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GW2 No Plans to Repeat or Extend Mordrem Invasion

There are no plans by Arenanet to repeat or extend the Mordrem invasion event.


I asked the head of the GW2 Design Team about whether we would be making changes and rerunning it, extending it, or repeating it as it currently is designed. At this time, we are not going to extend the event, nor do we have plans at this time to repeat it, either amended or in its current form.

The Mordrem Invasion event will run through its allotted time. It ends at 9:00 AM tomorrow, Monday. As explained in my earlier thread, no changes will be made to the event beyond the fixes that were made on Thursday and, of course, the distribution of earned rewards for those who were impacted by that bug. (The bug ran from 9:00 AM until about 4:00 PM Pacific time. If you earned blooms during that period but did not receive them or received fewer than the intended amount, they will be sent to you via in-game mail. NPCs will remain in place — particularly in the Priory.

I hope this info is helpful to you. And thanks to those of you who provided constructive suggestions about the event — your thoughts are very appreciated. What’s constructive: “Rewards might be [this]” or “I like the rewards in [that] and suggest you adopt that system for this sort of event.” What’s not constructive: “Rewards are bad” (with absolutely no suggestions for how they might be improved).

I think you guys get it, and I understand that some of you are pretty “hot under the collar” about the event. But please try to give us ideas we can work with — that’s to everyone’s benefit.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

60 replies on “GW2 No Plans to Repeat or Extend Mordrem Invasion”

I feel like this event was worth running for the sake of the new players, but i also feel like they did not allow the new f2p players enough time to attain a comfortable level and guild to get a good amount of reward out of this event. I definitely feel like the overall quality of this event should have been higher, and i’m highly dissapointed that this event will not be repeated. I believe this event would have been better if it took place over two weeks (instaid of 3 days), and was directly before the release date of Heart of Thorns.

that is just my 0.02$

A question they did NOT answer, which is probably more relevant to everyone’s interests:

Will there be future events that award Mordrem Blooms, or is this our only chance to acquire them?

Will blooms be useful in the future?
Will the items currently on offer be returning?

“I will ask about those tomorrow — it’s the weekend here in Bellevue — and will answer as soon as I know more. I’m sorry that I cannot give that information today, but I truly do not know the answers to those two questions.”

I downloaded this game but….too anime for me…I hate the cartoony look of WoW but it is easier to understand for newcomers as well and I also miss my heirlooms when playing GW2.

gw2 isn’t anime it is a Noir Graphic Novel: (or at least can be 🙂 )

btw there are heirloom type items in gw2 in crafting.
So what you just said is more like “I miss my blood elf when I play gw2,” well if that is what you like then you have no reason to leave wow 🙂

The only thing closer to Anime in GW2 is some Asura.
1. You have poor eyesight.
2. You have a bad computer.
3. You have a GW2 pirate version.
4. You are playing another game.

Silver lining: You won’t be mucking up the discussion parts of this MMO on dufly.
I’ve seen you’re posts on swtor topics.
You’re a menace.

I am just hoping this event is not indicative of how events will work in HOT. After three years of learning the game and how players interact with the game, to see an event like this is disappointing to say the least.

I agree completely. HoT has been the worst thing to happen to GW2’s events, ever. And the events are one thing that GW2 once did better then most other MMOs (in my humble opinion).

Well you are certainly right on the money about the events. Been 10 months since the last event and then we get this “wonderful” event in all its glory. Common Anet, I find your lack of quality disturbing…

Its more then that, ever since HoT entered the works, there has been a considerable decline in event quality. And the festival of 4 winds didn’t air this year. And Super Adventure Box is officially on hold until after HoT ships. There really isn’t any shortage of impact.

But wait a second. @Iore said something different from you. He/she said that hopefully this event has nothing to do with HoT events being like that. You just said HoT has been the worst thing happen to gw2 events? I dont get that at all. What has this event to do with HoT? Nothing? I mean we really cant tell but i wouldnt make that connection.

This event was for new players to get the old event items like the selfless potion.
Not a “preview” for HoT Events… lol…

This indicate nothing about HoT. Only the betas does… and the events were great there.

But you dont have to buy it. :3
When you think this is what you get with HoT. XD

you two are deluded, this isnt HoT at all. Check out videos of the beta, this is no indication of it in the slightest.

the problem is shit like this event was happening over and over. mostly with the same complaints. yet nothing changed at all. it only got worse with every event.

the 2 beta weekends we got for HoT with barely access to new content means shit.

