GW2 Mordrem Invasion Event Guide

A guide to the GW2 Mordrem Invasion event running from Sept 10 to Sept 13 in Brisban Wildlands, Kessex Hills, and Diessa Plateau.



Events are starting 30 minutes past the hour and only last for 30 minutes. Rewards seems to be handled out after the invasion has finished in a zone and based on the number of Mordrem incursions you have defeated personally.  The event has been patched and you should be able to get rewards properly now.

Map Rotation

The event rotates between maps, here is the pattern so far with an hour break before repeating.

  • 12:30 EDT – Brisban Wildlands
  • 1:30 EDT – Kessex Hills
  • 2:30 EDT – Diessa Plateau
  • 3:30 EDT – Break
  • 4:30 EDT – Brisban Wildslands
  • etc etc.


You get a stacking buff called Invasion Defender which increases with the number of invasion events you have defeated. This might regulate how much Mordrem Blooms you will get at end of the invasion.It might be worth it to hop between different events to get more stacks.

  • You lose all of the stacks if you change zones or disconnect!


Reward Distribution

  • You get 20 bonus Mordrem Blooms per day per map and a Vine-Covered Crate containing Memories of Scarlet Box or Arid Dusty Satchel.In addition, depending on your individual event completion, you can get some extras.
    • If you get 0-4 stacks of the Invasion Defender buff, you get 0 Mordrem Blooms
    • If you get 5-9 stacks of the Invasion Defender buff, you get 5 Mordrem Blooms
    • If you get 10-19 stacks of the Invasion Defender buff, you get 10 Mordrem Blooms
    • If you get 20-30+ stacks of the Invasion Defender buff, you get 15 Mordrem Blooms
  • This means that you can get 60 Mordrem Blooms from the daily for 3 maps and then anywhere from 0-15 Mordrem Blooms per map depending on how many Invasion Defender buff stacks you get.

Sept 11 Update

We have been tracking player response and recognize that this event has not gone as intended. We’re at a point where we can’t change anything more about this event for this weekend without risk to the greater portion of the game. We also are going to postpone our plans to organize an in-game event around the Mordrem Invasion this afternoon. Instead, we’re going to continue to monitor for your feedback and collect information that will help us improve on these types of events going forward.

We are aware of an issue where if you disconnect during the event you will not be able to rejoin. If you experience this, you will be able to participate in the events that follow the one from which you disconnected. For instance, if you were disconnected during the Kessex Hills incursion, you’ll be able to get into the next stage when it takes place in Diessa Plateau.

As we mentioned yesterday, we will be taking care of those of you who did not get your rewards, so look for those in your in-game mail in the coming days.

We encourage all of you who’ve participated in the Mordrem Invasion to please share your constructive thoughts on how we can improve on these types of experiences in the future. Please share your ideas and feedback in this thread.

Thank you.


Not getting rewards before the hotfix patch

Note: Arenanet is aware of the non-reward issue. They are working on a fix.

Dang Mordrem. They’re EVERYWHERE! They even got into the code and did bad stuffs. 😉

Seriously, we’re really sorry about the non-reward issue! The team is aware of the problem and is working to correct the issue as soon as possible.

Mordrem Invasion Update:

We know that some of you are experiencing issues with the Mordrem Invasion Event. A few notes:

Note 2: Another response from Arenanet on the bugged rewards issue.

  • Rewards scale with the number of Mordrem incursions you help defeat.
  • There also is a daily map bonus for repelling invasions.
  • Remember that a rewards issue currently is being addressed and we hope to have a fix for that soon.
  • Rewards, if not received immediately, will be distributed to those who earned them in the next several days.
  • NPCs will remain in place for a period of time after the event so that you can exchange blooms for items. An NPC will remain in the Priory for a few months, at least, so you’ll be able to make the exchanges you need to make.
  • Source:

Bloom Exchange Vendor

Next to these waypoints you will find the vendor that will give you rewards in exchange for Mordrem Blooms and coins.

