in groups, or wait till you are low hp.

            • ERP and PVP

              So you go into a pvp area…where you don’t have to go. You become flagged.
              Then pvp players come and kill you (low health or group is irrelevant because you’re flagged anyways).

              That is “sick.”

              I’d argue that pve players who go into the pvp area without pvp gear or alone to do things deserve to get spanked.

        • Beasthuntt

          They are of opposite faction. Derp. I accept your apology and forgive you for your lack of reading and comprehension skills.

          You probably just started so I will help.

          PvP area, anyone can attack you; man up and stop crying like a 3 year old.

          PvE; it’s a galactic war, dummy. If you think you are tough enough to be flagged in a busy area then man up and stop crying like a 3 year old.

          Either way you sound like a crying 3 year old.

  • Metoga

    It is overright? I was just so close bejng friend and gettin that blue techo suit

  • Pixel Junky

    Was anything different at all? new rewards any additions whatsoever?

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