I’m sure A-net is going to figure it out at some point but I remember the first release. I’m not going to pay the same price as back then for way way less stuff to do.

I’m a bit annoyed by the fact that I’ll miss out on the exclusive pre-purchase title but with the information we currently have a pre-purchase just isn’t going to happen for me.

even if the addon itself might be great I’m not convinced that the follow up events will be. They’ll be the same as before. And for that I can wait until there is a sale on the game. Can’t take that long until they offer it for 50%. holidays are close after all.

and they don’t even refund all the rewards. those who didn’t get anything because of dc bug, even after they collected stacks, dont get compensated as it seems. gg

It was previously posted that the missing blooms would be delivered eventually – key word eventually. The reward vendors will stick around until long after the bugged blooms are delivered.

The only problem this event really had was the stacking buff that determined your rewards. It turned it into a free for all. It could have been a decent event would it have been rewards based on map wide completion of the number of events finished.

Mostly agree. The maximum rewards that any individual could achieve should have been based on how well the map did. Individuals should still have required a reasonably high personal buff to receive the maximum rewards though.

Say you got 10% of the rewards for each stack of the buff you got. That means you need 10 completed events to be eligible for your map’s full rewards. This would stop people from abandoning bad maps, or just trying to lfg good maps 20 minutes into the event.

I agree if rewards were base on how many successful events were completed it would give more incentives for players to finish an event rather than just tagging and go. Your personal buff can just give give maybe magic find or boost to your xp from the mobs (if the was allowed in the first place)

i dont want a event that i need to farm through 12+ hours to get what i want, or that is impossible for farming all reawrds from it

i know your pain but thats video games man. at least the having to do stuff for something is. on the other hand, we should get a choice on what we do. old model = only one grindy method to get something. gw2 improved on that a bit with multiple ways to get exo armor, but no choices for event shit

I find the part about how to submit constructive suggestions a bit odd. I sum this up mostly from the comment about what isn’t constructive – namely saying the rewards are bad without providing an alternative.

All the common iterations of complaints I’ve come across have been to one of three flavors:
1)The player already possessed all the rewards and wanted something which was actually new.
2)The events in the event were too bland which people took as a bad sign for HoT
3)The structure of the event forced players to engage in uncooperative behavior if they wished to acquire maximum loot
4)The bug on the first day of the event, coupled with the common sense of wait till Anet patched it, led to many of the more reasonable people being slanted.

These complaints are all pretty self explanatory and do not need an accompanying suggestion to indicate what the complainer would like changed. With that in mind, I can’t actually think of a piece of criticism that a player could provide which an in company member wouldn’t be able to understand?

Regardless, got myself a nice shoulder mounted shrubbery and ranted some extremely detailed criticism with (the apparently more important) suggestions attached. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t get the exact same invasion re-released in a few days time – with slightly more rewards and slightly more events included in the rotation – such has been the Anet way since the beginning of drytop has it not?

Honestly, I find it unsettling that after 10 years, 2 games, 300 people on staff, hired dedicated economist they are still like “Uhm, we dunno how to do the rewards so please give feedbacks”

Honestly I found the problems with the event quite shocking, especially the way it rewarded players who just tagged events to get the maximum reward. Really I thought, “Oh the experienced staff must still be busy working on HoT and they hired a bunch of interns to do this event.”

It is a bit odd. I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to provide more clarity on your current standing towards these dynamic events – with more stringent reward-dispensing mechanisms placed to counter more efficient tagging.

Instead of getting a bronze silver or gold medal once the event completes, would it not be possible to display the status of your medal while the event is running – tying the majority of the reward (or the quantity of the important event boon stacks distributed) to how high your medal reaches.

To counter the more efficient tagging this system would allow (with people being able to see the exact moment when they can leave an event), make it shat your charater can only be part of one event at a time and that joining in the activities of a second event (in sufficient quantities to award you a medal, would delete the progress you made for the previous event.

This wouldn’t be ideal for places like the silverwaste (where participating in multiple events symulataniously is incouraged) or even normal vanilla style maps – but it seems a definite improvement for these map invasion events Anet likes dispensing.