  • Ikeko Tradecamp Waypoint in Kessex Hills – [&BAoAAAA=]
  • Watchful Source Waypoint in Brisban Wildlands – [&BFwAAAA=]
  • Charrgate Haven Waypoint in Diessa Plateau – [&BNkAAAA=]

Some of the old items from Living World Season 1 are back including the Halo rings and Devil horns

  • [&AgGHEgEAAA==] Memories of Scarlet Box – Contains components for the crafting of spinal blades and items from Scarlet’s assault.
  • [&AgGBEgEAAA==] Arid Dusty Satchel – Contains components for the crafting of Mawdrey and items from the Maguuma Wastes.
  • [&AgF3EgEAAA==] Mysterious Key Pouch – Contains a choice of a Mysterious Blue Key, Mysterious Green Key, or Mysterious Pink Key.
  • Scarlet’s Champions Mini 3 Pack
  • Toxic Gloves/Toxic Mantle
  • Scarlet’s Grasp/Scarlet’s Spaulders


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10 stacks, 5 blooms.
Takes 450 blooms to get both Grasp and Shoulders
4 Days, 1 Event per hour
90 hours
(minus 6 for sleep over 4 days)
450 blooms total
If you take NO SLEEP
and do this for four days straight
You can get something.

If you got a Chest for each event, THEN it would make sense
No XP. No Karma.

No xp or karma? I am trying to *&()*() level a character and kessex is usually a great place for xp just with the centaur events.

BTW, you forgot something in your numbers. They assume you do not work, go to school, or have any other time commitments during the event.

Why is it everyone wants cheap rewards for little to no effort? Welcome to the world of grinding if i recall you had to farm alot to get the selfless potion the first time as well. Stop whining aside from people that bugged and got nothing sorry to you but everyone else grind and enjoy.

Except based on the current numbers you would have to grind the event non stop for its entire 4 day duration to afford one of the top rewards. That is not farming a lot that is might as well not be offered.

so what do we do if we don’t get the rewards but tagged tons and mapped everywhere to be in the events on same map???? ^_^

Need to make the stacks last a few minutes.
I just got DC’d 3 minutes from the end of the event, and there went my stacks.

just did diessa. 14 stacks and nothing. hope they fix this soon and possibly increase bloom rewards coz 5-10 every hour would take 10-20 hours for 100 so ouch think just changed my mind on dat halo

Can anyone tell me that can I get the Spinal Blade Pack Blueprint or Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap from the Memories of Scarlet Box? Thank you very much!

yeah, something like 2 gold to buy the 4 scraps. pretty cheap. It’s the sprokets to make the blades that was astronomical.

I’m sorry I play in china server,and we do not have experience the Living story season one. : ( So I want to know about that

Best case scenario you get 10 blooms every half hour – so 20 blooms per hour. 10.5 hours of repeating a 3 identical events and you have enough blooms to pay 10 gold for a 400 gem item?
I think you literally better of logging in every day, doing 2 of the shortest dungeons and just buying the gems directly with the profits -.-

So is this even worth bothering to do in its current state? (if it was working as intended)

Already have 2 of the items previouisly on the gem store, and the static spinal blades.

well, they said they will (in the coming several days) give rewards you earned but didn’t receive. so if there is something in the exchange vendor you want, you could do it and get the rewards after. there’s not much there sincde i have both glove/shoulder sets and i have blades and mawdry. but the tri-key chest sometimes has good loot. and you could just use the blooms on the dusty satchel that gives geodes, ambrite, bloodstone, empyreal, and probably other rng stuff.

Eh from the sounds of it, if they dont change the reward amount, id have to farm all days of the event, no thanks. I have other games id rather play XD

yeah, they are still a bit vague. maybe if it starts working properly during the event we will know. but for now, i’m focued on this part where they say
“Rewards scale with the number of Mordrem incursions you help defeat.”

Update from Gaile on the forums:

We know that some of you are experiencing issues with the Mordrem Invasion Event. A few notes:
* The team is aware of the issues and is working on a fix, which will be rolled out as soon as possible.
* Once this is live, we anticipate future incursions of the Mordrem will take place as planned, and rewards will be given as intended.
* Those who earned rewards and did not receive them will be given their rewards. This could take several days, so please allow time for this to happen.

Thanks for your patience as we work on the resolution of this issue.