The reason for this is that the Mordrem Guard do not exist just yet.
Only when HoT drops and the Pact Fleet is destroyed the Guard will rise from its wreckage.

They really need, for limited events like this with grindy rewards, to take a page from Destiny. I know not necessarily popular with people but they do a great system for their week long event the Iron Banner. Where in every day you can spend an in game currency to get a several hour buff (not sure how long but at least 4 hours perhaps a day I cant recall) and every day closer to the end of the event the buff gets stronger. There is a cap to the level you can achieve each time and so no one can stay ahead of others permanently. This helps people who work and can’t grind it out, or simply enjoy other games and can’t grind one for so long, a way to catch up in the event. It would be better to reduce the dropped currency costs but require personal tiers to (say 1-5) to obtain different rewards costing far less. If someone should come in on the last day and spend several hours with the buff they ought to be able to reach T5 and earn enough to buy at least most of the rewards.

As it was for me, I could only try on Sunday due to work and I was only able to get 75 blossoms and thus an egg, which gave a single mini that I already owned. It was absolutely not worth 3 hours to get.

So feedback that isn’t a pat on the back is “not constructive.” And then they wonder why player response to one-off events, time or level gated content, and all the other issues that the players have brought up, is so lukewarm? When the developers seem to miss the irony of selling a virtual pet rock for real world money, and then are flabbergasted that players aren’t falling all over each other to spend money on crap, and still expect glowing praise for their poorly designed and executed event chains just screams mis-management at the highest level.

Yeah, I stopped posting on the official forums. When it becomes Damage Control 1-0-1, it’s time to jump ship. And it’s pretty clear they’re doing a lot of scrambling and damage control lately.

What’s worse is that ANet has repeatedly said to basically, as players, figure out the solutions for the dev team. Last I remember, I’m not getting sent payroll checks from NCSoft or ANet.

And even more sad, is that players have, for the last three years, been providing tonnes of constructive feedback on the forums and elsewhere, and 99% of it goes unheeded, as can be seen in the current SoTG.

What ANet doesn’t seem to understand, is that gaming is highly competitive, and their players, whether casuals or white knights, are eventually going to tire of banging their heads against the brick wall that is “constructive feedback” and just start bitching until ANet gets their collective heads out of their asses or the playerbase deserts for all the other AAA titles out, and coming out.

Remember that one time when they revamped NPE, didnt apologize for it despite massive outcry, and merged all the threads into one big thread which was basically put in the graveyard? rational players remember

I stopped posting there for a similar reason. At the height of the original pricing debacle for HoT (when the people attacking the new pricing model were trumped in lunacy only by the logic of the people defending it), I made a lengthly text wall in the general discussion explaining why people were upset about the pricing model.

It was an extremely level headed piece, differentiating between what was required by Anet to do (namely nothing), what supposed “veteran players” were entitled to (namely nothing) and why viewing the pricing schema of Anet could be taken as a very large and very real insult by the existing player base -if they so chose. I alsospent a while explaining how the many defences made by loyalists and accusations made by grumpy people were actually admitting the same facts – and that that stating one’s personal interpretation of the fact did not conflict or invalidate the interpretations of those same facts by other people (in this specific case anyway). And I achieved something amazing. I got ranters to shut up ^^

I had over a 1000 unique views in a few hours, I had a few people stating that I’d stated exactly what they were trying to express themselves and I had many people explain to me why I was wrong – and to many of them I got to plainly state that if what they believed to be Anet policy was correct, I agreed with them as well ^^

And then my consistently top post was banned. It was banned for being insulting to individuals. Which was odd, because never once in that entire text wall did I reference an individual or even flame or attack anyone. I queried the verdict and asked Anet to state how or where I had insulted an individual – they responded 3-4 weeks later saying, they had reviewed the matter and found the verdict to be correct -.-

So here I now sit, by choice, in the trenches of Dulfy. Does Anet want feedback form users? I doubt it. Does Anet want constructive criticism, exquisitely detailed and carefully laid out? Nope. Perhaps this singular Anet employee, with guts, a lack of PR experience or perhaps just the uncommon trait of goodwill, does in fact want your opinions. Rest assured however that there willbe at least 3 departments in Anet which do not want your opinion, will shred it to ribbons before it reaches the employee and will overrule it if it turns out to be accurate and somehow actually reaches him.