So, IF i play by the full 4 days, lets say i sleep/eat/etc in the intervals between the invasions, i will participate in 96 events invasions, wich i will get a total blooms between 480~960, Really?!?!?!?!?! i hope i am wrong because WTF

The legendary Karka King event was pretty bad too. Servers were literally choking to death from overload and it was like 1 frame a second gaming. Then people who crashed out before the boss died didn’t even get a reward until 3 weeks later.

This one the event is fine, playing wise. It’s just the rewards system and rates suck and/or are broken.

If only that’s how it happened. Random people who didn’t even participate got rewards, others who actually tried got nothing. I honestly just avoided the game during it since it was unplayable.

Thanks for the broken short ass event anet… Doubt I’ll be able to get the selfless potion or the shoulder and gauntlet skins…

okay this “we are aware and working on a fix” thing is fine and everything. but i tryed some invasions and i never got any reward. so it will take several days to get them… okay. the vendor will stay. nice. still… how am i supposed to be motivated to farm something, that doesnt give me ANY form of reward for now, without being sure about the amounts of blooms ill get, someday. this is just frustrating as ****. iam really, really, really dissapointed. iam rarely the guy complaining … i always try to understand every ones point of view and shit. but this time iam really fucking sad and mad.

Consider the following. Right now it’s 3 events every 4 hours, or 18 events a day, or 72 total events over 4 days. Right now we’re getting anywhere from 0-15 blooms per event, presumably as a bug, most people getting 5. At 5 blooms per event, at 72 events, that’s only 360 blooms total.

So that means people getting rewards are getting bugged amounts because that clearly can’t be right (or why would they have 450 cost rewards in there). So that means by not getting any reward, you have a more likely chance of them giving you the right reward during compensation because what if the people who did get a reward, 5, only ever get 5 instead of the proper amount?

So in fact, it could be better right now, with the rewards being bugged, to get nothing over something.

Rewards aside, I really don’t understand the logic of putting these events in low level areas then offering no exp what so ever. It seems like a bad example to set to newer players about special events. Then adding a big price tag to the skins along with blooms….it just does not seem new player friendly

Yeah this is a pretty sad event, no xp and ZERO loot drops from mobs, champions included, it just really seems like an uninspiring event. While there are a few cool items available for purchase with the event currency, it really just sort of discouraging considering the pay off for the events is so small… I mean, seriously, NO LOOT whatsoever for any of the event mobs, what on earth was the logic behind that design choice?

Not even low level trash, just NOTHING.

I have to say, this event is totally underwhelming.

Unfortunately they had to make it that way because in similar events in the past, what players would do was deliberately scale up a single event so that Champions would spawn, and then refuse to complete the event so they could farm as many Champs as possible. This led to some heated arguments between players who wanted to farm and players who actually wanted to complete the events. Eventually people started sabotaging each other’s efforts, and it just turned into a toxic mess.

What would have solved that issue? Rewarding your players correctly the first time and every other time before that. GW2 is a game that is nothing but constant lack of reward which is why the entire playerbase has this mindset.


They need to make it so AT LEAST the champions from the event drop some sort of loot bag/box/chest or something, maybe with a couple of random blooms in it… sort of like silver wastes, at it stands now it is just a HUGE time investment to get one skin…. is it even possible to get all 4? or the potions?

Really disappointing, since we haven’t had a decent event in so many months I was really looking forward to this, but it just seems like the stingy loot design has ruined this low level, non-challenging and barely rewarding excuse for an event, this is EXACTLY why i won’t pre-order the expansion. I am going to have to see what it consists of before paying the full price of another AAA title for this “expansion”.

How the hell do they expect anyone to get any of the good rewards? Even if they weren’t bugged you literally can’t live a normal life and earn the blooms in time. This is honestly insulting. I feel like I’m being punished because I can’t call off work and cancel all my personal commitments to play 24-7 for three days during their arbitrary window.

Assuming you can get the daily bonus from each map 4 times before the end of the event. You’ll need 210 blooms for the thoughtless/selfless potion. That’s getting the max on 4 maps per day. So you’ll need to play for four hours each day of the event.

4Hours it’s not that long i would say 1year ago but it’s 4HOURS = 240MINUTES it’s far too much for many casual player, w can’t turn off our lives just for an event…

Anet is heading down to no life content direction. This is probably just a peek of what’s coming. Hardcore raid HoT and all XD.

My understanding is that the 20 bloom map bonus is a daily bonus per map that day, so max three times, not each time you hit a map in a day. If you do get a flat 20 blooms each time you hit a map that would be more reasonable.

Hi dulfy, do we know if scarlett ‘s rifles drop from scarlett’s box, or unidentified fossile from arid séance satche ?
Because, when you already got the miniatures. Potions, and backpack during ls1 and ls2, there Is no special New reward during this event 🙁

Yeah I was really hoping for Scarlet’s Veil. But there are still a few things in those two boxes that it’s worth taking a chance on.

Scarlet’s veil was a reward chest in completion of the achievement “defeat scarlet on the breachmaker” during Lion’s Arch Battle.
so i don’t think it will be available as a drop.

Are they going to continue the event (and change locations) or is it just till 13th ? Cuz if they gonna end up after 3-4 days it is impossible to get two items for 225 blooms. I would have to play each location per day and spend 6 hours extra per day to get this many blooms. AKA GRIND AND NOLIFE *more than usual* :f

I don’t think this is the only event they will have. There will be more as we get close to the release all with the same currency reward. Just collect them.

You get 240 blooms from daily completion over 4 days. You can, if you hit 15 blooms per, get the remaining 210 blooms you need from completing an extra 2 events over the 12 you need for dailies.

Okay, 1.5 hours for 90 looms is a bit better then 1.5 hours for 30 blooms. Might farm for a gem shoulder piece I’m missing – then use it for a few hours on my planned sylvari revenant.

Okay, Anet said a fix is coming but will they compensate all of the rewards which was bugged? All of the one I didn’t get after every invasion…?

Read harder.

“Those who earned rewards and did not receive them will be given their
rewards. This could take several days, so please allow time for this to

Seems everyone has something to cry about these days, nobody seems content with who they are and what they have. If we all had all the legendary skins and we all looked the same what would be the point, you are no longer rare, you are common. Get over the potions … really. They will add more events no doubt, but all this winging is pointless on Dulfy’s site, go cry to Anet if you don’t have anything useful to say.

Tried a couple last night and I have to say… it was kind of bland. The old “Scarlet’s Invasion” events were much more fun and rewarding. Champs should drop champion loot bags and there should be something to fight towards before the timer runs out. Like a world boss fight, which again, goes back to the “Scarlet’s Invasion” events.

They recently unveiled the new “Mordrem Guard” enemies and I was hoping that we would get to fight one as both the boss of the event and a good preview for HoT.

Its not the blandness that bothers me, its the lack of reward for cooperative game play. This was advertised as a good guild event – then why not reward the expert, coordinated execution of as many bland events as possible?

There should have been two reward counters: A personal and a map wide one. The map wide reward should have been based on the global events completed and dictated the maximum blooms anyone on the map could score at event’s end. The personal reward should have dictated the % of that max reward anyone would receive – so logging into the map in the last five minutes and scoring a few events would avail slacksters nothing.

10-19 completed events is reasonable – and should have been the expected high score of a player trying to coordinate events as well as possible. Expecting people to complete 20+ events in 30 minutes will result in extremely selfish and uncooperative behaviour -.-

If this can be assumed as a HoT preview then I am really worried. Mega boring events that require dozens of play-throughs to get lackluster rewards.

I decided to buy Hot when they announced the release date, so at the least I can reassure you that the events aren’t boring.

I tried the beta for a few minutes and besides being greeted by the sexy voice that turned out to be my own character (SPEAKING!!), the events were pretty interesting and probably hard. I say probably hard because i was on a class I’d never played and pre-equipped with celestial gear.

On interesting though, there was a trash mob I literately couldn’t kill with my skill set. It put down smoke fields and was invulnerable in smoke fields. Without a way to coax it out, and with it mauling something in the field I was trying to protect, my fully dps approach (with celestial) was utterly useless.

No comment on the dozen play-throughs or lackluster rewards though ^^

Well, many rewards were unusable xD like all the materials etc dropped from the map reward system, or from events…and the ship scraps was a currency unusable too…so there will be vendors for it too.