I got suspended for making a reply that asked who moderated Gaile Gray, because the majority of her activity is just muting criticism and posting lame, uninformative replies on forums and getting fanboys to suck her dick or vagina

As sad as it is, I think you might be onto something given what’s happening on the forums lately. I swear, this ‘expansion’ nonsense will be the death of Guild Wars 2.

If those were your exact words, a ban was in order. While you ask legitimate questions, you’ve woven them in with extremely vulgar and offensive attacks of a fellow person – which in most situations overrides the legitimacy of any claims you are making.

A good test is as follows: If voicing your your post in bar would get you either slapped, punched or thrown out the facility, you’ve probably done something wrong.

here come the fanboys. why the fuck would I post something like that? no one is that dumb. you must think shit like Navy SEALS copypasta is real if you think that’s a direct quote

Dear random internet person.

The only insight I have into your actions, your personality or the entirety of your existence, is the few words you use to express yourself (which so far haven’t proved promising).

Based on everything you put forward, notably the expletives and the term “lame” (which I associate with younger posters who haven’t learned more meaningful or descriptive words yet) the only possible ways to interpret your post are as a recount or an exaggeration – except that the way you chose to exaggerate your claim (probably), seems to hint at a lack of understanding to the social expectation that got you banned in the first place.

On the count of why you would post something like that however, I’ll point out that you just did. In a public forum. Your sarcastic retort, as it happens, just fell outside the etiquette expected of people over the age of 5.

On the charge of being a fanboy though, try scrolling up or down this discussion forum (or if you understand how to use it, check my disqus record). You’ll find I’m usually extremely critical of how Anet manages a variety of its business aspects.

lol namecalling is pretty typical fanboy behaviour, especially those who start calling other people children. but please put in more time and energy into future posts 🙂

while asshatnet continues their stupidity, at least we have a reliable source like Dulfy that we can keep coming back to for good info. if someone finds a mistake Dulfy corrects it right away. so if there is anything worth fanboying about for you GW2 fanboys it’s

Typical ANET . all they seem to do is when they screw up is ask player feedback and then sweep everything under the rug.Take a look at upcoming fractal changes in hot these are the changes that the community has been asking for years and when they finally bothered to implement them they did it under the 50 dollar price tag of HOT . so its clear where anets priorities lie .

What is the worst of all of this is that they give sub par content, expect us to love it and then can’t even bring out the tiny bit of content without a bug. I hope HoT is amazing because the months leading up to it has been boring as heck and I have a feeling GW2 is loosing a lot of players.

Gw2 was released with a shitload of bugs (some which werent patched until a year later, and every update introduced more), if we expect those wankers to release something not broken we will be waiting for a very long time lol

I really liked this event, I didnt care too much about the rewards but it was a nice addition (even though Anet contradicted thier own goal with this buff stack reward system).
So next time I would give the advice of doing it a map wide effort of working together.
But I still got some nice stuff out of those boxes from Scarlet.

On another note: Why are some people labeling everyone who likes the content, a fanboy uncapable of criticism? Are these people not just trying to underline thier own opinion by devaluing the opinion of others with labels that have no substance what so ever?

Hm disappointing that the event doesn’t get extended. I was playing multiple invasions and didn’t get any drops from the Mordrem (why the heck not?), the few chests at the end got actually nothing special in it, except some materials and off the 150 blooms I could buy either two minpet-eggs (each containing a random minipet) or the one chest with the 3 Scarlett Minis, that I didn’t like very much. So I took two minipet-eggs for additonal 80 silver each one and unfortunately got only two standard minipets, kept one minipet and sold the other for 1 Gold. Meh, not the best trade. :/
Well, for me the event wasn’t bad, it has been some fun – I really mean it, but that was not what I expected. And btw, I could get much much more gold for just farming somewhere the same time, I think.

The higher rewards for more blooms were actually pretty nice I think. I was actually aiming to buy the toxic gloves for 250 blooms, but that needed a few more hours of playing just the same stuff again, but I don’t have that time on a single weekend. And btw, the event could become pretty boring if you play it again and again during such a short time, if you ask me.

Conclusion: nice try – I like the idea and the basic concept of it, but disappointing in the end. It was a long road to get the higher rewards, but until then it’s like hard work, cause you didn’t get any drops. Could be improved.

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