One thing I would have liked to see (rewards wise) would of been higher karma rewards for completing events that were heavily scaled up. I approve of the difficulty of several of the events I participated in (when there were a horde of players trying to complete it) but if events get that much harder and take that much longer to complete, giving a 1.5 multiplier to the karma rewards seems in order -.-

Well, an higher karma reward for an upscaled event would just promote a zerging mentality…wich isn’t right imo. Or at least it’s not the approach they want…downside is that to create a proper mechanic to scatter people, you have to develop it…and for a 4day event it’s not worth the effort.

The rewards in itself are nice…since it’s all stuff that it’s not accessible anymore. Problem is that it’s too short or do not give enough rewards to actually buy those. So it was a nice idea, but badly exectued. Karma is a laughable reward anyway…especially with since it’s used for legendaries only mainly and it’s much easier to farm chests in SW for the obsidian shards.

to< tel lu the truth berserkers is totally crap in the HoT territorys XD celestial is the least i would prefer to survive there with some of the enemys seem like the old dungeon enemys of ascalons catacombs. The aoe attacks of those enemys there are mostly highly destructive and the enemys got a nice pack of lifepoints so even u play a zerker will take u some time to bring them down. My best Betachars so far use toughness based stats like soldier (toughness, power, vitality) or knight (toughness, precission, power) The soldierreaver came along with nearly 30K lifepoints 2900 def and 2100 power which is enough to make clear that he is capable to survive high damage impact long enough to stay alive and the knightdaredevil compensate less life with much evasion. Well anyone who says u need no def when u can evade has never met the enemys arround who can easely kill u with there baseattacks when u have no def.

celestial is my statscombination of choice for damagehybridchars like the engineer as he will need the whole stats right now to survive this.

as for the trashmobs with the smokefield just move out of it and it will follow u so you can attack it again. Even so they are some of the more nasty enemys there but nothing compared to the high DPS enemys.

I'm looking forward that they do not change the enemys at all so any trashmobs is actually dangerous if u wan't to fight him alone (remembers me of the good old GW1 times ^^)

Nah, HoT and it’s events (from beta) are totally another level. Just the new mobs around (which aren’t in this event) make it a world more enganing, from normal mobs to boss fights. Plus there’re so many types of event from escorting, help building, defending, conquering etc that it’s not always the same like there. Moreover the events are really a lot and scattered everywhere, so it’s not like you will see much people zerging around like now…at least if you want to do well in the events.

Can anyone tell me that can I get the Spinal Blade Pack Blueprint or
Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap from the Memories of Scarlet Box? I play in china server,and we do not have experience the Living story season one. : ( So I want to know about that. Thank
you very much!

Ah I see. You might be out of luck, because I don’t see the blueprints on the box’s drop table on the wiki. Could still be incomplete though.

Just a heads up– they are looking into scaling the rewards better/giving more blooms. Confirmed on EU forums by anet-> also found in a reddit post

What did you guys expect from a filler event for barely 3 days ? xD There aren’t even the new mobs around, lol. Not like they were gonna put much effort into it.
I could be disappointed by it if it actually was a living story update…beside a lot of people is crying for bad rewards (they could scale the blooms a bit better, that’s true, but it seems they have already increased them) when many of those were actually gemstore stuff 😐 I mean…some people paid for those stuff 😐

we would pay for them too if the bastards release them in gem store .it not our fault they inserted them into this stupid event

So damn true! I was ready through all of these long 21 days to buy some skins. I was even willing to get more gems. In the end i end up with black wings and watchwork pick witch i bought cuz i was afraid that they are going to emove it again.

Agreed of the4k gems I bought for the sale 2k gems is still left the only things I bought were silver fed salvage o matic and black feather wing

Well, we should be grateful that they put gemstore stuff into events too XD problem is that this event was very bad conceived…it should have been longer, or with more rewards at least. The idea was good in itself. (even if the event is bland etc), but it’s a good sign that, after a lot, they’re willing to put cash stuff as event rewards.

Tried it last night… it’s ok i guess. If you need me this weekend i’ll be in SW where the real loot is dropping.

Lol I just laugh about the fact that it took them over 10 months to release any sort of filler content and that is counting the Wintersday recycled event. If they were to throw out some recycled content at least SAB would have been better, good call anet, good call.

shame coz its a pretty fun event… if there were champ bags… event chests… and decent loot on the mobs.. this would be a rly decent farming event… as it happens running around in circles for next to nothing seems empty and pointless

Looks like they learned from Scarlet’s invasion. No champ bags means no groups forcibly upscaling events to spawn tons of champions and farming the bags preventing anyone from actually completing the events for credit.

Haha, run around like i’m on fire to gain 20 stacks in 30 min so I can get 15 blooms, then wait 30 min to 1½ hour before I can do it all again. Haha. ANet loves going full retard.

Rewards are crap and there is way too few of them. We have ridiculous time limit which, with this gain-price balance, makes this even grind/nolife fest. You want me to suggest changes ?

– Give us more blooms per stacks/lower down the prices or:

– Give us more this kind of events with same currency or extend time limit we have to collect blooms.

– Add new skins/items, keep old in stock. So that people who still have some life could get them later and those faster ones could get something either.

– More different maps where event can happen.

– Cut this ridiculous “waiting” aka wasting time at least by a half

I can not like this comment enough. I have a job, like many others out there, and though this seemed like a nice idea at the time..the execution reminds me too much of a WoW grind. So much work for such little payoff. Plus it leaves new players in the dust. Without full completion of those maps on multiple toons there’s only so much you can do. And even then, there’s still the grind. With such a relatively small payoff.

Hell, getting a lollipop after getting your shots when you’re a kid is a better reward.

Why spend time developing content that is only going to run for four days? Serious waste of resources.

We’ve been trained, in this game and others (for decades) to expect loot, even junk, when something dies. Not having the reward of simple loot drops from mobs makes the whole thing “feel” unrewarding.

Not even an open beta for that XD those events are nothing like the ones in HoT, just a copy paste from Scarlet’s assaults…and they didn’t even use one new mob.

In a way this event demonstrates the problem with mmo devs (across games, not just GW2). Players upscale the events for champ bags. Obviously, players like downing the champs for the bags. Instead of working on expanding what players like, they take it away- for fear of exploit.

Devs- if see something that players like to do- expand upon the concept to make it more enjoyable and even more rewarding. Don’t take it away. That is just foolishness.

Players will play your game if they enjoy it. If you continuously take away what the players enjoy….. I don’t think I need to even explain what eventually happens, there are plenty of examples out there to look at. But hey, eventually the devs can pat themselves on the back for having the exploit free game that no one will play for lack of enjoyment.

very well stated. I’ve been thinking this for years. Every time I find something I like to do they take it away or nerf it. Been that way since gw1.

and mostly it is the right way to do so!

we have lots of stupid decissions for some skills, enemys, lootdrops and so on since GW1 and they are mostly not balanced til today. Champbaglooting is not a good idea as well as we saw it in the LW season1. There were lots of players who complained about the ones who just wanted to do an event because as they did the event couldn’t generate any more champions for them. There was even this completely unbalanced issue with the champghost where a bunch of people met to grind them as they was designed that players should sneak in to get the stuff for the NPC not to actually kill the ghostchamps. That was not just a problem of personal interests but a major problem to the economic of the game as well.

the only bad thing for this event is that there is no rewardsystem like in the silverwaste for example that reward the whole map for completing the events but instead anyone who got 20+ events done by just leaving before they end and going on to an other one is rewarded more than the ones who actually complete the events in the first place.

I would be happy with better loot and a nice way to make sure everyone is ok with doing the events but as long as some people think it is the gratest to missuse a gamesystem we all have to suffer because of that.

Some players may enjoy camping for champ bags, but almost all players really really won’t like the consequences of the economy going completely sideways. Players are generally terrible at understanding consequences, especially for more than just themselves.

The situation you’re talking about in particular would’ve broken things in ways that would have made the game very unfun for almost everyone in the long term.

I don’t think the economy would go completely sideways. I also didn’t mean for them to make it all about camping, I said “work on expanding what players like.” As opposed to expanding on what players like, Anet decided to just take it away, like the parent that says “if you can’t play nice, I will take it away.” It is bad parenting and bad game design.

Clever design would be: seeing what players like and changing it into a form in which players could still do what they like but it wasn’t an exploit. No one likes to do the same thing all the time, design has to continuously evolve.

I don’t think this pre event shows an evolution of design and it should. The pre event should make the players say “wow, I really like the direction they are taking this game. I haven’t bought HOT yet, but now I think I will.” I don’t think this pre event accomplished that.

My yesterday’s Mordrem Blooms are all gone. Didn’t realized until I’ve done today’s map daily after actually looking into my bags. I haven’t used them. Same toon. Weird.

i’ll probably get the expansion when it goes on sale because i still don’t see myself paying full prize for it. as for this event, no thank you. it’s no wonder i haven’t played since last wintersday, they keep throwing out the same garbage filler events like this far too often, with useless rewards. and then the developers and artists get butthurt on reddit when we tell them we don’t like it. it’s the execution and how it’s handled that we don’t like. things such as this.

the only good thing about this event are the amazing prices u can get ^^ most of all i want that commanderpack i missed earlier and I need to complete my charr miniatures collection.

The worst thing about it is the point that u can only get 60 -105 blossoms per day if u do not want to do every rotation. and max is 150 if u do so. Thats really bad compared to the time u will spend for it.

Also the green essence of luck for 10 blossoms and 2.48 silver ? What did they smoke to make some shit like that available as a price compared to the amount of time u spend? Not to mention thats not even worth the silver in the first place 😉

all it would take to make this event tolerable or even enjoyable is to extend the time it’s going by a week. that way people could take their time, not have to frantically zerg from event to event, not have to do nothing but this. “we know you dont like it but theres nothing to be done about it now” is a lazy cop out.

idk why r u biching,u get chance to get award from old event(i guesss because of those wings),also chance to get shop skins.i payed that toxic gloves i think 400-500gems in veteran its stupid event for me,nothing i need there,but its very good for f2p or new players.

are you dumb??? where does f2p players gonna find gold to buy these and with no exp karma or loot how is it good for f2p players this is a major turnoff for the new players, a giant middle finger from ANET. and we would have gladly paid those 400gems to buy them from gemstore instead they made this a grindfest with impossible goals to achieve unless you dont have a life

I dont understand are u f2p,new or just b1tching?If u have 400gems then wait for shop to bring back that item like everyone else. Im sure there are plenty of new players that miss “attack on la” and have 10g to get those items.Also most of this npcs stay forever so u can buy later when u have gold.At the end its fashion items,u dont need it,if its too hard for u then dont play this event.

Omg how thick are you? as a vet for me money isn’t the problem it’s the inordinate amount of time that takes to acquire these things time which we don’t have.have you even looked at the bloom requirements ?? It’s ridiculous and for a f2p player who dosent have 10g to spare and all the wp costs and no loot ,XP or karma its worthless . so in other words unless you have tons of free hours to waste its useless to new and old players alike. As for waiting till they add this again to the gemstore,I don’t want to wait another YEAR to get some skins

im not doing this even,done like 3-4 events have around 100bloom.I guess its hard if u want to buy everything from list,but like i said its FASHION item,u can live without it.That’s the point u get chance to get old item but u need to grind hard to get it.Its same thing like saw gs from halloween event,its not easy to get as it was at first halloween event.

You misunderstood my comment l have no probs with grinding after all I grinded 5years in wow lol no it’s the
amount of time you are given to acquire these items .I skipped both my lectures yesterday so I could get the damn toxic skin as I’ve waited a year to get them.this shouldn’t happen they must respect their players time .450 blooms in 3 days there’s no way anyone can get that without missing work or school or both if the event was at least a week or so this isn’t an issue it’s still a grind but atleast you got a chance .and this is beside all the negativity and toxicity in the community cuz of all the tag all events an screw others mentality that’s required to success this event

You only need to hit 210 blooms to get 450, as long as you make sure you get all 12 of the requirements for the dailies. And those 12 will count toward that total too. No one should really need to be grinding all that excessively. That’s as few as 2 extra events over the dailies.

Why do you even bother chatting with him ? LoL. It’s so obvious that he is a troll or nolife with shitbucket. Everyone says what is broken in this event and what could be done to improve it and he says that it’s ok and if you can’t do it then just don’t.

Yeah I know shouldn’t have have but I’m sick of all the fanboys saying if u don’t like it don’t play it.I mean what a kind of argument is that ??? I bought and supported this game cuz
I want to PLAY it for 1.5yrs and the devs are obligated to atleast give us working content if not quality .

I play it since first betas, more than 3 years. That’s why i don’t give a shit about what he’s saying. His dumb opinion is worthless for me.

You get 240 blooms for completing the dailies. If you want one of the 450 bloom items, assuming you can hit 15 blooms per, you need to complete an additional 2 events, beyond what you need for the daily.

You are not meant to be able to get all of the items.

Well atleast I got my toxic gloves and shoulders now only good thing that came out of this debacle. I have bags under my eyes from all this grinding lol

as glad as I was for an event coming before HoT as disappointed I was.. The event wasn’t fun for me at all.. and not only collecting the blossoms but also investing 10g for each reward..seriously?! Also who has that much time to do the events so often in those 4 days to get all rewards you want? I had to work the last 3days.. When I come home I have other things to do than just go into the game and play until I go to sleep. I have a life.. this event was like: If you don’t have a life,go ahead and have fun..if you do..well.. not our problem”
I tried it with my bf one afternoon for about an hour… there were so many ppl it was hard to even do anything and participate.. and it was like doing the same things over and over again ..without the feeling or really..well..working together… we stopped and went playing another game..
I try to image how I would see those events as a new player… unnerving, sometimes hard to follow up, frustrating… a big NOPE… sorry Anet…
So I’ll wait for HoT.. gladly it’s not so far anymore until it comes out 🙂 Really looking forard it 🙂

This is the first ‘event’ I’ve completely avoided and didn’t do since I first started playing in open beta. I had zero interest. At. All. I think that says a lot.

Anyone knows if you buy and use Tri-colour key now, if it advances the archieved achievement? I ask cause mine stranded on 3/5 key’s used. But wasting Blooms on this wouldn’t be nice, so I rather be sure, anyone got an achievement pop up after using the key in la now?

If you have any doubt about what a wash this event was, read the thread on the official forums. Basically, they acknowledge it’s a disaster but aren’t doing anything to fix it that we’ll see. It won’t happen again and the event won’t be extended.

By that way, if you say anything negative about the event, prepare for an infraction. Lots of rage on Reddit.

The official forums have become damage-control at its finest.

Yep, first infraction in 3 years. Worth it! They seem sensitive to say the least on the matter.

I’m glad the community voiced their opinion and didn’t let it slide, cause ANet were probably testing a couple of things for the future in this event and basically did everything possible wrong. Which is a thing I don’t understand; why they can’t think outside the circle-of-doom-spawn box they have been doing forever. Only nerfing it further and further each time to remove what has preciously been exploited, but this time leaving in the infamous hit-and-run established on the new maps that are even more profitable here. Cause whatever some have claimed, I wouldn’t have reached 20 stacks once without doing it.

Agree with you there. They handing out warnings to anyone who fumes. Im from Aust and during this event there was a login problem for Aust players. Either can’t login or when login and during this event finish 1 area and waypoint to another would lag and then disconnected you. No Anet response about that in the Tech Support forum so i put this in the thread with a screenshot of the error. And what do you know, my first ever warning, reason giving – “i was derailing the thread”.

anyone know if they will launch another event using the mordrem blooms as coin? i wanna know if i can keep them for in another event get more for the gauntlets of scarlett or i will have to spend them in any other trash xD

I’d keep them for now. ANet has a history of converting currency to be used later. Becoming part of the wallet for example. Also, I expect the merchant to hang around for a while afterwards.

But, overall, I think ANet will want to pretend this event never happened.

Damn it fuck ass whore, I just found out about this. I wanted my damn halo!!! Grrrrrr. So mad. Why was this event so damn short?

I found mysterious blue and pink keys from scarlet boxes. But green did not drop 🙁 Anyone know where can i find a green key?

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